The Short Version: Reds lose. Again. Fifth in a row.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (56-75) 0 3 1
Chicago Cubs (76-53) 9 13 0
W: Hendricks (10-10) L: Bailey (1-12)
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The Good
–Tucker Barnhart had two hits. Dilson Herrera had a double. Those are the only Reds hits.

–Cody Reed struck out the side in the eighth inning.

The Bad
–Homer Bailey: 5 innings, six runs allowed — only three earned — on eight hits. He actually wasn’t awful today and was victimized by some terrible luck (cheap hits and Billy Hamilton slipping while chasing a liner) and terrible defense (Jose Peraza error) in the first inning.

But it is what it is. Bailey is now 1-12 with a 6.17 ERA.

–As Robert Stephenson attempts to work his way back into the Reds’ good graces, he vomited all over the mound in the seventh inning. Working in relief, he allowed a double to lead off the inning then, one out later, surrendered a single.

With runners on the corners, Stephenson balked, faking a pickoff throw to first base. That allowed Chicago’s seventh run to score. Two pitches later, Kyle Schwarber deposited a ball in the seats for a two-run homer.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–That’s five losses in a row for the Cincinnati Reds. Six of their last seven. Positive momentum, I guess.

–Last time the Cubs swept the Reds in a four-game series at Wrigley Field? All the way back in 1945.

–The Reds are now 1-17 in games started by Homer Bailey. They are 55-57 in games started by any other pitcher.

–Only 31 games to go, mercifully.

37 Responses

  1. DEN

    Can we now move on from both Bsiley and Stephenson and ink Harvey to say 3 years for between $36-40 million with a fourth year option buyout of a million.
    Can we come to grips we can neither draft nor develop pitching and go out this off season and trade for quality starters even it means giving up Senzel and or Green.

    • Ted

      Agree, Den. How many more chances do Bailey and Stephenson get? Sign Harvey and bring in another proven starter. Fill out the rotation with Disco and Castillo. The 5th spot decided between Reed, Romano, or a prospect be determined. Enough is enough with Bailey and Stephenson.

  2. RedDawg2012

    I have officially reached the point in the season where I can’t watch them anymore.

    • sezwhom

      Same thought crossed my “tired of losing” mind today too. Unwatchable now. Make a commitment to proven starters next year. J. A. Happ is available. Sign Harvey. Make a trade or two. Have to do something.

    • Sasha09

      I totally agree.This was the last straw for me this year.How long are the 90+ loss seasons going to go on?
      The players should be embarrased on how they play most of the time.I understand the Cubs are “God” but can’t the Reds even try to be competitive? That’s what burns me up the most.It’s like there is no effort on their part.So now I will not give any effort going forward to keep up with this total mess every day.As the judge on The People’s Court says “I’m Done.Put A Fork In Me I’m Done”

  3. Jeff Morris

    Stephenson is going to be a life long minor league pitcher, or should be. He has had enough chances at the MLB level with the Reds. Unless, another team wants to try to developement him, and the Reds can get another player, they can try to develop and hope for the best. Harvey has been overall good, so yes…let’s keep him around for a while. That way, when Castillo, Mahle, and Romano struggle like young pitchers do, you have the option of sending one of them down to the minors.

    Bailey has not been good, or been okay, but did not have any run support from the offense. Other teams, especially in the Reds division, have pretty much their pitching and offense, and every day players established. Reds still figuring that out…

    • CP

      I kind of agree that those years set the rebuild back, but you absolutely cannot hit on every first round draft pick. I think its true that a bust is particularly devastating if you are picking in the top 5, but once you are in the middle to later parts of the draft, it is impossible, particularly if you plan on taking any high school pitchers or catchers. You take a mix of high floor/high ceiling guys and hope they balance out with your other picks. I mean, the Reds went on an amazing run from 2004-2010 with their first round picks, so it is really difficult to say they have done poorly in that aspect of the game.

      You expect some slow developing high school pitchers, but it was the failure of the “safe” college guys during that period that were most devastating. Nick Howard? Ugh. Jeff Gelalich? Pretty sure he’s out of baseball. Heck, even the guys like Michael Lorenzen and Phil Ervin have been pretty underwhelming so far.

  4. Jack

    Stephenson cant go back to Louisville without being put on waivers. Which is a good idea but who in their right mind would take him?

