You simply can not predict baseball. The Cincinnati Reds (63-83) will look to unfathomably finish the season 7-0 against the defending National League champion, Los Angels Dodgers (78-66) today at 12:35 PM. The Reds have taken the first two games of this series against the Dodgers who are desperate for wins to stay in the playoff race. They currently trail the Rockies by 1.5 games in the NL West, and are 3.0 games behind the Cardinals for the second wild-card spot. The Reds are now 41-40 since June 10th.

Starting Pitchers

Anthony DeSclafani will be making his 18th start of the season for the Reds. He has had some mixed results, but overall has kept the Reds in most of the games he has started. He has to find a way to cut down on the home runs, but you hope with more starts coming back from the DL that he will figure that out. He has a career 3.12 ERA in 4 starts against the Dodgers (25 K, 5 BB).

Ross Stripling will be making his first start since August 9th. Stripling did make one relief appearance since returning from the DL. He has bounced around from the bullpen to the rotation when healthy this season, and has dominated in every role. Stripling has a 6.14 ERA in 7.1 innings in his career against the Reds.

Starting Lineups

1. Scott Schebler (RF)
2. Jose Peraza (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Tucker Barnhart (C)
7. Mason Williams (LF)
8. Anthony DeSclafani (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)

You can find the Dodgers lineup here when it gets posted.

48 Responses

  1. Scott C

    Again, No Dilson. I guess you have to gt the left handed bat of Mason in the lineup. The biggest thing I don’t understand is that this was the guy you traded Jay Bruce for. Surely if you’re high enough on this guy to trade one of your best bats (at that time) wouldn’t you want to at least get a good look at what he can do at the Major league level? Especially after the MiL season he had and the fact that he is out of options. I really don’t know if Dilson has enough bat to play or if he should be a Red (I really didn’t think much of the trade) but I would like to see what he can do.

    • Bill

      I still think he kicked Riggleman’s puppy, but I am starting to come around to the idea that he told Bob C he doesn’t like produce

  2. jreis

    the dodgers just don’t have the payroll to compete with the Cincinnati Reds this year! lol

  3. Bill

    Scooter is really putting together a good season. I didn’t expect him to hit .200, but I also didn’t expect him to have a chance to lead the league in hits. I wish there was more info on the shoulder issue and how that is affecting him. I am also scared of a long term extension being mandated by Bob C. I think he has a few more years before the Reds need to worry about decline, but injuries can speed that up. I don’t think his hitting philosophy of swing at everything I think I can hit will work once the bat speed starts to decrease, but for the next 3-4 years I think we can expect similar results.

    • Jim t

      I don’t think the reds have to move Scooter. First off there doesn’t appear to be a huge market for him surprisingly. I keep him on a 1 year deal and push the decision down the road. Senzel has to prove he’s healthy which means he won’t be with the reds out of spring. Herrera is a utility player. If the market for Scooter changes then you can reconsider. At this time I do not give him a long term deal.

      • Scott C

        #1 The fact that there is not a market for Scooter says a lot, particularly since he is leading the league in hitting. Perhaps other teams know something the Reds do not. I hope he continues on the way he has for the next three or four years but anything beyond a three year extension scares me.
        #2 There is no way to tell if Dilson Herrera is nothing more than a utility player, he has never been given the chance to play and bat on a regular basis. If I was him I would be hoping that the Reds DFA and he gets picked up by another team.

      • greenmtred

        I’ve heard this frequently, that there isn’t a big market for him. How do we know?

      • Bill

        Maybe there is not a big market due to the asking price. I am sure there are teams interested, but considering the defensive liabilities, potential shoulder injury, and being a favorite of the owner his asking price probably makes it difficult.

  4. Indy Red Man

    I saw on ESPN where Joe Maddon was complaining about a error being called on a ball hit by Zobrist. He’s trying to help him get a batting title. Go get it Scooter and then get paid! You’re only in your prime once!

