The Cincinnati Reds announced late Monday evening that they have traded Adam Duvall to the Atlanta Braves for RHP Lucas Sims, RHP Matt Wisler, and OF Preston Tucker. All three players have MLB experience for the Braves. Tucker will report to Detroit tomorrow and join the Reds. Sims and Wisler were both with the Braves AAA club.

Here is what the Reds got:

Preston Tucker is a 28 year old, former 7th round pick of the Astros. He has played in 208 MLB games, and has been up and down between the majors and the minors since 2015. Tucker is hitting .256/.307/.444 with a 101 wRC+ in 127 PA this season. Last season, Tucker hit 24 HR in 569 PA at AAA. He can play both corner OF spots, but has never played CF. He is a left-handed bat who can not hit lefties (.461 career OPS vs LHP, .743 vs RHP). The Reds will have him under control through 2022. He is earning $565,000 this season.

Matt Wisler is 25 years old. He was the Braves #2 prospect (top pitching prospect) when he was called up in 2015. He was originally a 7th round pick of the Padres in 2011. He was traded to the Braves for Craig Kimbrel. Wisler has not been able to translate his minor league success in the majors, as he has a 5.27 ERA/4.93 FIP in 74 appearances (49 starts). Wisler has made just 3 starts in the big leagues this year, but did pitch 7.0 innings of 2-hit baseball against the Padres. He has a 4.37 ERA/3.25 FIP in 13 starts this year at AAA. Wisler features a fastball (93.1 avg), sinker, changeup, slider, and cutter. The Reds will have him under team control through 2022.

Luke Sims is 24 years old. He was the Braves first round draft pick (#21 overall) in 2012. Sims was the Braves #16 prospect when he was called up in 2016. He has only appeared in 6 games for the Braves in 2018 (all in relief), but he does have a 2.84 ERA/3.67 FIP with a 10.23 K/9 in 14 starts at AAA. Sims features a fastball (93.1 avg), sinker, changeup, slider, and cutter.

Adam Duvall will certainly be missed in Cincinnati. Duvall was always a class act, and is a good hitter vs LHP (101 wRC+ in 2018, 108 career). Steve said it best below. It would have been nice to keep Duvall, but this seems like a pretty good haul for a platoon guy/bench bat.

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  1. Jim Walker

    For me the unstated inference tonight is that a corner OF spot is now open for Nick Senzel to grow into.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Can’t see where that comes from. The stated (no inference) view by Williams is that Winker and Schebler have emerged this year. Indeed, they have. Absent a trade of Winker or Schebler, there isn’t a corner OF spot open.

      • Jim Walker

        A year from now Schebler’s age and contract situation will match where Duvall is now.

        DW said the pair had emerged, He didn’t say they were his LT corner OF.

        Once DW says where Senzel is going to play he spills a whole bunch of off season leverage.

        And your “favorite” @johnfayman predicted yesterday that Senzel would be the LF come some time in 2019. “predicted not endorsed” is the language he used. He may not know his metrics very well but he has a history of hitting on these sort of things.

      • Sliotar

        Feels like everyone is right…to some degree.

        WInker and Schebler are the favorites for the corner OF spots, but….

        Winker … done for year
        Schebler …. hurt and only projecting to be roughly 2 WAR for the season.
        Senzel …. injured and vertigo concern

        And, Senzel will spend some time in AAA to get the extra year of control.

        I admire those that see a contending team next season, but this has to be sorted, assuming all return healthy.

        Plus now an entire stable of AAA SPs have to be sorted, while easing Bailey out and maybe DeSclafani, too.

        The over/under on wins range feels like it could be anywhere from 68 to 81 at the moment.

      • Jim Walker

        Don’t sleep on Feidl and/ or Siri forcing themselves into the situation by this time next year too. They both moved up to AA about a month ago. Freidl has hardly slowed down since being promoted. Siri is getting hot on the power side but still carrying a high K rate. If they start 2019 at AAA, it will be game on just depending on how they play and how the guys above them play.

        And I haven’t mentioned Ervin. If he gets opportunity now and plays as he has so far since his most recent call up, he could shoulder his way into the mix in a big way.

        Of Ervin, Winker, and Schebler, Ervin may be the closest to a true 5 tool guy. Question is whether he will become a late bloomer. Ervin is 21 months younger than Schebler. Winker is 13 months younger than Ervin,

      • greenmtred

        Two games over .500 since April 19. More sorting needed, but contention in 2019 doesn’t feel far-fetched.