  5. Jack

    “Vomited all over the mound” . Perfect Chad. There is no way else to write it. Have the Stephenson fans had enough yet or do you still want to see more?

  6. KHG

    And Harvey is accused of taking innings away from BobSteve…

  7. Aaron Bradley

    I really haven’t watched Harvey pitch so my opinion is uninformed… but nontheless I can’t believe it is being suggested we give him a multi year mega buck deal.. that is the type of mentality that got us stuck with Homer these past few seasons. Harvey was a major headcase for the Mets and with his back to the wall he has managed to look good. How does anyone know if he will immediately regress once he gets paid? In fact I see it as a strong likelihood. Maybe he has charmed Bob and some of the fanbase but this looks like Fool’s gold to me, guys. I know we are desperate for quality pitching, but this is riverboat gambling when you are talking about signing a guy in his 30s for millions based on a handful of starts.

    • Dave Bell

      Thank you, Aaron. I, too, am dumbfounded at the momentum behind the idea of investing in Harvey long-term. And to those who ask, “Have you seen enough of Robert Stephenson yet?” I emphatically say no, I haven’t. Three starts, with an incredibly short hook in each one? Not even close to enough of a chance. Harvey will probably cost $12M per year. Stephenson makes $535K. If the new manager sticks him in the rotation to start the season in ’19, I’d probably put it at even odds between him and Harvey as to who would have the better season. At 1/20th the cost, to boot. If we’re going to lay out money for a pitcher, let’s at least aim a little higher than Harvey. If we’re not, stick with the youngsters. A couple of them are bound to pop.

      • CaliforniaRed

        I agree Dave Bell. We haven’t seen nearly enough of BobSteve and way too much of Homer. Another wasted season and it is so frustrating for us lifelong fans.

      • roger garrett

        I still believe Bob will become a good major league pitcher but it won’t be for the Reds.

  8. Jeff Reed

    Harvey is at best a five to six inning pitcher and investing multimillions in him for 2 to 3 years is not money well spent with his injury history. We’ve seen what’s happened with Bailey. Better to put that money into a proven injury-free starting pitcher in the off-season and go with Disco, Castillo, Mahle and the fifth spot taken by either Sims, Reed or Romano. It’s time the FO cuts loose the rebuild and either by spending money or by trades takes action in the off-season to make the Reds competitive.

    • DEN

      How many even good non injured SP do you believe will a FA option in the offseoff-s?

  9. Charles Black

    reds should dfa bailey andstepenson.its a loss every time thy pitch

  10. kmartin

    For me the most depressing thing about this season is that there are so many unanswered questions going into 2019.

    • RedDawg2012

      Agreed. It doesn’t feel like we are any closer than we were at this time last year.

    • roger garrett

      I said this on the game thread but anybody not named Suarez is tradeable starting today.This team quit today and except Ervin and Casali have been starters all year long.Terms like lifeless and pathetic have been used but its much worse then that.I said this team quit today but what I saw was a bunch of individuals claiming to be a team.If the Cubs are the best and their record says they are not to mention they have that banner that proves it then who are we.Maybe we should look our players and ask who do we have that could start in the field or be on the mound for them.That tells us how far we are away from competing.I am not saying blow this thing up but what I am saying to the front office is stop falling in love with players that nobody wants or playing others that can’t play.Make a decision and move on from that player or sign him.Its called sorting.

      • kmartin

        What is amazing is that after the game Riggleman talked about how is was pleased with team effort today.

  11. James

    Has Harvey really pitched well enough that anyone wants to pay him to be a front end guy? He may be rotation filler on a contending team. just cause he has been the reds best pitcher doesnt mean they should pay him like a top of the rotation guy. Expecting him to be one of your 2 best starters so that you can be a contending team is an oxymoron.

    • Ghettotrout1

      He won’t get paid what ppl think he will if no one was willing to offer any value for him at the deadline that means the only team tricked into thinking he is a top end starter is the Reds. I definitely wouldn’t pay to have him pitch for this team next year.

  12. Sabr Chris

    You circle back on Harvey on a cheap base with incentives if you strike out on the top guys. They have the money to be competitive on the free agent market if they choose to be.

  13. RedInIND

    Excellent questions. Too bad there is no accountability in the organization to publicly answer any of them.

  14. Bill j

    Sabr Chris, I don’t think they will spend on GAs because if you remember I think it was DW that said “if the fans come out to support the team we will add to the budget”. I am withh you on Harvey, the incentives should be on ERA and innings because with this defense you can’t do it on wins.

