The Short Version: I dunno what to tell you. This isn’t fun.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (65-88) 0 2 0
Milwaukee Brewers (87-66) 7 7 0
W: Gonzalez (9-11) L: Harvey (7-9)
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The Good
–Scooter Gennett reached base three times, on a single and two walks. (He still trails Christian Yelich — who does not play for the Cincinnati Reds — in the batting average race.)

–Matt Wisler and Jackson Stephens pitched 2.1 scoreless innings.

The Bad
–Two hits. The Reds collected just two hits. TOS.

–The Reds self-destructed in the bottom of the third. Down 1-0, Matt Harvey walked the leadoff hitter, who just happened to be Milwaukees pitcher Gio Gonzalez. Next, Harvey fielded a ground ball and Joey Votto was about a million miles from first base for some reason; looked like he just spaced out. Then, as tends to happen, Jesus Aguilar destroyed a ball for a three-run homer.

–Similar story in the sixth. With one out, Milwaukee’s Domingo Santana lifted a soft fly ball in the right-center field gap. Billy Hamilton and Scott Schebler did not communicate, I guess, because the ball dropped between them and got by them both for a triple. After an intentional walk, Harvey battled Manny Pina for 13 pitches before giving up another three-run homer. Reds 0, Brewers 7. Ugh.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Only nine games to go. Catch Reds Fever while you can!

–If the Reds go 3-6 the rest of the way, it’ll be a third straight season with a final record of 68-94.

–That was the fifth time Cincinnati has been shut out by Milwaukee this season. The last time the Reds were shut out five times by a single team in one season: 1960, when Dick Groat’s Pittsburgh Pirates turned the trick.

–Really hoping Scooter can win the batting title. That’d be a fun little footnote to a miserable season.

–I know it sounds ridiculous, but Harvey actually didn’t pitch terribly (see above for the shenanigans in the fourth and sixth innings). But thanks to two bad pitches, he surrendered 7 runs on 7 hits in five and a third.

Then again, not really sure why Harvey was still in the game to give up that last three-run homer, but whatever. Interim manager Jim Riggleman is a genius, and I will not question his decisions. Tonight.

–In the ninth inning, Votto collected his 1100th career walk. That’s second in Reds history behind Pete Rose, and it’s also second among all active players (behind Albert Pujols).

–President of baseball operations Dick Williams says the Reds will look to free agency and the trade market to improve the starting rotation for 2019. He knows just what to say to make me happy.

–Tonight is the 71st recap that I’ve written this season (yes, the game bored me so I did a little math). But this wasn’t the best game of that 71. But I watched it for you guys!

20 Responses

  1. Brian Sands

    I had already mentioned this on one of your posts on Facebook, but…Due to a promotion from my satellite provider that started at the beginning of Aug. I am still able to watch Reds baseball for the first time in 5 or 6 yrs.

    Tonight was the first time I seriously thought about turning the channel after Harvey gave up his second 3-run HR of the game. I told myself I would watch all the Reds gms I could bcuz it had been so long since I was able to watch Reds gms. Tonight seriously tested my resolve. But….I am a die hard Reds fan so I stuck it out much like you did Mr. Dotson. Thank you for sticking it out for us.

    • Scott C

      I live in Virginia and do not have access to FSOhio. I watch mine through ($119.00 a season) and can watch it my TV through my Apple Media Device) I can also stream it on my computer if I am away from home, except when I am visiting my son in Cincinnati. Blacked out.

      • Jim Walker

        If you have a cable, satellite, r streaming package like Sling or PSVue you should be able to stream the Reds using the FoxSports Go app for no additional charge. You log in to it with your provider account credentials, they verify them, and you are set to go. When I am out of my home area, the Reds don’t generally come up as one of the choices. I have to use the search function in the Fox app to find the game’ but once I do, it is no different than watching on the cable or streaming from home.

  2. Kap

    Means to an end, my friends. Means to an end

  3. Sabr Chris

    Milton is finishing strong, lots of positive momentum, he certainly will get the ball every 5th day next season.

  4. David

    Well, overall, what crappy game. I watched it and was just a low level effort game by the Reds. They’ve already quit for the season.
    Riggleman, such a motivator.

    90 plus losses, it’s in the bag. Yeah, Maddon is just putting people on. The Reds are NOT going to climb over a bunch of teams that are working assiduously to actually get better. The Reds are just playing craps with their roster. The only team they could climb over would be whoever gets unlucky with injuries next year. 5th place again, 2019.

    Well done, Castellini. Give yourself and all the family that works for the Reds a raise. Hire Riggleman. Give Jocketty more authority. Watch the fans flock to the stadium.

  5. KDJ

    Chad, et al., unless the Reds are playing Atlanta, I do not get to see the games televised.
    So, I appreciate the recaps. Thanks for doing it.

  6. Jack

    Honestly Jim it’s a little to late to start looking at guys and sit Scooter and Suarez. 10 year rebuild is coming along nicely.maybe instead of predicting the Reds record next year we should predict the final attendance.

