The Short Version: Behind a strong start from Luis Castillo, the Reds win 3-2 to run the season series against Los Angeles to a pristine 6-0. The victory means that it is impossible for the Cincinnati Reds to lose 100 games this year. What a time to be alive.

Final R H E
Los Angeles Dodgers (78-67) 1 5 0
Cincinnati Reds (63-83) 3 10 0
W: Castillo (9-12) L: Ryu (4-3) S: Iglesias (26)
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The Good
–Outstanding start by Luis Castillo: 6.1 innings, one run allowed on four hits and one walk. Castillo struck out nine Dodgers. This is good.

–Scooter Gennett continued his march to the National League batting title with a 2 for 3 night, including a walk and an RBI. Scooter’s batting average now sits at .321; at press time, Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich (who definitely does not play for the Cincinnati Reds) was second with a .315 average (through two at-bats tonight).

–Scott Schebler was 2 for 4 with a home run (his 16th) and two runs scored. Jose Peraza had two hits, including his 30th double of the season. Brandon Dixon homered and walked, and Eugenio Suarez had a couple of base knocks.

–David Hernandez entered the game in the seventh with bases loaded and two outs. He did what David Hernandez does: induce a ground ball to end the inning.

The Bad

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Your Cincinnati Reds are 6-0 against the Los Angeles Dodgers this season. I clearly don’t understand baseball.

–After starting 3-18, I’ll concede that I thought the Reds were a lead-pipe cinch to lose 100 games. But after tonight, they can’t lose more than 99!

–Luis Castillo has made nine starts since the All-Star break. In those starts: 62 strikeouts, 9 walks. That’ll do, Luis. That’ll do.

–I know the “third time through the lineup” thing is real…but who cares about wins and losses at this point? I really wanted to see Castillo try to work his way out of a self-created jam in the seventh. (But I’m glad Sal Romano and David Hernandez worked out of the jam.)

–The Reds broke open a scoreless tie when Brandon Dixon hit a solo homer with one out in the bottom of the second. They picked up another run in the following inning when Scott Schebler led off with a solo homer.

In the fifth, Schebler reached on an infield single, Peraza singled, and Gennett drove Schebler home, giving the Reds a 3-0 lead. That would be enough to secure the victory.

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71 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    They love the Reds in Colorado tonight.
    Hope they love them tomorrow also.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Petals, Schebler and Dixon all played significant roles in the win tonight.
    Thank you LA. How are those 3 prospects from the White Sox doing for you? All have gone, hmm.

    • VaRedsFan

      Exactly. Can we stop saying how bad a fail it was when trading Todd Frazier? Those 3 could never play another game for the Reds and that trade would still be a win.

      • Bill

        I haven’t followed who the Dodgers got, but for the Reds those three have out performed Frazier by far. The trade itself turned out good, keeping Frazier because of the All Star game was bad.

      • Matt Hendley

        I dont think there has been one person that has claimed the fraizer treade was a loss. Just the Cueto trade, the chapman trade, bruce trade, byrd trade, heisey trade, etc etc

    • Hotto4Votto

      The Reds did well with the additions they added for Frazier in that trade. I don’t think there’s any denying that. At the time, as I recall, people were down on the trade because the Dodgers appeared to get a better package of prospects. The Dodgers were able to do so without giving up any established player of value. Hindsight being what it is, Schebler becoming an above average player probably tips the scales to the Reds.

      But even still, I think Montas was the best prospect traded that day. And while not with the Dodgers still they traded him for Rich Hill, so it worked out well for them.

      As a Reds fan, desperate for pitching, would you rather have Frankie Montas or Jose Peraza moving forward? In 11 GS as a 25 year old he has a 104 ERA+, 3.96 ERA and 3.91 FIP pitching for a playoff bound team. Peraza meanwhile is about a league average bat but below average at SS.

      I’m sure there’s arguments both ways, but pitching is the more valuable commodity in baseball now.

