At least the rain didn’t start until the Reds Hall of Fame induction ceremony was over.

After Anthony DeSclafani pitched a clean first inning, the Reds first 2 batters of the game drew walks. Joey Votto then hit into a double play; Eugenio Suárez hit a warning track fly out to end the inning.

From there, the  game was all Pirates as they built a 5-0 lead until Curt Casali’s 2 run homer in the bottom of the seventh put the Red on the board. But that was it for the Reds.

The Pirates tacked on an ultimately unneeded insurance run in the 8th with the help of a Reds wild pitch to set the final margin.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (43-55)  2 6 0
Pittsburgh Pirates (50-49)  6 12 1
W: Kingham (5-4) L: DeSclafani (4-3)

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What Went Right

Jesse Winker got 2 hits to extend his streak

Amir Garrett pitched a clean inning.

Curt Casali hit a 2 run bomb.


Things Which Went Bump In The Night

There was yet another rain delay.

Anthony DeSclafani allowed 3 runs in 4.1 innings of work, 1 before the rain delay and 2 after the rain.  Corey Dickerson dinged Disco for 2 solo home runs.

Between the two Dickerson homers Nick Kirby tweeted

Disco’s numbers now are 14HR in 48.1 innings, 2.62HR/9. Maybe it is worrying time?

Michael Lorenzen allowed 2 runs in an inning of work. Both scored on a seeing eye hit by Pirates starter Nick Kingham prompting this comment by Nick Carrington

Jared Hughes wild pitched home the Pirates final run with 2 outs in the 8th inning.

Curt Casali got a Pirates hello greeting in the 9th being drilled by a pitch following his 7th inning home run. Be ready for Reds retaliation tomorrow.

The Wrap

The Reds are having trouble rekindling the magic they had found before the All Star break. The starting pitching has been just so-so, and that’s probably being too generous. The relievers haven’t been able to hold the line. The offense hasn’t been able to create strings of consecutive productive plate appearances resulting in multiple runs. Let’s hope the team wakes up tomorrow full of fire and gets the train rolling again.



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  1. Sliotar

    Take Harvey and his 1.0 WAR off this staff and assume Bailey takes his spot. Here are their WAR entering tonight….

    Castillo – 0.6
    Mahle – 0.5
    Romano – 0.1
    DeSclafani – minus 0.3
    Bailey – minus 0.5

    Total – 0.4

    When the Reds offense splutters, like it has the last 2 nights, the ugliness of this SP rotation, over time, is going to show up.

    Castillo and Mahle are young enough and have good enough stuff, IMO, to keep them in their spots and let them learn.

    The other three…meh. Tough to envision any of them making a playoff start ATM.

    That Reds checkbook had better get the dust blown off it for use this winter to help with this.

    • TyGuy85

      And people are trying to make the case to keep all these pieces to contend in 2019. The Reds need to be active during the trade deadline and FA to improve the pitching. And that means trading Gennett, Raisel, and other bullpen pieces if necessary since they are at peak trade value.

      • Jim Walker

        Sometimes I wonder if when guys are on a run, they really lose track of exactly how well things are going; and then, when they have an off day or several if they get to thinking “too much” about things and lose their mojo.

        This said there is a lot of work left for the Reds in building their rotation. However I am among those who believe the other pieces are in place and they should trade judiciously to attempt to enhance both their 2019 and longer term chances. Trade as little of what they have to get as much of what they need as they can. And it might be time to let go of some of those prospects at A+ and AA in the process to minimize the impact on the MLB team.

      • greenmtred

        Agree with that, Jim. I’m satisfied that I am not a seer, but I did wonder whether the All-Star break was coming at a bad time for the Reds. There may be no such thing as momentum, but whatever that was doing a pretty good imititation.

      • Joel

        I was just thinking that fans do the same thing. After a loss or two, most posts on this site are negative, trade more than a few people, we’ll never contend as long as X is on the roster, etc. After a few wins, then it’s all more positive, trade at least one fewer player, these guys are the core, need only 1-2 players to be a contender, etc. No matter what, we still need a lot of starting pitching and a center fielder who can hit.

