The Short Version: Reds get a strong start from Anthony DeSclafani, and the bullpen shut down the Giants long enough for Phillip Ervin to hit a walkoff home run in the 11th inning.

Final — 11 innings R H E
San Francisco Giants (61-62) 1 8 0
Cincinnati Reds (53-69) 2 11 0
W: Hernandez (5-0) L: Black (2-2)
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The Good
–In the bottom of the 11th inning, Phillip Ervin crushed a solo home run of the walkoff variety. Reds win!

–Yet another outstanding start from Anthony DeSclafani: 7.2 innings, one run allowed on six hits and a walk. Disco struck out five, and actually should have made it through eight full innings, but Curt Casali let a third strike get past him to extend the inning. Either way, great start.

In fact, DeSclafani is the first Reds pitcher to throw at least seven innings in three consecutive starts since…well, since DeSclafani did it back in 2016.

–Scooter Gennett had three hits, including a double. Jose Peraza and Casali had two hits each, and Casali drove in a run. Eugenio Suarez had a hit and a walk. Tucker Barnhart doubled, scored a run, and played a passable first base; it was his first career start at the position.

–Raisel Iglesias pitched two shutout innings in relief. I will never not enjoy that. Also, kudos to Jared Hughes and David Hernandez for shutting down the Giants after Disco left the game.

The Bad
–The Reds left nine runners on base, and for a long time it appeared they were going to waste some terrific pitching. But it all worked out in the end, right?

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Rough season, sure, but wins like this are still fun. Baseball, ya know?

–This is the DeSclafani we had hoped to see for so, so long. Gotta think injuries have robbed Disco of a couple of really good seasons, seasons in which he would have been one of the better pitchers in the league.

–I’m skeptical about whether Phillip Ervin can be a starter in the big leagues long-term. But as I said on the most recent podcast, there is literally no reason that he isn’t starting 5 times a week for the rest of the season. Once again tonight, Ervin didn’t start because interim manager Jim Riggleman generally prefers Mason Williams and Preston Tucker in the outfield.

Ervin did enter as a pinch-hitter in the eighth inning, and he delivered the big blow in the bottom of the 11th. For the season, he’s hitting .287/.353/.455, and he’s been unstoppable since returning to the big leagues.

Seriously, what’s the upside to having Ervin (and Dilson Herrera, for that matter) on the bench every single day? Wouldn’t this be an ideal time to learn some things about these guys?

–Aaaah, who cares. Reds win!

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33 Responses

  1. roger garrett

    Isn’t it fitting that Ervin hits the walk off?Just amazes me in another lost season we can’t give guys a chance to see what they can do.

    • Dan

      Ervin has to show he can keep his head in the game on the base paths and hit a cutoff man. You can’t start him every day when he continues to make mistakes

      • oklared

        this x 100 hit cut off if you want to play. Throws worse than school kid when under pressure fix that if you want to play

      • roger garrett

        He has made some mistakes for sure but our guys at short and second still can’t figure out who is to cover second base.That’s one of my biggest complaints about this team.Some guys get a pass while others get thrown under the bus for doing the indentical same things.

    • Scott C

      I think this is the same strategy Riggleman used with Winker: keep him on the bench so he can get those valuable end of game AB’s. Happy they won but may not have needed those extra innings if Ervin had been taking Tucker’s earlier AB’s

  2. Sliotar

    Owner’s seats minutes after the game ends…

    “Walt, I tell ya, Riggleman is the guy to manage this team.”

    “I mean, sure Ol’ Havoc got picked off first, and Disco blew 2 sac bunts, and the middle infielders still get crossed up on coverage 120 games into the season.”

    “But, get Jimmy to the late innings, and he really shines. Love those double switches. And, keeping Ervin in the game after pinch hitting….sheer genius.”

    (The guy starting in place of Ervin, journeyman Preston Tucker… 0-3, 5 left on base.)

    “Call Larkin in the morning and tell him the deal is off.”

  3. TyGuy85

    Regardless of how crappy many things have been this second half, it is surely refreshing to have a solid consistent pitcher like Disco on the staff. Now if we can find 4 more like him I think we may be on to something.

  4. Jeff Reed

    Whoever makes out the lineup prefers Tucker and Williams to Ervin and Herrera. As the season winds down and with Winker and Schebler on the DL, what’s that about? The Reds need to know what these guys can do since they could use at least one of these righthanded hitters in the lineup that is usually dominated by lefty hitters.

    • roger garrett

      Your 100% correct but the Reds don’t do things like that.It makes sense but not to those that matter.

