It was announced on Sunday evening that the Reds got not one, not two, but three infielders into the All-Star game. That came to a surprise for many in Reds country, not because of the three players performance, they are certainly worthy. It came as a surprise because the Reds are in last place, and getting 3/4 of a last place infield in the All-Star game felt nearly impossible (poor Jose Peraza). Scooter Gennett and Eugenio Suarez lost close battles at their respective starting spots, but they will surely be happy getting to the mid-summer classic anyway they can.

Joey Votto will be making his 6th All-Star game appearance, which about five fewer than he should have. Votto currently has his lowest OPS (.871) of his career. However, Votto has a 138 wRC+, and while that is low for Votto’s ridiculous standards, it still ranks in the 10th in the NL, and third among 1B. Votto got off to a slow start (again for his standards) with a .818 OPS in April, but he just posted a .959 mark in June.

Scooter Gennett was the most expected Red to be an All-Star in 2018, and that just sounds crazy to say. Since the Reds picked up Gennett off waivers in late spring training of 2017, he has become an elite hitter. Gennett ranks 12th in the NL in wRC+ (135), and leads 2B. It has been Gennett’s drastic improvement against left-handed pitching that has propelled him to All-Star level. He has a career .633 OPS vs LHP, but he is at .874 in 2018. Scooter might not be around for much longer in Cincinnati, but he has certainly been a fun player to watch, and easy to root for. It will be exciting to see him get a chance to play in the All-Star game and represent his favorite childhood team.

Eugenio Suarez just keeps getting better and better. How much better you might ask? He has been the best hitter in the entire National League, as he leads the NL with a 162 wRC+ (the next best is Freddie Freeman at 152). Suarez hit his 19th home run of the season yesterday, and now has an on-base percentage above .400. Nolan Arrenado is the only other 3B on the current NL roster, so Suarez should get a chance to play and a couple at-bats.

Votto or Gennett have a good shot start as DH. You would imagine the choice would be between them and Paul Goldschmidt, as 1B and 2B are the only infield positions with three players. Who the AL chooses to start the game will likely have a big impact on Dave Roberts decision. If they go with LHP Chris Sale (who should be available), you would imagine that Roberts would go with Goldschmidt. If they go with Kluber or Severino, than Votto and Gennett will have a good shot.

Zack Cozart broke the Reds streak of 25 consecutive at-bats without a hit in the All-Star game last year. Now the Reds need to turn their attention to breaking their streak without an extra-base hit. They have gone 82 at-bats without an extra-base hit, with the last one coming by Dave Concepcion in 1982.

* All statistics include games played through July 9th, 2018

7 Responses

  1. Scott Gennett

    If Reds decide to switch Senzel to SS, and also decide to keep Gennett for the long term, it may be possible to see the whole IF in the ASG in the near future.

  2. Mason Red

    Congrats to all three. It’s quite an accomplishment for this team considering where they were earlier in the season.

  3. cfd3000

    With those three all star infielders, Winker getting on base as advertised and showing a little more power lately, and Schebler absolutely raking in the leadoff slot the Reds have 5 of 8 starters providing serious offensive value. If Senzel can join that group without displacing anyone, and considering that Barnhart hits fairly well while providing premium defense, it’s clear that the Reds offense is solid, and only likely to improve. Nice to see the three infielders get the All-Star nod. Last year it was Cozart and his new donkey, this year Gennett and Suarez as first timers. How about next year we find a way to give Tucker Barnhart and Scott Schebler the All-Star experience? It really does feel like this team is close. Upgrade one or two starting pitchers and one outfielder and you have a playoff contender and a team nobody wants to play. How good does that possibility sound after a 3-18 start?

  4. David

    It’s a real credit to Gennett that he has progressed so much as a hitter.

    It’s a real credit to Suarez, considering where he was a few years ago as a third baseman. This guy is not only a very good baseball player, but appears to be a really good guy on the team and in the clubhouse. When he was struggling defensively a few years ago at 3rd base, he was a stand up guy talking about his problems. He tried hard to learn English to do interviews without an interpreter.

    When I watch him hit, he sort of reminds me of a little smaller Albert Pujols. Just a great guy representing the Reds.

  5. David

    Yup. Starting Pitching. When the Reds get that, and STOP THE BUNTING, things will get better.

    • Jim Walker

      How about pitching period after the debacles in Chicago this weekend? Of course if the starters went deeper that would considerably lessen the load and pressure on the pen.

  6. Herpyderp

    Not saying Arenado isn’t deserving of the All Star nod, but look at him vs Suarez slash lines home and away. Without Coors Field, he regresses back to only an above average hitter. I’m glad Suarez made the All Star team, but this is why I don’t like the All Star game as a whole.

    Home – .370/.449/.721, wRC+ 181
    Away – .253/.343/..476, wRC+ 115

    Home – .304/.387/.574, wRC+ 152
    Away – .328/.424/.590, wRC+ 171