  5. Matthew Habel

    I scootered to work today so expecting a big game from the man, the myth, the legend

  6. WVRedlegs

    John Fay throwing out ground cover for Castellini and ownership group regarding owner meddling is certainly interesting. He claims no mention of owner meddling when winning in 2010-2013. But now it is an issue. Here is Fay, “No one mentioned meddling in 2010-13. The ironic thing now is guy hyping the meddling narrative are Saber guys.”
    You Saber guys. The fly in the soup. I think Chad and Steve have struck a nerve, or two. Is Fay this out of touch or is he lobbying for a job in the Reds PR department? Fay throws the recently re-assigned Director of Scouting and the Director of Player Development squarely under the bus, too. I suppose with Fay, owner meddling is like Bigfoot and the Mothman, just a myth.
    Something that Fay dismisses, or doesn’t even consider, are the owner’s own words. To Fay’s colleague Daugherty,
    “He said vehemently that he does not interfere with the baseball operation. He interrupted the question. “Do you feel you’ve been too involved in baseball op…’’
    “No. It’s bull. We make decisions collectively. When we meet, we all give our opinions. I will come in and say, this is what I think we ought to do. If I don’t get a lot of opposition, we make the decision based on what I say. I do not get overly involved in our operations.’’
    Again, Castellini words are, “If I don’t get a lot of opposition, we make the decision based on what I say. I do not get overly involved in our operations.’’
    What doesn’t Fay get? If that isn’t owner meddling, what is?

    • Bill

      If you fill the room with Catellini supporters and “yes men”, I am sure the collective decision will always be “good idea Bob, lets go with it”. This is the problem with all the internal promotions and hiring of friends and family. Bring in someone from the outside who isn’t afraid to go against the way things are currently done. I can imagine hearing “this is how we have always done it” in meetings, which is something I hear often in my line of work.

    • lost11found

      I think you can file this under ‘winning is the best deodorant’. There is a nugget of truth in Fay’s comment. Few worried about owner meddling in the 2010-2013 timeframe. Maybe they were successful in spite of it, or maybe it hadn’t begun in earnest yet.

      We need a metric for it. Meddling above replacement (MAR)? Wonder how many years bbref and fangraphs would disagree on how to count it.

      • roger garrett

        Good one.I always said we won despite Dusty and not because of him.Talent almost always wins over 162 game schedule.

      • Bill

        Dusty probably would have been more resistant to meddling. He could get fired and still find a job or just hang out and drink wine and be fine. If I remember correctly he got fired when he refused to fire the hitting coach. I think Dusty was going to do what he wanted to do and didn’t care what management wanted. It doesn’t mean he was right, but it was going to be his way

    • greenmtred

      And what do SABR guys have to do with it, anyway? Is he trying to slay two dragons with one whatever you slay dragons with?

  7. roger garrett

    We will never know what teams offered for Scooter or if even if they made an offer but it is hard to imagine teams not at least making a call.My opinion is that we may have said no thanks regardless because we value him much higher then those teams or Bob said no way he would he trade him.This is the same front office that has kept Billy for 5 years soon to be 6 in hoping he would learn to hit.Keep that in mind in regards to Scooter who has hit for two years,with power and is in the running for a batting title.I can see us wanting a boat load for him(right or wrong) and that won’t happen.

  8. roger garrett

    Lift it and it will go.Peraza is beginning to get it.Quit that slapping and pull that ball.

    • Indy Red Man

      It sounds like Peraza missed a hit-n-run sign though and got Schebler thrown out. Atleast that’s what it sounded like from WLW. He can hit and he’s athletic! He could be a really good player if he keeps his head in the game?

      That’s another thing that bugs me about Riggleman. He bunts way too much and rarely uses hit-n-run. Peraza should be absolutely perfect for hit-n-run! This offense could be scary if everyone comes together, but they need to subtract Riggs and Billy from the equation.

      • lost11found

        Redeemed himself somewhat it appears.

  9. Seat101

    Just got a chance to look into the game.

    Why won’t the Reds play Dilson?

    Did Jose or Schebler screw up on a hit and run?

    Inquiring minds want to know

  10. Seat101

    I entered the wrong email address for my last comment. It is pending in moderation. At the risk of repeating myself I have a few questions.

    Where is Dilson?

    Did Jose or Scott screwup on a hit and run?

    Inquiring minds are curious

  11. roger garrett

    Joey never swung and looks at strike 3.I love him but why?

  12. Matt Hendley

    Dillon is dreaming of which pitcher his trade is going to bring back, and how being the starting second baseman for a rebuilding team (not the reds) will feel like. I’m not watching or listening or watching the game due to being at work right now but I can tell you with confidence that if Jose’s name is in it, he screwed it up.

