The Short Version: In a rain-shortened game, Matt Harvey pitched six strong innings and Joey Votto hit a grand slam in a big, seven-run second inning. Reds win!

Final — 6 innings (rain) R H E
San Diego Padres (56-88) 2 5 0
Cincinnati Reds (61-82) 7 8 0
W: Harvey (7-8) L: Erlin (3-6)
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The Good
–Matt Harvey struck out ten over six strong innings, allowing two runs on four hits, walking three.

–Joey Votto was 1 for 2 with a walk and a grand slam. Eugenio Suarez was 2-3 with a run scored — all in the second inning!

The Bad
–Move along, nothing to see here.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The game was stopped by rain with one out in the top of the seventh. Mercifully, it was called shortly thereafter, preserving a second consecutive Reds victory.

–That’s 19 runs in the last 15 innings for the ol’ Redlegs. Seven different Reds collected hits today, in just six times at bat. I’ll take it.

–Votto’s walk was his 100th of the season, the sixth time he’s cracked the 100-walk plateau. That ties the Reds all-time record, set by Joe Morgan.

–Tim Federowicz made his Reds debut as a pinch-hitter in the sixth. He walked.

–Cincinnati did all their damage in the second inning. Suarez led off with a single; after Phillip Ervin flied out, Curt Casali and Brandon Dixon each singled, giving the Reds a 1-0 lead. Harvey then reached on a bunt single and Billy Hamilton lifted a sac fly to right, scoring Casali. Then Scott Schebler singled in another run. Reds 3, Padres 0.

Jose Peraza followed with a single to load the bases, and Joey Votto crushed a ball to the sun deck in right field, a grand slam. It was the Reds 11th grand slam of the season, a new franchise record. That gave us our final score, 7-0.

Later in the inning, Suarez collected another single, by the way.

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15 Responses

  1. DEN

    Can someone again explain why we shouldn’t extend Scooter and offer Harvey a reasonable 3-4 year desl?

    • Spaceman Red

      I am not opposed to an extension for Mr. Gennett provided it is not beyond four years. I am not sure whether that is something he considers palatable. But before offering said extension… has any scout, analyst or fan produced a credible analysis about how and why his production jumped so dramatically in his late 20s? It is not the kind of thing that predictive analysis would have anticipated, right? So what explains it? His hitting technique? His training regimen? Can he replicate it through his 30s? Upon such questions hinge millions of dollars.

    • DEN

      How is it not a solution in a situation where he has shown he can produce on this level. This fascinating over what might be with unproven talent needs to stop. Trade any and all”, prospects” now for actual major league talent, extend SvooSco and see what happens.

  2. Tom Mitsoff

    Sunday’s game has been moved to 4:10 p.m., either because of weather or not wanting to compete with the local Bengals telecast. 😉

    • Spaceman Red

      Good to know the Bailey comment was a joke. There is a sometimes subliminal message in Redleg Nation posts giving him every benefit of the doubt despite, in my opinion, little to suggest he will ever become a productive pitcher again. Such a benefit is not provided to the front office (I agree with that criticism, by the way).

      Separately, so happy for the soon to be birthday boy, Joseph Daniel, hitting a salami. I liked Mr. Dotson’s breakdown of the power numbers recently assuring us, more or less, that all is well with Mr. Votto. I still derive satisfaction following the Reds from knowing he is adding to his Hall of Fame resume. I plan on visiting Cooperstown that day.

  3. Jeff The Ref

    What is the Reds record when Schebler bats leadoff? What is his obp when he bats 1st? Be interesting to know.

  4. roger garrett

    Such much data to use and when its not it just mind boggling.If Scott plays he hits lead off and if Billy plays,which he shouldn’t he hits 9th only because he can’t hit 10th.Hate to beat a dead horse but Billy getting more at bats then anybody else in the line up is just beyond dumb.Adding the outs we give away on bunts and Billy’s outs we just give away two innings a game sometimes.Just hard to imagine the Reds not seeing that and reacting in a game where even the best makes an out 7 out of 10 times.Done preaching been away for a few days.

  5. Abdul

    I read all these comments and have to laugh. All of us forget that the biggest reason we’ve had winning seasons the past 30 years was the fact we played in one of the worst divisions in baseball. We got our wins beating up on the Cubs, Brewers, Pirates, and Astros but those days are over. This recent “rebuild” is a train wreck due to poor trades and coaching (decisions who to play). I’m guessing this nightmare won’t end any time soon

  6. Streamer88

    I really dislike Riggleman in a rebuild scenario. Really dislike.

    One, singular, thing he does well with advanced pitching data is getting starters out before they implode.

    This is terrible for development but at least he is looking at inning splits and pitch counts and high leverage and attempting to make a difference. With the arm talent we could potentially have in the bullpen for years to come, and the lack of four true aces in the rotation, this could be a good fit in a pennant race.

    I’m trying to be optimistic here…

    • Jim Walker

      It is an international break week for the Premier League so I don’t have any professional football to follow today 😉

      At this point I think it is more than just Rigleman trying to maximize the “W” number this year. I think the entire baseball ops department wants that. There is really no other explanation for why Harvey is still around or why they stuck with Homer so long in the rotation.

  7. Tampa Red

    The only way that makes any sense at all is if the Reds are trying to get a TRUE CF to replace Hamilton. I think Schebler and/or Ervin could handle it OK if every game was played at GAB. Unfortunately, they don’t allow that.

    I shudder to think about an OF of Winker, Ervin and Schebler in, say, Colorado. Oh boy…..

  8. Bill J

    All the talk about extending Scooter I don’t understand. Everyone says he has right shoulder problems, if he needs surgery how long will he be recuperating and will he still be the same hitter?