      • big5ed

        Duvall turns 30 in October; Schebler turns 28 in September. Two years difference.

      • Jim Walker

        True but 28 is old to be just installing as a long term future piece. Look at the ruckus Scooter has kicked up over this issue at essentially the same age as Schebler is now (SG 3 months older than SS).

        People were saying last year that Duvall was too old to be building around. Well, that’s Schebler come spring training 2019.

      • The Duke

        If Senzel moves to a corner OF spot, it’ll be right field where his plus arm strength can be used. Winker is perma-LF at this point, until Votto hangs em up at which point he can be moved to 1B (assuming career and injury work out).

    • Moses

      I think seeing Senzel in center field is a better bet!

  2. Joe McManus

    Seems like a good deal for both sides. I’ll miss Duvall but he isn’t part of the future. Some will easily and up being a great arm out of the pen, if we get nothing else from this. We’ll done.

  3. Sliotar

    If the rumors were true about Reds trying to land Zach Wheeler, this feels like an accomplished backup plan. Pitching with future control, just not from the Mets.

    On Talking Chop, a good Braves blog, there was a linked tweet stating that Wisler and Tucker were out of options and probably would not have made ATL’s 40-man roster.

    Win-win then for both teams, it appears. Both moving out spare parts (sans Sims, perhaps).

    Feels like Reds are going to keep checkbook in drawer now and not go after free agency SPs this winter. Plenty of in-house AAA SP “names” (to us, at least) that have to have their MLB potential determined, for this team to take a leap forward.

    • Colorado Red

      Not sure why they wanted Wheeler, he only has 1 year of team control

  4. Steve Mancuso

    Luke Sims has 188 pretty strong innings at AAA over 2017 and 2018. 215 Ks and 70 BBs. Pretty good for 23/24 year old. Tyler Mahle only pitcher on 40-man roster younger than Sims. Sims younger than Stephenson, Reed, Finnegan, Rookie Davis, Mella, Romano.

    • The Duke

      Could be a prime change of scenery guy. Has the stuff, just needs a coach to help him get it together. A new set of eyes on his development could help.

  5. Steve Mancuso

    Love seeing Williams talk about being focused on the future. If he’s putting emphasis on winning the rest of 2018, you don’t make this trade given Winker’s injury. Hope he keeps that up with other moves, beyond Harvey, in the next few hours. Deadline is 4 pm tomorrow.

    • jim t

      Steve I think they are listening on Scooter ,Iggy, Hernandez ,Hughes, Garrett and Hamilton. I think by opening of ST next year at least 2 of the above mentioned will be traded along with a minor league player in our top 5. The team needs at least one top of the rotation starter. I can’t make myself believe they will out bid the big markets in free agency for that player so a trade is essential. Not only that but from the list I provided the value of each player except Garrett will never be higher. My prediction is Senzel will be part of a deal for pitching with Gennett signing a 3 year extension. India is the player who will replace Gennett at 2nd when he is ready down the road. One of Siri or Trammel will be in CF by 2020. Even with trading Senzel we have a very nice line up and fill our biggest need a stopper for the top of the rotation. We also have India in the opipeline to replace Senzel.

      • VaRedsFan

        They are on record (Farrell) of saying Scooter will not be traded. I don’t mind your idea of trading high prospect (Senzel) for a bigtime starter, in a Latos-like deal

    • Scott C

      To me the fact that Williams made the trade and said they are looking towards the future was the best part of the trade. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

      • roger garrett

        We will see.Lots of things to do to convince me the future is the target.The trade in itself does point to the future but that’s all right now.

    • roger garrett

      To me the trade says that Duvall is not part of the future and maybe some of the players they got will be.I agree they need to use the same logic in other trades.Only question I have is will they use that same process regarding playing time for the next 50+ games to find out about players that could be part of the future.We will find out soon when Scott returns if in fact Adam’s trade means 2018 is not about winning.If Williams,Ervin and now Tucker playing time goes up then its about the future but if they just alternate in left then its the same scenario to me minus Duvall.

