The Short Version: Luis Castillo strikes out a career-high 11 as the Reds shut out the stupid Cardinals in their dumb little ballpark.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (58-78) 4 10 0
St. Louis Cardinals (76-60) 0 2 0
W: Castillo (8-11) L: Poncedeleon (0-1)
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The Good
–Luis Castillo was magnificent, allowing just two hits and no runs over 6.2 innings and striking out a career-high 11 hitters. After surrendering a leadoff single, Castillo retired 15 of the next 16 Cardinals to reach the plate.

This is the Luis Castillo we were expecting to see this year.

–Scooter Gennett and Eugenio Suarez had two hits; Scooter scored a run and Geno drove in two. Tucker Barnhart had two hits and an RBI. Joey Votto doubled, scored one and drove in one. Scott Schebler doubled and walked.

–David Hernandez and Raisel Iglesias pitched no-hit, no-run ball for the last two and a third to seal the victory.

The Bad
–It’s all good.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Three game losing streak: over. That’s two wins in Cincinnati’s last ten games. #PositiveMomentum

–The game was scoreless until the top of the fourth. With one out, Jose Peraza doubled to right center. Votto then doubled, breaking the scoreless tie. Scooter singled and, with runners on the corners, Suarez doubled, scoring Votto and Gennett. Reds 3, Cardinals 0.

–Cincinnati collected their final tally in the seventh. Schebler led off with a double to right and, one out later, Barnhart singled him home.

–Anthony DeSclafani will pitch tomorrow as the Reds try to grab a series against St. Louis on the road.

19 Responses

  1. Sasha09

    It amazes me how the Reds have a game like last night and turn around and play so well like tonight.
    I’m sure most of it is because of their pitching.Homer Bailey and Jackson Stephens (just to name two) need to go ASAP! Am I right that the Reds are dead last (#30 out of 30 teams) in ERA but #3 in hitting?

  2. Sliotar

    Good sports day (take them when you can get them)…

    -Reds 2-hit Devil Magic before a sell-out in enemy territory

    -Ohio State wins

    -Bearcats (!!!) Going for it late, getting TD to win at UCLA

    -Michigan loses (only time in my life I root for Notre Dame, in any sport)

    • reaganspad

      I was at the OSU-OSU game. Ohio fans are really great. was greeted with a smile and a beer at every tailgate we walked through. Never made it to the last tailgate we were trying to get to because people we had just met were just so dang nice.

      I of course was sporting my College World Series championship shirt. I was finding common ground at all the tailgaters sharing my love for the Reds. i was told that Columbus is about 70-30 Reds country. I could understand that number for the Browns. Then one guy really helped me understand that Cincy being so close to UK is really more SEC country. That many from Cincy go to UK. He loved it cause he gets to see Alabama play when he visits his daughter in the fall. That Columbus was majority from the north. that made complete sense to me.

      Looking forward to Castillo’s game on the DVR when I get home

  3. Sliotar

    When you see this Castillo performance, IMO, it’s why you give him a second look, third look, maybe more looks than he deserves to stick in the rotation.

    SP is so expensive, the Reds don’t develop SPs, and for this night, at least, he pitched and had the demeanor of a top of rotation ace.

    Awesome to watch.

    • da bear

      Hammel did not provide the Royals any value last year. He was provided a lead numerous times and promptly blew those leads. Had Castillo pitched last year in those games for KC instead of Hammel, Castillo would have probably won 15 games. Hammel was money in the bank to bet against.

  4. Mike Kelsch

    I just caught the WLWT 11 news. Not once did the sports guy mention the Reds’ game. They had the score stroll by once. I hope Castellini stayed up to see that.

    • Jazzmanbbfan

      I was at the FCC match and you are correct on both counts Jim.

  5. Mike Kelsch

    Great night anyway. Sorry to be bitter.

  6. cfd3000

    Just a solid game all around. The only complaint I could offer was Barnhart being too eager on a 3-0 pitch with the bases loaded. But then he had hits in each of his last two at bats. Somehow the Reds and Castillo have to figure out how to put this version of Castillo on the hill more often. He was dominant and if he can pitch like that he’s Cueto 2.0. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer opponent!

    • da bear

      Often an error or poor defensive play not counted as an error created extra pitches and extra runs charged against Castillo too. The infield has been atrocious, the corner infielders not so good.

  7. Indy Red Man

    I swear the Reds are about 10-3 in games where I didn’t watch a single pitch. Good for Castillo….he really really needed it. I don’t know about tonite, but his velocity was up to 2017 standards (97-99) last time out vs the Cubs. He just lacked command. He needs to work on something else vs lefties, but atleast its a spark of hope. Reed has been a pleasant surprise too.

    Overall though…I just have to let the Reds go until they cut Bailey loose. I love them, but if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything. Would you keep coming to work if a coworker was destroying products in the break room and driving customers to the competition, but yet always kept his job? I said this in March….if the Reds don’t have 5 better then Homer then something is wrong. He’s not getting his B- minus game back. Never! I will watch closely to see if Scooter can stay on this heater and get the Reds a batting title!! Markakis has faded but the Reds put Yelich right in the mix. It will be interesting!

  8. Scott Gennett

    Looking into 2019, it looks like only two starters are set to join the rotation in Disco and Castillo, and a big maybe for Mahle. Therefore, unless FO is able to trade for and/or FA signing of two capable starting pitchers, we should expect, more or less, the very same results.

    • Reaganspad

      At this point you have to invite Robert Stephenson to camp next year as a starter and hope that between offseason yoga and meditation and a new manager you catch lightning and harness it

      Too good of a season at AAA for us not to take another shot and with 3 spots open, I like Stephenson a lot more than any Jimmy Haines or Paul Wilson we may sign

  9. Jeff Reed

    Quite a night for Castillo in the Cardinals dumb packed ballpark.

  10. roger garrett

    Reds play throw under the bus and anoint games with there pitchers.Some like Castillo/Romano have over 40 starts in MLB and we have seen them be really good from time to time and have hope they get it.If we hadn’t wasted 2017 and stuck with Homer and then Harvey we would have more some good some bad on other guys to go on.Bob,Reed and others should have 40+ starts by now but because they don’t we will have to sort again next year.Experience turns in to being consistent and only way to get it is to pitch.

    • roger garrett

      I believe that can happen but both Reed and Bob started 20 games at Louisville.Both come up and Bob starts and Reed goes to the pen.After Bob starts 3 times they move him to the pen and Reed into the rotation.Doesn’t look like they have seen enough and know anything

  11. Jeff Reed

    Instead of moving forward, the Reds will stand still if Riggleman is hired.

  12. Jack

    He is thanking God for giving him the abilities to do what he does. We are all given the abilities to do something . It’s what we do with it that determines who we are.