Having made the 100 mile trip north up the west  shore of Lake Michigan from Chicago to Milwaukee, the Reds take on the Brewers in the first  game of a three game set tonight. The Brewers (85-65) hold the #1 position in the NL wildcard chase 3 games clear of the Dodgers and Cardinals who are tied for the final wildcard spot.  However the Brew Crew still harbor hopes of a larger prize, the NL Central crown, as they currently trail the Cubs by 2.5 games in that race with a dozen games remaining. The Reds, in spite of their own 64-86 record, thus begin yet another series brimming with playoff implications.  Game time is 7:40PM Eastern.

Starting Pitchers

Righthander Anthony DeSclafani gets the starting call for the Reds. In a previous start versus the Brewers on August 28, Disco allowed 4 earned runs in 6.2 innings of work in a game the Reds won 9-7  The Brewers will counter with veteran left Wade Miley. In his most recent start against the Reds on August 30 Miley went 7.1 innings allowing a single run on 5 hits in a game eventually won 2-1 by the Brewers in 11 innings.

DeSclafani will be making his 19th start of the season since his belated arrival to the Reds rotation in June. After pitching  very well  in 5 August starts (34.1 IP; 262 ERA; 3.06 FIP), Disco has struggled in his 3 September starts having yet to make it to the 5th inning in any of them. His walk rate and BABIP for September are both well above his season average. He has thrown 99.1 competitive innings this season after missing all of 2017.  Perhaps fatigue and lack of stamina from the extended time away are taking a toll on him.  Let’s hope he has some some of that August stuff to throw at the Brewers tonight. More importantly, let’s hope we see a lot of the August results from DeSclafani come 2019.

For Wade Miley, this has also been an injury abbreviated season. The not quite 32 year old veteran came off the DL to make his first start of the 2018 season versus the Reds on May 2.  Six days later in his second start, he made it through only 3 batters before having to leave and ended up back on the DL for 2 more months. In total, he has made 13 starts  in 2018. Miley has allowed as many as 3 earned runs only once all season; and, in his last 5 games has allowed just 7 earned runs in 28.1 innings (2.22 ERA). He has also been very stingy with the long ball all season but is prone to giving up walks at times.

2018 Comparative Stats:

Anthony DeSclafani 4.86 5.2 1.81 6.2% 20.9%
Wade Miley 3.63 5.1 0.39 8.8% 15.8%


The Reds pen was tasked to cover 2.1 innings on Sunday. Jared Hughes and Raisel Iglesias each pitched an inning. Hughes also worked an inning on Saturday and has thrown 28 pitches in these 2 appearances. He may be on short availability tonight.

The Brewers pen covered 4 innings on Sunday and 3.2 innings on Saturday. However nobody pitched on consecutive days; and, only Junior Guerra who pitched 2 innings on Saturday pitched more than a single inning. Notably Josh Hader was not used either day.


             REDS            BREWERS
1. Scott Schebler (RF)
2. Jose Peraza (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Phillip Ervin (LF)
7. Curt Casali (C)
8. Anthony DeSclafani (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)
1. Curtis Granderson (RF)
2. Christian Yelich (LF)
3. Lorenzo Cain (CF)
4. Travis Shaw (2B)
5. Jesus Aguilar (1B)
6. Mike Moustakas (3B)
7. Erik Kratz (C)
8. Orlando Arcia (SS)
9. Wade Miley (P)


News and Notes

Just to make some other folks feel as old as me when I saw this…..

From the past to the future. Check out #7 on this list. None other than Reds Taylor Trammell


Final Thoughts

So, just  when many thought it was going to be a weekend in Armageddon for the Reds, instead we got to see 3 old fashion white knuckle baseball games. 9 runs total were scored in the entire series. That’s by everybody in both uniforms. Instead of wilting, the Reds went into Wrigley and found the wherewithal to stand and trade on almost even terms with arguably the best team in the National League. They were a swing of the bat against them from winning 2 of 3 but also just as close to getting swept. That’s how fine the edge in baseball can (and probably should usually) be.

Let’s hope those Reds players who may be around for that long awaited “next good Reds team” take heed of the experiences of the weekend, positive and negative, and learn lessons to  help  win important  games for that next good Reds team.  GO REDS!

