Strange night. The game was tied 2-2 at the start of the 6th inning and 9-2 at the end. Cleveland notched 18 hits and 2 intentional walks. In the 9th inning, relief pitcher Michael Lorenzen played right field and singled; and right fielder Brandon Dixon played relief pitcher and retired the top of the Cleveland lineup in order. 

Cincinnati 3 (52-67) • Cleveland 10 (67-51)

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Cleveland scored its first two runs on an improbable home run. Homer Bailey jammed Jose Ramirez on a pitch inside off the plate that Ramirez was able to pull down the right field line, just over the fence in the Reds bullpen. Ramirez’s fly ball had a 3% hit probability. 

The Reds scored early on two solo home runs – Tucker Barnhart in the 2nd inning, to the opposite field on a 94-mph fastball, and Scooter Gennett pulled a bomb high up into the right field bleachers. Gennett’s homer tied the game 2-2.

The Reds loaded the bases in the 3rd and 4th inning with no runs. Mason Williams struck out in the 3rd and Eugenio Suarez tapped back to the pitcher in the 4th.  

Homer Bailey started the fateful 6th inning with the score tied 2-2. After recording an out, Greg Allen lined a single and scored second. In the 8th pitch of the at bat, Bailey grooved a slider to Yandi Diaz who smacked it off the left field wall, scoring Allen. Bailey was lifted with the score 3-2 and one out in the 6th. Manager Jim Riggleman ordered Francisco Lindor walked, which was credited to Bailey as he left the field. 

Amir Garrett relieved Bailey and proceeded to give up a double, intentional walk, single, double and double, making the score 9-2. Garrett did strike out Yonder Alonso on three good sliders. Wandy Peralta gave up three hits leading to a run in the 7th, making the score 10-2. 

Cody Reed (he’s back, yay, see below) came in for the 8th inning and gave up a just a broken-bat bloop single. He also struck out a batter. Brandon Dixon pitched the 9th and retired Francisco Lindor and Michael Brantley and struck out Jose Ramirez. And people say Raisel Iglesias is irreplaceable. 🙂

Curt Casali, who entered the game to relieve Votto, produced the Reds final run with a solo homer (13% hit probability) in the 8th. Tucker Barnhart drew two walks to go with the homer.  

Joey Votto is still feeling the effects of being hit by a Ryan Madson pitch in Washington. In the 3rd, he doubled over the head of the centerfielder and was in obvious pain and hindrance trying to get to second. The Reds have given him a couple days off. 

Tucker Barnhart threw out Francisco Lindor trying to steal 2B in the 1st inning. On the other side of the defensive ledger, Jose Peraza booted an **easy** double play ground ball in the 4th. Bailey worked around runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs, allowing no runs. 

Sadly, no balls were hit to Michael Lorenzen in right field in the 9th inning. Glad the Reds were willing to entertain this and it’s a good way to ease Lorenzen back to the outfield, where he starred for a big-time college baseball program. The real test of the organization’s open-mindedness to position flexibility is if they start Lorenzen in a game. Lorenzen singled sharply to center in the 9th. 

Reed Up, Mella Down Before tonight’s game, the Reds called up LHP Cody Reed and optioned RHP Keury Mella back to Louisville. Reed, who will still be 25 on Opening Day 2019, started 10 games for the Reds in 2016, 1 game in 2017 and 1 game (April 9) this season. He’s made 14 other appearances in the bullpen. In his 50 starts at Louisville over the past three seasons, he’s struck out 272 and walked 112 in 285 innings. He’s raised his K% and cut his BB% in half from last year. Since May 29, he’s struck out 81 and walked 16 in 77 IP. In his last four starts, he’s struck out 33 and walked just 3 batters. He’ll begin in the bullpen for the Reds. Question is, will the Reds create opportunity for Reed to start games? 

Photo: Sam Greene, Cincinnati Enquirer

Schebler on the Way Scott Schebler has been sidelined with a shoulder injury since running into the right field wall on July 14. Schebler made 40 pain-free throws to Billy Hatcher today and said he didn’t feel any discomfort. Mark Sheldon of has an interview with the Reds’ RF:

“I could actually throw it down at his waist, I could throw it down at his knees,” Schebler said. “That’s a good indication. It’s just like pitching, when people get tired or you’re hurt, you’re throwing the ball up in the zone. Being able to finish throws and throw it down, kind of at his waist level, that was good, that was really good for a first day.”

Canadian Iron Man With tonight’s game, Joey Votto passed Justin Morneau into 4th place on the all-time games played list among players from Canada. The three ahead of Votto (1,546) are Larry Walker (1988), Matt Stairs (1895) and Russell Martin (1,597). Votto can’t quite pass Martin this year, but he has a decent shot of ending up first or second on this list. He’s played in 162 games twice in his career, including last year. Five other times he’s played in at least 150. 

[Garrett photo: Joe Robbins, Getty Images]

[Bailey photo: Rob Tringali, Getty Images]

40 Responses

  1. Gary Davis

    How is hit probability measured? I would think a fair ball hit over the fence has a 100 % hut probability.

