The Cincinnati Reds (49-63) are having a rough road trip, as they have lost 4 of 5. The Reds will hope for better fortune at Citi Field against the New York Mets (45-64), starting tonight at 7:10 PM. The Reds and Mets have gone in complete opposite directions since the Harvey for Mesoraco trade. The Reds, despite their recent struggles, are 41-36 since the trade was announced. The Mets have gone 27-49, and from just 1.0 game out in the NL East to 17.0 games back. Matt Harvey unfortunately will not pitch in this series, but he is certainly already making a splash in New York (more on that below).

Starting Pitchers

Homer Bailey is coming off back-to-back impressive starts since his latest return from the DL: 14.2 IP, 4 ER, 8 H, 3 BB, 14 K. It will be interesting to see if he can keep it up tonight. The biggest issue all year for Bailey has been allowing the home run ball. The good news for Bailey tonight is that the Mets are tied for the 3rd fewest HR (45) at home in the MLB. Bailey has not fared well against the Mets in his career, as he owns a 7.22 ERA in 7 starts. He has been a little better at Citi Field, as he has a 4.74 ERA in 3 career starts. Bailey got beat around by the Mets on May 7th at GABP, allowing 6 ER in 4.0 innings, including 3 HR (Conforto, Bruce, Gonzalez). The Reds are just 1-13 in games started by Bailey this season.

Noah Syndergaard is one of the best pitchers in baseball when he is healthy. Since the start of 2016, Syndergaard has the best FIP (2.31) and the 4th best ERA (2.74) of any pitcher with 250+ IP. He only made 7 starts last season, and this year missed nearly two months with a strained ligament in his right index finger. His fastball velocity is down nearly 2 MPH this season, but he has still put up great numbers. Syndergaard has dominated the Reds in his career, putting up a 1.98 ERA with 32 strikeouts and walks in 4 starts. He has not faced the Reds however since 2016.

Starting Lineups

Reds Mets
1. Jose Peraza (SS)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Scooter Gennett (2B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Mason Williams (RF)
6. Tucker Barnhart (C)
7. Preston Tucker (LF)
8. Homer Bailey (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)
1. Amed Rosario (SS)
2. Jeff McNeil (2B)
3. Wilmer Flores (1B)
4. Michael Conforto (LF)
5. Todd Frazier (3B)
6. Brandon Nimmo (RF)
7. Austin Jackson (CF)
8. Kevin Plawecki (C)
9. Noah Syndergaard (P)

Jay Bruce is on the DL with a right-hip strain. The Mets are hoping to get him back soon, but he hasn’t even started a rehab assignement yet.

Matt Harvey

This should add some extra fun and intrigue to this series…..


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  1. roger garrett

    Nothing new with our guys.Same guys playing that normally do minus the guys in for Scott and Winker.Homer is still pitching and Billy is still in center field but one of these days this is all going to change.Can’t happen soon enough but it will happen.Right now we have better options watching that make nothing in comparison to these two at 30 million.I am too old to be wishing my life away but 2020 is just around the corner.

    • Wayne nabors

      I’m with you roger,not sure if reds will ever win again in my lifetime, sure wish it would change

    • seat101

      But I have this feeling I get when I’m stuck at the movie theater knowing what the ending will be but I still have to sit through the rest of act two before I even get to act three. It’s not a good feeling. It’s a combination of dread, boredom, and anxiety.

      The interim manager must go

      • roger garrett

        Yeah and I tried to get into that winning vibe and culture thing because that’s what I really want but boy when you know the outcome is going to be just like it has been for what seems like forever it just stinks.We are just awful and even with a top 10 farm system and money owed coming off the books I don’t feel that this front office has what it takes to produce a winner.

  2. Jack

    Glad Williams is playing again. I would like to see what he can do for the next 2 months.

  3. Bred

    Anyone have a link to the Harvey presser?

