Well, that was, um, fun. Somehow, the Reds are 9-2 in inter-league games. 

Wins have been hard to come by in Cleveland. The Reds had only won two of their previous 18 games at Progressive Field. Tonight the Reds hit, pitched and fielded well. They are now 2-2 on the tough road trip and have two more games in Cleveland then head to St. Louis for three before the All-Star break. 

Cincinnati 7 (40-51) • Cleveland 5 (49-40)

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Anthony DeSclafani made it through seven innings, throwing 98 pitches. The Reds relatively comfortable lead allowed Jim Riggleman to give DeSclafani a little extra rope late in his appearance. DeSclafani navigated the tough Cleveland lineup three full times, allowing five hits and two walks. The one run he gave up was a solo homer to former Red Yonder Alonso. DeSclafani struck out three batters. It was his seventh start of the season.

Amir Garrett took over and worked around a lead-off double in the eighth. But he gave up a walk and homer in the ninth. Tanner Rainey came in for Garrett in the ninth. Rainey, throwing 100-mph fastballs, recorded an out but was victimized by two bloop hits (77 and 69 mph). Riggleman brought in Raisel Iglesias with the score 7-3 and two runners on base and facing the top of Cleveland’s order. Iglesias appeared to be surprised by being called in and and not ready. He gave up a sac fly and a double, but ended the game by striking out the dangerous Jose Ramirez on three pitches. 

Again, the Reds bullpen has been outstanding this year, way above average. Aside from Raisel Iglesias and maybe Michael Lorenzen, Reds relievers aren’t above average. So a bit of sliding back to reality is expected. 

The Reds got on the board in the second inning when Eugenio Suarez walked and Tucker Barnhart doubled. They extended the lead to 3-0 in the third, when Scooter Gennett led off with a walk, Jesse Winker tripled down the right field line and Tucker Barnhart followed with a single. Billy Hatcher had sent Gennett to a certain out at the plate on Winker’s hit, but luckily for the Reds, Cleveland’s catcher dropped the ball. Joey Votto added the fourth run with a 392-foot solo home run in the fifth. In the seventh, Billy Hamilton singled and scored on a Scott Schebler single. 

The Reds could have had a couple more runs early on if it weren’t for outstanding plays in the Cleveland outfield. Tyler Naquon robbed Gennett of extra bases in the first on a ball with a 102 mph exit velocity and hit probability of 62%. In the next inning, centerfielder Greg Allen made a great catch on a 397-blast by Adam Duvall. 

The Reds had a couple nice defensive gems of their own. Adam Duvall dove to knock a line drive down, preventing it from going for extra bases. In the third, Scooter Gennett fielded a ground ball that had deflected off of Votto’s glove. Gennett had to lunge back in the opposite direction, field the ball barehanded and just nipped the runner at first. 

Scott Schebler had four hits leading off, including a 2-run Scheblast. He’s produced with hits, power and walks this year (wRC+ 126 – that’s 26 percent above league average). Yet a bunch of people, including a few Reds TV talking heads, are yammering about Billy Hamilton (wRC+ 73) getting back in the leadoff spot. 

Jesse Winker (wRC+ 120) had two hits and a walk. His on-base percentage is up to .392, third best on the team. Hamilton had two singles, as did Tucker Barnhart. 

Line-up Shenanigans Jose Peraza (wRC+ 87) has no business batting ahead of Votto (wRC+ 138), Gennett (wRC+ 135) and Eugenio Suarez (wRC+ 162). Sure, batting orders don’t matter a lot and the Reds offense has been humming as is. But they just lost two one-run games in Chicago where the offense scored 5 and 7 runs. They needed more and not having your best hitters getting the most at bats is needlessly giving away an edge. Peraza was 0-for-5 tonight, with three strikeouts. 

Herrera Sits Again The Reds called up Dilson Herrera before the Cubs series, but he didn’t get an at bat. He sat the bench again tonight. Manager Jim Riggleman acknowledged the need to get Herrera playing time, but said, “We’ve got to win games.” That shows the tension between organizational goals of putting the best 9 on the field every single day, developing players and seeing what you’ve got. Riggleman’s view is understandable. But meanwhile, Herrera gets rusty and he’s out of options so the Reds can’t send him back to Louisville for at bats. 

Trade Rumor Connects Dodgers and Gennett From Yahoo’s Jeff Passan:

Reds Draft Pick Wins Recognition Josiah Gray, the Reds 2nd round draft pick, was named Pitcher of the Week in the Appalachian League. Gray pitches for the new affiliate, the Greeneville Reds. Gray pitched for the Reds tonight and gave up four hits and a walk over 5.2 innings, with 5 strikeouts.

