Good start to the brief 3-game home stand. The Brewers’ starting pitcher tonight didn’t make it through the 2nd inning. Maybe they should have offered a little more for Matt Harvey.

Cincinnati Reds 9 (57-75) • Milwaukee Brewers 7 (73-60)

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Anthony DeSclafani (28) is in his first season of arbitration, which means he’ll pitch for the Reds for two more years before hitting free agency. Now that he’s come back healthy, it’s time for the Reds to work out an extension with him through 2022. He pitched 6.2 innings, gave up 4 runs, walked one and struck out 6.

Jared Hughes entered the game in the 7th inning and gave up a walk and a 3-run homer to Christian Yelich. It was the third appearance in a row that Hughes has given up at least one run. Hughes has had a great year, but his numbers are moving back in the direction of his career stats, as expected. 

Raisel Iglesias got the final four outs for the Reds, giving up a run in the 9th.

The Reds jumped on Milwaukee starter Junior Guerra in the first inning.  Billy Hamilton singled and Jose Peraza hit his 9th home run of the year. Scooter Gennett singled, Eugenio Suarez doubled and Phillip Ervin walked to load the bases. Tucker Barnhart singled and a wild pitch made the score 4-0.

They added on in the 2nd inning. Billy Hamilton singled but was thrown out trying to steal second (although it might have been a failed hit and run). Peraza, Gennett and Suarez loaded the bases and that ended Guerra’s night. Scott Schebler walked to drive in a run. An Ervin ground ball made the score 6-0.

After the Brewers moved to within a run at 7-6, the Reds added two more runs in the 7th. Mason Williams led off with a line drive single. After Billy Hamilton popped up a bunt attempt to the catcher (Chris Welsh: “Boy … that’s … not good.”) Jose Peraza singled to center and Scooter Gennett lined a triple down the right field line, scoring two runs.

Peraza and Gennett combined for seven hits and a walk, scoring six of the Reds runs. Eugenio Suarez had two hits and two walks.

The defensive play of the game was Tucker Barnhart’s tag at the plate to end the top of the 4th inning. With two outs, Hamilton fielded a single to center. His throw was well up the first base line, but Barnhart fielded it and dove back over — full stretch — to just get the runner at the plate and snuff out a Brewer rally. Here’s the video.

Special Radio Broadcast The Reds were honoring Dayton Dragons radio announcer (and good friend of Redleg Nation) Tom Nichols who was celebrating his 4000th broadcast for the Dragons. He’s been broadcasting for 31 years, the last 11 with the Dragons. Nichols did a terrific job with the play-by-play call tonight for the 4-6 innings. Classy move by the Reds organization. 

Cody Reed Start Scheduled It’ll be Thursday night, in the series finale against the Brewers

Pitching Stats Not including tonight’s game, Reds starting pitcher xFIP since Matt Harvey joined the Reds (May 11): Luis Castillo 3.89, Anthony DeSclafani 4.03, Homer Bailey 4.31, Matt Harvey 4.37, Sal Romano 4.53, Tyler Mahle 4.75, Robert Stephenson 6.62. 

Hey Look, Another Internal Promotion Reds fill amateur scouting director internally: 

[Header Photo: David Kohl, USA Today Sports]

20 Responses

  1. Sliotar

    The Baltimore Ravens GM, Ozzie Newsome, had a great line once regarding contracts…”Whenever you have time, use it.”

    Just like the Reds should “be sure” on BobSteve (and apparently are, at least as a starter), they should be sure on DeSclafani and let him show next season he is worthy of an extension.

    He will be age 31 entering his first free agent season and like a lot of the Reds, are seemingly valued much more by the Reds front office than the rest of MLB.

    The Reds have time and leverage on Disco, and should use it.

    Besides, a trio of Harvey-Bailey-Disco as top of rotation screams 75-win ceiling next year and aging, IMO…not sure if you want any of those names around past 2020.

    • roger garrett

      Bob was sent down and started over 20 games.Comes up and starts 3 and goes to the pen.If you wanted him in the pen why start him at Louisville?This is Lorenzen,Garrett,Reed,Romano and now Bob that gets a taste then to the pen never to return.Romano does have over 40 starts though.The Reds aren’t sure on anything.

    • Jim Walker

      How many years are you willing to go if you are DW? You would be rolling the dice that the same oblique which has bit him twice won’t do for a third time (or fourth or fifth).

      • Jim Walker

        I’d go four years only if it is heavily backloaded with a team option at the end of the 2 arb years. In turn I’d offer him a player opt out after 3 years.

        Disco is right at 1 bWAR now for 2018; but, given his low starting point salary, he wouldn’t sniff that kind of money in 2019 at arb.

        Offer him the projected arb salaries for the first two years and what he would project if healthy for the 2 FA years but with the club opt out ahead of the FA years.

  2. cfd3000

    Didn’t see the game but it seems like Disco and half the offense was terrific, but the bullpen and BHam, Schebler and Casali had a rough night. I know Billy had two hits, but he wasted one of them, failed to get a bunt down, and got bailed out by Tucker on his assist. The box score looks good for him but the details don’t seem to back it up. I know Schebler is still getting his sea legs back but I’m really ready for him to reclaim the leadoff spot.