  13. msanmoore

    Looking more and more like a Meatloaf kind of game to finish the series. I guess we’ll take that even though a sweep would have been super sweet. Take solace in the fact that Dodger wins detract from the Cards or Bernies in the end.

    Stay safe any of you in the path of Florence. It’s going to be a wild weekend down here in Raleigh, NC.

  14. Aaron Bradley

    Managers are terrified of grounding into double plays.. hence the love for bunts, steals, hit and runs, and general tinkering.

  15. WVRedlegs

    Wandy Peralta, now there is a 25 man roster spot and 40 man roster spot that will open soon after the season ends. Outright to AAA or outright release. How many inherited runners has he let score this year? He is one weak link in the bullpen chain.

  16. Hanawi

    Not sure the Reds can go into next year with this infield defense. Not an above average defender among them. Or even an average defender.

    • Old-school

      Yet , This 90 loss team 4 years running can’t find a spot for the #2 prospect in baseball who wins defensive awards.

      • Matt Hendley

        I know, I know, put him at short. Then Package Herrera and Peraza together, that should get a #2/ACE with 4Y control remaining at least. Senzel to short, Blandino and Tehran behind with the glove.

      • greenmtred

        Again, Barry Larkin, who knows something about playing shortstop, evidently doesn’t feel that Senzel should play there. Also, do you really think that Peraza and Herrera would bring back a #2 starter? I’m highly doubtful.

      • Matt Hendley

        Then what, Senzel Must Play, the outfield is full and already suffering from a back up ever if you do get rid of Billy. So its Suarez or Senzel at short. And yes, a ready made infield is worth a #2 starter with control, without a doubt. As long as the office has some intestinal fortitude.

      • greenmtred

        In fairness, Senzel has been injured/dizzy (I don’t believe that vertiginous applies). He probably wouldn’t have started this year if healthy, though.

  17. Old-school

    Riggleman gives a long diatribe on how September roster expansion is worse than cancer and doesn’t let managers manage, yet he pulls Disco in the 5th for a guy who walks 6 batters per 9 innings and turns the game into a 3.5 hour unwatchable marathon with his steady parade to the mound.

    I’ve not criticized Riggleman much. I think he’s been a professional . But, he can’t manage. He’s also a continuation of a theme deep inside Redsland.

    Riggleman/ M brenneman/ T Brenneman/ BC/WJ…. Stubborn arrogance of doing it their way – which is the right way. The John Fay push back is interesting. He’s part of the inner circle and now media message manager.

  18. WVRedlegs

    Boy, the Twitter spat between Doug Gray and John Fay has been more entertaining than this game has been. Injuries and pitching development are the main theme. Doug Gray came well armed. Fay, not so much.

    • Old-school

      The Reds are failing. They lost the casual fan. Now they are fighting the core fans. What a bunch of idiots. Honestly, who knows more about Reds player development and minor leagues – John Fay or Doug Gray?

      RLN has never been more important than it is now. These corporate tyrants and media partners aren’t used to dealing with independent minds who are motivated only by their passion and love for Reds baseball. Where’s C Trent now? A better place.

      • Bill

        The Atlantic has taken every good sports writer. Fay is one of the old school guys who refused to adapt.

  19. Bill J

    The strike zone box on can’t be trusted. According to the rules the strike zone from halfway between the shoulders and belt to the knees, but on Verdugo was from the belt to the knees.

  20. Aaron Bradley

    I’ve said if before, but Joc Pederson would look really good wearing Red.

  21. WVRedlegs

    Dodgers, 6 pitchers through 7.0 IP so far today, 1 BB.
    Reds, 5 pitchers through 8.0 IP so far today, 6 BB’s.

    Over the years and to this day I advocate for a new stat in the stat line for pitchers, BBTS, base on balls that score. It is part of the story of each game. That is usually the first thing I think of when looking at the pitcher’s game stat line, how many of those walks came around to score.

    • Aaron Bradley

      meh that is part of WHIP… but you are right, walks always seem to haunt.

      • WVRedlegs

        I like WHIP, but it doesn’t tell how many of the BB’s came around to score. That is an important stat in 1 a 2 run losses. Not so much when lose by 7.

    • lost11found

      Walks that haunt would be a better name (WTH for short).

  22. Jeff Reed

    Series and season wins over the Blue and then on to the last road trip and homestand to wrap up another year. Without big changes in management and personnel, the Reds will head to a repeat in 2019.