        Anyway, I agree with your idea of trading judiciously (really, is there ever a reason to not trade judiciously?).

  2. Seat101

    How did you like Casali’s play at the plate, Jim?

    • Jim Walker

      I loved it. The way the plate is supposed to be covered.
      This was my personal rookie effort at a recap and at that point I was pretty busy making sure I had all the necessary stuff in place and didn’t quite see where to fit it in since it didn’t really impact the outcome.

      • Sest101

        I meant no criticism! And I thought it was a great recap. I don’t think I could’ve done a recap without swearing

        You and I have discussed Tucker’s problem with tag plays at the plate in the past. That’s why I brought it up.

        I wonder Melina had any influence on Casali.

      • Jim Walker

        None taken. I was just wrangling with myself because I thought Casali deserved more of a call out than I was giving him and couldn’t figure how to get it in on the fly 😉

        And yes, the guys who do the recaps deserve a big tip of all our caps. We’ve got all day to write a preview and the only real push is getting the live linked line ups pasted in by “press time”.

        On the recap end you’ve got to have it essentially done and still be thinking what if, what if and ready to fly off in a different direction at the swing of a bat,

  3. Remdog

    Nice work, Jim Wish we could say the same about our Redlegs these last few nights.

  4. WVRedlegs

    Looking a lot like April out there, but with warmer temps. Wet weather, not good starting pitching, and uninspired play. There are concerns with every starter now but Harvey really. And he will be leaving on a jet plane soon enough. No time to spare, get Robert Stephenson up to Cincinnati and into the rotation.

    • Jim Walker

      Unfortunately it does look like April in July complete with the inundating “showers.” Fittingly this was one of those Slip Slidin’ Away games.

  5. WVRedlegs

    When Baltimore trades Zack Britton, that will take the last high profile rental closer off the market. I think we should hope the Cubs are the ones to land Britton. That will leave the Astros, Braves, Dodgers and Rockies still looking. Iglesias could be in big big demand among teams with great prospects to trade. Much better than the Cubs. There won’t be a closer available the caliber of Iglesias.
    TB traded their closer to Seattle earlier.
    Toronto closer on suspension.
    Baltimore about to trade theirs.
    KC traded their closer to Washington.
    Minnesota has ???
    Detroit has ????
    LA Angels closer on DL.
    Texas has Keon.
    NY Mets just traded their closer.
    Miami has relievers in demand, but 39 year old Zeigler is their closer.
    SD just traded their closer.
    It would look like the market is down to Iglesias and Keon as quality closers still available.
    If the Cubs can get Britton, then a bidding ear could break out among Astros, Braves, Dodgets, Braves and Rockies. Then it might be worth trading Iglesias.

    • Davy13

      Ziegler is no longer the Marlins closer for about a month. It is Kyle Barraclough. He’s been a doing a great job. If the Marlins have him on the trade market, then he’s stiff competition for Iglesias.

  6. Jreis

    I grew up in Cincinnati and played knothole ball until I was 16. I played for The roselawn roto rooter team and we played teams in our area like Golf Manor Mills Fence, Deer Park cobras, Bond Hill Bothers Three dominators.
    The teams were well matched. We were all scrawny, geeky teenagers. The games were close and the winner of the Day was usually the team which executed the best in the field.
    A couple of years we came in first place and played in the city wide tournament. We played teams from the west side, Norwood and Anderson. The games were over before they started. The players were so much bigger , stronger and faster than us. In warm ups we knew we were doomed.

    This got me thinking of the reds and I think sometimes they are going through the same thing. Especially with the teams in our own division. Watching the games it just seems like the pirates and brewers are just bigger and stronger than our reds.
    I mean we have nobody that looks like Palanco or Thames or Molina for that matter and I just wonder if there is an intimidation factor when we play these teams.?

