Eugenio Suarez continued his NL MVP campaign tour with a home run for a fifth consecutive game. The Reds bullpen was dominant again, pitching 4.2 innings without allowing an earned run in route to a 6-4 win. However, it was new Red, Mason Williams who had the big statement of this game. He hit a three-run home run which proved to be the difference.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (46-58) 6 7 1
Philadelphia Phillies (58-45) 4 7 0
W: Hernandez (4-0)  L: Pivetta (6-9) S: Iglesias (20)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Mason Williams’ 3-run home run with 0 outs in the 4th inning, giving the Reds a 5-2 lead. That play increased the Reds chances of winning by 13.6% (from 72.2% to 85.8%).


Eugenio Suarez homered for a 5th consecutive game! This guy is just incredible.

Mason WIlliams got his first start as a Red, and he had the biggest hit of the night. Williams drilled a 3-run bomb into the sun-moon deck. Williams came up with the Yankees. He was a 4th round draft pick in 2010, and in 2014 was a top 100 prospect.

David Hernandez pitched 2.1 perfect innings of relief, striking out 2. He now has a 1.83 ERA/3.09 FIP. The Reds signing him this off-season to a 2-year, $5 million deal is looking very good.

Every Reds starting position player had a hit, except for Joey Votto. He of course walked twice.


The Reds botched a rundown play in the first inning.

Anthony DeSclafani got off to an incredible start, striking out 5 batters through the first two innings. However, Disco couldn’t make it out of the 5th inning as the aggressive Jim Riggleman pulled him when he got in trouble despite only throwing 87 pitches.

Amir Garrett got hurt trying to cover first base. It looks like a lower leg injury.

Jose Peraza had a pretty bad error in the 9th inning. He bobbled what should have been a simple game ending double play. Instead, it brought the tying run to the plate.

Not so random thoughts……..

Jim Riggleman sure loves the bunt. Holy Moses.

The Phillies decided to intentionally walk Joey Votto to load the bases with 2 outs. I had a crazy thought come through my head…was that the right decision? It is pretty crazy what Eugenio Suarez is doing that I am questioning that.

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Phillies at Reds
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Matt Harvey (5.21 ERA) vs Vince Velasquez (4.05 ERA)

58 Responses

  1. CI3J

    It wasn’t always pretty, but I’ll take a 6-4 win against a first place team.

    I like the looks of that Mason Williams kid, seems to have a clue at the plate. Would love to see him start taking some starts away from Billy to see what he can do. But of course, with Riggleman in charge, that’s not likely to happen, especially when Schebler comes back.

    • Keith

      I’m already ready for the Riggleman era to end, and it won’t even officially start until next year! The guy is going to have Joey Votto bunting every game next year if he has his way.

      • sezwhom

        I’ve soured on him too. He loves to give away outs with bunting. Jeez. I’d also move Votto out of the 3-slot. He’s not hitting. The move to walk him and face Suarez did work though.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I agree that Votto is more suited to the two-hole for now until he gets hot again.

    • Jim Walker

      Looks like Schebler DHed again tonight in Louisville. My understanding is they want him to play in the field, throw then gauge how he is the next day before activating him. Originally it was like “probably a couple days”. It has been 3 now and he still hasn’t played in the field. So, I’d guess with the off day on Monday they’ll hold back from being activated until at least Tuesday.

      Meanwhile hopefully Ervin and Williams both get to keep showing their stuff.

  2. Nathan

    Mason Williams was not in the Chapman deal. Minor league free agent. At the time, he was discussed in the Chapman deal, as he was blocked in CF by Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury, but was not traded to reds. Glad we signed him though!

  3. Seat101

    Marty B agrees with me about the fate of Harvey

    He says “no trade should be made if the offers fade so keep him as a frontline starter. If you don’t get good barter and he stays a good starter – To keep him would be smarter!”