  6. Moses

    Even without knowing much about the players returning to the Reds, I like this trade just fine. Duvall was a role player who was occupying Winker’s best spot defensively (if you can call it best). That the Reds were able to get a couple former top prospects for him seems like a good enough haul. And let’s hope that one really makes a difference. Not quite a lottery ticket, but the Reds are presumably thinking that they can re-find the magic with at least one of these three, and that’s what they need to be doing in many of their trades.

    • RedInIND

      From Mark Bowman at the Braves MLB site:

      “Once considered top prospects, Wisler and Sims had become nothing more than potential long-relief options within Atlanta’s pitching-rich system. Tucker showed some power potential when he opened this season as the Braves’ left fielder. But he has been considered a below-
      average defensive player throughout his career.”

  7. Kevin Patrick

    This leaves open the possibility of trading Hughes or Hernandez and replacing them with AAAA pitchers.

    • VaRedsFan

      Sure it’s possible, but don’t think for a second that they could replace H & H. It’s hard enough to put together a good bullpen (see Reds 2015-2017). They finally found some good ones, let’s not go prospect diving by giving them up.

  8. Satchmo

    Good Example of Value for Value:

    -Duvall was the odd man out here, an extra outfielder in an already crowded outfield.
    -Wisler and Sims were thrown into the fire after being aggressively pushed through the minors. With Atlanta’s organizational pitching depth made them expendable.

    Wisler is an interesting story in that his career was set back by a freakish team bus accident. Both of them get high marks for pure stuff and competitiveness. Wisler has trouble missing bats; Sims has trouble hitting corners. Whatever the Reds did for Harvey, let’s hope they can do the same for these two.

    • VaRedsFan

      The managers kept playing Duvall vs. righties which was the mistake here. He would have been fine as a platoon OF’er, PH, or late game sub. He had a role, but the managers failed to utilize it.

  9. Tom

    The Reds also seem to toying with the idea of shorter starts and a deeper, more adaptive bullpen. This move supports this concept, while opening up a corner OF position. The more arms the Reds have ready to pitch 1-3 scoreless innings or at least avoid blow up innings, the better. That means the starters can go 5 innings effectively and be pulled before trip 3 around the line up. There is no mop up role in this bullpen. Every role is about preventing runs and getting outs. I like it.

    I think they kept playing Duvall to set up a trade like this and I like that too. Sucks Winker got hurt but it’s better to get the shoulder resolved now. We also get to see how some younger players take advantage the opening.

    Duvall was hard not to root for. He’s playing baseball with some extra challenges and he’s made the most of it. Best of Luck, Duvall-Star!

    • vegastypo

      Heartily agree about wishing Duvall the best. The guy plays hard, and when we heard how bad he was supposedly gonna be defensively, guess what? A finalist for the Gold Glove award. Always a fun guy to cheer for. … I was actually thinking the Reds would have to package him with somebody else to get anything even potentially useful in return, but what they got just for him seems pretty good.

  10. vegastypo

    I’ll also be interested in seeing who the Reds play at the corner spots for the rest of the year. Do Ervin and Williams get significant playing time? Does Schebler play some center field when he’s back? …

    And like others have said, what about Dilson Herrera? Does he EVER get a chance to play, beyond pinch hitting? And now we get to see how Preston Tucker fits into the mix, since he’s joining the Reds right away.

    I’ve been saying since early in the season that I’m not buying that the Reds’ front office expects to contend next season, with so many positions left to figure out. Take away enough veteran players and the lesser experienced guys will be all that’s left !!!

    Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of “As the Trades Turn” !!!!

    • Jim Walker

      One of the guys coming over presumably will get some OF time. As things stand now Ervin is the only RH hitting true OF on the 25 man roster (OK, BHam is SH such as he does but not true RH). So a person would think that unless another RH OF is acquired, Ervin sticks and gets a lot of PT even when Schebler is back.

      BTW Schebler DHed again Monday at AAA, going 1/5. If his hitting is a sign of how close he is to ready, he’s got a ways to go (2/12 but has drawn 4 BB for a decent OBP). Sure as I say this Scheb will show up in Detroit Tuesday; but, I’d guess they are now looking at Thursday in DC as his earliest return.

      • The Duke

        I want to see Ervin starting at least 4 out of every 5 games. This is the time to see what he’s got. Is he a future 4th OF, or could he hold down CF after Billy, or keep the seat warm for Taylor Trammell, Jose Siri, or TJ Friedl, or someone else.

