The Reds announced today that Jesse Winker will likely miss the remainder of the season. He is expected to have surgery on his shoulder. Here is the story from Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Throughout the last couple of seasons, Jesse Winker has dealt with pain his right shoulder.

After aggravating the injury Monday, Winker is expected to miss the remainder of the season. He was placed on the 10-day disabled list Thursday, diagnosing the injury as a right shoulder subluxation.

Winker is expected to undergo surgery on his shoulder.

“He’ll be ready for spring training next year,” said Reds president of baseball operations Dick Williams. “I don’t think we’ll see him playing this year.”

Winker felt more pain in his shoulder when he ducked under a line-drive single in the ninth inning of Monday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals and fell to the ground on the base paths. Winker later scored the game-winning run.

This is obviously a major blow for the Reds, who already have Schebler on the DL. The silver lining is this will open up some playing time for younger players. The Reds need to be creative and find ways for Dilson Herrera and Phillip Ervin to get playing time. They should at least get a look to see if they could be part of the Reds future.

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  1. Jack

    Face palm. The guy who reads the xrays for the Reds is legally blind

    • David

      Tissue injuries will not show up on an X-ray. They might show up on an MRI.

      Jesse and Alex Blandino should be moved to the 60 day DL, and make room on the 40 man for Gabriel Guerrero. He and Dixon should be back up

      Chance for Gennett to play some outfield, and Dilson to play some second base..

  2. big5ed

    It seems that he has had persistent minor shoulder separations over time, none of which were serious enough to require surgery, so they kept rehabbing it. Finally, the time has come to fix it.

    It is what it s. Next man up. Gives Winker a chance to get the problem behind him, plus it opens some playing time for others who need to be evaluated.

    • David

      Yes, that is the optimistic view of things.

      Also, unlikely now that Duvall or Hamilton get traded, as the Reds are now short of outfielders.

    • big5ed

      I hate to accuse people of malpractice, having not seen one atom of medical evidence. Winker has been healthy enough to have a career OPS OF .850+.

      Kris Bryant just got put on the DL for a shoulder problem, for the second time this season. Should we assume the Cubs are run by quacks, or is it possible that shoulder injuries occur fairly regularly in baseball?

      • Jim Walker

        In Winker’s case we are talking about a guy who was exhibiting Bryant type power in the minors right up to the point he said today was when he started having a shoulder issues and the power concurrently disappeared and hasn’t been seen to anything approaching the same degree a since.

        With the power he exhibited early on in his career, he is maybe Votto.

      • Jim Walker

        And to be clear, I wasn’t pointing a finger at anybody over malpractice. A Doc can’t treat what he doesn’t know about which could have just as easily been the case here. Then again trainers could have been popping it back in all along and sending him on his way. At some point there should have been somebody doing due diligence oversight who realize this guy is having chronic subluxation incidents which is an indicator of some underlying issue.

  3. Sanantonefan

    And his last start was his worst. Don’t know if that slowed things down on the trade front, but he was pitching really well before that.

  4. jazzmanbbfan

    He might have already been there if the Reds didn’t have Joey. I could definitely see it.

    • Matt Esberger

      Hope the Smothers Brothers are ok with this moonlighting as an outfielder thing. He wrote many of their bits. He does have baseball lineage in that his great uncle is Walt “No-Neck” Williams.

  5. bouwills

    Maybe, but it appears the staff at this site is so overwhelmed by the Winker news that they forgot to post the game thread for tonight’s game.

  6. roger garrett

    I agree Cossack.The problem is they never have gone all in on the rebuild and won’t.The right thing to do is to tell Billy and Adam we must see what these other guys can do and you will need to go along with us but they won’t.They won’t because somebody may play well and then well he sets like Winker has so its a no win situation for Herrera or Ervin or anybody else.Performance does not count and giving guys a legit chance won’t happen.Winker was still a platoon situation and his numbers were Votto like.Winning games is still at the forefront for the Reds even with 60 games left.Your big time right about Scooter and his shoulder issues.Why risk anything with him?Every team sees it and won’t touch him and somebody mentioned on here that he couldn’t pass a physical which is probably right.

  7. bouwills

    Comeon SC. Are you going to log time in the lunchroom so the boss can see if the guy they just hired can become astute at your job so that you aren’t as valuable to the company in the future? I hope not. Neither is Duvall, schebler, or Gennett.

  8. Streamer88

    I wish Winker well in his recovery.

    Doing it 162 times can be hard on them. Resistance to these types of chronic reinjuring type conditions is part of what it takes to succeed. Here’s hoping Winker is not the new Mesoraco.

  9. The Duke

    Ervin should be playing every day for the rest of the year. He’s been hitting well in AAA this year, and has the tools and plate discipline to be a valuable player. The Reds have 59 games left. Ervin should start at least 55 of them.

  10. The Duke

    Winker will be hid in LF until Votto hangs them up at which point they’ll move him to 1B. If the NL gets the DH in the next collective bargaining agreement, then Winker will be the guy in that slot more often than not.

  11. Michael Smith

    Your last options should be going under the knife especially with a shoulder. Sounds like the reds have tried every other option and are at the point that rehab is not going to work.