The Reds proved to be very hospitable to the Philadelphia Phillies in the first game of a four game series at Great American Ballpark. Reds pitchers allowed seven home runs to the Phillies on Thursday evening, tying both the Phillies team record, and the Reds record for home runs allowed. Tyler Mahle could not record an out in the second inning, continuing the worst stretch of starts in his big league career. Eugenio Suarez did extend his streak of games with a home run to four, but it was not nearly enough to overcome the power bats of the NL East leading Phillies.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (45-58) 4 8 0
Philadelphia Phillies (58-44) 9 18 0
W: Suarez (1-0)  L: Mahle (7-9)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Tucker Barnhart’s 2-run HR with 2 outs in the 4th inning, tying the game at 4 That play increased the Reds chances of winning by 23.3% (from 28.1% to 51.4%).


Eugenio Suarez is absolutely en fuego. He hit a home run for a 4th consecutive game. Let’s start really pushing the #Suarez4MVP campaign, nation.

Tucker Barnhart hit his 7th home run of the season, a 2-run shot in the 4th inning. It tied the game at 4 at the time.

Michael Lorenzen was not immune to giving the home run ball tonight, but he did only allow 2 runs in 4.0 innings. His effort surely saved the bullpen.


Tyler Mahle threw 45 pitches in the first inning, and got pulled before recording an out in the second inning. It has been a very rough stretch for Mahle over his last 3 starts: 9.0 IP, 14 ER, 20 H, 5 HR, 6 BB, 7 K, 14.00 ERA. Mahle has never thrown more than 150.2 IP in his professional career, and is now at 107.1 this season. You have to wonder if he is starting to get fatigued? The Reds might want to consider skipping him a start, especially with the temporary six man rotation.

Austin Brice allowed 2 bombs in 2 innings. Brice now has a 5.66 ERA/5.53 FIP. Kyle Crocket also allowed 2 ER.

Not so random thoughts……

Up Next:

Phillies at Reds
Friday, 7:10 PM
TV: FOX Sports Ohio
Anthony DeSclafani (5.40 ERA) vs Nick Pivetta (4.69 ERA)

24 Responses

  1. Sliotar

    Phillies got leadoff guy on in 8th, brought up pinch-hitter, did not even think of trying to bunt the runner over. The pinch hitter struck out, but the next guy got a hit, drove run in.

    Young, sabermetric friendly manager trusting his guys to put ball in play, not wasting outs in a bandbox, the number 3 park for home runs this season.

    As Nick writes above, “I can dream.”

    • Sliotar

      Leadoff guy was at 2nd, score was 7-4. #Context.

      • David Eberly

        Reds non-pitchers have 15 sacrifices this year. Phillies’ have 3.

  2. Nick Kirby

    Oops, for some reason I forgot yesterday’s game existed.

  3. Siri's SidePiece

    Astros have yet to address their bullpen (albeit it’s currently not in bad shape # wise) but still think they’re gonna add someone big. I still think before the gun sounds at the deadline, Iglesias is an Astros.

    Sounds like Harvey may be the Brewers contingency plan if they can’t land a Kyle Gibson/Kevin Gausman..

    Clearly, it would be optimal if Harvey was lights out on Saturday but sure looks like he’s gonna be facing the wrong team for that haha

  4. sezwhom

    I agree Jim. Sometimes it makes no sense.

  5. Scott Gennett

    Tough times ahead for Reds pitching. If Harvey is finally traded, rotation will rely on Bailey, DiSclafani, Castillo, Romano & Mahle for the rest of the season, all coming back from injuries and/or inconsistent. The only change could be Stephenson for Mahle or Romano. This will continue leading bullpen to be heavy workloaded with only four guys showing some level of consistency (Iglesias, Hughes, Hernandez & Lorenzen) with other three being ineffective (Brice, Crockett & Garrett) to say the least. Unless FO is able to upgrade rotation, there’s no a better future.

  6. DEN

    Just wondering here, the Cubs just traded for Cole Hammels, exactly what does he offer that is better right now then what Matt Harvey offers?