  3. redsfan06

    6-0 against the Dodgers this year. Sparky is eating it up.

  4. msanmoore

    This was fun. Let’s kick them while they’re down tomorrow.

    • Jim Walker

      That has an LA sound to it, Kick’em they’re up. Kick’em when they’re down (props to Don Henley).

      • msanmoore

        I heard Henley sing that at a concert 2 years ago. Definitely let’s do that today.

      • Jim Walker

        Never saw DH solo in person. I did however make the original Hotel Cal tour (in Indy) all those decades ago. Saw a clip from that tour just a few days ago featuring Frey on Lyin’ Eyes and Take it Easy. Where did all of our youths go?

      • msanmoore

        It was a great show. Venue was Wolftrap in VA.

  5. Jeff Van Horn

    Nice game for Dixon, and a fun fact about the positions.

    I haven’t been keeping up like I should, but I have absolutely no idea why in the world he’d ever start at second base. What is he that Dilson Herrera isn’t?

    • Matt Hendley

      He was starting at 1st tonight. And dixon is a genuine utility guy. Dilson is a second baseman. We have an all star one of those. We need a UT. Dilsons the 3rd person in a 2 chair musical chair. He is surplus . Trade material. Not for this team. The sooner that everyone accepts this the sooner the future will come to you.

      • Hotto4Votto

        To be fair to Dilson he has played 3B and LF this season, so more than just a 2B, even if that’s his primary position. His bat profiles a little better overall than Dixon as well. I think there’s room for both ideally on the Reds bench next season. But if either would be enticing as a trade sweetener the Reds should be listening.

      • Jim Walker

        Which position(s) can Dixon play that Herrera can’t play? I don’t think there are any clear cut ones. Herrera has the higher ceiling and is 2 years younger. If he brings more in trade, that’s an option but he is also probably a better bench option moving forward than Dixon.

      • Matt Hendley

        Well, either player can stand in any of the positions, after all we see that every day with Peraza at short. But if you are asking which positions can Dixon play Defensively better then Herrera well the answer is, RF, LF (Actually has a Glove as well,) 1B, Plays 3B at least to an equal level. Oh and he pitches, I believe his ERA is 0.00 and he has a Strikeout on Jose Ramirez, the expected AL ROY? Now yes Herrera bat has a higher ceiling, but that ceiling is not higher then the current all-star 1B, 2B or 3B for the Reds. Trade him, get that pitching.

      • Matt Hendley

        Well, either player can stand in any of the positions, after all we see that every day with peraza at short. But if you are asking which positions can dixon play better defensively than herrera the answer is, RF, LF, (actually has a glove), 1B, plays 3B at least to the same level. Oh and he pitches as well with an ERA of 0.00 where he.struck out the probible AL ROY. Herrera’s bat may have a higher ceiling then dixon, but its not currently at the same level at the all star 1B, 2B and 3B . TRADE HIM, as a Major league ready 2B to a team that needs one that has surplus ML ready pitching

      • Thomas Jefferson

        The minor league reports (Doug Gray) have Dixon as a pretty brutal fielder, who is older and projects significantly lower as a hitter. While actual results in MLB are TBD, Herrera seems like a much more valuable bat and potential player in the big leagues. I believe that Dixon learned the ‘utility’ thing because he didn’t field well enough to have a position. Herrera projects to field better than Dixon (and Scooter) at 2B, and hasn’t been given the chance (and wasn’t prepared in AAA) for 1B or LF, which is the big head scratcher when they could have left him in Louisville for another month or two and had him play those two positions (and perhaps 3B) every day. The big advantage that Dixon has is a couple more options, and Herrera is out of them.

      • Matt Hendley

        We are on the last 13 days of “projections” herrera may end up being better then scooter, in 4 years. He certainly wont be next year, christian yelich is fighting his ass off right now to remain as good scooter is. Herrera obviously didnt go to his coach in the minors and say get me time in these other positions. What he has is a bat. Scooter right now has a better one. Trade herrera, get pitching. Why is this concept dificult. He will get a good return.

