The Reds are 1-3 against Padres this year, one of the few major league teams that has a worse record than they do (at least for now). The Reds have lost four in a row and are 11-22 since the trade deadline.

Cincinnati Reds 2 (59-82) • San Diego Padres 6 (56-86)

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There are a few ways to characterize Luis Castillo’s start tonight. In five innings, he struck out 7 and walked none. That’s excellent. He gave up three home runs. That’s not good. Only two of the five runs that scored off him were earned. Eh. Take yer pick.

Two of the Padres homers were hit by Francisco Mejia, who was playing in his first game for San Diego after being called up. Mejia was the super-prospect that San Diego received at the trade deadline from Cleveland. The Padres gave up their closer Brad Hand in that deal. Hand was a player much like Raisel Iglesias in terms of stats and contract. Meanwhile, Iglesias has 4 saves and one blown save. In three of those games the Reds had a 3-run lead and the  other, a 2-run lead. New Padres closer Kirby Yates has picked up for Hand, with three saves, and the Padres have the lowest bullpen ERA since the trade.

The Reds had a big chance to score in the 4th. A single by Jose Peraza, walk by Joey Votto and a walk by Eugenio Suarez loaded the bases. But Phillip Ervin struck out, Scott Schebler took a called third strike on a full count (close pitch) and Dilson Herrera flew out to left. On Herrera’s ball, Padre left fielder Hunter Renfroe saved three runs with a spectacular diving catch on Herrera’s line drive to his right.

Peraza had the Reds first three hits in this game, raising his average to .288. The Reds scored on two solo home runs in the 7th inning. Scott Schebler blasted a 449-foot homer just above and to the right of the Toyota sign. Two batters later, Mason Williams hit one out to deep right field.

Jose Peraza committed an error at SS. It was his 19th error of the season and led to three unearned runs. Peraza leads the NL in errors. Next closest is 16.

Joey Votto had two more walks, boosting his NL leading OBP to .420. Next closest is Lorenzo Cain at .402. Something tells me Reds play-by-play announcers will give more run to the Reds involved in league leadership races in batting average and RBIs.

Billy Hamilton entered the game with a career run creation (wRC+) of 61 against left handed pitchers. That’s a whopping 39 percent below league average. Hamilton softly grounded out, struck out, softly flew out and was blown away on a second strikeout. Bob Castellini’s Jim Riggleman’s leadoff hitter is batting .237/.298/.324.

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  1. Matt Hendley

    Pereza had 3 hits tonight, undoubtedly increasing his WRC+ where it indicates he should create runs. He didn’t score. Peraza had an error tonight, it did lead to the Padres scoring 3 runs tonight. Which metric is that again. I am trying to learn. Also which metric deals with CLutch hitting? like the times where a player hits in a player in a scoring situation produces an out. but then hits a home run ( plus nearly a TOyota for a lucky fan) at his next at bat.

    • Bill

      I am not a Peraza fan, but getting on base three times is good. Not scoring runs is a product of the guys behind him not hitting. His defense is not good.

  2. Matt Hendley

    While literally giving up runs for the other team Peraza will increase his WRC+ increasing the False narrative that he is the best SS since Barry Larkin.

    • Bill

      That probably speaks more to the lack of quality SS since Larkin thanit does to Peraza’s talent. Cozart was excellent on defense and had some good offensive numbers when he wasn’t injured the last few years. Other than that SS has been a revolving door

    • CP

      I was a big Peraza supporter and haven’t seen this false narrative but admittedly, I avoid the rampant negativity that exists on RN so maybe I just missed it.

      Peraza has proven SS isn’t one of the team’s biggest issues that need to be addressed this offseason, which is really all he needed to do. Not saying Peraza is amazing or anything, but the Reds should be allocating resources to improving other areas more gaping (SP, SP, OF, SP, did I forget SP?) I think another major benefit is it means that Senzel will end up playing a position he is more likely to succeed in long term, which is more optimal imo.

      I think his defense will improve, and his issues primarily are due to lack of concentration, and that is something that age and learning to be a professional can take care of.

      • Mike V

        You are sooo correct . Shortstop is not a problem for this team (perhaps they do need a backup maybe) . Jose is fine and getting better all the time on both offense and defense . The real problem is the starting rotation of course. Center field is next and then getting a spot for Senzel . Just leave Jose alone and let him play and continue to improve his english language skills. He is doing a great job at both.

    • Matt WI

      Your frustration with Peraza’s defense is duly and well noted. Kindly point to anyone, anywhere, who suggested he is the “best SS since Barry Larkin.” Most people are just coming around to thinking he’s not an abject failure and are happy he’s demonstrating some gains at the plate. No crime in appreciating progress where it’s existed in this abysmal overall season for the team. As others have noted, until SP and other glaring concerns are addressed, it would then become a luxury to be complaining about Peraza’s impact on this team.