    Or something like that

    • Jim Walker

      If they keep Harvey at the deadline and can get him through waivers, somebody will probably be even more desperate at some point in August allowing them to cash him out then.

  4. cfd3000

    So. Much. Bunting.
    Please make it stop.

    The summary headline should be “Suarez, Williams don’t bunt, Reds win anyway”. I know the bullpen was great tonight, but we saw a really quick hook on DeSclafani, three bunts from non-pitchers, and Dixon and Herrera used backwards so that Dixon was out of position in the field instead of Herrera at his natural position. Riggleman’s Reds winning in spite of the manager’s worst efforts tonight. A hard game to watch with a nice outcome.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, the error in the 9th was correctly charged to Peraza but on the replay it looked like Dixon was having his own issues getting the ball clear of his glove and then the toss just came flying out causing Peraza a bit of a timing issue.

      And I don’t know about Herrera but from the way we’ve seen Scooter range into the OF, I’m thinking he catches the little bloop single which Dixon could not get to.

      And why was Scooter the guy switched out? The final out of the Reds 7th was made by Suarez. I understand not switching him out. Aside from being hotter than hades on offense, he is the nearest thing they have to a backup SS. The next man back up the lineup was Votto. Why not switch him out instead of Scooter? Unless Ervin was unavailable, he could have gone to LF and Duvall come in to 1B; or Dixon could have come in but at 1B instead of 2B.

    • Dave Bell

      If I’m reading the box scores correctly, we just took over the ML lead in sacrifice hits. We’re number one! We’re number one! Oh, wait. I hate the bunt. Well, I’m sure we’re leading the majors in something good. Maybe.

    • roger garrett

      Good observation.Our manager is trying soooo hard thus all of the mistakes for a team that is going no where this year.It should be a mandate from Williams to play the younger guys and lets see what they can do and lets see if a pitcher can get out of his own mess from time to time.Just confirms to me they still are concerned about this year and not trying to find out who can play at this level.With Scott and Winker out why wouldn’t Ervin and now Williams play every day.I mean we know about Adam and Billy don’t we?Why couldn’t Herrera play a few games and give Scooter a break?Joey needs a break so why not give it to him?

  5. WVRedlegs

    David Hernandez was absolutely awesome tonight. Iglesias with a good 4 out save, but he made the 9th inning interesting. Their performance merits a high price tag. Beating Philly 3 out of 4 will also keep the Nats close in the East and the Nats won’t be able to flood the reliever market and dilute it.
    Houston has to make something happen for their bullpen. They are realizing rentals are not the way they need to go. Same with Atlanta. Houston also is seeing Boston, New York and Cleveland fortifying for a run. Home field advantage is going to be extremely critical in the AL post-season. Houston will have to pony up for that chance. They also will have to keep the M’s and A’s at bay. Houston has a large target on it. They need to make their situation better.

    • Jim Walker

      Have you seen that just within the last hour or so Houston has gotten Presley from the Twinks? Does this take them out of the market?

      • WVRedlegs

        No I didn’t. I had to go check it out. It probably eliminates trading 2 relievers to them, but one reliever isn’t out of the question. Presley has 1 more year and that is what they were looking for. A 1+, 2+ or 3+ contract pitcher. Presley is a good get, but I still think they will go get a more established closer.

  6. Indy Red Man

    Marcus Stroman for the Jays went 6.2 with 2 er tonite. 14 groundouts/3 flyouts. Thats what we need!!!! He was not physically right to begin the year and went on the DL, but since coming back in June he has a 3.03 era over 12 starts. Do what you have to do but try to get him!! They can pay him Mesoraco’s $$ and Homer’s $ after next year. Save $5 mil by cutting Billy loose too! DW says he wants to increase payroll, but you get no return on investment by getting eliminated by Easter with the exact same roster????

  7. Jim Walker

    Just saw elsewhere that Garrett’s injury is a “mild sprain of the left Achilles”. I’d guess he’s down for a week? Do they even have anyone to bring up if they were to DL him?