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  1. Grand Salami

    Riggleman needed to give Tanner a better leash.

    He needs to be pitching this kid, batting Dilson, and tweaking the lineup to work his trio of Allstars up in the lineup. But he’s more worrried about building that resume than the long term.

    • Indy Red Man

      I totally agree…..free BobSteve too! I’ll be mildly shocked if Romano gives up less then 4 tomorrow. Give these guys some run…the guys are hitting and playing well overall but the future is sort of important too!

      • Gerardo Helguera

        I have to agree with you. Sally’s line will probably go 5IP 6H 5ER 3BB 2Ks

    • Scott C

      I personally thought that Rainey should have pitched in that last game in Chicago, instead of Jackson. Let him start with a clean inning, a lot let pressure even if it is extra innings. Last night he came in after Garrett had just given up two runs and faced the top of the Indians order. I am glad he pitched but after sitting for almost a week he had to have had a little rust and a little nerves going on.

    • lwblogger2

      Huh? I like his stuff but the fact is that Rainey has a 5.3 bb/9 for his MiLB career thus far. He has serious command issues. I’m not sure he should be up at all, let alone getting a longer leash in a game in which the Reds are ahead.

  2. Darrin

    Prior to today’s game, Perazas ops was 891 over the last month, I have no problem with him near the top of the order right now……and how many 0-5 with 3ks does he own? I’m just curious to see if he goes into “whoa is me mode” like he has in the past after a bad game, or if he’s really turned the corner as a hitter.

    • Seat101

      Rarely on this website is there anyone with a higher opinion of Jose Peraza than mine .

      Whatever Brian Price did to Jose’s head it’s going to take him a while to shake it off. He is still a work in progress. Let him improve in the field and at the plate with a little less pressure than batting higher in the order.

      Of course I would be happy to be proven wrong. I certainly have a lot of experience with it

      • Darrin

        The one thing that does bother me is if you’re gonna hit him near the top, he’s gotta be pretty much given the green light to steal. If your justification of hitting him first or second is his speed……then use it.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        I think Riggleman has said that Billy and Jose have the green light pretty much all the time when they are on base.

  3. Seat101

    That was one of the best summaries ever on this website. And I have to add there haven’t been any poor ones.

    I’d like to see Peraza batting seventh or eighth in front of pitcher in the National League. And eighth or ninth When playing in the Junior Circuit with that silly DH rule.

    The right fielder should be nominated for an Academy Award for that catch in the second inning.

  4. msanmoore

    Yep. Weirdly fun. But I’ll gladly take a funky win over anything else.

  5. redsfan06

    Reds have the same problem with Riggleman as they did with Price. The team needs to sort and develop players, but the manager is trying to save his job.

    • Seat101

      Hey slight correction, he is the interim manager. I don’t mean to be “that guy”. Yet I think it’s important to stress the fact that Jim Riggleman Has not been hired as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

      • Scott C

        And let’s hope it remains that way.

    • greenmtred

      I think that winning games and saving his job are nearly synonymous. The problem is, whom do you sit in favor of a young guy? Scooter? The outfielders in the pipeline aren’t ready, so that leaves pitchers. I’d like to see Stephenson get a shot at it, and I bet he will, but a lot of the pitching is currently being done by young pitchers, so it depends upon one or more of them faltering, which a number of them are showing signs of doing. The players seem happy–could it be the winning?–and so do we, as evidenced by more comments.

  6. Old-school

    The Reds need starting pitching. Scooter Gennett at $12 million next year is blocking the greatest hitter on the planet not on a 25 man roster. It makes no sense. Nick Senzel needs to play 2b on Opening day and solidify this infield. Jesse winker needs to be in LF and Schebler in RF. Trade Gennett and Ervin for Dodgers CF Verdugo ….throw in Hernandez.

    Unloading Gennett and Hernandez frees up pitching money. Get younger and cheaper the next 3 months. Fill the pitching holes
    In the off-season

    • Indy Red Man

      Trading Scooter now is pennies on the dollar with his shoulder. Other teams have scouts. I’m thinking maybe he gets surgery or something and comes back in LF next year. No guarantee Senzel can rake like Scooter. Say Senzel ends up as a better hitter but goes thru some growing pains for a few years. What does Joey look like in 2020? I think that was just his 3rd HR in 1.5 months tonite. It will take a triple to score him from 2nd by 2021.

      • Old-school

        No new money scooter. Period.
        Love the player. But can’t see how he helps this team 2020 and beyond.

        No New Money. Look at Cozart.