  6. roger garrett

    The home run is always in play at GABP.I hope next year we can hit more then we give up.If so we win a bunch more and with the right handed guys such as Ervin,Dixon and Casali providing some pop we see a glimpse of what we can become.

    • Jeff Reed

      Everybody loves a homerun. it just depends on what team you’re rooting for. So what’s not to like about GABP?

  7. Scott C

    The one bad about tonight. Dilson Herrera was no where to be seen.

  8. Sliotar

    Homer Bailey picked up his only win of this season out in Los Angeles.

    Tells you all you need to know about the weirdness of Reds-Dodgers in 2018.

    Still need 10-6 rest of the way to avoid 90 losses. To quote a popular meme “Not good, Bob.”

    • Jim Walker

      The Reds are playing .581 (18-13) vs the NL west, largely on the strength of their domination of the Dodgers this year.

      However when comparing how the Reds are playing against their own division, .343, versus the NL West, it certainly appears the West is 2 very bad teams along with 3 mediocre teams while the Central is 3 strong teams, a mediocre team and slightly less than mediocre team.

      If the Reds were merely .500 versus their own division, they would have 10 more total wins; and, we’d be talking about would they finish at .500 or better for the 1st time since 2013.

  9. doofus

    Sorry, on another topic. I was at Lambeau field Sunday night with my adult children. WHAT a game! I took a video of my kids and the stadium going wild. If only Reds ownership would hire knowledgeable baseball people, give them the reins and get the heck out of the way like the Packers have done.

    For the record, I am a Packer season ticket holder. My kids and I are owners of the Packers. They are something fans can be proud of, even when they don’t win all the time. I wish some day that the Cincinnati Reds, my baseball team, will be in a similar situation. First, the principle owner needs to stop stepping on his ego and get out of the way.

    • Indy Red Man

      I don’t know if I would use GB as a great example. They have Aaron Rodgers and never seem to make a whole lot of effort into putting a great team behind him. Even Tom Brady said they guy has much more talent then I do.

      How about Wisconsin? Not exactly the sexiest place for elite high school talent from Texas, Florida, or California, but they have a solid program and they get the most out of what they have year after year after year. I wish my Hoosiers could copy them!

      As for the Reds…Schebler 14 for 40 (.350) since Aug 31 with 4 hrs, 9 runs, and 9 rbis. There’s our leadoff hitter. Leave him there and quit screwing around! He’s streaky so they could always throw Peraza or Ervin in there to give him a breather now and then. I could excited about the offense if they ever swapped out Billy for Senzel in the lineup, but they need the front office to go out and get a few pitchers!

      • Jim Walker

        I wonder what the area around the campus in Madison is like? Columbus in many ways has turned into SoCal or South Florida without the weather or beach.

      • Jeff Reed

        If a person is comfortable with cold weather, UW is a great place to go to college. Outstanding academics and Madison is a good sized city of 250,000 that has an intimate feeling with the downtown between the Capitol building and the UW campus and Lake Monona and Lake Mendota are nearby. ‘On Wisconsin.’

      • roger garrett

        I agree and Billy has to go for this offense to get better because Peraza and Tucker will start.Just can’t start guys with no power that don’t get on base.

  10. Jim Walker

    Reds win another series from a legit playoff contender; go for sweep tomorrow. This makes me all the more aware they can’t consistently get traction versus divisional rivals. Yet in the future they must get past at least 2 div. rivals to have any hope for playoffs.

    • Jim Walker

      My curiosity got the best of me. If my late night/ dearly morning crunching is correct, the Reds record is:

      Against the NL Central the Reds are 23-44 (.343)
      Against the Rest of MLB (NLE,NLW,ALC) 40-39 (.506)

      The work that needs to be done has to start at home or it means nothing.