Stats and data courtesy of Fangraphs, www.baseball-reference.com, and MLB.com

41 Responses

  1. Bill j

    What ever happened to the days when a team was out of contention you got to see a lot of young player?

    • Jim Walker

      The Reds have pretty much exhausted their 40 man roster as far as bringing guys up. As far as playing them or not playing them I guess that is Riggleman’s choice unless he is given marching orders from above.

      Scooter is in a chase for the batting crown. i can see why they play him. Suarez is also right there in the RBI chase FWIW (or isn’t) and has a shot at top 5 or better in HR. Regardless, RBI is still a popular big three stat; so, that’s probably what he never sits out. Votto the same for OBP.

  2. Sliotar


    Since you did the preview, I hope you see this.

    I will be sending you a DM through your Twitter account this evening, since you are such a big hockey fan.

    I might have a couple of Miami hockey games not spoken for, and you are welcome to use them for free. I am an OSU grad, but I enjoy going to Miami’s arena. I take my nephew, who lives in the area and is crazy about hockey.

    OSU plays in the basketball arena (ugh).

  3. Sliotar

    Thus ends tonight’s hockey chat.

    Here’s hoping DeSclafani avoids the HR ball in a tough place to pitch.

    Go Redlegs.

  4. Mike Adams

    Gennett has 174 hits with 12 games left so I guess he won’t reach 200 hits this year.

    Guess who is in second place with 172 hits!? Peraza, that’s who.

    After his first six weeks start would anyone have taken the bet if it were said Peraza would have that many hits at the end of the year?

    • cfd3000

      Well since the Reds have no other serious shortstop options and Blandino has been out for the year for a long time now, and since Peraza rarely walks, it’s not that surprising. He plays every day, bats near the top of the lineup, and doesn’t walk. Unless he was awful he’d be getting a lot of hits. So… not surprising, and certainly nothing to get overly excited about.

      • Mike Adams

        I agree nothing to get excited about but I still think it is surprising.
        If it were not for his defense, his first years with the Reds would remind me of Concepcion (but if there is one thing you must have in a shortstop it is good defensive ability).

      • Jack

        It is surprising because 99% of the arm chair GMs on here would have believed he would be batting 290 with 2 weeks to go.

  5. Sliotar

    Wait…who isn’t an armchair GM that posts regularly on this site?

    Peraza is getting his shot and making the most of it, which is what 90-loss teams should be doing with 24 year olds that have some upside. Still not sure he should be playing SS.

    Personally, I will be freaked if Peraza and Scooter is the double play combo in a Reds playoff game. But, much road to be travelled before we have to worry about that, IMO.

    • bouwills

      Scooter listed as tied for 7th place among ML 2nd basemen with a .984 fielding %. He’s no Brandon Phillips, but he’s doing better than most @ 2nd base. Maybe next year with a healed shoulder, he might even be a little better. I can’t say as much for Peraza, except he’s young. Or Suarez who has a .950 fielding percentage. Can you regress defensively, in your prime?

  6. VaRedsFan

    More team defense woes. Votto couldn’t grab the Yelich grounder, then Schebler throws a weak 3-hopper to home from very short right field. No teams make ALL the plays, but if they make just 1 that inning it is still 0-0.

  7. Matt Hendley

    Guess who leads the World in errors? Also The minors only Games that you are referencing to, is only done when 2 out of contention teams face each other, It is common courtesy to play hard against all teams that are contending. Unfortunately i think we will have to wait for Miami, for that.

    • bouwills

      St Louis Cards lead the ML in errors with 113. Reds have 80. The best fielding pct in their division.

  8. Sliotar

    Peraza – tied for 1st among all SS in MLB with 20 errors

    Gennett – 7th most among 2B in MLB with 10 errors.

    One of them in a double-play combo with a good defensive partner…OK.

    Both of those guys, IMO, in a playoff game? Yikes.

    Those missed cutoff plays and covering 2B plays happen too often to be accidents.

    • bouwills

      Gennett has 10 errors, but in 613 TC (total chances). Only Albies has more TC with 614- & he also has 10 errors. many of the 2nd basemen with fewer than 10 errors have 100 to 200 fewer total chances.