    • Jeff Reed

      Who knows? Maybe not particularly in the Matt Harvey case, but in other possible trades I suspect the key to letting players go in trades is the principal owner.

    • Jack

      Maybe most teams dont want Harvey. We dont know.

  7. Jeff Reed

    You hit it. The key to our team moving forward is pitching. The four year rebuild has done quite well, all things considered, with the offense and in that area the Reds are in good shape in the minors. Even if a trade or two is completed by the end of the month or in the off-season, I doubt a good starting pitcher will be a part of it. For that to happen, the organization will have to get out the checkbook and compete with teams willing to spend money.

  8. REDLEGS64

    Hoskins beat up the Dodgers in the previous series. The Reds seemed oblivious to that fact.

    • Jim Walker

      For those of us of an age to remember, the Reds had the same sort of plan for facing Hoskins as Floyd Patterson had for his rematch with Sonny Liston.

  9. Scott C

    Very frustrating game from the beginning. I did like your little video about the umpire with no ego, now if we could find one that was consistent with the strike zone. He did get the third strike with Votto right but still really blew two with Tucker. The issue with me is not whether he got the call right or wrong but if the strike zone keeps moving then hitters either need to expand their strike zone or get put in a hole or get called out on strikes. And pitchers continually have to shrink their strike zone, and the game gets longer. No problem with patches called strikes just off the plate, the problem is not knowing when a strike is going to be called.
    The other issue I have about last night is exactly what Brantley mentioned last night, pitchers have to learn to pitch inside, particularly aggressive hitters like the Phillies. You have to get them to move their feet. You don’t have to hit them just move them and keep them thinking.

    • Scott C

      And the really sad part is that Lorenzen was one of the few yesterday that did pitch inside. Harvey will but he will not be a Red for much longer.

  10. Nick Carrington

    I thought Lorenzen pitched great. He wore down a little that last inning, but he hasn’t thrown that many pitches since 2015, so it was probably just a matter of not being strethed out. He got the 2-4 hitters out the second time through the order when he was still in the 40-52 pitch range.

    The pitch I’m sure he’d most like back is the 1-2 pitch that Williams hit out. Up and over the plate. Poor location but that happens. Lorenzen had just gotten him to swing and miss at a changeup two pitches before. If he had put him away, it would have taken it from a good to a great outing.

  11. Reaganspad

    Agree Jim on Mahle,

    Robert Stephenson is pitching better now and this should not be on how well you wear the uni

  12. Hanawi

    Looking at those numbers is another reminder that I’ll never take WAR seriously as a stat until they lessen the influence of defense on the overall total. No one should look at those numbers and see that one of the 3 guys has been 75% as valuable as the other two based on defense alone. Especially when 2 of them play first base.

    • Jack

      Blackmon is the worst at DRS . I think the Rockies would be a better team with him in right and Hamilton in center. That’s one team that could benefit with only Billy’s defense and not really need his offense. Just my opinion.

      • roger garrett

        Billy is the owner’s favorite player.Smiles a lot and knows he is not threatened to lose his job.As long as he is on the team then he plays most of the games.Its been that way for 5 years and it isn’t going to change.I wish he could get on base at league average but he doesn’t even run any more when he does get on and neither does Peraza for that matter.Riggs doesn’t run or hit and run at all.

    • Hanawi

      Who would hang up first with a proposed trade straight up? That’s why WAR is worthless when defense is valued so high. Not to mention inlcuding baserunning in it, when a guy is being told whether to go or not by the 3rd base coach the majority of the time.

  13. Jack

    Absolutely! You cant just let Harvey walk out the door. You have to get something for him. If the Reds want him ,then sign him when he becomes a free agent. Most of the trades that have happened so far aren’t getting mlb ready players. They are getting prospects and not top prospects. If the Front Office isn’t offered squat then keep them and look in the off season in moving them. But Harvey has to be traded because he is gone after the season.

  14. Jack

    Knowing the Reds he probably wont pitch for a week.