    The scores are often similar 12-1 lol

    • Jim Walker

      Ironically Casali fits that bill and he drove in the Reds 2 runs tonight and denied the Pirates a run with his block and tag on the play at the plate in the 8th. With all due respect to Barnhart’s all around game, that tag is a play he doesn’t make.

  7. Scott Gennett

    It’s been 5 years since last solid rotation (Cueto, Bailey, Latos, Leake & Arroyo) and yet FO has not been able to replace it. Between unsuccesfull trades and poor player development, Reds are about the same position on those regards. In exchange for Cueto no one has succeded, Bailey has been injured most of the time, same for DiSclafani who came in exchange for Latos, Arroyo was let go and Leake was traded for Duvall and a minor leaguer and so the story goes. Maybe Mahle and Castillo will succeed at some time, but there’s not much to expect from the rest.

  8. CI3J

    The Padres trade their closer + another reliever to Cleveland for Francisco Mejia, a top 10 prospect in all of MLB.

    Mets trade their closer to the A’s for some spare parts.

    I think we can safely remove Cleveland and Oakland as potential trade partners for Iglesias. The Reds are pulling their classic move of waiting too long and by the time they’re ready to act, no one is interested in what they’re selling any more.

    They have 9 days to get something done, but if they aren’t careful all their potential trade partners will fill their needs elsewhere.

  9. Jack

    This team is in dire need of a number 1 starter. They will go nowhere without one. Hitting goes in slumps and great pitching doesnt. Until they get a solid rotation this team will scuffle. Nobody on this team is a 1 or 2. Stephenson isn’t the savior . He is another 4 or 5. The team has plenty of them as well as 2nd baseman. This front office needs to trade for or sign a number 1 or 2. Number 1’s are hard to come by so even two 2’s is better than what they have.

    • roger garrett

      I agree but pitching is so scarce I couldn’t imagine anybody trading a really good one for less then our entire prospect list.I have always thought due to financial constraints you have to develop hitters or pitchers and go buy the others but we aren’t very good in developing hitters and don’t have the patience to develop pitchers.We anoint them or throw them under the bus and sometimes go back in forth after each start.Won’t work that way.Its simple either go all in or not on the rebuild and trade from our positions of strength to improve the team.We haven’t done either one and so we are still asking the same questions and still have the same issues.We have holes on offense and holes in the rotation and the same guys are still playing or pitching so are we to assume we can’t fill them internally?If so do we then go out and get them?All of us get excited when we win but we would be better off if we didn’t win because then something may be done to improve this team.The Reds live in the wait and see mode.

    • greenmtred

      When you’re talking about Stephenson–Mahle and Castillo, for that matter–you’re evaluating potential, not a significant body of MLB work. How is Stephenson’s stuff not #1-caliber? Control is his issue, not velocity or quality of breaking stuff. The Reds do need a #1. They need a good rotation. With that, they’re probably contenders right now.

      • Jack

        Go watch Severino,Sale, Verlander,Scherzer,Kershaw,kluber,Lesteror even Nola. Those are number 1’s. Stephenson is not a 1. Can he be? No one knows. But how long do you want to sit and wait for a guy who is still in AAA and basically has had 1 good month in the bigs? A number 1 is a guy you put out there against the pitchers I listed and has a chance to beat them. Do you feel confident in that?

      • greenmtred

        “Can he be? No one knows.” That was my point. His pitches are probably #1-caliber, but, no, he’s not a #1 until he demonstartes that he is. But he might do just that. So might Castillo or Mahle.

  10. Luckeydad

    The start of the “second half” looks a lot like April……….hopefully, they canbe get their mojo back today.

  11. DEN

    It’s time for management to stop this building for the future plan, fans today won’t wait. Let’s see what Senzel and Green can get us that can produce on the major league level right now and in a big way.

    • Matt WI

      Senzel is out for the year with his finger tendon. Gonna be a tough ask!