      • Jim Walker

        If the draft guys got it right Ervin should be as good or better than Winker.

    • Colorado Red

      I wonder if Tucker is going to get some AB’s especially against LHP?

      • Scott C

        Hope you are joking. Tucker is a left handed bat who can’t hit lefties.

    • David

      Brandon Dixon will likely play some left field. The kid Tucker that was traded will play too. And likely as not. I still think that Gennett will play some left. People comment about his “injured” shoulder, but you make fewer throws from Left than 2nd base, and the throwing mechanics are somewhat different. Out fielders throw with their whole body, if mechanics are correct. Infielders have to make quicker throws with their arm.

      • lwblogger2

        The problem seems to be with coming over the top to throw. Outfielders also tend to need to make some overall harder throws. I don’t see Gennett in the OF if his shoulder is acting up. He’s throwing everything side-armed and at times almost underhanded.

  11. Scott Gennett

    Very low risk trade, Duvall was an expendable piece and the return has 50/50 chances of being successful, there’ll be several candidates for the OF next spring (Schebler, Winker, Tucker, Williams, Ervin). Next in line is Hamilton to the Indians.

  12. DEN

    Wow…more “average” producing “prospects for a starter on track for near 30 HRs and 90 RBIs this season…boy what a way to help build a fan following…oh well Cincy does have a top tier soccer team starting next season that summer fans can put thier attention and sports dollars towards….

    • Vottomatic125

      Duvall is hole i the lineup and should not be and will not be starting for a playoff team.

    • Bill

      Maybe you haven’t noticed but he was behind Schebler and Winker for a corner spot. Plus if you believe the Scooter extension talk someone else needs to move to the OF, pushing Duvall further down the depth chart. Enjoy the soccer game

      • DEN

        Exactly what has Winker shown that puts him over Duvall, for heck what has Schbler shown. Duvall may not hit for avg, I don’t care, if my corner OF can get me around 30 HRs and 100 RBIs in a season at what Duvall was being paid I will take that every day. As for Scooter, I sign him to a 4-5 year deal and he’s my second badrbas, as for Senzel he’s trade bait along with Hunter Green.
        As for soccer, not my cup of tea, but more fans going to it over Reds games.

      • Grand Salami

        Stats of the past and sport of the future.

      • greenmtred

        Soccer has been the sport of the future for a long time. As Mort Sahl said: “The future lies ahead.”

    • lwblogger2

      You aren’t the only one very upset by Duvall’s departure but I’m not really sure what the exasperation is for. Duvall has been productive and the HR and RBI matter but he’s struggled pretty badly since the AS break of 2017. And he isn’t on track for 30 HR this year, although 90 RBI seem reasonable. It has largely been the product of people being on base for him though, not some magical clutch hitting. His overall slash line of .205/.286/.399 isn’t so good with a SLG of under .400 and an average at the Mendoza line. If he took more walks and was hitting HR at a 30+ HR pace than maybe he’d have more offensive value but in 2019, I fully expect Winker, Schebler, and perhaps even Ervin to be better offensive players overall. They will miss Duvall’s pop against LHP as that is something they seriously lack but I don’t think this is such a move that fans should be abandoning the team soccer.

  13. Mark

    Why not try and flip some of our AAAA pitching depth to the Mets for Wheeler?

    • Bill

      I don’t understand the idea of getting Wheeler. He has one year of control.

      • JoshG

        and to clarify, wheeler is solid, but the reds already have guys who might be solid, need to aim higher if trading

  14. Andy

    I wonder if Reds are in on Chris Archer talks.

    • Colorado Red

      Hope not,
      Look at this ERA, and other stats.
      He is a 3 or 4. Not much better then what we have.

      • Earmbrister

        I agree Colorado. Archer is overrated. Never has fulfilled his potential.

      • Indy Red Man

        What is it….36 or 38 games per year vs Boston & the Yankees. I think he could still be pretty good in the NL

      • lwblogger2

        The Pirates very clearly agree with you.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Saw a starting point would be a good young catching prospect and a power OF bat. The Reds have Tyler Stephenson who absolutely fits the catcher piece. The Reds have more CF types as their best OF prospects, but maybe Aquino fills that role if we offered another solid prospect like Santillan or Long.

  15. jim t

    Who backs up Joey at 1st now that Adam is gone?

