Mark Sheldon with the apparent scoop:

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  1. Capt. Phreddie Pizazz

    Better late than never, I suppose!

    • Capt. Phreddie Pizazz

      …wait a minute, did he say when this would happen?

  2. Redgoggles

    Was this luncheon in July? #doesHomerknow?

  3. Jeff Reed

    We’ll wait and see. The bottom line will be if Bailey is or isn’t in the starting rotation come opening day 2019.

  4. scotly50

    I agree. Out of the two, I would have picked Harvey. Bailey has not pitched as bad as his stats are showing.

    • big5ed

      Nobody has ever pitched as bad as Bailey’s stats are showing.

  5. Redgoggles

    I’m guessing we’ll soon hear of an injury to Homer. 60 day DL. He doesn’t strike me as someone who will peacefully go to the bullpen…….kind of like Harvey in NY? What happens if he outright refuses? Does that impact his contract? If so, maybe the Reds are calling his bluff.

  6. Jeff Gangloff

    Don’t let Homer Bailey no longer starting games for the Reds distract you from the fact that Matt Harvey is still starting games for the Reds.

    • big5ed

      I could see them giving Wisler or even Lorenzen a shot at a start or two, in Harvey’s stead.

      If I am Harvey or Bailey, my goal would be to ensure that I do not get injured from now to the rest of the season. That would enable them to have normal off-seasons, where they are not rehabbing an injury, but actually doing an overall strength regimen.

      • Nick Carrington

        I’d be shocked if they gave Wisler or Lorenzen any starts. Sims is probably next on their list if they need somebody. DW said they viewed Sims as a rotation candidate in 2019.

  7. Corey

    Why can’t Bailey start but tell him he is only going to pitch one or two innings? Have him go out there and throw hard.

    • Jason Birkle

      This is a similar concept to what the Rays have done this year with an “Opener”. The Athletic just had an article on this, but “Opener” could be a perfect role for someone like Bailey who takes a long time to warm up. “Opener” starts the game but only to go 1-2 innings.

  8. Jason Birkle

    With September call-ups you can now just sit Bailey the rest of the year and not DFA him. I’m sure he won’t see a game out of the bullpen, but by waiting until now you have the offseason to see if he can get it together since you are already paying him next year. Not that big of a surprise move. Ideally every start from here on out goes to a young arm to see what you’ve got and get experience. Maybe it finally clicks for at least someone in this lost season. At this point a loss is a win anyway since it only increases our draft position.

  9. J

    An old Reds saying: “Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us 20 times, we’re going to consider taking action.”

  10. Tim R

    Has anyone on RLN wrote an article about whether the “opener” strategy employed by the Rays and most recently by Texas would be of merit for the Reds to consider? I think that would be pretty interesting to muddle over based on how “successful” the team has been at establishing work horse starters over the years 😉 anyway just curious thanks!

  11. Scott Benhase

    But Homer has been getting “feedback,” not from coaches and management, but from the opposing team every five days, which is the most important feedback of all. Living in the deep south as I do, I rarely get back home. But I did on July 2, 2013. With my three adult children in tow, we experienced Homer’s 2nd no-hitter against Los Giantes. It was a magical night. I remember telling my kids that this would no doubt be a singular night for them. Odds are they’d never be present for MLB no-hiiter again. Homer had everything working that night. Even the one walk he issued was a borderline call by the umpire. But truth be told, other than his no-hitters and a few other excellent, magical outings (especially that one playoff win), he’s been basically an average MLB pitcher in his career. I think the metrics will bear that out. I am sure he is very nice person, loves his family and friends, and is generous with his wealth, but he cannot pitch even to the average level of a MLB pitcher right now. Now, maybe in the off-season he will find a way to retool, but right now, he’s not a MLB caliber pitcher. It seems the only reason they have been putting out there every 5 days is for him to earn his quite significant paycheck. I admire his grit and professionalism. It can’t be easy accepting that your team is 1-19 in your starts. Sure he could have more run support, but the Reds are still 1-19 in his starts. That can’t be anything other than hard to face emotionally and athletically. This should have happened sooner and I agree with Steve, Harvey should also be sat down and let one of the other young guys get some experience. Having Homer or Harvey pitching does nothing to build for the future.

    • Spaceman Red

      I know there are Homer Bailey fans and backers on this site. To each their own. But I think the statistical evidence is pretty unequivocal that he is an awful pitcher this season. I also do not think he is a particularly wonderful person judging by his petty behavior this season and in seasons previous. I still remember, for example, complaining publicly about the Jay Bruce trade while and contributing next to nothing once he received his huge contract.

      Indications are that Homer only was “hurt” this season once they pulled him from the rotation. He has not been professional or shown any particular generosity despite his terrible performance and ridiculous contract. As I say, to each their own. I do not like him as a player and I’ll rejoice when the Reds finally cut ties, just as I did when they paid the Braves to take Brandon Phillips.

  12. Earl Nash

    I keep having a creeping feeling that the ultimate ending of the Homer Bailey saga will be the Reds cut bait on him and he goes to the Pirates and they teach him some pitch and he gets good again. Then it all culminates with Bailey hitting a Red in a game and a big brawl.

  13. Scott Gennett

    If he manages to stay healthy from now until ST, it’s up for FO to decide whether he deserves a rotation spot or eat up those $28MM, only time will telll. Plenty of rotation candidates for 2019 for three open spots.

  14. Eddiek957

    Bailey hasn’t pitched as many innings as he had this season since when? Shut him down hope for better results next season. Bad spring time to dfa

    • sezwhom

      Since 2014. 145 then, 106 now. It’s easy to say DFA because it’s not our money and it’s a LOT of money. He’s 32 years old and owed $23 million in 2019 with a $25 million mutual option or $5 million buyout in 2020. The six-year, $105 million contract to which the Reds signed Bailey in February 2014 is the worst pitcher pact in MLB history. Lucky us!

  15. Eddiek957

    Done is done no matter how old you are

  16. Abdul

    I read all these comments and have to laugh. All of us forget that the only reason we have had winning seasons the past 30 years was the fact we played in one of the worst divisions in baseball. We got our wins beating up on the Cubs, Brewers, Pirates, and Astros but those days are over. This “rebuild” is a train wreck due to poor trades and coaching (decisions who to play). I’m guessing this nightmare won’t end any time soon.