      • DEN

        What guarantee is there that this Senzel kid will produce anywhere near the level of what Scooter has given us and if he does produce on that level or better when? Are we looking at 2020 or 2021? He has a “major” medical issue that his hit him now two years in a row and there is no reason to think it won’t occur again in his future. Then you have Scooter who is all of what 28? You ink him to a 4-5 year deal and he is then what like 33. Scooter is a proven talented Major League level All Star and you want to let him go for a maybe good player? Sorry but the Reds are slowly becoming the second most favorite summer sports team in Cincy behind soccer of all things and you want to give away a talented player for a maybe…Sorry Sign Scooter now, move Senzel for more Major League talent now…

      • VaRedsFan

        Sign Scooter. You don’t get rid of a bat like that.

      • greenmtred

        And I don’t think that you move Senzel, either. The MLB talent you’d get for him at this point would be, at best, just the sort of second or third-tier player that we’ve been so angry about before.

      • Indy Red Man

        Cozart will be 33 in August. Not only that but Cozart will be an old 33. He could barely bend over to get grounders last year. Scooter is 28. No comparison.

      • Jim Walker

        Agree. Folks here in general seem to view a Scooter extension signed at age 28 or 29 and running through his age ~33 season in the same light as Brandon Phillips last Reds contract which was signed when he was 31 and was through his age 36 season.
        That’s apples to oranges.

        And where Cozart is concerned the comp is even more off kilter. An extension signed by Scooter in this off season would very likely end by the same age or just a year later than Cozart’s age was when he signed with the Angels last off season.

        There are lots of both pros and cons to re-signing Scooter but as long as the term is held to 4-5 years, age wouldn’t be among the greatest except possibly in comparison to other options the Reds might have in house.

  7. roger garrett

    Great game by the Reds.Sorry to hear that we are trying to win games although I do understand the comment.It just shows the organization isn’t sold on finding out who can or who can’t and are caught up in the we think we can cry again.Guess its just hard for them to decide which way to go especially after the last few weeks.Must be fun in the meetings.

    • Sliotar

      Excellent comment, Roger.

      (And excellent recap per usual, Steve.)

      Not playing Dilson Herrera with a DH in place to keep Gennett’s bat in play and ease up on his banged-up body really is pure silliness.

      The whole win games vs.development argument should not be that hard for a team that is playing to projections and not likely to reach .500 this season, but boy, the Reds sure seem to muddy clear waters pretty easily.

      Feels like the Reds front office would benefit from adding someone from the Cubs or Astros, someone who has been through a complete tear-down and re-build this decade.

      (Crazy thought, I know).

      • misconcepcion

        I still think we really have to find out if Scooter can play left well enough to go there. If he can’t, we MUST move him and upgrade our team defense. With Jose and Scooter, we have a “keystone-combo” (getcher Topps card now) that is slow-footed, slow-handed and leaving way too many DPs unfulfilled.
        The Redlegs can’t put together a megahertz Yankee power lineup like the current display, and a top-shelf rotation is not on the horizon, but–as we’ve had for at least half of the last 8 years, a world-class defense IS attainable, and it augments the pitching staff and the offensive output.

        Riggleman deserves some credit, but probably not the job. And now it looks like he’s losing sight of the team goal to corral another contract. Don’t blame him but he’s still a bunt fetishist (Hamilton and Peraza need a BUNT sign???? Sheesh!! RUN for it!!)

        How about if we institute a company policy that fines the manager $10,000 for every failed bunt?
        Maybe then we’d stop asking incompitent bunters to execute a stupid ploy…

      • VaRedsFan

        Scooter has a position, It’s 2nd base. His arm won’t allow him to play outfield (for now). Put Senzel in the outfield or SS.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Winker .944 ops in June. 1.003 ops in July. The kid is good if the ball can just avoid him in the outfield.

    The Reds hit some rockets off Clevinger tonite, but he’s good and can really miss some bats. Jeff Brantley made a good comment on FSN about how some guys throw 95 and its like 90. Other guys throw 95 and its like 100. That got me thinking about Castillo. He probably can’t grow his hair 3 feet like Clevinger, but what about some kind of deceptive move in his delivery? Am I mistaken or didn’t the corkscrew delivery that Cueto developed really help his results? Castillo just gets hit too hard for a guy throwing 96-97. One thing I’ve noticed about Castillo is that he tries to keep the ball down which is good, but he never seems to use the top of the strike zone like Mahle does. When he misses down and comes up then he’s thigh high or at the belt and getting ripped! Its hard for anyone to get on top of a 97 mph heater at the top of the zone. These are offseason things to work on, but he’s not making progress this year?

    Romano tomorrow? I expect 4-5 runs in 4-5 innings. They should’ve replaced him w/BobSteve a month ago.