    • Steve Mancuso

      It’s based on launch angle, exit velocity and actual distance, not where it lands. Was such a short hit it would have been an out almost anywhere else in outfield.

  2. Sliotar

    Thanks for the laugh. Much appreciated after such a humbling game.

    I am watching Mariners at A’s and though its not even August 15th, there is a little tension. The teams know one is likely going to edge out the other for a spot in the play-in game.

    A lot less smiling and less of sort-of-paying attention in dugout while telling a funny story, on both sides.

    I miss meaningful Reds baseball in the last 2 months of a season.

    For today, I guess hope Garrett isn’t temporarily “broken” like he was after Eric Thames and the debacle at Milwaukee last year.

  3. Gerardo Helguera

    Homer Bailey is 1 and 10! Can’t believe he still in the rotation

    • KY_Snowman

      It’s not that hard to fathom. They’re paying him $20,000,000 a year. He’s not going to be sitting on the bench.

      • Eric

        It’s TOTALLY hard to fathom:

        Option A: Pay Homer, Because What’s Done is Done. Start Homer. No Other Potential 2019 Starter Gets That Start. Lose Game.

        Option B: Pay Homer, Because What’s Done is Done. Don’t Start Homer. Other Potential 2019 Starter Gets The Start. Might Win Game.

        The only point…the ONLY point…of continuing to start Homer Bailey is if the Reds are trying to tank and get a better draft position. It’s DEAD money at this point. Just saying they are (or should be) starting Homer because he’s drawing a fat check doesn’t make sense on its face.

  4. Jim Walker

    Bailey would have had a lot more left in the tank to face the 6th inning if the GIDP would have been completed in the 4th on ball booted by Peraza. The error cost him a bundle of leverage pitches.

    • big5ed

      Exactly. It is the hidden cost of lousy defense. He got Allen out on a 1-pitch bunt (1-pitch outs being a hidden cost of bunting), then threw 14 more pitches, under pressure, to get out of the inning.

    • lwblogger2

      It sure did. I was telling my dad at the game when he got lifted that his line was going to look a lot worse than he actually pitched.

  5. James M Robinson

    Everyone talking about Votto’s power outage. Couple months ago I started thinking he was hurt. Hit a ball to the gap that was a double all the way, but he almost got thrown out at 2nd. Replay showed he ran hard to first, slowed way down rounding the bag, and ran hard into 2nd. And not in a coasting kind of way. Seemed like he wasn’t confident of his legs if he rounded it hard. Just my thoughts.

    • lwblogger2

      Nice observation. It hasn’t come out if he was injured before the HBP though.

  6. Mark Lang

    10 hits and 2 walks in 5.1 innings – I read your synopsis and thought he pitched well, just some bad luck – then had to go back and check that again. Uh, no – if you give up 10 hits and 2 walks in 5.1 innings – you stank.

  7. RedDawg2012

    Why in the world is Preston Tucker getting starts over Dilson Herrera? Apparently the experiment with Dilson in the outfield isn’t something that will be happening regularly.

    • big5ed

      Because PT is a left-handed hitter, I suppose.

      I agree that logic is stupid.

  8. Mason Red

    Pitching…pitching….pitching. Unless it’s fixed there’s no hope for success with this franchise.

  9. greenmtred

    I’ve been noticing that, lately, Suarez isn’t running out infield grounders. On Sunday, it might have cost him a hit when Goldschmidt had to leave first to catch a slightly errant throw. By the time he stepped on the bag, Suarez was still nowhere to be seen. Last night, I noticed again that he really only jogs when he hits a grounder.

    • Jeff Reed

      Suarez is the center if the Red’s offense. It is not major league to not run out all ground balls. It is not time to jog.

  10. docproctor

    You know how some guys just LOOK like a ballplayer?
    Preston Tucker doesn’t.

  11. davemoorewvu

    I don’t normally say things like this, and it’ll have to happen next year, but I really hope a Reds pitcher drills a Nationals player with a pitch in the back next year. Votto is hurt and somebody needs to pay for that.

    • big5ed

      In the knee. And it ought to be Strasburg or Scherzer. It is chicken S for a reliever to hit a guy intentionally, knowing he will never himself get an AB.

      You have to answer for Santino, Carlo.

      • davemoorewvu

        Oh yeah! Love the Godfather reference!

      • big5ed

        Castillo pitched against the Nats the next day, and failed to understand that “We can’t wait.” Say what you want about Homer, but it would have been “strictly business” for him, and somebody on the Nats would have paid.

        I believe that the Cubs came of age a few years ago when Anthony Rizzo went off on something against the Reds and cleared the benches. The Reds need that moment.

      • roger garrett

        I agree.It would help for somebody on this team just to get mad about losing all the time and start a fight in the club house or on the field or even in the board room.Nothing like a high and tight one to get some players to show a little wait for it wait for it GRIT.Walt still has that influence you know.

      • davemoorewvu

        If I remember correctly, Lorenzen threw a pitch behind somebody, maybe Eaton? That’s not good enough. Somebody needs to be hurt. And feel it for a couple weeks.

      • davemoorewvu

        Absolutely it has to be Strasburg or Scherzer. And I love the Godfather reference!