    They do have what appears to be an easy 40 man spot by moving Winker to the 60 day DL; but, I’d guess they really want to hold off on that until after the surgery just to be 100% sure there is no way he can play later in the season.

    • CI3J

      They do have what appears to be an easy 40 man spot by moving Winker to the 60 day DL; but, I’d guess they really want to hold off on that until after the surgery just to be 100% sure there is no way he can play later in the season.

      Even if it’s possible that Winker could play, I don’t think I’d want him to. Shoulders tend to take a long time to heal and are easy to re-injure. Winker should be shut down for the rest of this season. There’s absolutely no reason for him to play again until next season when he’s fully healed up and has been doing baseball activities for a few months.

      • Aaron Bradley

        MAYBE Winker will show more power next season with a fully restored shoulder, apparently this has been a nagging issue for several seasons.

      • CI3J

        That’s my hope too, but I would settle for him even picking up where he left off from this season. I just sincerely hope this surgery fixes everything and it doesn’t become a recurring problem like we’ve seen with other players.

        But boy, can you imagine if Winker could develop ~30HR power? He’d be the second coming of Joey Votto.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Rainey has pitched well for Louisville all season, just hasn’t been very good with the Reds yet. Jesus Reyes has pitched well since moving to the bullpen, threw 3.1 shut out innings last night for Louisville out of their pen. If the Reds want a lefty they could try Finnegan in that spot. If they want to make a 40-man move they could add Herget who likely will be added over the offseason anyway. I believe Weiss may be healthy again but he’s never really got going this season. They may look at Jose Lopez out of the pen or Cody Reed even. They have a couple of options on their 40-man they could call upon.

      • lwblogger2

        I would hold off on calling Rainey up again. I disagree with the assessment that he’s pitched well in L’ville. The guy’s command is all over the place. He has almost none. Stephenson has better command. Rainey is getting away with stuff at AAA that he can’t get away with in MLB.

        I agree with pretty much everything else here. They have some options.

    • big5ed

      They will also get a 40-man spot by trading Harvey.

      • Jim Walker

        Starring to wonder if that is becoming an “IF” they trade Harvey; but; yeah, the return on him doesn’t figure to require his 40 man spot.

      • lwblogger2

        Who knows? Reds will probably let him go for nothing at the end of the year or sign him to a crazy contract.

        Look, I’m still about 90% sure he’s getting moved but I’m wondering what offers they are sifting through that is causing this to drag out?

  8. msanmoore

    Moose to the Brewers … are they still in the hunt for Harvey?

    • Jim Walker

      I was wondering if Brewers might end up eating the ultimate humble pie and pay to get Scooter back; but it looks like this move sets Shaw up to switch to 2B.

    • Matt WI

      Strange collection of parts. They’re talking moving Shaw to 2nd. I admire their willingness to be flexible. Bet they wish they could use a DH, then it would have been a fantastic move.

      Doubt they’ll miss Brett Phillips too much. Don’t know about the pitcher at all. Seems like a good risk to take for them, impact on defense pending.

  9. Jeff Reed

    It looks like Mason Williams could be the Reds answer to Thames if they can find a place for him to play. He could turn out to be another Suarez-like power hitter.

      • Matt WI

        Agree. Great to have someone make a quick impact, but let’s hold those horses. I’d be happy for a Duvall clone on the cheap, and that’s probably a big ask.

    • lwblogger2

      He’s never really shown much power in the minors or the Majors. Even with L’ville this year he’s slashed .280/.341/.418 with 6 HR in 356 PA. He’s a nice little player but projects more as a depth guy than even a starting guy; let alone as a star. He plays all 3 OF positions, can run, has a good arm, and can hit some.