    • msanmoore

      Tucker has done it a couple times. Looks comfortable enough there. That isn’t really a heavy D position.

      • msanmoore

        Yeah … he kind of does far more often than not these days.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Dixon or Casali would be my guess

      • lwblogger2

        Dixon has played a bit of 1B. He’d definitely be the backup as of now.

    • Bill

      My guess is anyone with a glove could handle it. Dixon would probably be the first choice, followed by Herrera, and then whatever is left on the bench

    • Matt WI

      We got Jack for that. Wait, what season is this?

      • WVRedlegs

        Are you talking about the trade return, or the backup 1B?
        Good one though. The fog of the rebuild.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Lorenzen! Just kidding, well sorta…

  16. msanmoore

    Unexpected, but looks solid as stated above. Wish Adam all the best.

  17. Mason Red

    A good trade that adds some pitching to the mix. Harvey will be next and the results will be similar as far as the return. There’s still work to do because if this team is going to compete for a playoff spot next year they MUST add quality starting pitching. I see this happening (hopefully) in the offseason.

    • Bill

      I would guess Harvey returns some lower level prospect, which is what I thought the best case scenario was. I don’t think there is anyone trading MLB ready prospects for a rental pitcher with his history

  18. docproctor

    This trade is fine. Wish it had been Hamilton rather than Duvall. I liked the idea of Duvall as a 4th outfielder/RH bat off the bench/defensive replacement. But of course, Rig and the Reds were never going to use him that way.

    Too bad the new OF is a lefty. That’s going to push out Mason Williams. I was looking forward to seeing what he had to offer.

    • Jack

      Tucker is 28 and can’t hit lefties. He is no more than AAA relief.

      • Colorado Red

        For the rest of the season at least.
        Then we can see.

    • greenmtred

      Schebler and Winker aren’t playing and Williams is out of options. He might stick around.

    • msanmoore

      Don’t count out Hamilton moving yet today completely … there are a lot of tight races brewing. I love the guy, but his next arb salary will be more than we should spend for him in Cincy.

    • Gonzo Reds

      I like the trade, Tucker can’t play much worse than Duval has been, and we get pitching prospects also. The deal that really needs to be made… the A’s need a SP and they also need a CF and they always have a strong farm system… Harvey and Hamilton for whoever they can get from the A’s minor league SP stockpile.

  19. VaRedsFan

    @ Jim Walker….What does this do to the 40 man roster? Tucker replaces Duvall. Do the other 2 guys at AAA need to be on the 40-man? maybe send Winker to the 60 day DL? Were they only carrying 39 before yesterday? If so it could work.

    • Hotto4Votto

      The roster was at 39 after Crockett DFA. I think you’re right about Winker to 60-day to clear another spot.

    • BIll

      Winker can go to the 60 day DL, Harvey could be traded to open another. At the end of the season Tucker probably is dropped from the 40 man, maybe guys like Finnegan as well when Winker, Blandino and others need added back

  20. Jeff Reed

    Seems like a good trade with pitching at the center. I enjoyed Duvall’s time with the Reds. A player who frequently came through in the clutch and was always in the game.

  21. Indy Red Man

    I liked Duvall a lot! You could argue that he was a top 10 NL outfielder thru mid-August last year, but righties seemed to completely figure him out? Fastballs in & breaking stuff away. To me it comes down to testing 2 1st rounders. Sims for a spot in the rotation and Ervin to play every day now and see what happens? They desperately need to move Billy or put him on the bench….but they won’t of course!

    • Bill

      I would have preferred to keep Duvall over Hamilton, but I think Hamilton stays. They had the chance to move him over the winter and didn’t like the return, I doubt it is any better now. He has tremendous value as a pinch runner and defensive replacement in close games. We have seen he can win games by doing his super human feats on the base paths and catching anything in the same zip code when playing in CF, but with the arbitration raise he will be expensive as a bench player for team like the Reds. I would even entertain the idea of an extension for a bench player price if he was open to that. Castellini would have his wish of a Red for life, the fans would be happy, and the Reds would have an affordable late inning game changer. Playing him part time would also cut down on his injuries and hopefully slow down the decline phase, which will be ugly when he loses some speed.

      • lwblogger2

        There is very little doubt in my mind that Hamilton will continue to be the CF this year and will start off as the starting CF in 2019.

