The Short Version: The Reds jump out to an early lead, but the bullpen wastes an excellent start by Matt Harvey.

Final R H E
Cincinnati “Not the Big” Reds “Machine” (63-85) 2 9 1
Chicago Fuzzy Cubbies (86-61) 3 7 1
W: Maples (1-0) L: Hernandez (5-1) S: De La Rosa (1)
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The Good
–Matt Harvey pitched six shutout innings, permitting only four hits and one walk, while striking out six. Exceptionally strong start for the Dark Knight.

–Jose Peraza and Joey Votto hit solo homers. That was the extent of the Reds offense.

–Votto was 2-4. Eugenio Suarez singled and walked. Billy Hamilton singled and walked twice. Those were the only players wearing Cincinnati uniforms who reached base more than once.

The Bad
–David Hernandez came to the mound to begin the seventh inning, after Harvey pitched six shutout frames. Hernandez proceeded to vomit all over the field.

Hernandez did record one out. But, with a 2-0 lead, he also gave up three runs. That’s not ideal.

–Michael Lorenzen was, ummmm, not sharp in his first inning. But then he came back and pitched fairly well in his second frame. Either way, Lorenzen has really big muscles. So he has that going for him, which is nice.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–I am writing yet another game recap in yet another September of yet another miserable Cincinnati Reds season. If anyone ever questions our love of the ol’ Redlegs, just point them to this thread. Everyone who comments here gets a free pass. I love all of you.

–Only 14 games remaining in this exceptionally fun Cincinnati Reds season.

Redleg Nation launched in 2005. Since we started talking about the Reds on a daily basis, the franchise has compiled a record of 1073-1181. That’s a sterling .476 winning percentage. Honestly, after doing the math, I’m surprised that it isn’t worse. Go Reds!

–If the Cincinnati Reds go 5-9 the rest of the way, it will be the third consecutive season in which they finish with a 68-94 record. #PositiveMomentum

–Joey Votto has the fourth-most opposite field hits in the National League this season. This has been another edition of “Obscure Stats From The Fox Sports Ohio Broadcast.”

–I dunno, Harvey was cruising and he had thrown 96 pitches. Easy to second-guess, but you gotta wonder if Interim Reds Manager Jim Riggleman (TM) should’ve left him in for one more inning. Because the game went completely off the cliff after Harvey went to the showers. But it wasn’t an obviously bad decision, I must concede.

–Only two Harvey starts remaining in 2018. But never fear: you’ll get to see him at least 25 times next season.

–I prefer it when the Cincinnati Reds win their scheduled baseball game. Perhaps tomorrow? The Reds can count on Cody Reed to beat Jon Lester, right?

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22 Responses

  1. cfd3000

    Frustrating game. Not the first time I’ve typed that this season. Can we please not have any more Jim Riggleman? He didn’t do anything obviously stupid tonight, but at the same time the Reds are not playing well for him, and they are not doing the little things consistently well. Hate to see the Cubs beat the Reds in September, in a game the Reds could just as easily have won as not. Sigh. Rooting hard for Cody Reed tomorrow.

  2. I-71_Exile

    It’s been a long year, Chad. Thanks for sticking it out. There will be a Next Good/Great Reds Teamâ„¢ someday, right? Right?

  3. Steve Hanshaw

    If the Rangers hang on to beat the mighty Padres, the Reds move up to the 7th draft slot for the moment (#positive momentum).

  4. John Wheeler

    It’s good to see Votto getting some power back after time off. I wonder if his back has been more of an issue this year than has been let on.

  5. The_Next_Janish

    I’m only here for the free pass.😜

  6. bouwills

    It’s a good thing that sabermetrics enthusiasts have concluded there is no such thing as clutch hitting. Therefore the fact that Ervin can’t is immaterial.

    • KDJ

      Whenever I hear someone say there is no such thing as a clutch performance, I suspect that person has never played a competitive sport. Clutch performance is very real, but as you well said, is difficult to measure in baseball because it is clutch for both hitter and pitcher. Fickleness of umpiring can come into play as well.

  7. DEN

    This anti Riggleman view is laughable. Put any manager in that position and the Refs still have limited winning chances without quality SP. Until ownership and magt address that problem there is no one that can manage this team to a division title.

  8. Jack

    I have no problem with Harvey pitching 25 more times for the Reds next season. Who on this team is better than him? Maybe Castillo? Do you feel confident enough with Stephenson,Reed,Sims,Bailey,Mahle or Romano? I dont. Disco cant stay healthy . Are you confident that this Front office will spend the money on a number 1 starter when basically 25 other teams are looking for one and they will out spend this organization? Whoever they sign will not be better than Harvey. As for trading I dont see this front office trading anybody worth a beans to get a number 2 or a 1. You have to trade some top prospects or major leaguers for that.