    • greenmtred

      We’d all, even today’s fans, be so bitter if the Reds stopped building for the future. Building for the future has to be a constant activity unless you’re happy with years of terrible play when the infrequent competitive window slams shut. Doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t judiciously trade prospects for specific areas of need, but the current area of need is quality starting pitching, and the teams that have it won’t likely part with it for one prospect in the low minors and another who is injured and has a possibly chronic health issue of undetermined seriousness.

      • Jim Walker

        It looks like they will be paying for starting pitching either with their checkbook, talent or a combination of the 2.

        BTW, I agree on Senzel’s value being down some right now because of his health issues. The vertigo was supposedly a one off infection related thing last year. Now they say it is a “manageable” condition. I don’t think that means they were wrong last year about the onset; but, the relapse indicates it hasn’t totally cleared as a potential future problem.

        Now there is the hand issue which on its own is innocent enough but along with the vertigo perhaps begins to beg the question of whether he might be a body type which is injury prone.
        For example look how often Schebler seems to be dinged just badly enough to have to sit out for a couple of weeks. Also consider how Meso seemed to have a lot of ticky tacky injuries ahead of the big stuff with his hips and shoulders then last year went down with something else yet again.

        At whatever level, Senzel really needs to get a full “healthy” season in the books behind him to keep from being taqged as a chronic injury/ health risk.

  12. Jim Walker

    What would anyone be willing to trade for a 25 year old former 1st round draft choice who is currently pitching at AAA and since May 1 has put together the following line over 13 starts

    71.2IP; 3.39ER; 3.58FIP; 94K(31%K); 30BB(9.9%BB); 8HR(0.26%); .208 BA Against; 1.2WHIP; For those who care, 8-4 record

    And yes, this is a trick/ trap question because all this guy would cost is a phone call to Louisville. These are Robert Stephenson’s 2018 AAA numbers since May 1.

    • streamer88

      Why isn’t he pitching today? Isn’t it his turn?

      • Jim Walker

        They are up to something with the AAA rotation. RS pitched on July 5 then not again until last week on the 17th; so, 12 days between starts. The AAA all star break was in that stretch but he was 3 days past pitching when it started and last to pitch coming out of it. It looks like he has been pitching on the 6-7th day instead of 5th day right along, Here is the Fangraphs game log link for him from May 1 forward.

        You can toggle between “Standard” and “Advanced” stats up above the calendar which sets the dates.

      • Jim Walker

        The “something” could just be to accommodate having Bailey there on rehab???

  13. sezwhom

    The Reds are having trouble rekindling the magic they had found before the All Star break.

    That’s the problem with the ASB. Lose momentum. Reds look flat again but hey, give credit to the Pirates. Won eight in a row, now one game over .500 and only 8 games out.

  14. Scott C

    I thought you did an excellent job Jim. Great work. The All Star break did come at a bad time for the Reds, but also Schebler’s injury came at a bad time. Since the break Dunn and Hamilton have reverted to their early season non hitting.

    • greenmtred

      Two games. In the two games since the All-Star break, Dunn and Hamilton and every other Red besides Winker and Peraza haven’t been hitting well. This may be the end of the good times, but I’ll wait a few more games to proclaim it so.

  15. Matt WI

    Not sure which way to go. The Pirates steamrolled the Brewers too, so maybe the Reds are just caught up against a smoking hot club. Two games with a long way to go to evaluate.

  16. Still a Red

    Two games into post-All Star…a little early to panic. There may or may not be something ‘real’ about momentum, but people are not simply the roll of the dice. Having played sports (not at a very high level) sometimes you feel ‘on’ and sometimes not…down time (due to All Star week or rain delays, illness) sap ones energies…timing, rhythm, etc.

  17. Bill Lack

    One thing about last night’s game…after two walks to start the game, Votto hits into a DP on a 2-0 pitch and the Reds offense was done for the night. I don’t question Votto’s greatness, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect and last night (like when he swung at a 3-0 late in a tight game a couple weeks ago) he was wrong. I know about his splits on 3-0 and assume he’s probably very good on 2-0, but you also have to take the situation into account and he didn’t last night.