  22. big5ed

    They sure got a lot more for Duvall than I would have expected. Duvall has his flaws as a player, but seems like a good man. I hope he stays in the league a few more years.

  23. bouwills

    So we got 2 guys that are currently AAA starting pitchers, both have some ML experience. Both of these pitchers require being on the 40 man roster. Has anyone determined if either of these pitchers have any options left for next year? Because if they don’t, that’s not good. I believe R. Stephenson already has no option for 2019. Romano only has 1 option & can’t be sent down to Louisville this season or he also will be out of options next year. Garrett is on an extra option & I’m not sure if that option transfers to next year (if not used this year). Then there’s the pecking order. I doubt anyone sees Sims or Wisler as being added to the rotation in Cincy now, or even if Harvey is traded. Does Sims & Wisler step in line behind Stephenson, Reed, Lorenzen? Okay what about Louisville? If these guys are to remain sp, who gets dropped from the Bats rotation? Lopez & Nicolino? Mella & Reed? I think Sims may remain on the Reds 40 man through next winters Rule 5 draft period. Wisler- not likely. I’d try putting Tucker through waivers right now. Just like Crockett, he’d probably clear, being 28 years old.

    • bouwills

      Sims is shown to have 2 options ( I think this means 1 for 2018 plus another for the future). While Wisler & Tucker are on their last option.

      • Colorado Red

        Sims is who they wanted. If the other do not pass waivers, not a big deal.
        They will have ST to prove it.
        Plus, Adam would have been an expensive utility player next year.
        At worse no loss, no game.

    • Bill

      Simms probably gets a shot at the rotation. I don’t think Lorenzen is going back to starting, Stephenson will get one last chance, and Reed needs to continue his success of the last few games before he is considered for the rotation. I still think Romano ends up in the bullpen and Bailey is still a question mark. Then factor in potential injuries and the Reds will need some capable starters next year

  24. Old-school

    I like this trade .Duvall was a good player for this window of the franchise but Winker and Schebler really proved their worth as key offensive cogs in an offense that at times was outstanding.

    The remaining question is Scooter and who plays 2b. Unless something unexpected, Scooter appears more valuable to the Reds than other teams. DW has been very clear and specific that Nick Senzel doesn’t need coddling and can handle different positions.

    It would not be surprising for the Reds to give Scooter a 2 year deal this off season- avoiding arbitration in 2019 and giving him a 2nd year in 2020 with a team only option in 2021.

    2 years and 24 million – AAV $12 million but not the 4 year $ 50 million mistake. The apparent lack of a market for SG suggests there won’t be one after 2019 either. Turning down an extension and 2 years of additional stability would be oftly bold of Scooter.

    Senzel rehabs this winter in the outfield and plays the OF in 2019/20 with a potential return to 2b if/when that makes sense.

    • Indy Red Man

      Scooter isn’t taking 2 years. Something like 3 for $35-40 with a team option buyout like Homer’s.

      • Indy Red Man

        Basically like a 4 for 50 is what I’m trying to say….where the Reds can duck out of 2022 for $3 mil or something?

      • Old-school

        The FA market collapsed last off-season. Greg Holland was a premier closer expecting 3-4 years and 40+ million. He got 1 year and 14 mil from the Cardinals who just DFA’d him. The Reds have Senzel. They need Gennett’s bat and marketability for 2019 and perhaps 2020- but not beyond.

        Interesting to see what happens.

  25. BigRedMike

    Reds finally traded Duvall, progress from Williams.

    Now the Reds need to trade Hamilton and Gennett and make a couple of smart moves in the off season and the Reds will be ready for 2019.

  26. Jeff Reed

    Will the Sims trade reflect those for Latos and Straily?

  27. Shchi Cossack

    The Old Cossack can’t wrap his hands around the motivation for the Duvall trade and the available quotes are from DW rather than NK.

    Did the Reds just trade a reserve LF for another SP prospect that remains to be sorted (along with a half dozen other SP prospects) or did Williams just manager-proof the OF against Riggleman? I like the trade irrespective of the motivation, simply because it lays the groundwork for finalizing the short-term OF picture through next season. There’s still work that needs competed during the off season.

    • BigRedMike

      It appears this trade was to correctly just get rid of Duvall. Getting anything is not a bad thing and the players have some upside.