      • roger garrett

        Exactly.Its been brought up so many times yet the front office doesn’t get it.You must build your team to fit your park and to beat the teams in your division.The teams in our division look at us as chumps because well we are just that.Those teams made moves internally and from the outside to improve their teams during the off season and at the deadline while we just well did nothing.

      • Jim Walker

        Sorting and resorting with essentially the same pieces.

      • WVRedlegs

        The Reds have had some good success against contending teams this year. That is the silver lining to this season. I had been wondering myself what they had looked like vs. NL Central teams. Just break down the teams by units or by position and the Reds are equal to or close to the other 4 teams, with the huge exception of the starting pitching. The Reds offense, bullpen, bench and defense are probably close to equal to the other 4 teams. But the starting pitching ranks a very distant 5th. That will have to change this winter.
        Position wise the Reds INF ranks with any team in the division. But the OF needs some work and upgrades. The bullpen is equal. And the bench isn’t bad, but could be improved.
        This winter the Reds should have 2 areas of focus to better the team, starting pitching and an OF. And knocking a position player down to the bench only will strengthen that area.
        It ain’t rocket science. It is well known what needs to be done. Can the Reds front office and ownership get the job done? How ironic is it that the Reds bowed out early in the Yelich trade sweepstakes last winter and now will be looking for a Yelich type OF this winter? My rear end still chafes at the Reds inaction on that last year.

      • Jim Walker

        I think the Reds are too fixed and too linear in their approach, i.e. the old we got Jack for that and 1st things 1st. If they can’t move BHam for what you’ve decided is fair return then they aren’t ready to be real players in the Yelich sweepstakes or make any other moves because they are stuck with the BHam salary.

  11. Matt Hendley

    The reds will enter the off season set (a starter, backup if app and a high level minor leaguer) in the following possitions. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, COF, they have a UT, they have a guy who hits and stands at the SS position, they have 3/5th of the rotation good. They have viable major league trade chips, prospect trade chips and guys ready to play every day next year. Next year needs to start the win now mentality. Make the nessasary moves.

  12. Sliotar

    Get out the checkbook first, to try and jump up the standings in one season.

    How much in future value is 6 years of control of Hunter Greene? $150 million? More?

    From both Castellini and Williams, you do hear them mention the pipeline of talent at AA and below, and all of the work they have in the Dominican Republic.

    I think they see the window coming, just not as soon as discussed here. 2021, maybe 2020 is the start.

    If so, it would take a special trade to dent the pipeline just to add a couple of wins in 2019.

    • bouwills

      I believe the Reds have the opportunity to put the best class of prospects into their minor league system in 2019. They should draft #6-#9 in the first round, have a CA pick, plus come off probation & compete for the top international prospects. They could expand that “window” into the mid to late 2020’s by doing so. The Reds entered this rebuild halfheartedly, and it’s made the rebuild more painful. Let’s hope they don’t muck it up by a premature exit.

  13. RedDawg2012

    I will always enjoy watching a Reds win, but I honestly hope they don’t get too hot and roll off too many victories here in September. It would be the perfect excuse for Big Bob and the FO to keep Riggleman around and stand pat during the offseason. I can already here the quotes about all the “positive momentum” at the end of the season, and how they liked how the team responded to Riggleman at the end of a lost season, etc., etc.

    • CI3J

      It’s really sad when fans have to hope their favorite team fails just to force the front office into doing the right thing.

      • James Rachal

        Yep, but that is where we are…hate to say it but I am in that boat. Riggleman drives me crazy and I am tired of seeing Hamilton bat lead off

    • jim t

      While I agree with many on here that he over uses the bunt there is no denying that he has got a bunch out of this roster considering the pitching staff he has to work with.