      • Matt Hendley

        The comparison can be found in the thread located in the Jose Peraza quietly improving article from last Thursday? maybe earlier. I wouldn’t bring it up but people are still commenting on it. And Jose is still committing costly errors.

      • Matt WI

        From the game thread you cited: Larkin was a year older. And those are terrible comparisons anyway. Peraza is an average major league player at age 24. That’s a good piece to have as he’s got another 4 years or so before his peak

        That’s as close as I could find to someone putting Larkin’s name next to his, and it was clearly pointed out as in inapt comparison. The article itself was clearly focused on his offensive improvement. Yes, one can fairly point out it did not address his defensive skills at all. But I don’t think you are the only seeing what you’re seeing about his defense… but it seems to be the ONLY thing you see, including a bias so strong as to preclude improvement from year to year based on age and experience. Please consider letting that horse be dead.

      • Matt WI

        Obviously not from a game thread, but the post about his quiet improvement. The overwhelming narrative is not one of greatness, but of appreciation for improvement at the plate. Any hyperbole to the otherwise is either clear distortion by someone who strongly dislikes Peraza’s play or hyperbole by an ecstatic fan. Either way, it’s a fringe opinion, if it exists at all.

      • Matt Hendley

        Maybe it was a different one from around there for me the horse is dead. The problem was people kicking it earlier this week. And jp errors.

    • lwblogger2

      Ok, I’ll bite… wRC+ has nothing at all to do with defense. So those 3 runs given up don’t matter when looking at that stat. The defensive metrics, of which I’m still not completely on-board with, will tell you that Peraza has been a below average defensive SS. Depending on what formula you use, they will also tell you how many runs below the average defender at SS he is. In his case, the eye test and the metrics would seem to be in agreement. Lastly, Statcast has been great in helping to evaluate outfielders defensively. It is still rather limited on helping with evaluating infielders. Expect that to change in the future though.

      And I don’t think anyone has said that Peraza is the next Barry Larkin. I think the message that was trying to be sent was that he’s very young and that Larkin also had some struggles at the same age. The argument had some holes in it but I don’t think it was intended to say that Peraza = Larkin.

  3. Sliotar

    Current Standings in “Race” for Worst Record in National League….

    Reds 59-82
    Marlins 56-84
    Padres 56-86

    3 more with Padres, 4 at Miami, plus Dodgers, at Cubs, at Brewers

    It’s still all up for grabs. Sadly.

  4. kmartin

    I enjoy all of the recaps written by RLN writers but Steve you come up with the best titles for game summaries.

    If Riggleman has Hamilton lead off for the rest of September I may have a coronary. I get so angry when I see the lineup before every game. His 2018 line of .237/.298/.324 is virtually identical to his career .246/.298/.333. after 2434 ABs. Putting him in the lead off spot every day is crazy. He has proven he cannot hit. I love his defense but he should never ever be at the top of the lineup.

  5. Ghettotrout1

    In regard to the announcers giving more emphasis on average and RBI races you would have to admit hits and runs are much more exciting than walks. I get the saber metrics and obp is king but if I had my choice I’d rather watch and hear about hits runs and dingers.

    • lost11found

      Scooter going for the batting title is a nice story to highlight as well especially given that it is unexpected. The annoucers can’t win even when they are highlighting a positive,

  6. Kap

    I hope they don’t sign billy to an extension. Time to move from him

    • Ghettotrout1

      I hope they non tender him or trade him in the off season

  7. Ghettotrout1

    RBI and batting average is more exciting than obp that is why they talk about it more

  8. Eddiek957

    For sixty years I loved the Cincinnati reds I stuck with them through thick and thin. But I fear I may no longer love the reds. The losing seems endless 28 years since a world championship

    • Aaron Bradley

      Waiting a long time for a championship is not the problem, its the fact they can’t even sniff the playoff picture despite wild card teams. There is no way to maintain any kind of optimism past the first month of the season. How inept are these fools that they can’t even keep the team remotely in the hunt for a couple of months? Why is Iglesias still on the team? He was their best trade chip and many teams were dealing for a closer at the deadline. Just look how the Padres improved by moving Brad Hand. You don’t need a closer when you are 20 games under .500! This isn’t rocket science, that’s what is so infuriating… this is BASIC simple stuff. The clowns that run this team need to be taken to task. I am talking angry letters, cancellations of season tix if anyone still owns those which I doubt, etc. Give them an earful and then some more. Call them up and leave voice mails. Tell them we are mad as hell and we aren’t gonna take it any more.

      • Sasha09

        At this point a .500 season sounds SO good to me.Seems impossible to ever happen with this total mess of a franchise

    • Jim Walker

      I wish this season would end. The toxicity level is terrible and there are three and a half weeks to go.