      I concur in regards to the Reds managers. In today’s MLB, there needs to be a clear understanding between the front office and the manager on the field. Not sure how a Billion dollar operation allows one person to just do what they want, which goes against the direction of the organization.

  28. Joel

    Seems like a good deal for the Reds. Tucker is an outfielder with a better slash line and WRC+ than Duvall, so even if he can never hit lefties, it’s still a marginal improvement. Plus, Winker and Schebler are truly the Reds’ starting OF and Tucker under team control until 2022, which means that he’s depth for either PH and rest days or to package in a trade for a SP or decent CF. Similarly, the two pitchers may never amount to more than middle relief, but considering they’re under team control for a long time also, they may be future trade fodder to a team that wants to unload good, expensive pitching in exchange for rebuilding options.

    The way I see it, the Reds have tons of cap space to add a good SP in free agency, plus plenty of options for a potential trade to pick up another good SP and center fielder. They may not be able to accomplish all of that before 2019, which means 2020 May be their first year of true contention. And that might be just fine, because if Hunter Greene and Taylor Trammel are as good as we hope, and they make the majors on schedule (2020), well, uh, hoo boy!

    • bouwills

      Tucker will have no options after this season . He would have to make the 25 man next spring or go through waivers. His value is marginal at best. Wisler is in the same boat (option-wise). so he has a couple months to try to land a job in the Reds bullpen & then stay on the ML roster next year. That too is unlikely. The Reds may try to DFA these 2 guys & then outright them. Probably, besides Sims, the Reds are just doing some roster cleanup for the Braves.

      • VaRedsFan

        This is the way I see it too, Then we can clean our roster and put Tucker and Wisler through waivers, and keep as AAA depth. Sims can contribute to the MLb team either as a bullpen piece or AAA SP depth

      • bouwills

        A little more distressing is that fact that the Duvall trade has “gummed up” the 40 man roster, which indicates the Reds are less likely to be getting players/ upper level prospects in trades today. I would have much preferred Sims + any of the Braves A level pitchers at the bottom of their “30 top prospects” list as the return for Duvall.

  29. jreis

    not sure when or if Schebler is coming back this year but I am kind of excited about an outfield of Ervin, Hamilton and Williams. this will be the most athletic outfield we have had since 1999. should make for some good dee in the outfield for the rest of the year

    • WVRedlegs

      An outfield that won’t hit 20 HR’s combined, nor 100 RBI’s combined, in a HR hitting ball park. Just what this rebuild has been all about. Placing round pegs in square holes. Add these 3 to Peraza and Barnhart and that is an offensive juggernaut. Move over to the side Milwaukee and Chicago, Ervin Hamilton and Williams are coming through.

      • lwblogger2

        I think Ervin could hit 20 by himself over a full season. Having said that, I agree that an outfield of Hamilton, Williams, and Ervin would be, um offensively challenged to say the least.

    • Jeffery Stroupe

      Agree with that all except for Hamilton, he is no more than a late inning defensive replacement or a pinch runner. Period. He would be AAA palyer at best in the 70s for the Reds.

  30. Brad Johnson

    It would always be nice to keep all the “good guys”. But, good guys don’t win games. Good players win games. Duvall’s batting numbers have been getting worse and worse every year. Right now, he’s really just a serviceable player.

    I would have rather see us package him with someone else to get a better player(s). From what I see, this trade is meaningless for both teams. Unless, for the Braves, Duvall bats for better average; for the Reds, if one of these players (Sims apparently the linch pin) steps up.

  31. Jeffery Stroupe

    HIs benefit to this team is about like the contribution of Woody Woodward or Darrel Chaney

  32. Shchi Cossack

    With the Indians filling their need for a CF, there doesn’t look like much of a market to even dump Hamilton prior to the trade deadline. I really believe the only person in an ownership or management capacity in MLB who actually wants Hamilton to supplement a MLB roster is BC.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Come on A’s, you need a CF, take Billy and we’ll throw in Harvey!

  33. vegastypo

    I’m a little shocked that Harvey hasn’t been moved yet. Get something for him, Dick Williams !!

    • DEN

      So trade him even if it’s for nothing? What purpose is that?