  7. bouwills

    I get the Reds games on TV, but I am usually channel surfing by the 3rd inning. Reds baseball is a difficult product to watch -even for longtime fans.

  8. Scotly50

    I stopped watching the Reds shortly after the terrible start. I will watch occasionally when the Reds start a young pitcher, Reed, Stephenson, etc. Otherwise I come here for the recaps.

    Kudos to the team of bloggers who have dutifully endured this mess the entire season.

  9. Mason Red

    Six games left. Six games left. Six games left. What will we be saying this time next year? Six games left. Six games left. Six games left…

  10. roger garrett

    Some think this starting 8 is good enough but thanks for the offensive data that says they aren’t which is why trading some of them to acquire pitching is the only way to go.While I can agree some guys right now are on fumes,the last nine games have been against teams that are trying to get in the playoffs and our lack of hitting has been exposed.Not that the numbers lie its just you get pitched to differently.Nine runs in the last 7 games and twelve in the last 8 tell us something.We actually won two 3-1 games and one 2-1 game in that span.You are right Sliotar one pitcher will not fix it especially if you trade you best prospects.Lots of holes to fill.

  11. Jeff Reed

    Six months goes by fast. Does the Reds ownership/front office have the will to get the team out of the last place rut? Big changes are needed in starting pitching, center field and management. If the page is not turned by those in charge, indifference will increase and fans will increasingly resort to the writeups and box score. Many thanks to the writers for a job well done in another losing season.

  12. lost11found

    Reds have played the cubs tough this year. Add to that they don’t want to drop into the WC game and have to play LA, Col, Brewers, or StL using their best pitcher (hammels) when the rest of their rotation is not at their best right now. He wants Hammels in Game 1 of the NLDS. So I think its a legit reminder to his team to keep their heads in the game for the final 10 games or so.

  13. BigRedMike

    5-6 weeks of decent play overrides 4 years of 90 loss seasons? Teams do not get injuries?

    The only player not out there now is Winker, and Ervin has been providing similar value to WInker. Reds do not appear to be winning games or scoring runs.

  14. eric3287

    I made this point last night, and it’s worth reiterating again, I can’t find a single team out of the Cubs, the Braves, the Astros, and the Phillies that was trading prospects following a losing season. In fact, during the offseason of their last losing season, they are all still trading away players from the major league roster. The Braves traded Matt Kemp this past offseason. The Cubs traded away Dan Strailey and Luis Valbuena. The Astros traded Dexter Fowler (in that same trade with the Cubs. The Phillies traded Freddie Galvis.

    This roster will likely fail to win 70 games for the 4th consecutive year. They finished 8th in the NL in runs despite career years from Scooter, Suarez, Peraza, Schebler, Casali, Winker while healthy, and with 35 year old Votto still leaading the league in OBP.

    The entire NLC will likely finish the season above .500 except for the Cincinnati Reds. Now would be the absolute worst time to trade prospects for a player or two, run everyone back, and pray everything goes right. They need to be trading players from the 25 man roster to other teams and completely overhaul the make up of the team. If the Reds, before even managing to finish a season 70-92, are forced to trade prospects to try and cross the 70 win threshold, it will be an implicit admission that the rebuild was an abject failure.

    Open the wallet, Bob. Get creative with trading players that were part of 4 consecutive 90 loss seasons. And then, if by some miracle you are in contention, think about trading prospects in July.

    • eric3287

      For me, it doesn’t just have to be a pitcher. There’s no reason they can’t make a run for Machado/Harper. But even more realistically, AJ Pollack makes them better. Yasmani Grandal makes them better. Maybe Grandal turns Tucker into a valuable trade piece. Maybe they sign a few free agents like that and turn some combination of Tucker and Billy and Schebler and Scooter and Iglesias into two or even just one starting pitcher.

      My larger point is I expect the front office to explore every option possible to add starting pitching without trading legitimate prospects. The only “prospect” I would probably be OK parting with is Shed Long just because the Reds seem to have no interest in promoting him anywhere. The point of a rebuild is to use these new prospects to make an extended run and keep that window open as long as possible. If you can field a team around Senzel, Suarez, Winker, Taylor Trammel, Jonathan India (for instance) you have 5/8 position players locked up really cheap for 6 years and allows you to over pay for help at other positions.

  15. Mike V

    I so agree .. Please do not trade the farm away for a short or long term deal on a starting pitcher who throws the ball 95 plus and will probably hurt their arm . GO OUT and buy one on the free agent market .. If you can’t afford one because they are overpriced .. do it anyway . That’s what the big market teams do and now they are all smart enough to also hang on to their prize prospects at the same time. It costs a lot of money to compete .. So just deal with it .. Of course its not my money being spent ..

  16. jeffery stroupe

    Hunter Greene heading to be next Brien Taylor. You cant pitch that way and expect you body to hold up. Put him in anther position before it is to late. What is going to happen is our pitching is i going to evolve with who we have but our position players are going to regress. That to me is obvious. Our starting 8 sucks. No matter who it is. RISP. Says it all. It is not the pitching. They will be better in time. I think the next good team is in the minors.