Every month I track the distances for as many home runs as I can on the farm. You can see the latest version, which looks at the second half of July by clicking here. I use trackman data when available, and video when it’s not (and the video IS available). In total this season I’ve gotten distances on 335 home runs on the farm system this year. There have been 443 home runs hit this season. So, there’s certainly some missing data, but most of it is there.

The longest home run of the year so far goes to catcher/first baseman Pabel Manzanero at 467 feet. That one came just two weeks ago to take the top spot. If that were hit in the Major Leagues this season it would be the 13th longest of the season – for all teams. The shortest home run of the year goes to Bren Spillane at 315 feet. The average distance on a home run this season, at least among that that I’ve been able to track, is 387.9 feet.

Of the 114 home runs that have gone 400+ feet, 11 of them have been hit by Ibandel Isabel. To put how ridiculous that is into perspective, only four other players in the system have hit more than 11 home runs all season long, much less 400+ feet. It’s possible that he’s hit even more home runs 400+ feet as I only have distances on 16 of his 25 home runs hit with the Reds this year (he hit 1 with the Dodgers organization before he was traded to Cincinnati).

The pitchers aren’t being cheated. Rookie Davis, Brandon Finnegan, and Keury Mella have all homered this season. Rookie Davis tops the list among the pitchers with a 414 foot blast hit while rehabbing in Pensacola last month. Brandon Finnegan’s home run went an estimated 370 feet in Louisville back on May 21st. Keury Mella is looking up at those two with his home run going 326 feet on May 26th.

The longest home run hit by a teenager on the farm this year belongs to infielder Juan Martinez. He’s hit four home runs between the Billings Mustangs and Greeneville Reds. But his 452 foot home run on July 29th with the Mustangs tops the rest of the homers hit this season by someone still in their teens. He also has the second and third longest homers hit by a teenager in the system.

Eugenio Suarez has the longest home run among the Cincinnati Reds Major Leaguers at 451 feet. Five minor leaguers have topped that mark, and another one that matched it. Pabel Manzanero, mentioned earlier, Hendrik Clementina, Chris Okey, and Juan Martinez – also mentioned earlier, all have home runs that went further than 451 feet. Reshard Munroe matched that distance on July 10th with Billings.

That’s all for this week, but I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of the home run stuff. Chicks, dudes, robots, and probably Killer Klowns from outer space all love the long ball.


5 Responses

  1. David

    Long ball? Heh!
    Who is the best bunter in the system? We need more bunts!!!!

    Seriously, is there anyone in the system that can bunt well for a base hit? Seems like a lost art.

    Amazingly, Billy Hamilton still can’t bunt well. But we all know that.

    • Jim Walker

      Mason Williams looks like he is pretty good at trying to place bunts for hits.

  2. Jack

    You’re right Jim. He almost had one last night.

  3. David

    This is just a riff off of Doug’s article. But it is something really weird. Fast guys should be able to lay down a bunt for a base hit from time to time. Yes, chicks dig the long ball, but home runs don’t exactly appear on command.
    Johnny Bench bunted ocassionally because third basemen played so very deep on him.

    Johnny hit a lot more home runs than bunt base hits, obviously.

  4. Streamer88

    Isabel has 26 HRs in under 400 ABs. Plays 1B. Does this guy project to another position? Improving?