Last weekend, many of the Redleg Nation writers (and some families) got together at Great American Ball Park to watch the Reds take on the San Francisco Giants. It was a great Reds win, and a good time was had by all.

The Reds — thanks largely to one of my favorite people on earth, Lisa Braun, with an assist from Jamie Ramsey — were very gracious, inviting us to visit with Sam Grossman, Reds’ VP/Assistant General Manager, and later with Dick Williams, President of Baseball Operations. It was an informal discussion, but everyone felt like Grossman and Williams were candid. I couldn’t be more appreciative that they took the time to meet with us.

Afterward, we headed into the game and grabbed our Scott Schebler bobbleheads, then sat down to watch Matt Harvey pitch a gem. It was fun to see everyone in person again. We really have a great group here at RN. Hopefully, in future years, we can get back to having a more public gathering like we had a couple of years ago.

Later in the game, Chris Welsh invited my son and me up to the TV booth to hang out for an inning. Chris was incredibly gracious with my son, inquiring about his school and his baseball team and his life. Jim Day was similarly nice and, again, I couldn’t have been more appreciative. We spent the sixth inning up there, and it was a memorable moment, especially for the little guy.

Well, around the bottom of the seventh inning, I started getting texts that Chris was talking about Redleg Nation, and the book (The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds), and my son.

Let me tell you: Chris Welsh is the real deal. And here’s hoping that our next RN outing — hopefully including you, dear reader — will be just as memorable.

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  1. Rich Thompson

    Big Time Congrats to you all! So glad to hear that the Reds Management was so gracious!

  2. big5ed

    Frankly, the Reds could do a lot worse for a new manager than Chris Welsh. He is a great communicator with lots of contacts in the business. He knows the organization, the community, and the National League. He understands analytics and pitching very well, and he is not in love with bunting.

    His weakness is that he has never managed, but I consider that a strength.

    Another guy in that vein is Eduardo Perez, who also is widely respected throughout baseball. Perez has some toughness to him and is as smart as anybody in the game; his show on MLB Radio with Steve Phillips is simply great. He has managed in the winter leagues. Perez has a fabulous story about how Pete Rose taught him as a kid to read pitchers tipping pitches.

  3. cfd3000

    Chad! I’m thrilled you had a fantastic RLN day and a highlight visit to the broadcast booth with your son. But how did I not know this was happening? The Giants weekend (and the last Indians game on Wednesday) was my annual pilgrimage to GABP from Atlanta. I’d have loved to join you guys (and some ladies too I hope). So my obvious suggestion is to somehow announce these events more prominently and well in advance. I don’t often read or participate in the live game threads because I watch almost every game on TiVo, but I read pretty much every other thread and post fairly often. Where did I miss this? Sounds like a great day at the park, but I’m bummed that I was five rows from the field but miles away from the RLN gathering.

    • Chad Dotson

      We didn’t really do a public gathering…this year was just a small thing for the writers and their families.

      Next year, I hope we can do a bigger public Redleg Nation gathering at GABP. I’m already talking to the Reds about the possibilities.

      • cfd3000

        Got it. Now I don’t feel so left out. Though I may have to have a word with my eighth cousin twice removed Jason Linden. Still sounds like a great day.

        As for dates for next year, we’ve kind of decided that July and August are hella hot in Cincinnati too, so maybe we’ll sneak out of Atlanta in May, June or September. Hint hint.

        Thanks for all you do for us hardcore Reds fans Chad!

      • Chad Dotson

        We’ll let everyone know as soon as we get a date set. Hope to do it as early as possible so everyone can save the date.

      • Chad Dotson

        Trout and Redleg Nation in the same building at the same time. I like it.

  4. Bill j

    Chad, one of my dad’s best memories was going up to the booth at Crowley Field to meet Waite Hoyt. I remember as a kid listening to Waite, without a color commentator, broadcast the games. Even the away games he didn’t travel to, but read from the wire, he made the sound like he was right there. If you don’t have a copy of Waite in the Rain you should get it, great stories of HIS experiences told during rain delays

    • Chad Dotson

      I haven’t read that yet. I’ll have to find it.

  5. Michael E

    Exactly, talk about leaving us all hanging. Did they give any reasons and actions to be taken to fix/improve:

    – lack of pitching development from rookie ball to MLB
    – glaring lack of production from the rotation and CF?

    did they talk about the coming off-season and did they seem enthused, as if to say we’re going to make a big move or two via a trade for a very good SP and an FA signing that isn’t a yawn over deep bench depth?

    Man, I hope SOMETHING positive came up because right now things are gloomy, especially on the pitching front. I can do without B Hams defense and live with a league average defender in CF if it means someone that actually looks like an MLB hitter and not a JV high school hitter way out of his league.