  15. DavidTurner49

    I was at the game today. I’ve seen very little of the Reds this year but have followed RLN regularly. I think the Cubs smelled blood in the water today and the Reds did their best impression of shark bait. They seemed sluggish overall. The left side of the infield did Homer no favors. Suarez seems a bit out of shape to make the tough plays coming in on slow grounders. Billy’s fall looked very strange, like his knee buckled. I thought he was injured. Stephenson was brutal. but I still think they should start him every fifth day the rest of the season.

    The two most encouraging things were Joey looking good in bp, smoking liners all over the field, and Reed’s inning, striking out the side.

    Overall the Reds looked lackadaisical, like a team hopelessly mired in last place with no discernible spark or plan or hope for the future. At this point that is what they are.

    • Scotly50

      They are in Positive Momentum Mode.

  16. BigRedMike

    It is pretty amazing regarding Hamilton and lead off. What rationale could come into play to look at the worst hitter in baseball and somehow decide that player should be the lead off hitter?

    Very little makes sense at this point. Reds need 2-3 above average starters for the next few years. It is time to start trading the prospects, they have little chance of playing anyway.

    Your potential questions highlight the lack of a plan by the organization

  17. BigRedMike

    It is confusing. One can only hope that an interim manager has very little say in decisions.

  18. JerseyRedsFan

    I am a longtime reader and this is my first time commenting. I’ve been a fan of this team through good times and bad for 40 plus years. I am used to rocky periods here and there for rebuilds but this feels different. It seems like we have been talking about sorting/developing a pitching staff around Homer, Disco, Reed, BobSteve, Finnegan and Iglesias for 4 or 5 years now. If you ask me, the only thing they’ve figured out is that other than Disco the rest of them aren’t going to form any part of a decent starting rotation. Between that and the obsession with loading up on fast/defense first/light hitting centerfielders a la Drew Stubbs, Corey Patterson, Willy Taveras and Billy Hamilton it seems like this team just can’t learn from their mistakes. If GABP is a homer park why is this team ranked 23rd in hitting homeruns?
    I am just a casual fan but it seems like the team needs to back up and go down the other fork in the road. With this stadium they built top of the order pitchers don’t want to come here and the team certainly isn’t going to pay for one, let alone two or three. CUT HOMER NOW to save the fan base. The FO can call it positive momentum. Get two no. 3 type pitchers by trade and/or free agency. Maybe Harvey is one maybe not. But they need two similar guys. Basically, build the staff around starters that can go six innings well. Use the guys that failed at being starters the last few years a great bullpen. Then since the team isn’t spending money on a big time pitching staff load up on heavy hitting outfielders.
    Use whatever they have to from Winker, Hamilton, BobSteve, Lorenzen, Herera, Hernandez and Hughes to help get the pitchers and another legitimately good centerfielder or right fielder that can hit 25 to 30 home runs a year and play decent defense. Someone like Pederson or Bellinger from the Dodgers along with Scooter in left and Schebler in right seems fine, with Senzel at second.

  19. jveith1991

    A 2019 offense of Barnhart/Casali, Votto, Gennett, Senzel, Suarez, Winker, Ervin, and Schebler would be wonderful to see. That would require the Reds to put Senzel at SS and non tender Hamilton this winter.

    If the Reds could sign a FA pitcher (Corbin?) and trade for a second, they could very well be contenders in 2019. Corbin, DeSclafani, traded pitcher, Castillo, and one of Romano/Mahle/Reed/Sims would be a greatly improved rotation.

  20. Scott C

    Best news from this past week is that the Reds have moved down to the #7 pick in next years draft. Another 6 years and our rebuild will be finished.

  21. CP

    I have to admit that the although I was doubtful that Robert Stephenson would be successful in his return to the MLB due to his inability to consistently throw strikes, the speed at which people turned on him here is a little jarring.

    I mean, read through this thread from August 1st here: , and then read through the most recent posts. He’s started 3 games during that time period. If you thought Robert Stephenson was going to be successful, you opinion of him shouldn’t have changed based on 3 miserable appearances.

  22. Brudd23

    Wait, like more than half the team is injured. Or coming back from injury.our best minor-leaguers are injured.. Yeah, it’s depressing, but given the attrition, what were we expecting? Get healthy for 2019 and start thinking about playing like they did around the All-Star break