I was in Louisville tonight as Scott Schebler started at DH in a rehab appearance. I was able to talk to him after the game. In his comments, he said he felt great, “up until that last swing, felt a little awkward. It was a the first high pitch I had to go after… five minutes after that I felt great again.”

He also said there was still “a little limitation” with throwing. And “it’s kind of a weird injury where you can push through it a little.”

Both Schebler and Manage Dick Schofield said the plan is for him to return to Cincinnati as soon as he’s comfortable enough throwing to play the field. The current plan is for him to DH again tomorrow in Louisville, but Schebler said that if he came in tomorrow and felt comfortable throwing, “I want to get back in the field as soon as possible.”

Sounds like he will most likely be back in Cincinnati in a couple of days.

3 Responses

  1. Jason Linden

    You’re reading too much into it. Schebler has a reputation for being very honest. It’s a sprain. If you’ve ever sprained anything, you know there’s a point where you’re basically fine and can get on with some things even if you can still feel it a little bit.

  2. cfd3000

    Thanks for the update Jason. It’s cool that the Bats give RLN media access, and this info does seem more “real” than the often cryptic comments we get from Reds management.

  3. Nathan

    Unrelated, but did anyone see the return the blue jays got on oh? My goodness if we can get that type of return, Hernandez and Hughes should be on the block for that type of deal. A former 1st round prospect, a #24 prospect and another lottery pick is a nice return.