  10. Scott C

    I am hating the bunt more and more. The only one that worked was when Franco missed the bag at third otherwise we would have had first and second with one out and Dixon and Hamilton coming up. On that alone Riggleman needs to go.
    I’m on the bus that says he pulled Desclafani too soon, however I also realize that there are a number of those posting that would have crucified him if Riggleman if he had left Disco in and they would ended up winning, I think Herrera a lefty was coming up to bat. There are numerous reasons Riggleman should not be the Reds manager in 2019, I see no reason to make them up.

  11. Timmy RedLeg

    I would think that the Brewers would have to go after a SP. And IMO, it needs to be a top of the rotation type. Harvey could help them, but I don’t think he’d be the only pitcher they’d go after.

  12. Indy Red Man

    I don’t really care about Harvey because he’s bringing back a lottery ticket at best. His biggest value is to get out of the way for BobSteve. I would like to see them get rid of Billy though. I’ve been parroting his numbers in Coors for 2 years now. He’s hit like .350 there and he could save them 2 runs a series just running balls down. Save wear-n-tear on Blackmon and move him a corner. Key pinch-runner in October and defensive replacement for any of these playoff contenders! He has some value to other teams and next to none for the Reds. That would free up Schebler along with Ervin, Mason Williams, or Dixon.

    They only have August to evaluate these guys and then they’re facing alot of other AAA guys that just got called up?

  13. Hotto4Votto

    To me, trading Harvey will largely be more indicative of the FO’s ability to form a plan and execute it. To me trading Harvey is about the FO showing us they can perform competently when they set out to do something. There has been a good amount of interest reported in Harvey, even in recent weeks. The Reds have come out and said their #1 priority of the trade deadline is to trade Harvey. Let’s see how good they are at reaching their obtainable goal.

    For the past two trade deadlines and two offseasons the Reds have largely spun their wheels. Outside of losing a lot of games and getting top draft picks (which as a direct result makes up our top 4 prospects) they really have not added much to the organization over this time. They were able to trade Bruce for Herrera, who either hasn’t been healthy or had a place to play since being acquired. He’s not out of options and there’s no plan in place to get him time in the field and the Red’s top prospect plays his position. They were able to trade high on Straily and add Castillo and Brice in a very nice move. They were able to flip Cingrani for a lotto ticket in Hendrik Clementina. We’ll see if he pans out to anything as he’s a long ways off.

    During this same time span, there was reported interest in Iglesias, Hamilton, and Duvall over the off season. Nothing happened there, and Big Bob stepped in and claimed he wanted Hamilton a Red for life. They had early interest in trading Gennett until they came out and said they didn’t plan on trading him and were possibly seeking an extension. There was interest in Cozart leading up to both deadlines, a reported offer of Gohara for Cozart was almost completed in 2016 but fell through due to running out of time. Eventually Cozart walked away with the Reds getting nothing in return. They couldn’t move either Cozart or Phillips in the 2017 offseason, and ended up paying Phillips to go away without any real return.

    To me, there doesn’t appear to be much progress in rebuilding. They should be trading aging, more expensive veterans for younger, talented, prospects/players that will be around when they return to competitiveness. It seems more like the Reds are just waiting to catch lightning in a bottle. Wait until Bailey and Disco (and Finnegan this offseason) get back healthy, wait until Billy gets going, wait until the young pitchers figure it out.

    I for one am tired of waiting for the unlikely and would like to see the Reds be proactive. I would like to see them set a clear plan and execute it. They started off with a clear plan on Harvey. They flipped Mesoraco for him in hopes of Harvey regaining some value to flip him later. He’s largely done just that. Lets’ see if they can finish their plan or if it’s going to be more of the same.

  14. David

    So if the FO trades Harvey they are successful and if they don’t they fail? They lose nothing holding Harvey as he cost them nothing. Anyone see interest in Mesoraco? I’m sure the Mets don’t need him and the Reds would have been stuck with him. I don’t trade if I don’t get value or I lose my credibility in future trades. This is such a minor transaction it means nothing. Harvey pitched ok but he is only a 4 or 5 starter on a contender who is pretty desperate.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Your first sentence is correct as far as their ability to initiate a plan and follow through on it. They have been pretty transparent that their main priority at the deadline is to trade Harvey. They flipped Mesoraco for Harvey with the intentions of reestablishing Harvey’s value in order to get something more than they could have received for Mesoraco. Harvey has reestablished some value in his time with the Reds. Let’s see if they are successful with their plan or if they fail to execute their plan.

