The Reds made only one move before the July 31st trade deadline. They acquired OF Preston Tucker (1 for 4 with Reds thus far), SP Matt Wisler (He went 5 IP allowing 1 R, 5 H, and 0 BB with 5 SO in his first start with the AAA Bats.) and SP Lucas Sims (Has not yet pitched for the AAA Bats.) for OF Adam Duvall.

We will have to keep an eye out to see if the Reds are able to get some players through waivers and make any deals in August.

Now let’s see what is going on down on the farm.

AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats have a 48 – 58 record and in 4th out of 4 in the International League West.

International League hitters are hitting .252/.323/.390/.712.

  • 3B/1B D. J. Peterson, .284/.328/.476/.803, leads the team with 13 HR. The 26 year old also leads the team with 22 2B and 92 SO.
  • RF Gabriel Guerrero, .279/.317/.468/.785, is 2nd on the team with 11 HR. The 24 year old hit .296/.336/.469/.806 in 107 PA at Pensacola to begin the season.

International League pitchers have a 3.86 ERA.

  • RH SP Bob Stephenson, 3.03 ERA, has tossed 107 IP allowing 73 H and 54 BB with 122 SO. The 25 year old has allowed 6.1 H/9, 4.5 BB/9, and 10.3 SO/9.
  • RH RP Tanner Rainey, 1.25 ERA, has tossed 36 IP allowing 14 H and 25 BB with 51 SO. The 25 year old has 6.3 BB/9 and 12.8 SO/9.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos have a 56 – 50 record and are 2nd out of 5 in the Southern League South

Southern League hitters are hitting .249/.328/.388/.716.

  • CF Jose Siri, .248/.318/.547/.866 in 154 PA, leads the club with 5 3B. The 22 year old was hitting .261/.280/.395/.675 in 126 PA at A+ before his promotion.
  • 3B/1B Mitch Nay, .250/.366/.442/.808 in 123 PA, has 5 HR since joining the Blue Wahoos. The 24 year was hitting .271/.342/.418/.760 in 281 PA at A+ Daytona before his promotion.

Southern League pitchers have a 4.01 ERA.

  • RH SP Tony Santillan, 1.84 ERA, has thrown 29.1 IP allowing 28 H and 7 BB with 32 SO in 5 GS for Pensacola. The 21 year old put up a 2.70 ERA in 86.2 IP allowing 81 H and 22 BB with 73 SO at A+ Daytona before joining the Blue Wahoos.
  • LH RP Seth Varner, 2.83 ERA in 19 G/11 GS, has thrown 82.2 IP allowing 71 H and 23 BB with 74 SO. The 26 year has a 1.14 WHIP.

High A Daytona Tortugas

The Tortugas have a 56 – 49 record and are 1st out of 6 in the Florida State League North. They have qualified for the Playoffs by being the First Half Division winners.

Florida State League hitters are hitting .253/.324/.371/.695.

  • 1B Ibandel Isabel, .244/.326/.522/.848, leads teh team with 23 HR and 110 SO. The 23 year old also leads the club with 51 RBI.
  • OF Taylor Trammell .281/.377/.413/.790, is 3rd on the team with 8 HR. The 20 year LH hitter leads the team with 62 R, 4 3B, 18 SB, and 48 BB.

Florida State League pitchers have a 3.85 ERA.

  • LH SP Scott Moss, 3.83 ERA, has thrown 98.2 IP allowing 99 H and 31 BB with 82 SO. The 23 year old has 2.8 BB/9.
  • RH RP Ryan Hendrix, 1.98 ERA, has thrown 41 IP allowing 32 H and 21 BB with 63 SO. The 23 year has a very good 13.8 SO/9 and has recorded 9 S.

Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons have a 50 – 57 record and are 5th out of 8 in the Midwest League Eastern

Midwest League hitters are hitting .251/.326/.374/.700.

  • C Hendrik Clementina, .279/.355/.533/.888, is leads the club lead with 14 HR. The 21 year old also leads the team with 46 RBI.
  • 2B/SS Jeter Downs, .262/.348/.416/.764, is 2nd on the club lead with 11 HR. The 19 year old middle infielder leads the team with 55 R, 29 SB, 42 BB, and 22 2B.

Midwest League pitchers have a 3.84 ERA.

  • RH SP Hunter Greene, 4.48 ERA, has thrown 68.1 IP allowing 66 H and 23 BB with 89 SO. The 18 year old has 3.0 BB/9 and 11.7 SO/9.
  • RH RP Cory Thompson, 2.54 ERA, has tossed 56.2 IP allowing 55 H and 8 BB with 57 SO. The 23 year old has 5 S and 1.3 BB/9.

Rookie Billings Mustangs

The Mustangs have a 20 – 24 record and are 4th out of 4 in the Pioneer League North.

The Pioneer League hitters hit .279/.352/.438/.790.