  5. Indy Red Man

    We say the same things year after year. Dusty wouldn’t play young guys. Same with Price. Same with Rigs? Its mind boggling? I don’t make my living in the game of baseball, but I thought Tucker’s ceiling is as a decent pinch-hitter after watching 10 atbats. Short arms and just looks like he can crank a good fastball and thats about it. Bieber gave him one the other night and he got it, but thats about all he can do. He’s not a good hitter and isn’t going to hit good pitching. Everyone should be able to see that Ervin is younger and more talented? It never changes with the Reds.

    Nice win though!!

    • roger garrett

      As long as Bob listens to Walt it will never change.One would think even Bob would get tired of losing and clean house but I guess he enjoys it.

      • David

        The Reds may be losing, but the franchise has appreciated in value since Castellini and friends bought it. It is now worth 3-4 times what the present ownership group paid for it (allegedly). Now worth somewhere north of …….ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!
        That also makes it much harder for another ownership group to pony up the money to buy it sometime in the future. Unless it is somebody with a whole lot of money that wants to move it into a bigger market that has no baseball team.

  6. Greatredlegsfan

    Unless something unexpected happens during the off-season, I’d say the OF is set for 2019 with Ervin, Schebler, Winker & Hamilton. What’s yet to be seen is the outcome around the keystone, with Peraza, Gennett, Senzel, Blandino, Herrera & Long competing for two spots plus two bench roles. I’d say 2B is for Senzel for grabs, bench roles are for Blandino & Herrera, Long shall remains in AAA one more season and SS is still with Peraza since there’s nobody else yet. Gennett should be traded.

  7. Eddiek957

    I’d kind of like seeing Dilson playing while joey is down

    • Jeffversion1

      Except the guy making out the lineup.

  8. cfd3000

    I was at the game, down the first base line four rows from Tucker’s nice catch in the top of the 2nd. He was better than passable at first – made every play that came his way. I actually thought it was an outside the box call by Riggleman to start Barnhart at first and have Casali catch. Is that allowed with both catchers playing at the same time? Everything else was predictably dumb. Hamilton gets picked off, Peraza thrown out, so many futile bunt attempts, and of course Ervin and Herrera (and Aquino) on the bench while Tucker and Mason confirm their inability to excel at MLB. Riggleman did pull the right bullpen strings, otherwise ugh. And he’ll probably get credit for smart managing switching Ervin in to pinch hit when he should have been in the game all along.

    A fun way to win, and the Reds do a really nice fireworks show, but please no more Riggleman next year. Please?

    • David

      Your lack of faith in the front office is disturbing. – Darth Jocketty

  9. Mason Red

    Disco is the real deal. Maybe not an ace but definitely a viable starter.

  10. roger garrett

    Maybe on Ervin,Aquino goes for coffee and Scooter plays regardless.

    • David

      Aquino is holding an outfield roster spot for Schebler. Schebler is supposed to be back “any day”. Because he is on the 40 man roster.
      I would like to see Gabriel Guerrero up here, but he is not on the 40 man at this time.

    • roger garrett

      Got that one right but at least we get to see Herrera.He turned over the coffee and doughnut order to Aquino for this game only I am sure.

  11. Bill j

    On Tuck playing 1st I thought he made a nice scoop on a one bouncer that Peraza threw. Wonder if you could alternate Tuck and Casali at 1st and save their knees?

  12. Eddie

    Yes, why remove Price is the line up issues continue.

  13. David

    Hmmm. Maybe Aquino plays tonight too. Williams and Tucker are both lefties.

  14. big5ed

    Maybe, but only with some pretty careful scrutiny of his injuries. His demeanor reminded me a bit of Corey Kluber’s a few days ago. No nonsense, no trying to be more than he is; just very good command.

    • roger garrett

      He’s a pro and you can’t have enough of them on your staff if they can pitch.

  15. Bill j

    If he would, 3 years with incentives for innings pitched and ERA, because you can’t do it on wins unless the Reds get a manager and coaches that instill fundamentals in the players.

  16. roger garrett

    Sounds reasonable but this is the our team and we always have guys that are two or three years away and are two or three years away and are two or three years away.

  17. roger garrett

    He hung a slider and that’s what guys with pop do with those pitches.Lift it and it has a chance at GABP although that goes out in every park.That wasn’t a cheap GABP homer by any means.Free Ervin.

    • David

      He does have bat speed. He is not a big man. I think he is 5’9 or 5′ 10.
      But.. remember Jimmy Wynn, the Toy Cannon? He wasn’t big, but had a lot of pop. Ervin, after years in the minors, finally appears to be making a lot more good contact. I really would like to see Ervin, Aquino and…….Michael Lorenzen play outfield some evening.
      Watching Michael play everyday might be a lot of fun. He is quite a strong athlete. He may have trouble with breaking balls, but he will hit dead red fastballs hard every time. And he can run like the wind. He could handle CF.

    • roger garrett

      I agree and we need some right handed pop.Wonder if he could play in center some the rest of the way just to see if he could handle it.