Enjoy this great interview with Reds prospect Taylor Trammell, courtesy of Baseball America’s JJ Cooper. Trammell, of course, won the MVP of the MLB All-Star Futures Game this week.

If you’re like me, you’ll be really encouraged by Trammell. He a bright, impressive young kid with an equally bright future ahead of him. Now if the Reds would just start pushing him higher in the system…

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  1. RedsinROC

    There’s not a more relevant prospect thread at the moment, but I caught the Bats play last night in Rochester…. The highlight was a bases-loaded double to dead center by Brandon Dixon, although he had an error in left on a terrible throw to third that led to a run.

    The lowlight was Brandon Finnegan, who took over from Keury Mella with runners on first and second in the fifth and the Bats leading 5-4, having just scored five runs to take the lead in their half of the inning.

    Then he got out his gas can and lighter and did this: walk – grand slam – hit batter – pop out – ground out – stolen base – double – error on easy comebacker – walk with wild pitch to score run and then pulled (after which a couple more scored)…. Yeesh… So, 2/3 IP, 2 H, 2BB, HBP, WP, 6 R, 3 ER which is deceptive since it was his own error…. Bats lose 13-6 after an 8-run fifth.

  2. big5ed

    I wish I had been as mature at that age as Trammell is. He has a very high ceiling. And floor.

  3. Remdog

    Wow, this kid’s maturity level is flat out amazing! At 20 he already has a solid understanding of certain subtle nuances of the game that some guys never figure out through an entire career. His baseball IQ seems off the charts.

  4. B-town Fan

    Except Geronimo was a better hitter, especially during those world series years, in 76 he had a 307 avg and 382 obp, but your point is well taken.

  5. B-town Fan

    Trammell has a good head on his shoulders. I really liked his story about meeting Hank Aaron that I saw in another interview at the Futures Game

  6. roger garrett

    I echo your comments Chad by pushing him through.He will let you know when to stop.Tired off this he is two or three years away stuff all the time.Does anybody think if Peraza had been in our minor league system he would have reached the bigs at 21 years of age.The answer is nope but somebody traded for him and because of that he was given a shot.It all comes down to the same thing with everybody and that is can they hit major league pitching.

  7. John Wan

    Taylor Trammell just became my new favorite prospect. Thinks deeply about the game.