  12. roger garrett

    Like the reference regarding Iggy.I was shocked Reds didn’t get a reasonable trade offer for him.Playoff baseball often comes down to the pen and he can go 2 innings and adds length to the back end.Maybe everybody is just giving the title to the Red Sox.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Lorenzen in the outfield. I might’ve got interested except this front office waffles back and forth constantly. Dilson in LF for one game. Ervin has got some key time, but as soon as Schebler comes back then it will be Scheb and Billy every day to October and Ervin will just get scraps. The Reds will be 3-37 in Homer’s combined 2018-19 starts, but he’s going out there come hell or high water. They’re nothing if not predictable.

    • WVRedlegs

      Lorenzen in the outfield. It was one inning in a 10-2 blowout. Nothing to get excited about. Like you say, it is the Reds front office. Now if they start him in RF or CF 2 or 3 times a week, then that is something to get behind.
      I kind of like Chris Welsh’s and Thom’s idea last night of making Lorenzen available for a start in the OF the day after he pitches 2 innings. Why limit it to just pinch hitting duties once every couple of weeks? If you put him on a 4 game cycle where he pitches 2 innings in game 1, starts in the OF game 2, available for pinch hitting/pinch running in game 3, and back to pitch 2 innings in game 4, you can start to maximize his value. Maybe that is more of a 3 game cycle, not 4. You can get 54 games as a reliever and a possible 108 IPs. You can get 54 games started in the OF. Rest and maybe some pinch hitting ABs in game 3. Now that would be maximizing value if they aren’t going to put him in the rotation. You would get about 108 IP’s and about 200 PA’s from Lorenzen.

      • big5ed

        He needs a lot of ABs to make up for lost time. They would need to send him to winter ball, probably in the Dominican, to get ABs. I don’t know if a team down there would do that.

  14. VaRedsFan

    The Dodgers lost their closer, Jansen, and have lost 3 straight games in the 9th inning. Maybe Iggy isn’t making it far enough down the waiver list for them to claim.

    • WVRedlegs

      You are right, the Dodgers are in trouble. And you are right, Iglesias won’t make it that far down the waiver list.
      Maybe they would be interested to trade for Harvey, and the they could move Wood, Ryu, or Maeda to be the closer. Wood is supposed to come off of the DL to start tonight. Ryu is supposed to come off the DL and start tomorrow. Almost every Dodger starter has hit the DL at some point this year. A healthy Harvey would help and they can move a starter to closer to save some innings on their arm, for next year.
      Plus the Dodgers are in third place in their division by percentage points. Tied for second with Colorado 1 game behind the D-backs. But technically in third place.
      The Dodges need to do something, just like Seattle needs to do something, and soon.

      • Indy Red Man

        Wade Davis has been bad too….really surprising that some of these teams didn’t make more effort to improve their pen? Bud Norris blew a 2 run lead last night too, but I think the Cards thought they were sellers?

    • lwblogger2

      Yeah, there is no way that Iggy doesn’t get claimed by someone. His contract is too enticing, even for a non-contender.

  15. Bill j

    Why not move Dixoon and Blandino, when he comes back, you the rotation, looks like they may have more success at 74 or less than others at 90 or more.

  16. jessecuster44

    Why are position players pitching for the Reds right now? 10-2 isn’t that much of a laugher… I thought Reds wanted to look at the young arms?

  17. Big56dog

    Is it my imagination does this team use a lot of questionable strategy?, really over thinking the iBB. Walking Mes in the fifth last week was a real head scratcher, Stephenson did not help himself walking the pitcher but was having a decent outing up until that point.
    Not following the games that much this year but seems to be a lot of bunting as well.

    • lwblogger2

      Riggleman is a “managers’ manager” in that he tends to really manage games. He’s very active. He’s always doing something. In most cases, it’s best to make out the lineup and then just watch your guys play. He is IBB and sacrifice bunt happy. He’s NOT a good manager as far as in-game strategy. He also probably isn’t a great clubhouse manager as he doesn’t have the reputation of a guy that players love playing for AND there was that incident in Washington, where he resigned on his team due to a dispute not related to the players.

  18. Grand Salami

    Was there. It’s amazing how hittable Amir has become. If he is this bad in the rotation (supposed to be an assassin in more limited time), then why too isn’t he back in the mix as a potential starter? He’s already here, give him and Lorenzen three innings a piece for a game. He seemed to hold more potential than Sal or others on the list.

    Mason’s check swing seemed like an awful call. It was during a pivotal moment when the game was tied. Was sitting eight rows back, halfway up the third base line and was surprised that they even appealed it. Was shocked by the call.

    Lastly, there were far more Indians fans than Reds fans at field level. Saying that my brother and I were ‘surrounded’ is not an exaggeration.

    • Grand Salami

      Edit: delete ‘rotation’ and change to ‘bull pen’

    • lwblogger2

      Were you on the 3B side? There are always more away fans over there than on the 1B side. It’s because the Visitors’ dugout is there. We sit over there a lot and the past few years, we are definitely outnumbered by the opposing team’s fans.