    • jdwestrick

      Lifetime Reds fan since 1960. Hard to watch what has happened to this once proud MLB franchise!

  9. Scott Gennett

    Your recaps are the best. I wonder if the guy who suggested Schebler to lead-off does not work anymore for the Reds. I wonder if Peraza could be switched to CF, his bat is worth trying.

    • kmartin

      I would bat Schebler first, Votto second, Suarez third and Gennett fourth. They are the four best hitters on team. Give them the most ABs.

    • CI3J

      I think it’s worth trying. Peraza certainly has the speed to cover CF, the only real question is if his arm is strong enough and if he can learn to read the ball coming off the bat.

      Billy made the transition from SS to CF, and he did alright. Even if Peraza is league average at defense in CF, that would still be an improvement over leaving him at SS.

  10. WVRedlegs

    Only 5 hits with 13 K’s on offense. A very underwhelming night to say the least. Losing to the Padres feels so shameful. Listless team and a manager that looks defeated. Just a pitiful post game interview.
    Wait until next year? Wait until next decadelooks more in line. At least they aren’t the Orioles.
    (No offense LW.)

  11. Cyrus McDaniel

    Steve, is it fair to say that young players can get better offensively but their defense is pretty much where it’s going to be after 3 or 4 years in the Bigs? I ask because I’m wondering if Peraza’s defense would lead you to trade him? His offensive output has certainly improved but will it continue? Couldn’t we get something for him and free up an infield position for Herrera or Senzel?

    • Bill

      What do you expect to get in return for him? Herrera is not going to play SS and the Reds don’t appear to think Senzel will be able to play SS. By trading Peraza you open up SS with Blandino and Trahan as your replacement options. Yes Suarez was a SS, but his defense was poor there and hasn’t been great at 3B this year. Peraza may not be the long term answer at SS, but there are many more concerns for the team to address. Starting with SP and CF. CF can probably be filled internally, but the pitching is going to require money and trades. My opinion is leave Peraza there and re evaluate if they figure out what a MLB rotation looks like

  12. Mason Red

    Another loss. Another miserable season.

  13. Bill j

    BILL, you said the Reds think Senzel can’t play shortstop, what do they know, they still think Hamilton is a leadoff hitter.

    • greenmtred

      I don’t think it’s the same “they” as the “they” who think BH can lead off. On another note, did anybody hear the announced attendance last night? Every camera angle showed acres of empty seats. You’d think that ownership would get embarassed about that if nothing else.

      • Matt Hendley

        In all fairness to announced attendance that is based off of ticket sales and not off of turnstile reciepts. It is entirely possible that 10k tickets were bought for the game, but your right i would be surprised if the number of attendees was over 2k

      • RedInIND

        After Hughes got the 11th K, I think Thom mentioned 13 thousand and something. You are correct – nowhere near that many remaining at that point in the game.

    • Bill

      What they know is not important it is what are they going to do. Which after a short lived expirement at SS in Spring Training he was moved to 2B and he only played 1 game as SS. If the Reds thought he could play SS you would think they could have found some room for him at AAA to get more than 8 innings in.

  14. jim t

    Peraza needs to remain at SS. He is 24 and I have little doubt that his numbers will continue to head in the right direction. Both offensively and defensively. SS is the least of our issues. Continuing to bounce him from one position to another is not going to help his development. After next year we will have Siri or Trammell to chose from as our CF of the future. Peraza stays at SS next year and will see how he progresses. We ain’t winning the World Series next year regardless.

    • greenmtred

      I choose to be optimistic: If all of the other teams, save the Orioles, folded, the Reds might win the Series next year. Might.

    • Matt Hendley

      Short of something miraculous siri is the cf of the future. Trammels arm strength has been scouted as suspect for center and more suited for a corner outfield spot. I do beleive trammel is the leadoff batter of the future by the end of 2019.

      • WVRedlegs

        Trammell was just voted the best OF arm in the Florida State League. You wete saying.

      • Matt Hendley

        Literally took this of the reds prospect list. So if he has improved, he has improved. Regardless siri profiles much better as a CF, and both CF and LF will be open.

      • Bill

        I wouldn’t be so sure both LF and CF are open. You currently have Schebler and Winker both performing well. Of course Siri or Trammell could destroy AAA pitching and earn a shot, but they aren’t there yet. Senzel is likely headed to the OF if Gennett is extended. Probably the more likely route is Schebler gets time in CF until Siri or Trammell have earned a shot at CF, Winker stays in LF, and RF is open for Senzel or Schebler. Eventually Schebler will get expensive with arbitration and be taken out of the equation

      • greenmtred

        We have heard conflicting stuff about Trammell’s arm. I think, soon after he was drafted, that there was discussion of that being his achilles’ heel. Maybe he’s gained strength and maybe he’s refined his release and accuracy. We hope so.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, that one really confused me. I’ve seen him throw, albeit not this year. It wasn’t pretty.