  4. Old-school

    John fay is reporting Dilson Herrera is taking balls every day in right field and will play some opposite Mason Williams. Herrera said his shoulder is healthy and Riggleman said the plan in ST was to have him work at 3b and OF to have a utility role, but the shoulder wouldnt allow.

    • Old-school

      Mostly generic outfield references…one RF mention.

      • Jack

        I’ll believe it when I see it. Riggleman seems to tell you want you want to hear and does something different.

    • Steelerfan

      With his shoulder, that just feels like a recipe for trouble. I get having him able to stand out there in an emergency, but long term second feels like the only place he can will get any regular playing time.

  5. Sliotar

    Day off tomorrow for Votto?

    That should have been a double. His leg is far from being right.

    Him being a “gamer” is beyond question, but sit tomorrow vs. Vargas (lefty), come back Wednesday vs. deGrom?

    He has appeared in every game but 1 this season.

  6. doofus

    Peraza and Gennett are one of the worst keystone pair in MLB.

  7. doofus

    Five on Baseball America’s 2018 Top 100 (final addition): 4 Senzel; 22 Trammell; 43 Greene; 44 India; 99 Santillan. India and Santillan were added to this last addition. Winker and Mahle graduated off the list.

  8. Steelerfan

    “Watching” on computer, they are showing all were hits. Just lack of range?

    Peraza’s bat has improved this year, but he feels like he his at least a tick below average at short.

      • Steelerfan

        Thanks, the play by play on espn was not very helpful.

        How bad is Homer looking? Five hits but all singles…

    • doofus

      Lack of hands, range, arm, focus, communication, etc…during any game several will apply for both of them.

    • big5ed

      The second one was by Votto; a good first baseman would have had it and maybe have turned two. The last one, to Suarez, was a sharp one-hopper that he could have had, but it would have been a nice grab. The others were just luckily placed.

  9. doofus

    Why would a good starting pitcher want to come to Cincinnati knowing Peraza and Gennett man SS and 2B?

  10. doofus

    There have been many balls that Peraza and Gennett have failed to turn into outs that ended up being hits this season. Just because a scorer puts it in the book as a hit, and not an error, doesn’t mean it was not poor defense that allowed it to happen.

    • docproctor

      Add Suarez to that list tonight. Two hits that could have been charged as errors.

  11. Seat101

    What Jeanette, I agree. He is a lame second base. Peraza is a tick above average and is getting better. Where are you guys say Suarez screwed up and second baseman screwed up but not the shortstop.

    Peraza needs a couple of days off

  12. docproctor

    I don’t like the Reds chances of coming back in this one. Hope they prove me wrong, but Thor has them in knots tonight.

  13. Steelerfan

    I confess this is part of the reason I have trouble with the no room for Senzell in the infield argument. According to Doug Gray and others, his defense at third in minors was good ( I remember there being questions when he came out in the draft). If he can play third, he should be able to be an upgrade at second. And if he is even barely competent at short, the bat should make up the difference between his defense and Peraza’s. Of all the people they should be considering switching to the outfield, I feel like Senzel should be the last.

    • Seat101

      I agree with you about Senzel. Added to the fact that running into walls cannot be good for his vertigo

    • Old-school

      It’s getting nearly impossible to see a scenario where the Reds win 90 games in 2019 and overtake the Cubs and Brewers. That’s the only scenario to deviate from the plan of drafting and developing and playing the next generation of franchise players at their best positions. Moving Senzel to the OF no longer makes sense. A 27 yo Brandon Phillips isnt playing 2b. Scott Rolen isn’t at 3b.

      The SP has not developed in 2018.

      Homer Bailey- negative WAR and 1-9 and no longer a power pitcher capable of throwing 200 innings with 15 wins and 200 Km He’s owed 30 million to close out 2019. He’s not winning 15 games and making 30 starts in 2019. The contract is prohibitive.

      Brandon Finnegan -career over?

      Disco- below replacement level, but still worth watching. Not winning 15 games in 2019 or starting game 2 of the NLDS.