    • sezwhom

      I agree. Not that it matters but Harvey was cruising. If he gets into trouble in the 7th, then take him out but I would of left him in. I’m in the camp the Reds should offer Harvey a FA contract. We must address the SP! Harvey throws strikes. Make a trade, sign another FA pticher. Patrick Corbin would be nice. Something. No faith in other pitchers except Castillo. Good post Jack.

  9. NorMich Red

    Fundamental breakdowns (TOOTBLAN’S, unfocused baserunning, failure to hit cutoff men or cover bases, lazy fielding) are, to me, on the manager when one considers that EVERY Major League team has players of presumed elite capabilities. FAR too much of that all season long, particularly since the All-Star break, when this team has looked almost entirely unfocused for the most part. All signs that a fresh start is needed as soon as this season’s 93-95 losses are in the books. “NO” to Riggleman…all one can say about him is that he’s been better than Price. But there will not be a rebuild of any importance if his watch is continued. I see Reds’ ownership at a crossroads starting in 2 weeks if this franchise’s fan base is to be rescued and rejuvenated. There isn’t tolerance out there (out here) for another screw-up or misuse of resources. A small market team CAN compete…just not via the current model.

  10. Jeff Reed

    Harvey gave the Reds six scoreless innings. No problem there. He must be on a regimen to get him back to full strength and the pitching coach, Danny Darwin, seems to be a key. Other teams have had a couple chances to get Harvey and nothing’s happened so I’m sure he’ll be a Red next season. it seems to me this season the offense has missed many chances to score with a runner on third with less than two outs and a flyball needed. Ervin didn’t come through on a couple occasions last night.

  11. Jack

    True but the front office isn’t trading him and do you feel confident enough in Senzel to put up the numbers Suarez has? So far he has shown nothing in the Majors to answer that question with a yes.

  12. Jack

    Chasing each other in average and slugging as well.

  13. Still a Red

    Votto pop-up home run to left was reminiscent of the ‘ole’ Joey Votto. Glad to see. He claims there is no back problem and that he made some adjustments (that he was giving too much away). It’d be great to hear what that was all about. Also curious that he made the adjustment just days, perhaps hours, after
    Chad’s ‘Whats Wrong with Joey Votto’ post.

    Nice to see Peraza apparently learn how to hit and get good at bats. Still looks a little ‘patty-cake’ in his stance, but seems to be extending his arms and getting rotation better. Maybe he turns into a mini-me version of Suarez in time (meaning someone coming into their own, not someone to hit 30 HRs).

  14. roger garrett

    The game was just an example of what we continue to do as a team and its been that way for a long time.Winning teams pick each other up with a timely hit or pitch or fielding play and we just don’t do that often enough.Ervin battled on each at bat and Hamels just beat him.Others had chances as well by just putting the ball in play we get a run.When you don’t do that it is just going to come back to cost you and it did,Our offense is middle of the pack based on stats but because we are last in picthing we are out of the game a lot and get cookies to hit which does pad those stats.However our offense could become elite and all of us know where the weak link is but will anything be done.The starting pitching has to be addressed and we all know that but will it?The rest of our division has beat us up and they will not stand pat but rather have shown they will try to improve their team while we look for the home run in trades or the draft they go for a single here or there.We have some good players and if we want to improve some will have to be traded to acquire what we need.Sadly this organization falls in love with players and continue to believe they can win with them while losing 90+ games for the 4th straight year

    • BigRedMike

      Well stated. Reds fans and many on this site seem to indicate that no player on the team should be replaced. The Reds would just completely fall apart if Hamilton, Gennett, Schebler, Winker, Paraza, Harvey, DeSclafani, etc. were gone.

      Based on this, I figured if I looked at the standings that the Reds would be on pace to be like Houston, Boston, Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, you know, teams that are good and attempt to improve their roster. Instead, I see the Reds in last place with one of the worst records in baseball. As noted 17 of the last 22 seasons and 4 straight 90 loss seasons.

      The Reds have one of the top prospects in baseball, yet, they are just too good to find a place for him to play. Appears that other top teams have been utilizing their younger players.

      The Reds have 2 players signed to long term deals, the rest of the roster should be open to change and improvement. Running the exact team out there next year is not a plan and is just an insult to Reds fans.

  15. Tampa Red

    There is a lot more to command than walks though, which really falls under the control category. I will concede, however, that I probably don’t give Castillo his due. Just frustrated by his propensity to give up runs in bunches I guess. He definitely has big league starter stuff. Probably the only one of the group that we’ve all been counting on for years.

  16. KDJ

    Chad, loved the Bill Murray Caddyshack reference. Appropriate vs the Cubs.

  17. I-71_Exile

    I played all three OF positions and center was the easiest by far—provided you have the speed for it. You get a much cleaner read of the ball off the bat and you have priority on gappers so you don’t have to think all that much. You can pretty much go for everything in reach if you are so inclined. It’s just quick acceleration and straight line top speed. The LF read is much, much harder and you have to have really good footwork to handle the topspin hook on a pulled ball to left.

  18. Reaganspad

    Maybe he is pitching for Barry Larkin or somebody not called the mad bunter