  9. VaRedsFan

    Reds are singlr handedly making Yelich an MVP

    • Sliotar

      So much for wishing Disco to avoid the HR ball.

      Maybe he is the prime example of a guy who can now only go 2 times through the lineup…max.

      His third time through the lineup numbers, updated after tonight, fall off the table compared to the first 2 times.

  10. VaRedsFan

    What the heck Schebler??? That line drive landed 3 feet from him, and he backed up to play it on a hop.

  11. roger garrett

    Yep,we will be just fine next year with this offense.Fifth straight game and not hitting.Makes a lot of difference when the other team is fighting for a play off spot and you don’t get those cookie to hit.

  12. Sliotar


    Nice tag by Gennett, given the discussion in this thread.

    He’s lucky that was not Error No. 11

  13. docproctor

    This has gotten so embarrassing.

  14. Matt Hendley

    Smh, screaming out loud. The reds have given up. I’m sure they would have tried if it had playoff implications for them but this is the impact of creating a team that is designed to lose.

    • roger garrett

      Yep.I’m torn between wanting to hit against our pitching or pitch to our hitters.

  15. Old-school

    The Reds are moving Nick Senzel to the OF? This is the worst defensive infield in baseball.

  16. roger garrett

    I mean we are so good we can’t find a place for him anywhere else.Moving him sets-up the 4 man rotation in the outfield next year

  17. VaRedsFan

    Cycle # 2 for Yelich…in the same year, vs. the same team.
    Is that a record? LOL

  18. roger garrett

    Cookie time for our guys.Pad those stats if you can.

  19. Matt Hendley

    Of course this is just a set up for micheal lorenzen to pitch a no no while hitting 2 GS tomorrow

    • roger garrett

      Positive momentum.Sounds good.

  20. Broseph

    Positive momentum. Hope that new two-cycle , same-team in a season MLB record sits very badly with big Bob.

  21. Jack

    I’m not sure the Reds have given up. They say good hitting always goes in slumps but good pitching and good defense doesn’t. Guess what the Reds don’t have? Like Brantley said “What pitcher on the team last year has gotten better this year? None”. Moving Senzel to the outfield who plays great infield defense is something only the Reds would do.

    • Matt Hendley

      DIsco got better, he went from not pitching, to pitching badly, lol.

  22. Sabr Chris

    As long as Scooter and Billy are starting he’s a happy man.

  23. Jeff Morris

    This was on line today in sports news about the Vikings vs Packers game yesterday…

    Mike Zimmer on why the Vikings cut their Kicker today, “Did you see the game?” “It was an easy decision.”

  24. Jeff Morris

    So….should be the same for the Reds. Why did you cut or release Wandy Peralta or this or that player (example being Adam Duvall).

    Reds General Manager and Manager to the Press: Have you watched the Reds games this year? Have you seen the poor preformances from Adam Duvall, and Wandy Peralta?

  25. Old-school

    This last place team is no closer to playoff baseball than 2015. The infield defense is not acceptable. Billy Hamilton is not a starting OF. Scott schebler can’t throw. Luis Castillo is the only semi proven SP.

    It’s not credible to say this team passes 4 others in 2019 and can win.

    • Matt Hendley

      You misspelled Matt Harvey on your starting Pitching. Scotts shoulder will be healed by next spring. Billy, Jose need to go, accept the truth and trade Hererra. now while they can still go in trades. Winker will be back, Blandino will be back. This should provide some Umph. Some upward movement of the statistical line. SIgn Kershaw, 100 years, half of the Moon, ( Bob C will figure it out). The reason you do not cut players outright in baseball like you do in football is a concept called guaranteed money. In baseball when you sign a contract you are guaranteed 100% of that money, regardless of the outcome. in football only a percentage is guaranteed A really low percentage for Kickers, that is why Homer Bailey will pitch for the Reds Next year, ( or maybe Weds) and why the Browns are looking for a new pitcher.

  26. Sliotar

    Good analogy.

    After the game, Riggleman should use it when announcing Suarez and Gennett will have tomorrow off and add,

    “Wandy Peralta got 2 earned runs that he did not deserve tonight. We need to be better as players, but also as teammates.”

    But….I don’t think Riggleman is so secure he has the job next year to do that.