This week at Redleg Nation, we’re running a series of posts celebrating this year’s inductees into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame: Adam Dunn, Dave Bristol, and Fred Norman.

As you are no doubt aware, Adam Dunn will be inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame this weekend.

If you have spent any time here at Redleg Nation, and especially if you were around during the early days, you will know that we have always been Adam Dunn partisans in these parts. Seriously, when Dunn was getting criticized in all corners for his shortcomings, we here at RN were always celebrating all the amazing things that he did to help the Reds.

I freely admit that I was one of Dunn’s biggest cheerleaders, and I have remained so to this day. (As proof, I give you this post.) I mean, we have an entire category entitled, “Defending Adam Dunn.” And here’s a retrospective I wrote on Dunn’s career a few years ago.

We even dedicated a chapter to Dunn in our book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments that made the Cincinnati Reds”, because we felt like Reds fans need to remember just how special this guy was, despite playing with some lousy teams. The chapter is focused on Dunn’s career, but this game is the centerpiece of that discussion

And let us not forget the greatest moment of Dunn’s career, the time he called in to talk to Marty Brennaman on the banana phone. This is classic comedy. Without further ado, I present to you: Adam in Milwaukee.