The Short Version: Matt Harvey — who will likely finish his career with the Reds — pitched well, but the offense only puts up a couple of runs and the Reds fall in ten innings.

Final — 10 innings R H E
Cincinnati Reds (56-73) 2 4 0
Chicago Cubs (74-53) 3 7 1
W: Chavez (1-1) L: Iglesias (2-2)
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The Cincinnati Reds lost. You guys fill in all the details in the comments below.

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  1. Keith

    Think those run totals above are a bit aspirational

  2. vared

    As the sorting continues (and continues and continues), I can say I’ve seen enough of Dixon to figure the Reds can find a better bench utility guy in 2019. Am I wrong?

    • Teddy G

      .186 average with 32 strikeouts in 86 at-bats…you think???

    • Scott Gennett

      It’s hard to score some runs when out of of the starting line-up, 3 are very likely to be out all the time (pitcher, Hamilton & Dixon) and 3 do not represent any XB thread (Peraza, Williams & Barnhart). There was not much left in the bench, but I’d rather play Casali, Herrera & Tucker instead.

      • Rich H

        Peraza is tied for the team lead in doubles and is second in triples.

  3. BigRedMike

    The Reds are not interested in winning. The roster is not being built based on production or projection. One would think that 4 straight 90 loss seasons would generate a change in approach, yet here we are.

  4. Lid

    Like keeping Harvey for 6 more starts would convince him of the winning momentum to resign with the team … manager to FO to owner, unreal! … so can our analytics dept run the Castellini group?

  5. Sliotar

    Someone wrote in the pre-game about me being “HR obsessed”.
    I take teasing well, in person and online.


    Reds had 0 hits after the 2nd inning and 12Ks in 34 ABs.
    Cubs had 11Ks in 32 ABs.

    But, a HR tied it in the 9th and a HR won it in the 10th.

    Just sayin’ (or writing).

    • roger garrett

      We are second in our league in OBP and 11th in home runs so I am obsessed as well because we ain’t winning being 11th out of 15 teams in homers.

      • Jack

        It tells me we are leaving a crap load on base as well. Ahhhhhh the winning culture though.

      • Matthew Habel

        The offense is fine when healthy but no Votto, Winker, Schebler is a massive gap so that pretty much explains the drop in production. There are still holes but the pitching remains the issue on this team.

      • roger garrett

        Yes when 5 guys carry your offense and 3 are out it makes it tough but Ervin and Williams have done well.I think it has more to do with the rough patches Scooter and Suarez have gone through and the fact the holes are still there and have been since day one.

  6. Sliotar

    Since, apparently, we are going to have negotiations between Scott Boras and the Reds, I would recommend reading this account of Boras landing the deal for Stephen Strasburg.

    In this case, Boras wined and dined and negotiated directly with Nationals lead owner Ted Lerner, eventually getting the Nats to agree to a 7th season on the contract and $175 million.

    IMO, Boras needs to get a team to overpay this winter and restore his agent mojo.

    Now, would getting Castellini to overpay for Harvey, would that restore Boras’s luster in the baseball world?

    • Jack

      Well that leaves the Reds out because they aren’t breaking out next year.

  7. RedDawg2012

    I have 5 predictions for opening day, 2019:

    1. Billy Hamilton will start in CF
    2. Scooter will start at 2B
    3. Matt Harvey and Homer Bailey will be in the starting rotation
    4. Jim Riggleman will be the manager
    5. Nick Senzel will be in AAA


    • Keith

      And the Reds will likely lose 90 again.

      • Jack

        The Castellinis must love 10,000 people in the stands every night. Not sure why they keep pouring money into the stadium. The object is to put a top notch playoff team on the field in order to get people to come to the park. Then modify the stadium.

      • Mike Adams

        I think the object is to make lots of money which they are doing due to revenues other than attendance.
        They put money into the stadium because that is cheaper than paying to improve the team;
        for example, at the prices charged in them the bars are making money.
        As long as they can make profits with nepotism, “rebuilds”, “fan favorites”, “fan experience” and “winning culture” the Castellinis are probably happy.

      • Jack

        True but more fanny’s in the seats means more money in their pockets. Their way is the lazy mans way of making money. If their way was so profitable every team would do it. That’s one thing I love about the Yankees. They put a playoff caliber team on the field every year and fill the stands. Then sit back and watch all the fans drink those $14 beers while watching a true winning culture.. Castellinis are advertising $5 beers outside the stadium and then come in and watch tootblans galore. They dont get that people would rather sit home and drink their own beer and turn the channel after the 6th inning. Reds fans have been through the promises of winning culture. Put it on the field and win and then the people will come.

      • KDJ

        As much as I don’t want to believe it, the lack of big moves and the tendency to announce good deals at yard sales suggest you are correct.

    • KDJ

      I’ll add a few others.
      1. There will be talk of the next great pitcher (currently in A ball) who will anchor the rotation in 3 years.
      2. The Reds and another team will trade bench players. It will be the biggest trade the Reds make all year.
      3. Pitcher from #1 goes on the DL with “elbow tenderness.”
      4. A new buzzword will be introduced, since “reboot”, “grit”, “clubhouse guy”, and “winning culture” have become passé.
      5. The Reds will wait to give the young pitching prospects another year (4th, 5th) to develop, but not give any of them more than 5 MLB starts.
      6. The Reds have another losing season, but ownership turns a profit, so its all good in the end.

      BTW, I hope I am wrong on all of these.

    • GW

      Matt Harvey does not equal Homer Bailey. I’d be happy to see the Reds keep Harvey. Homer should have been DFA’d a while back.

      • RedDawg2012

        I would be fine signing Harvey in the offseason to a short-term, reasonable contract. I just think it’s silly not to get something (anything) from him now if you can. I agree that he’s a step up from Bailey.

  8. Mike Adams

    If this is winning I would hate to see the “losing culture”.

  9. Jack

    “Why yes , we are showing “A Years Full Of Tootblans ” starring the 2018 Cincinnati Reds. ” Its a 4 hour movie!”

  10. Jeff Reed

    Until the Reds have a new principal owner who lets the baseball people (DW and Krall) run the baseball operation, the Reds will go nowhere in the NLC. It’s obvious that BC vetoes moves he doesn’t agree with. As far as attendance goes, 20,000 plus per game will be a struggle let alone 30,000 without promotions and special events. Without change in ownership the Reds are headed to a 5th. straight losing season. Winning teams have owners who watch the organizational bottom line and let baseball people run the operation regarding personnel.

  11. Reaganspad

    Hey how’s it going Eisenhower?

  12. TyGuy85

    The Front Office can say whatever they want but the proof is in the results at the end of the season – 4 straight 90 loss seasons. That is a straight forward sign that what they are doing is not working. Time to make some changes in personel and decision making.