Mentioned this possibility for Mahle in the game recap last night. 

“The Reds are using a 6-man rotation, so you’d think they’d be watching closely for opportunities to remedy that. Mahle seems due for a trip to Louisville. He’s only 23 years old and made fewer than 10 starts at the AAA level. Nothing wrong with taking a little pressure off and refreshing his fundamentals. Mahle was more than solid through the month of June and still is promising.”

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  1. Kap

    Starters now in triple A: Mahle, Stephenson, Reed, Wisler, Sims, Lopez. Pretty stacked for a minor league rotation. Someone besides Mahle needs to come up and do well in Cincy now.

  2. DHud

    Probably going into the bullpen and going back to traditional 5-man rotation

  3. streamer88

    A four man rotation has been discussed on here before, but I’d favor what I’ll call a 4.5 man rotation. Take your four best starters. I’m going to liberally guess about our off season here…

    -Keuchel/Corbin/Harvey (I can dream. I really love Dallas’ fit for the Reds/GABP. Strong GB pitchers, minimal HRs, lefty. 4 year deal would take him ages 31-35)
    -Homer (the new Homer)
    -Castillo (the new Castillo)
    -Disco (the old Disco)

    Bullpen: Mahle, Romano, Garret, Lorenzen, Bob Steve, Hughes, Hernandez, Iglesias.

    Now, the way the schedule has changed, most of the time your 4 man rotation goes every 5 days due to days off. When not, you simply run a scheduled bullpen day, and we are ideally positioned (more than most franchises at the moment) to run an effective bullpen day due to our talent pool. Mahle, Sal, Lorenzen, Bob Steve, even Amir all have that stretch ability.

    I’m not even accounting for Cody, and the new Braves.

  4. Mason Red

    I for one have little faith that any pitcher the Reds have in the minors will ever be quality starters. Like I said in a previous post look at the history of the Reds developing pitchers in the past 50 years. It ain’t good.

  5. Davy13

    These are either in my “keep,” “undecided” or “give away/garage sale” (via trade/waiver/demotion/not sign/bench) by position as of today before September call-ups, August trade, and offseason transactions. So this can change easily by the end of September.

    1B Votto – keep
    2B. Gennett – keep
    SS Peraza – garage sale
    3B Suarez – keep
    LF Winker – keep
    CF Hamilton – garage sale
    RF Schebler – keep

    SP Homer – keep (if improvement is sustained + bad contract to unload)
    SP Disco – keep
    SP Castillo – keep
    SP Harvey – garage sale (unless can be resigned very affordably)
    SP Romano/Mahle/BobSteve – undecided

    I really believe that if a few positions and a couple of starters are upgraded, the team can be good team. Obviously, if a few more players become All-Star or elite like Suarez, then we have a contender. If Senzel can come back from injury well next season, then he could fill one of the holes. A solid rotation pitcher needs to be signed (Gio Gonzalez maybe, etc) and difference-making position player (CF or SS). A lot of ifs with this team. That’s the problem.

  6. gaffer

    I think 5 BB and HR per 9 innings spoke loud enough

    • Scott C

      I am afraid you are basing that on old data. You should look up Bob Steve’s last seven or eight starts. Particularly his last three. He has fixed the issue at least at AAA. It is time to see if he can do it it at the next level.

  7. roger garrett

    Good for Mahle at this point because as someone said last night he is just physically and mentally drained.Kid is 23 and got a taste and then hit the wall.He will be back.Reyes appears to be just an arm that may or may not get to pitch depending on how Disco and the rest do over the weekend.Davy you are right about your keeper list.Pitching needs are at the forefront but we have position holes as well.Still not sure about Peraza though but this is year 2 where he has been given a real chance to show his stuff.Lets see how he ends up cause he is only 24.

  8. Capt. Phreddie Pizazz

    If Mahle remains in Louisville until the September call ups, will that amount of time give the Reds an additional year of team control on the 23 year old hurler?

  9. roger garrett

    Your right.With too many voices it becomes a vote and it should never work that way.

  10. roger garrett

    I like it but it kind of reminds me when my wife asks me what I am thinking about and when I tell her nothing she doesn’t believe me.I always tell her she is giving me more credit then I deserve which is what we would have to do regarding DW.I just don’t think so.

  11. Jim Walker

    I was trying to say they can control him off the active MLB roster to that age.

  12. RedInIND

    Heard some talk (maybe Mo Egger?) on WLW a couple days ago speculating on Stephenson. The speculation was that the Reds are going to leave him shining in Louisville, thus making him a high-level prospect trade chip.