  • OF Zeek White, .350/.452/.567/1.019 in 73 PA, is tied for the team lead with 2 3B. The 21 year old hit .438/.514/.625/1.139 in 38 PA at R Greeneville before joining the Mustangs.
  • OF/1B Bren Spillane, .245/.390/.489/.879, is tied for the club lead with 5 HR. The 21 year old also leads the team with 20 BB and 49 SO.

The Pioneer League average ERA is 5.22.

  • RH SP Jared Solomon, 2.27 ERA, has thrown 47.2 IP allowing 32 H and 14 BB with 54 SO. The 21 year old has a 0.97 WHIP.
  • RH SP Luis Alecis, 3.79 ERA, has thrown 40.1 IP allowing 30 H and 18 BB with 53 SO. The 21 year old has 11.8 SO/9.

Rookie Greeneville Reds

The Reds have a 16 – 22 record and are 5th out of 5 in the Appalachian League West

The Appalachian League hitters hit .263/.352/.398/.750.

  • 1B Rylan Thomas, .281/.462/.652/1.114, leads the club lead with 9 HR. The 21 year old also leads the team with 29 BB.
  • 2B/3B Jonathan Willems, .291/.329/.507/.836, leads the team with 11 2B. The 19 year old leads the club with 3 3B and 24 RBI.

The Appalachian League average ERA is 4.82.

  • RH SP Josiah Gray, 2.90 ERA, has thrown 31 IP allowing 19 H and 8 BB with 32 SO. The 20 year old has a 0.87 WHIP.
  • RH RP Cory Heitler, 2.25 ERA, has thrown 12 IP allowing 11 H and 3 BB with 10 SO. The 20 year old has 2.3 BB/9 and 1 S.

Rookie AZL Reds

The Reds have a 6 – 26 record and are 6th out of 6 in the AZL Central.

The AZL hitters averaged .251/.341/.359/.700.

  • 2B Danielito Remy, .347/.377/.446/.823, leads the team with 10 2B. The 20 year old has 3 BB in 106 PA.
  • IF Reyny Reyes, .323/.362/.374/.736, is 2nd on the team with 32 H. The 19 year has 5 BB in 106 PA.

The AZL average ERA is 4.33.

  • RH SP Daniel De La Fuente, 3.31 ERA, has thrown 35.1 IP allowing 25 H and 18 BB with 30 SO. The 20 year old has 6.4 H/9.
  • RH RP Marvin Mateo, 0.00 ERA, has thrown 11.1 IP allowing 4 H and 3 BB with 10 SO. The 20 year old has a 0.62 WHIP and 2 S.

Rookie DSL Reds

The Reds have a 22 – 28 record and are 5th out of 6 in the Dominican Summer League Baseball City.

The DSL hitters averaged .236/.340/.333/.674.

  • OF Darlin Guzman, .297/.363/.514/.876, is 2nd on the team lead with 5 3B. The 17 year old LH hitter also leads the team with 33 H.
  • CF Allan Cerda, .248/.399/.424/.823, is 2nd on the team with 22 BB. The 18 year old leads the team with 5 HR.

The DSL average ERA is 3.90.

  • LH RP Jose Salvador, 1.41 ERA, has thrown 38.1 IP allowing 20 H and 18 BB with 50 SO. The 18 year old has a 0.99 WHIP.
  • RH SP Raul Hernandez, 2.02 ERA, has thrown 35.2 IP allowing 23 H and 16 BB with 57 SO. The 19 year old has 14.4 SO/9.

5 Responses

  1. Kap

    The depth of the system keeps getting more and more impressive

  2. cfd3000

    Thanks for the updates Tom as always. What do Cody Reed’s numbers look like for the season, and for his last six or eight starts? Any signs of improvement there?

    • citizen54

      Reed has been pretty good recently with the exception of one blow up game at the end of June where I think he gave up like 7 runs in the first inning and then settled down from there. Last 2 games he has 16 K 1 BB in 11.1 innings. Maybe he is finally getting comfortable with his new mechanics.

      • cfd3000

        Thanks for that update. I still like his potential, but if your mechanics aren’t repeatable, or if they’re different for different pitches so the hitters know what’s coming, that won’t work. I’m still rooting for Reed and his future with the Reds. But my favorites will be whoever actually pitches well in Cincinnati!

  3. streamer88

    Can’t really argue we’re not moving guys up fast enough. Aside from a Greenville 1Bman, we have zero hitters with 1.000 OPS, practically zero hitters hitting .300, and some solid, but not overwhelming power sprinkled throughout. I’m not knocking our talent, but aside from bypassing a temporary Senzel call up in June, I’m just not sure the narrative fits.

    You need to bust down the door to play MLB, and we have a good farm, but it isn’t like we’re blocking an age 19-20 Griffey Jr with an aging veteran or anything.