      Mahle- replacement level with great potential. Not winning 15 games in 2019 for a playoff team.

      Romano- replacement level, not winning 15 games in 2019. Could be good RP or SP.

      Castillo- staff ACE at 1.1 WAR. Legitimate SP but needs more seasoning.

      Stephenson- earned a rotation opportunity. Reason for optimism

      Stay the course on the rebuild. Focus on 2020 and the young guys. Nick Senzel is an infielder. I’ve seen enough. Paying Scooter $50 million to play 2b for 2019/20/21/22 is insanity.

      The Reds aren’t winning in 2019.
      Nick Senzel is an infielder.

  14. BigRedMike

    Homer looking like Homer tonight

    Getting crushed by the worst offense in the NL

  15. VaRedsFan

    Seems like a perfect spot for Mella to come in. Nope ….Peralta instead

  16. Jeff Reed

    Wandy Peralta time. Three and a third innings for Homer, 5 runs and two runners on. How long can Homer take starts away from Stevenson?

  17. BigRedMike

    Good play by Gennett there

    Mella looks solid

  18. Dewey Roberts

    Well, the winning culture that DW said the Reds had developed seems to have left them as fast as it came. It is foolish to make decisions on small sample sizes.

  19. Steelerfan

    So right before the deadline Ken Rosenthal tweeted that a trade with the Cubs for Harvey was off because the reds were insisting that the Cubs include Mike Oxlong in the package. I spent 20 minutes looking around and baseball reference trying to figure out why this was a deal breaker.

    I have been out of middle school WAY too long….

  20. roger garrett

    This could be ugly these last 50 games.Probably could be the best ting if it is really ugly.Wonder why the Reds feel Joey needs to play?

  21. roger garrett

    Man you really have to love this team to watch this mess unfold.Just can’t help myself.Love is a strange thing.

  22. Steelerfan

    So quick search at shows reds starters in bottom 5 in the league in innings pitched, ERA, WHIP, OBA, HR allowed, and K. I am guessing if you look at the more advanced stats the story is the same. Isn’t it malpractice not to give someone else a chance at this point?

  23. Steelerfan

    So ties for last in starter WAR and next to last in FIP according to Fangraphs. Only eighth though in xFIS, so we got that going for us.

  24. Steelerfan

    Tied for last and eighth in xFIP. Sorry time for me to step away from the keyboard…

  25. VaRedsFan

    Despite the HR, Mella has good stuff. Good fastball movement, and good changeup, with movement.

  26. WVRedlegs

    This is the beginning of the end of the Riggleman era.
    So glad that Dick, Nick, and Walt (with the wives in tow) made this DC/NY trip. They got a close up of what an MLB ace actually looks like in Schetzer and Syndergaard. They haven’t seen one on a Reds roster since 2013. Good that they get a reminder now and then.

    • WVRedlegs

      They say that Schetzer is a top pitcher. That Scherzer guy is pretty good too.

    • da bear

      Cueto had an awesome 2014. Led the league or tied in innings pitched, strikeouts, complete games, great ERA, great WHIP, 2nd in Cy Young voting only to Kershaw who missed a month to injury. Cueto had a great first half of 2015 too, until he was traded away to the World Series champion Royals.

  27. Indy Red Man

    Atleast they didn’t roll over tonite. Mella looks like he has good stuff. Sims & BobSteve have been good at AAA this year. Its a shame Harvey, Homer, and Romano are locks for the rotation instead?

    Oh well….they better do something (amything?) this offseason. If they sit pat again then no reason to watch.

    • bouwills

      There’s very little to be done as long as Bailey remains in the Reds rotation, this year or next. If the Reds acquire another sp (FA or trade), then only Castillo & Stephenson can make 2019 rotation with Bailey, new guy, & DeSclafani. Reds would be relying on injuries for Mahle, Romano, Reed, Sims, Mella, Lopez, Wisler, possibly even R. Davis, Travieso, Moscot to get an opportunity next year. What has been the point?