The Cincinnati Reds (66-91) will finish off their final five games of 2018 at the Great American Ballpark. They will host the Royals (54-102) tonight at 6:40 PM in the first of a two game series. The Reds have lost three straight, and 8 of their last 11. The Royals have lost 6 of their last 8, and have the second word record in baseball.

Starting Pitchers

It has been thought at least twice this season (in late July and late August) that Matt Harvey was making his final start of the season for the Reds. This will indeed actually be his final start of the season for the Reds. Harvey had been on a pretty good roll until he was beat around by the Brewers (5.1 IP, 7 ER, 2 HR) in his last start. The Royals rank 25th in the MLB with a .698 OPS, so this should be a good chance for Harvey to finish the year strong. Harvey’s ERA/FIP/xFIP with the Reds through 23 starts is currently at 4.46/4.37/4.20, while the MLB SP average is 4.20/4.21/4.16. Harvey ranks 2nd among all Reds pitchers in fWAR at 1.4, only trailing Luis Castillo’s 1.9.

Harvey has only faced the Royals in the regular season once in his career, and it came back in 2016 (5.2 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 0 HR, 2 BB, 2 K). Harvey did however famously face the Royals twice in the 2015 World Series: 14.0 IP, 10 H, 5 ER, 1 HR, 4 BB, 11 K, 3.21 ERA. Harvey took a shutout into the 9th inning of Game 5, but that of course didn’t end well as he gave up back to back hits and was pulled. The Royals ended up winning that game and celebrating a world championship that evening. The 2018 Royals team doesn’t resemble the 2016 team very much.

Eric Skoglund will be making his 13th start of the season for the Royals, and the 18th of his career. He was a third round draft pick for the Royals in 2014, and was their #4 prospect when he reached the big leagues last season. He throws strikes, but doesn’t strike a lot of guys out. Skoglund started the year in the Royals rotation, but got sent down in May with a 6.70 ERA. He got recalled with the September call-ups, and has done well in 3 appearances (2 starts): 13.0 IP, 1.38 ERA, 3.92 FIP.

Starting Pitchers

You can find the lineups here.

News and Notes

53 Responses

  1. doofus

    I want to watch Brett Phillips tonight. I wonder if he would look good in CF for the Reds?

  2. dougschloemer

    Can anyone justify why the REDS are starting regulars tonight? Let some of the youngsters play! Sheesh.

    • kmartin

      I feel your pain. I want to scream every time I see the starting lineup. If Riggleman is named manager for next year I may run naked down Vine Street screaming and yelling.

  3. WVRedlegs

    Reds have to go 2-3 on this final home stand to finish with 68-94 record for 3rd year in a row.
    Reds can finish with draft pick #5 through #8, but most likely #7 or #8. Royal have #2 pick locked up.
    1. Orioles 45-111
    2. Royals 54-102
    3. Wh. Sox 61-95
    4. Marlins 62-94
    5. Padres 63-94
    6. Tigers 63-93
    7. Reds 66-91
    8. Rangers 66-90
    9. BlueJays 71-86
    10. SF 72-85.

      • Mike Adams

        Careful, don’t step in the positive momentum while you are toasting the Winning Culture.

  4. Sliotar

    Better continue the dominance over bad AL teams…because the Pirates are playing better, looking to finish with a winning record and have owned the Reds this season (12-4).

    I am thinking of attending a Reds Caravan this winter and asking how much #Positive Momentum I should be feeling….finishing more than 10 games out of 4th in the NL Central.

    Go Redlegs.

  5. docproctor

    Forecast isn’t looking good for tonight. They’ll likely get the game in, but it might start late or have delays. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ends near midnight.

  6. Matt Hendley

    Two losing teams, why have it at all then

    • Mike Adams

      I am frustrated like you, Matt, but my answer would be: even this Reds versus Royals game is still better than no mlb at all!

  7. Klugo

    Is it wrong that I wish no one shows up to watch the game tonight? Or any of the rest of these games.

  8. Mike Adams

    There were a lot of comments about the Reds going through the motions (including one by yours truly) in the Sunday September 23 game recap titled “Lifeless Reds drop third straight game to woeful Marlins”.
    Since the Reds are playing the 54-102 Royals, does anyone else think this game is a litmus test on whether the Reds have indeed checked out for the season?
    Win, and maybe they have not? Lose to the Royals, and indeed they have?

    • Matt Hendley

      Unfortunately, now depending on the length of the rain delay, even that doesnt work. On a side note, i think they got the memo on riggs. If they are announcing managing updates, prior to the end of the season, rather then hush hushing it when everyones attention is on football, that they are going after someone new.