    • Jim Walker

      I just yearn for the days when folks are not feeling like the team needs to be constructed to protect the manager from himself (Dusty era; also at times with Price) or doesn’t win enough games to help a manager keep his job. I understand (but don’t always agree) why folks feel this way. I just want the team to be run well enough from mid management on up that such things don’t become the obsession they seem to have become with Reds fans.

      • Jim t

        Jim fans will debate the managers decision regardless. Nature of the beast.

  14. jim t

    under the good you could have included how Riggleman used Billy Hamilton. As a late inning defensive replacement trying to protect a lead.

  15. Mason Red

    6-0 vs LA is all well and good but being a spoiler in September yet again ain’t what I’m looking for as a fan. I would trade the current situation with this franchise with that of the Dodgers in a heartbeat. Sorry to rain on the parade.

  16. NorMich Red

    Hoping for the brooming of LA here and frustrating the LaLaLand folks just like in the BRM days. My “second NL team” is the Rox, because my family lived there in the formative years in the early 1990’s and we were original season ticket holders. I got to watch games out there with my young sons and teach them the game out there, even while watching them lose 90+ games a year like another team I have passion for does these days. (Ugh…) Would love to see them edge out the Snakes and Dodgers and get the NL West for their 1st time. Help ’em out, Red Stockings! (And can SOMEONE put an effective curse on the Redbirds? I admire what they have done since the managerial change but would like someone else (Snakes??) capture the 2nd WC berth.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, I can’t believe the Dodgers have become my “2nd team” because my wife’s daughter/ grandkids, and surviving sibling along with a slew of nieces and nephews live there. Every year it seems like we spend more time out there; and every trip it is harder to get on the plane and leave. This said, inborn habits always prevail; and, there is no doubt who I’m for when Cincinnati Red meets Dodger Blue.

  17. Nate Dunlevy

    Though he didn’t play last night, I’d like to point out that once again, Joseph Daniel Votto has outperformed his contract this year.

    Mr. Votto has produced $184.9 million in total value over the length of his $225 million deal. He has five years left to cover the remaining $40.1 million of value.

    That is what you call a team-friendly contract.

    For those that care about such things.

  18. wizeman

    I always enjoy beating the Dodgers as they were enemy number 1 during the 70’s.
    You could alway7s catch Cey, Garvey and a couple of the others after the game at the Rib place in Gano alley which stayed open late. Anybody else remember that spot.

    I don’t think Castellini will allow Gennett to leave. The only other player that might bring some pitching that might be expendable is Schebler. You know Winker is going to play and you have to find a spot for Senzel.
    Just my thought

    • Bill

      I have always got the feeling that Winker is not thought of the highly by the Reds and the comment about getting an OF or two add to that. I know he was a top prospect and was putting up good numbers before the injury, but at one point he was considered the odd man out in the four man rotation. He also got very few appearances when he was called up last year. Add in the fact that he created negative WAR this year due to the poor defense. I think if they leave him in LF and stop putting him in RF the numbers will look better, but he is still a guy who would benefit from time at 1B or DH, which isn’t an option with the Reds.

      I know we talk about the team having too many 2B, but I think the real issue is they have too many DH and they are in the NL. Gennett, Votto, and Winker would all make a good DH

      • Matt Hendley

        Votto is a good 1B, who would serve as a DH in Interleague play. Gennett is a step down from BP defensively yes, but his bat makes up for it. Plus i think everyone got spoiled. How good BP D was. Winker, yea, look the bat will play. It will work itself out somehow. Hopefully the guy has the professional ethic to work on his D in the offseason. I like the comment on here about being a playoff team with medocore SP, i think that is about right. We need to fix that this offseason. Spend a little cash. Owners have the advantage right now until the new CBA is due in 22,23? Reds are right on that cusp.

      • Jim Walker

        Good point about too many DH types.

        Winker is a one or two tool guy depending on how much power he hits for. His OBP skill is somewhat devalued because he is already as poor of a baserunner at age 24 as Votto has become at a decade older. Speed, quickness and instincts can’t be taught; and, he looks short on all.