    • vegastypo

      You miss the point, in my opinion. The Reds lose completely if they don’t trade him. Even if they don’t get a windfall, they need to get something. Expectations need to be kept low because 1) he’s a rental and 2) he has a shaky past, both on the field and off. … If you’re expecting a high-impact return for Harvey, lower your expectations. … Maybe the return increases if the deal involves a number of other Reds as well. Maybe a three-team deal helps make that happen.

      Let’s see how Harvey does in his next start. A positive performance against a team like the Phils might make a difference in how other teams perceive Harvey, as in whether his previous disastous start could be considered an outlier.

  15. Seat101

    Just to set the record straight so you all don’t lose any sleep over this… They already won the Harvey trade.

    What do they keep him or trade him they won.

    A small victory, yes but not inconsiderable.

    Gennett and Harvey are (probably) worth more on the team and we could get by trading them

    C’est la vie

    • Hotto4Votto

      All they’ve done at this point with Harvey/Mesoraco trade is rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. They have yet to do anything that will make any impact on future Reds teams. In fact, keeping Harvey means less opportunity for Stephenson to get a legitimate look, it may also mean winning more games, which is the opposite of what the Reds should aim for the rest of the season.

  16. roger garrett

    They may have a plan and they certainly don’t have to share it but sometimes I have to wonder.I just go by what I see or in some cases don’t see and I am left scratching my head.Just never saw a team not committing to something and sticking to it.Trying to win and sort pitchers and players just doesn’t work and is very confusing to the players.One time you leave me in to work my way out of jams as Romano was his last start and then give the quick hook to Mahle and Disco.We give time and innings to others and Bob wastes away in the minors.We commit to Peraza at short as we did to him at second last year but we don’t give any time to Herrera and make Winker a platoon player.These and many other things tells me we don’t have a plan at all. Lost in all of this is why we appear to not have a plan the Cards,Cubs and Brewers do and are willing to do what they think will help them now and in the future.They may wiff on all they do but they are trying to get better.Of course other then the signing of Hughes and Hernandez for the pen we didn’t do anything for this year other then roll the dice so maybe that’s the plan just roll the dice.Walt was very good at that wasn’t he and he is still around.

    • David

      If you tell Milwaukee that you expect a 15-20 team prospect and they don’t budge do you give in and take a lower one or hold out and show you are serious? So next trade they know you won’t cave. I would love to get something back but it depends on the market.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Roger, you sum up many of my sentiments and concerns. It’s hard to make out a plan of action, and I fear too many cooks in the kitchen have led to where we are at (Big Bob, Walt, Dick, and Nick).

    • Old-school

      The Reds don’t speak with one voice and that’s because there are too many voices in the executive FO meeting room. Joe Morgan gets a voice… Buddy Bell gets a voice…Walt Jocketty is very much involved in decision making . He didn’t want all the information traffic….so stepped aside…. but he still sits at the table.The insular corporate community in Cincinnati with their sponsorships and money contributions have a huge influence. Phil Castelliini and his team of marketers get a vote. Then, the baseball ops guys get their input. Minority ownership has input….then Bob Castelliini obviously steps in when he feels so inclined. That doesn’t include Marty and Thom and FSO and the enquirer who then become the media managers for the message. How many FSO features and Enquirer articles on Billy going back to lead off because of a hot streak have their been? How many Adam Duvall RBI reminders have we seen?