    Also, a day premature but I’m rooting hard for Cody Reed on Thursday night.

  3. Ryan Howell (@rmhowell2)

    I know this is a big if but if Disco is healthy he so consistent. Really the only pitcher that seems to get through six innings without giving up a ton of runs. I hope they bring him back.

    • cfd3000

      Disco is a Red for at least two more years, unless they trade him which seems incredibly unlikely. The question is should they extend him into his free agency years. IMO if he makes it through the season healthy they need to be discussing an extension, probably to buy out the first two years of free agency. So that would be four more years of DeSclafani with the Reds.

  4. Jack

    Exactly. Give the kid another year. These fickle fans wanted to run Cozart out of town for 5 years until he found his hitting stroke. Then they were are gloating saying they knew he was good. Same with Peraza. He was the whipping boy last year because of his offense. Now it’s his defense. The Reds have the greatest scouts and coaches sitting home on their couches. Why they haven’t been signed is ludicrous.

    • roger garrett

      He has a chance to get better.Keep in mind he was given a job by default in 2017 and again in 2018 and has improved.Just wish the Reds could realize how important it is to show patience with all there young guys especially the pitchers.Peraza has stepped up and he will be given another year.Just wish Ervin could be given a full year or Hererra.

  5. bouwills

    This morning finds the Reds with 4 of the top 18 in NL hitting average. Gennett @ 2nd leads the league. Suarez the third baseman is 12th. Peraza the ss is 14th. Votto the 1st baseman is 18th. Not a bad hitting infield. Casali doesn’t have enough ABs to qualify or he’d be up there too.

    • big5ed

      Ervin did take a pretty clever extra base last night, on a similar type play.

      Some of the baserunning and defensive lapses are the inevitable result of not being in the pennant race. I wish they could all hold their mental edge, but it probably isn’t realistic. If there is any “momentum” to build for next year, it would include a September of good, hard-nosed competitive baseball.

  6. lost11found

    I think there is quite a bit of doubt actually with no firm information on what the brewers were offering and/or where the impasse was.

    The pitfall to inference is that we sometime see what we want to see, almost like a mirage.

    • Scott C

      I agree Jim, I think there is some inference but it still looks pretty plain that the plan backfired in the corner office. And BobSteve gets kicked in the teeth.

      • lost11found

        Stephenson did his own kicking. It very well could have been the brewers who walked away for their own reasons. Not the least of which is that they have traded away alot in the last couple of seasons, and maybe they got cold feet in trading away more.

        Folks that want to lay this at Bob C’s feet will lay it there. Without any specific context on what was offered/counteroffered, its hard to say. Riggleman comments carry as much weight as smoke on the wind with respect to Harvey not being dealt.

  7. big5ed

    Meador is evidently a pretty good baseball guy, having coached at UC for 10 years, and then was the scout who signed Nick Senzel.

    • big5ed

      John Farrell’s specific job assignment was provide the outside view. Maybe he had some input on this decision, as well as the other personnel moves they’ve made in development. Frankly, if the decisions weren’t premised at least in part on Farrell’s input, then why did they hire Farrell?

      Plus, I don’t know how any team can realistically evaluate any other team’s scouts. How can the Braves, for example, know what the scouts for the Twins are saying internally about a pitcher in Texas, or how effectively any individual scout evaluates players and communicates with his front office?

      Why would you automatically assume that if a guy came from the Royals or Diamondbacks, then he is by definition a good hire, whereas an internal promotion is necessarily a bad hire? This just seems to me to be knee-jerk negativism.

      I have no real clue whether Brad Meador is a good choice for the job or not, but I doubt anybody else on this board does, either. Judging by the last 3 drafts, including this year’s deft pickups of Mike Siani, Josiah Gray, Michael Byrne and Rylan Thomas, I think that they ought to be promoting from within.

      • Jim Walker

        As Steve has pointed out on various occasions most organizations (regardless of business or function) seek an infusion of outside input and talent on a regular basis.
        This insures that the management does not get caught up in a group think cycle. It does not mean all or even most of what an organization has been doing needs changed, just that there is a diversity of thought and viewpoint.

        In an organization which has had 3 winning seasons in the last 18 (or whatever exactly it works out to be) and has the worst record in MLB over the last 4 years, it would seem the Reds should be looking for a better way to do some things.

    • roger garrett

      Yes you are correct.Got to have people that don’t go along to get along.

  8. Scottya

    To further the analysis of the starting rotation since Matt Harvey was added may 11 Reds are 46-48 with a team era of 4.69

    Would be a very smart move to extend desclafani at the likely current discount.

    I wonder what the Reds would have to give up to trade for a guy like Kenta Maeda? He has been moved to the bullpen for the dodgers and has a career fip of 3.62 including a 3.15 this year. Really cheap contract controlled through 2023.

    There have to be deals out there that the Reds can make this offseason to add one starting pitcher that doesn’t require giving up a top prospect, much like the kevin guasman trade. Sign two starting pitcher and trade for one is my hope!