The Short Version: Sal Romano surrendered six runs in the first two innings, and the game was over at that point. Fun, right?

Final R H E
Cleveland Indians (68-51) 8 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (52-68) 1 5 0
W: Kluber (15-6) L: Romano (7-10)
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It may not seem like it, but Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance today.

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  1. Jack

    Pitching staff sorting is getting tiresome.

  2. Keith

    Maybe it’s time to give Sal the rest of the year off and let Cody Reed start those games in his place.

  3. Sliotar

    That’s the spirit, Milton. You tell them.

    Sure, so far in this series, the Reds have been outscored by 2 touchdowns, but tomorrow is another day.

    As long as the players remind themselves that are part of a winning culture, then I am sure the team will get back on track soon, and achieve the organization’s big picture target … avoiding 90 losses.

  4. Sliotar

    Phenomenal list, Old-School. Each one could easily be a stand-alone discussion in the off-season.

    #6 can also be looked at this way…..

    Each NL Central team made a big move in the last 12 months….

    -Signed in free agency 2 SPs from playoff teams (cost-controlled beyond 2018)
    -Traded for Christian Yelich (cost-controlled beyond 2018)
    -Traded for Marcell Ozuna (cost-controlled beyond 2018)
    -Traded for Chris Archer (cost-controlled beyond 2018)
    -Traded for Matt Harvey (free agent at season’s end)

    Which of the 5 is the outlier?

    • Dave Roemerman

      I’d say the one rebuilding team (5) and the one who, surprisingly, ended up not rebuilding and added Archer. If we don’t do similar next year, a lot of those remain myths ..

    • Davy13

      Bill, you have a point about Archer. About Harvey, you’re preaching to choir. However, I would love to have Yelich and Ozuna right now. Yelich is a stud batter. While Ozuna is having a down year, the upside is there and proven. I live in Miami and followed their careers. Ozuna put tremendous numbers in cavernous Marlins ballpark. If he’s playing GABP, watch out. Both are entering their primes. An outfield of Winker, Yelich, and Ozuna (with Schleber as a 4th) would be formidable (certainly much more than what we have now).

      What are Senzel and Trammell’s projections – .300/20+/80+? If that’s guaranteed then fine, don’t trade away that future. Otherwise, Yelich and Ozuna, at their age, are already hitting those numbers and more.

      So I buy Sliotar’s argument and Indy’s reply…I’ve been arguing for it all-season. The Reds have to be more aggressive to acquire young, but proven players.

  5. Davy13

    Yep, smells like a winning culture…in Bizarro’s world

  6. Dave Roemerman

    My question is why, a night after throwing a position player to save the pen, we tossed our three best relievers in the 7th-9th? If they needed the work, put them out there last night. If not (which is the case) why not let someone else hold it down until tomorrow? Another baffling Reds strategic decision…

    • roger garrett

      Yeah but he used Suarez at short for two innings which shows something I think.

      • Davy13

        Could it be showing a future infield of Senzel at 2B, Suarez at SS, and Jonathan India at 3B, perhaps?

  7. Jack

    Starting Pitcher Locks for next year
    1) Philip Ervin
    2)Brandon Dixon

    • Mason Red

      You nailed it with question marks for 3,4 and 5. Maybe the FO will invest in a nice dart board to help make decisions or they can actually bring in a couple of established starters.

    • Mike Adams

      Funny, Jack!
      But you may be on to something.
      Position players would get shelled after more than an inning (or two).
      Maybe the Reds could carry NO relievers and carry extra position players.
      Then when relief is needed, just pick a position player to come in for an inning.
      Naw, that is too radical of an idea. Just stick with the “Book”

  8. Mike Adams

    On number 1, maybe the front office is talking about profits and not wins or losses on the field?

  9. roger garrett

    Top of the order guys go 0-16 while the other 4 guys(Tucker and the 3 outfielders)go 5-11 and two walks.Yeah we miss Scott and Winker but the new guys ain’t doing too bad(3-7 and a walk)

  10. roger garrett

    Alex can I have winning culture for 1 dollar?

  11. cfd3000

    Do you think Cody Reed was siting in the bullpen thinking – I want Big Sal’s spot. Cody has to be better than that – right?

  12. big5ed

    I hardly ever defend Votto’s defense, but after watching the replay, Votto was pretty much guilty only of keeping his eye on the ball. Yeah, Keith Hernandez may have looked up and read what Lorenzen was signalling, but I’m not going to criticize a guy for focusing on a ball in play in his direction. It isn’t like they can practice that play, even in PFP in Goodyear.

  13. roger garrett

    Lots of teams in both leagues that still think they can.Again I am shocked that teams weren’t willing to trade for Iggy,Hughes and Hernandez.I hope it wasn’t because we still think we can this year or next but all of these guys would help a contender in a big way.I don’t know what we turned down or even if we had offers but these guys can and do shorten the game.Puzzling to me.

    • Jack

      I can only imagine what these jokers turned down.

  14. Jack

    King Felix goes to the pen and without a peep. Homer throws a temper tantrum and he hasn’t even come close in his career to what King Felix has done. Yet the Reds give in to him.