        Winker probably plays passable defense in LF; but, as a total package, offense, defense, base running, how does he compare to Ervin or Siri who may be only a year away or Senzel who needs a place to play? Which tools are more needed by the team? Those are questions the Reds org has to figure out.

      • abado

        Good points, Jim!

        I’d be on board (maybe even excited) if the Reds start 2019 with 8 starting caliber position players (exculding catchers): Votto, Gennett, Peraza, Suarez, Winker, Hamilton, Schebler, Senzel. And I’d be really excited if they exercised some positional flexibility with those guys. Senzel could play all over, and Peraza, Suarez, and Schebler (gulp!) can play multiple positions as well. Maybe even give Votto a scheduled day off every week to keep him healthy and start Winker at 1B.

      • Old-school

        Winker was 2nd on the NL with an OBP of .402. As a rookie . Hitting a baseball and deciding when to hit the baseball are skills that can’t be taught. Mediocre to below avg LF defense is irrelevant . Middle infield defense is crucial.

      • Jim Walker

        And it will be a good thing if and when the Reds get to choose between Winker’s OBP/ Slugging skills and other guys of his approximate age and younger who OBP in the .350+ range, project to hit 15-20 HR, routinely go 1st to 3rd on singles to the RF side of 2B, many times score from 1B on doubles, can steal a base when needed and play plus defense.

  19. Indy Red Man

    I didn’t watch the game very closely, but I saw Castillo blow someone away upstairs with a fastball (Bellinger?) and also give up a bomb on a high fastball. I’ve been saying for months that Luis needed to work the top of the zone with the fastball. These young guys get it drilled into their heads to keep the ball down, but his change-up is already down and lefties like the ball down. Its important to change eye levels and its tough to get on top of a 96-98 mph heater! He hasn’t been walking guys and seems to be turning the corner?

    Now for everyone else? Romano looks better out of the pen. Reed? We need a lefty starter desperately, but I’m not sure about Reed or Garrett? Disco? Who knows? They have the farm system and need to move some kids to get what they need!

  20. Douglas Hyde

    While we sit here and debate CF, SS defense, moving 3rd to short, which prospects should be up. Bottom line is this is a playoff team with just avg. starting pitching. PERIOD. Performances like tonight continue to show this obvious fact to me. Somebody upstairs should have seen that. Success always starts a the very top.

    • roger garrett

      Need a center fielder like Cain and just average pitching as you said then it works.Think about it we pitch and hit in GABP so we better build an elite power laden offense because we will give up some homers.You are correct Douglas in everything you said.

      • Douglas Hyde

        Would love to see some leadership by example from a starting pitcher. A seasoned vet can only help this young staff.

  21. Matt Hendley

    Also nick.kirby was incorrect. Mathematically the reds statistically are still in the race barely

  22. Matt Esberger

    Well at least the living members of the 1982 Reds can now pop the champaign acknowledging they are the only team in franchise history to lose 100 games.

    • Jim Walker

      Until at least this time next year.

  23. jreis

    I like Romano coming out of the bullpen. I think maybe Mahle would be a good fit there as well. I think it is time to give Lorenzen a couple of starts and maybe revisit the idea of Garret being a starter. our bullpen is shaping up nicely for next year.

    DIsco, Castillo, Harvey, Garret, Lorenzen as starters with Hughes, Peralta, Hernandez, Mahle, Romano, Iggy and possibly Reed as a second lefty out of the pen if you want to carry 13 pitchers would be formidable. you can probably have 13 pitchers as Lorenzen can be used as a pinch hitter and outfielder on his off days. I heard Bailey sprained his ankle this winter in a pick up basketball game And will be on the DL all of next year. lol

    • greenmtred

      I’d like to see Garrett pitch well for awhile before I gave him a rotation spot.

  24. Tom

    This has to be one of the best last place team in baseball history.