      • Jim Walker

        I believe the end 2019 is a touch optimistic for Trammell’s MLB arrival given the Reds past record of how they advance position guys,

        They left Trammell at A+ all year instead of moving him up at mid season as they did with Friedl and Siri.

        They left Senzel at AA for a full season but that may have related to his vertigo episode later on in the season. Still given Trammell’s age (2019 will be his age 21 season), I think it is doubtful they push him to AAA at mid season or bring him from AA all the way to MLB.

      • Matt Hendley

        Trammel stay in single a+ is due to a concussion he received if i am not mistaken. Trammell will show up and destroy double a pitching, next year. I think they would be willing to have him skip AAA if he proved himself at AA. Expecially if it matched alot of clocks together

      • Jim Walker

        They moved up Siri and Friedl at the A+ All Star Break, Some eyebrows were raised when Trammell wasn’t moved then and again when he wasn’t moved after the Futures Game. My recollection is that the thought was they wanted Trammell separated from the other 2 because they are/ were all potential CF.

        Trammell actually struggled somewhat after the Futures game. His “2nd half” BA was only .235 his OPS slash was .331/.370/.701
        No doubt some of that was injury related.

        He has been stronger in the last 2-3 weeks with BA of .323 and an OPS of .913 but, he’s got some catching up to do.

        I think it would take an unbelievable run by Trammell and some equally off the wall happenings at the MLB level to get Trammell up even in September of 2019 because like Senzel was this year, he isn’t on the 40 man roster and doesn’t need to be there until the Dec. 2020 rule 5 draft.

      • Bill

        The concussion was well after the promotions. The best guess as to why is as Jim mentioned, allowing both he and Siri to get everyday time in CF

  15. WVRedlegs

    Forget baseball fever.
    Rigglementum. Catch it.
    Take it in. Breathe it in. Drink it in.
    It is a fine bouquet, from the year 1986.
    Big Bob is already under the influence.

  16. RedsFanInFL

    Per Baseball Reference: There have been 705 managers in the history of major league baseball. Jim Riggleman is currently #1 of active managers and #11 all-time in terms of W-L games under .500 with -173. If he looses 3 more games than he wins the rest of this year, he will crack the all-time top 10 for most games under .500. Also interesting to note that the next worse “active manager” is Bryan Price at 108 games below .500

  17. BigRedMike

    For a team as bad as the Reds, there seems to be several “least of the worries” players on this roster.

    Votto and Suarez are signed to long term deals, every other position should be open to upgrade. The Reds plan/hope coming into this year was that the rotation would be lead by Bailey, Finnegan, DeSclafani, Not much improvement from the younger pitchers.

    Just appears that there is not much effort into improving the talent level and an amazing level of being content with existing players.

  18. Douglas Hyde

    I love how JV gets on base and is mentioned here with positive praise. But the guy is not in the top 50 in runs scored or RBIs, not close. maybe I’m old school here, but (barring injury) this is by FAR JV’s worst producing season. Hope whatever he did this year (approach, injury ect.) is not following him into next year.

    • Bill

      Yes it is his worst year, but only looking at runs and RBI’s poor way to judge performance. Slugging and OBP are much better stats. Votto’s slugging is down which will somewhat correlate to lower RBI totals and runs scored. However if he hit a 3B every single at bat but everyone behind and in front of him struck out he would have an OPS of 4.000 and be the greatest player ever, but still have zero RBI & R. Getting on base deserves praise because that is the exact thing every single player should be trying to accomplish. Yes a HR is better than a BB, but a BB is better than an out

    • Steve Mancuso

      Votto remains the single best player in the National League at avoiding outs. And it’s not even close. That seems like a skill worth mentioning, and praising, since it’s one of the most important (if not *the* most) for offensive production. Votto’s dramatic power loss is worthy of concern. But there’s a lot more to run production than is measured by runs scored and RBI. Eugenio Suarez is having a great RBI year. It would be interesting to see how many of his RBI were either knocking in Votto or knocking in a runner who Votto had advanced with a hit or out. You’re right that this is Votto’s lowest run production year, other than his injury-marred 2014. But he’s still producing runs at a rate 30 percent above league average.

      • Douglas Hyde

        With Scooter and Suarez behind him, I just cant fathom how a .420 OBP doesn’t produce more runs scored. I watch every game, Love the guy. I understand the “avoiding outs” thing, but factor in his base-running and defense, and its been a year to forget.

  19. Matt WI

    Rigglementum. Early favorite for word of the year.