      • vegastypo

        Well, obviously, the Reds would get ‘something’ for him, of course. And you never know when a sleeper pick will emerge. For example, just from the Reds roster:

        –Dan Straily, the guy who got us Castillo? He was a 24th-round pick
        –Adam Duvall was an 11th-round pick and was widely seen as a ‘throw-in’ by the Giants. (Who have been looking for outfield for quite awhile now …)
        –Scott Schebler, 26th round (and from what I heard, he carries a bit of a chip on his shoulder because of that, uses it as motivation)
        –David Hernandez, 16th round
        –Scooter Gennett, 16th round
        –Tucker Barnhart and Curt Casali, both 10th round
        –Sal Romano, 23rd round

        How many teams flat-out gave up on Straily, and do you think the Brewers might regret cutting Gennett loose? …. Maybe the guy the Reds would pick up for Harvey won’t ever have much impact, but you never know. The extra few games he might win in a Reds uniform don’t matter that much to me.

        Besides, we have other pitchers to get a look at.

      • Bill

        I don’t think a trade for nothing is legal. However whatever player they get in return is better than the return they will get at the end of the season for him. Plus it opens up a rotation spot if the Reds want to give Stephenson some starts, which is much more beneficial to the team in the long run than winning a few games with Harvey

  34. Bill j

    Wonder what they could have gotten from Cleveland for BHam and Duvall?

    • Jim Walker

      Got a feeling a door might have slammed on BHam and that motivated them to take what they had on the table for Duvall. Nothing concrete but it dropped out of nowhere at 11pm give or take…..

  35. Indy Red Man

    Kevin Gausman to the Pirates fell thru! We should try to get him imo! I think Wheeler has a little bigger upside but he’s riskier. They could both help although I really want Marcus Stroman!

    • Jack

      Pirates are front runners for Archer.

  36. Anthony

    Wonder why the reds don’t think of trading Scooter and just having him resign in the offseason like the Yankees did when they traded Chapman to the Cubs and got it back in free agency by the end of the year (and got more for him than we did I might add)

      • Anthony


        With all the talk of signing him long term I thought he was

  37. Jack

    Braves get Gausmann . Giants are talking to reds about Harvey. This would be a great place to include Hamilton.

    • Ken

      SF has nothing in their farm system worth looking at to be honest.

    • vegastypo

      If the Brewers and Giants are both interested in Harvey, maybe the Reds would have a few options to pick from. Not that I’m expecting a whole lot in return, but ………

  38. WVRedlegs

    And the Pirates did in fact get Archer. Basement of the NLC got a little harder to get out of with this trade and the Reds inactivity.

    • BigRedMike

      Archer would have been a good option for the Reds.

      Reds just seem stuck. Guess there is the off season

  39. Jack

    With Dozier going to the Dodgers and Bellinger going to center that frees up Pederson. They need bullpen help. And the Pirates gave up Glasnow and Meadows for Archer. Wow

  40. Old-school

    Brewers still need a pitcher….unless I missed something.

  41. Jeff Reed

    Chris Archer to the Pirates is not good news.

  42. GW

    Adam Duvall’s OPS + for the last (3) years: 106, 100, 83. He is/was not a good corner outfield hitter. OTOH, he is/was very good defensively accounting for virtually all of his value so that on net he was just a little better than average (2.5 WAR) player. IOW, a good bench piece. For this, we get an option on (2) pitchers with decent AAA stats and a fair hitting/ poor defensive OF. So long as the team aggressively sorts its young pitchers, trying in various roles and being willing to discard, I like this trade. And please, stop mentioning his RBI’s!

  43. WVRedlegs

    Harvey to the A’s was looking like it might happen. Would have obtained SS Richie Martin, is at AA. As long as the teams get the trades approved by MLB by 4:00pm, they can be announced after 4:00pm. So give it about another half an hour.

    • vegastypo

      Unless it’s a Cozart to the Mariners repeat, where they missed the deadline by a minute or two …

  44. Jack

    Apparently Schoop is going to Brewers. I guess they will out hit everybody Harvey is staying put

    • vegastypo

      Where are they gonna play him? They just reshuffled their infield from the last trade for Moustakas

      • Jack

        Shortstop. Like I said they plan on out hitting them. Still hasn’t been announced but Heyman said its probable

  45. Dewey Roberts

    I will be very surprised if any of these players ever become good players for the Reds. The Braves have proven to be much better at the rebuild than the Reds. They got rid of players that would not even be on their 40 list. That is not saying much for players who all have major league experience. The Reds will miss Duvall.