      Bryan Price said at the end of last year Jesse Winker wasn’t guaranteed a 25 man roster spot. DW did damage control over the winter- but clearly Price knew BC and WJ and others had his back….. until he went 3-18. The Winker bashing continued into 2018 when Riggleman announced in May the rotation was over and Winker was odd man out. I’m sure DW came back in again and said wait just a minute. Buddy Bell and Walt Jocketty accompanied the Reds and met with Riggleman in May at Arizona. Why?

      Billy and Gennett are staying for 2019. The real question is are they here in 2020?
      The Reds decision making process is broken. Too many old school baseball men in decision making roles and too many non baseball people, organizations, and secondary priorities beyond winning are in play. I am ok with 2020 as all-in.senzel and Trammell and Winker and India and Greene are the future. I suspect BC and WJ will step in with major 2019 moves this winter.

  17. Davy13

    I don’t mind if no trades are made if this year is the end of the rebuild and 2019 is the year to start going for broke and become a contender with the signing of a big dependable bat (wishfully Machado) and a big dependable arm.
    +FO has got figure that they don’t have too many A-level seasons with Votto.
    +Suarez’s prime years have arrived with several years on the new contract.
    +Take advantage of Scooter’s batting prowess
    +Winker’s rise, Schleber’s bat to hold the fort until Trammel, and Duvall (unless Scooter is moved to LF)
    +A strong bullpen as it stands
    +3 rotation pitchers in place (Disco, Castillo, Mahle/Romano); maybe 4 if Homer’s latest start is indicative of a real turnaround; BobSteve if he solves the control issues. A more dependable big arm is needed to fortify and stablize the rotation.
    +CF/SS are the big holes to fill which can be through FA and a shuffling of the roster.

    However, if 2019 is still a rebuild year, then make some sensible trades now. Too quiet on the trade front.

    • Indy Red Man

      Good stuff. We hope you’re right! Atleast odds are they won’t be eliminated by Easter again.

      • Jack

        Nice article. It’s good to read something positive for a change.

  18. Indy Red Man

    Odds are they can’t get much for Harvey, but they need to do something? Old & fat Simon shouldn’t have netted Suarez but he did. Old and fat Griffey shouldn’t have netted Nick Masset but he did. Masset didn’t keep his premium stuff for long, but his stuff was as nasty as it gets for those first 2 years w/the Reds. 96-98 mph when relievers still threw 93 and a 89-90 sinker/split that just dropped a foot when it got to the plate. He was outstanding!

    Got out and get it done! Have a talk w/Riggleman and force him to play the kids more. They could sit Suarez, Scooter, and Joey 1 day/week each and give Dilson 3 starts. Scooter could play 1st I’m sure. It wouldn’t take much to equal Joey defensively at this point. Sit Duvall & Billy more and give Ervin, Dixon, and Mason Williams some atbats. They won’t do anything.

    Its too bad the Reds can’t see the big picture? If the 2011 Colts wouldn’t went all out to win then they don’t land Andrew Luck. It serves no purpose to hinder player development in the pursuit of 75 wins instead of 72?

    • Old-school

      It took the Reds a 3 hour meeting and 30+ people all contributing the day before Opening Day to cancel it….. when the forecast was cold and 100% soaking rain.
      It’s not that hard- get a solid AA pitcher who is healthy and pitching well and be done with it.

  19. bouwills

    I’ve kinda decided that if the Reds don’t trade Harvey, it’s ok. Almost everybody here thinks (or hopes) the Reds can compete next year, if they have a good rotation. Well right now with Bailey, DeSclafani, Castillo, & Mahle( I say Stephenson) you have about what the Reds will run out there in 2019. Harvey will be the “stand in” for whomever the Reds sign or trade for to improve the rotation. They may do better- or they may not. Anyway the Reds have 2 months to see just how far this rotation can take them, before they spend a bunch of money ( or prospects) this winter. Also the July trading season has not been a failure. In hindsight the Floro & Neal to LA for Marinan & Zabala looks pretty good. Nothing wrong with the Cedrola from the Red Sox for future considerations either.