      • Mike Adams

        Yeah, if you are only going through the motions, you do not want to play at all in a rainstorm.
        And speaking of going through the motions, that may be all they are doing with all the talk of interviewing candidates.
        It could be they are really looking and Riggleman is found wanting, or it could be they want to say they tried, interviewed a bunch of guys, and surprise! surprise! no one is better than Jim Wiggleman.

    • roger garrett

      They have checked out long before this game.Been a fan for over 50 years and this is a total disgrace.So sad to witness things like this in this day and time when all anybody expects is come to work and give 100%

  9. Bill j

    Wonder if any of the Reds TV announcers will talk to Jeff Montgomery, his trade was listed as one of the 10 worst trades the Reds ever made.

  10. Mike Adams

    It looks like the rain is going to push on through and the game can restart.

  11. Matt Hendley

    But yeahhh Chattanooga lookouts

  12. roger garrett

    Another homer by the visitors.Anybody think we will score tonight?

    • Sliotar

      Of course the Reds are scoring.

      Aren’t you the one who reminds us that this team is the master of garbage time offense? LOL.

      This has “Reds Player X hits solo HR in bottom of 8th to stop shutout” written all over it.

      • roger garrett

        Yep your right but we have to get a little bit further behind on the score board or closer to the end of the game.I’ll give you cookie time as we get a little further along.Be back in a while.

  13. roger garrett

    Oh no who is this Herrera guy that just went deep.Messed up everything

  14. docproctor


  15. kmartin

    I am certainly glad Dilson Herrera has not been given more playing time.

    • Mike Adams

      Yeah, who needs home runs?
      Can’t knock these vets out of their guaranteed starting positions, or put any stress on their precious major league esteem.

      • roger garrett

        Well said,Dilson won’t get any more chances after that at bat for sure.

  16. Matt Hendley

    .I garrentee you if he had learned to play SS he would be starting every day right now #perrazaerrors

  17. Mike Adams

    How could Votto take that pitch for strike 3? That was right in his wheelhouse!
    Only 77 pitches for Royals through 6 innings. Swing early, swing often.

    • roger garrett

      Yep and a grand total of 3 hits.No use dragging this season out any longer then it needs to be.

  18. Bill j

    I see some of the Reds coaches were interviewed for the manager position in Miami. We seen WJ in Miami so we know who is calling the shots yet.

  19. Mike Adams

    All right! Tie game. They are not the Cincinnati Deads, they got some fight left in them.

    • docproctor

      Until Billy comes up and strikes out miserably on three pitches with two runners on.

  20. roger garrett

    Going to have to set Ervin and Herrera for the rest of the season.They are actually producing and well that won’t work this lineup is set for next year already.What can they be thinking?

  21. Mike Adams

    Then zombie Hamilton comes up to the plate……..
    None of those pitches were in the strike zone according to the Pitch Track thingy.

  22. Old-school

    Billy Hamilton strikes out on 3 pitches.Why is he playing?

    I’m done .thanks Chad and Steve for a great site.Great content. Enjoy comments from indy and WV and sliotar and of course the old Cossack and more.

    But- this team isnt committed to winning.
    Signing off.

  23. roger garrett

    I was worried right there but Billy never lets you down.For a minute there I though he may actually make contact.

  24. Matt Hendley

    And look there is peraza trying to error defeat from the jaws of victory

    • VaRedsFan

      Not running from 2nd with the bases loaded, on a 32 hopper to the SS? I literally learned that in T-Ball

  25. Broseph

    Loaded with no outs. 0 runs. Hey, why not?

  26. Sliotar

    Regarding that heartbeat….

    In the words of Bones McCoy (greatest TV doctor ever)…”he’s dead, Jim.”

    • Mike Adams

      Ha! Nice one, Sliotar.
      You saying they are the Cincinnati Red Shirts, not Red stockings tonight?

  27. Scott C

    Iglesias never pitches well in non save situations

  28. roger garrett

    As Buck Taylor said in Tombstone,I just can’t find the words.To which Kurt Russell responded I know me neither.

  29. Broseph

    “Always be trading closers”. Believe Steve wrote that. Not to beat a dead horse, but Scooter and Iglesias missed trade opportunities might haunt this team next season.

    • Sliotar

      Yeah. Good point.

      Marty brought up that tonight was Iglesias’ 12th HR allowed in 69 innings this season.

      Combine Scott C’s point about non-save situations and all the cobbling together teams are doing with bullpens….sure feels like the “haul for a closer”, especially Iggy, is no longer likely.

  30. roger garrett

    He is right but Reds feel they need a closer so we use him for 70 or 80 innings a year.Ridiculous for us to even have a closer.

  31. Mike Adams

    They were trying but I can’t believe they could not beat the Royals.

  32. roger garrett

    Bases loaded and no outs and don’t score in the 7th.Based loaded in the ninth with Votto up and don’t score.Its just who we are and have been for a long time.