    • misconcepcion

      A healthy acknowledgement of Winker’s elephant-in-the-room dark fielding side. I’ve followed the Red since 1965, and watched every game mlb.com would allow for many years (as an Iowan, I can’t watch Cards or Brewers games, but all the stupid Cubs games are everywhere, and those prissy, pissy Pirates are out of my time zone and thereby on tap).

      In that time, we’ve had some god-awful leftfielders, including the knucklehead-in-high-heels Tommy Harper, the putrescent malcontent Alex Johnson, the ebullient Kalvoski Daniels, the devil-may-care Tracy Jones, the switch-hitting double machine Dmitri Young and the gigantic, plodding brontosauran Adam Dunn (he SEEMED so threatening, but if you let him nibble the low-hanging leaves, he never caused a stir). I know I’m missing some of your most tormenting faves, but we are talking about over 50 years of half-assed fielding.

      Winker is THAT BAD. Sorry, folks, but plain and simple, he’s a pantomime horse on ice skates. We can all agree that this slope-shouldered lefty has clear and strong batting chops, Maybe even scary such things. The fact that it’s taken a significant, well-announced time to bring him up suggests (SHUDDER) that they must have tried to fix this and, erm, time is a-wasting and, oh, well, let’s just see if anyone notices.

      Well, I do. Howzabout you?

      PLEASE believe me I’m on the righteous side of Redleg World. But seriously–where can we hide him? He’s a six-inning player at best–when the chips are down, professional hitters–even in this free-swinging age–will find his crisp, neglected glove. It seems somewhat apparent that his delay coming up may have had much to do with is defensive prowesslessness.

      (I declare here and now that THAT is a word)

      When the epically-challenged meta-bad left-fielder Ryan Klesko turned several times as he faded back, hopelessly trying to track a long drive for the Atlanta Braves before it his him in the back, the great, under-valued Joe Simpson of the TBS Braves sports team said to Harry Caray’s #1 son, “Skip, I think we have to get ourselves a new quarterback—we keep getting Klesko open, but we can’t get the ball to him…”

      So that’s what I’m wondering–if he can’t catch baseballs while they’re moving, why not find an all-around baseball player?

      • VaRedsFan

        They need to lobby for the DH, the next time they have a chance to vote.

      • greenmtred

        Outstanding comment, Misconcepcion. His bat is good, so if it’s good enough, maybe you hide him next to an outstanding centerfielder until there’s a DH or first base opens up.

      • Jim Walker

        Unless several of the wave of young outfielders at A+ and AA flame out or are traded, there may be no place to hide JW by 2021 or 2022 at the latest. And that’s even assuming Senzel, Shed Long or potentially Jonathan India don’t end up in the OF picture by then too.

        The Reds have been so starved for OBP talent in recent years, that skill has come to be viewed as a holy grail by many. No doubt OBP is very important; but if other players can OBP almost as well and defend and run the bases head and shoulders better. Well…..
        Let’s hope the Reds don’t make a wrong choice just because a certain guy arrived first.

      • Matt WI

        I do want to take a moment and reflect how nice it is to read that .392 is THIRD best on the team. Not since the days of Choo was this team able to sniff that. But yeah, bat Billy leadoff again. Doh.

      • GW

        Well and entertainingly stated. His defensive WAR for the year sits at -1.9 btw. Trending to almost -4 defensive WAR for the year – unreal. Thing is, he even looks like he’s trying out there so where do you go from here?

  9. Colorado Red

    Armin needs to pitch only 1 inning.
    This is several times in a row, that he comes in for the 2nd frame and gets hammer.
    Come on Jim, open your eyes.
    Also a good chance to get Scooter is as a DH and Dilson in a 2nd.
    Again, Jim come on man.

    • VaRedsFan

      Well it was 7-1. So why not Amir. It would have also been a great spot for Rainey to start the inning too.

  10. Gerardo Helguera

    Tanner Rainey seems impressive and looks like he just needs a few good outings to settle in the majors. He seems too amped up. Garrett has been getting touched up since that line drive off the knee.

    • Hanawi

      Agree on Rainey. Was hoping they would leave him in to see if he could get out of the jam. Would have been a big confidence boost.

  11. DEN

    This “build” for tomorrow won’t sell to the young fans, you have to be all in now and this season has to be your objective. We have the offense to be a competitive team, trade Senzel even Green if it can get you a Stud starting major league pitcher now.

    • Mason Red

      I agree about trading for proven players,especially pitching,instead of trading for more prospects. The FO can’t and shouldn’t ignore what this team has done the last month or so. The future is now and the decisions made this year will impact this franchise for a decade. Good or bad.

      • greenmtred

        But because the decisions will affect the Reds for a decade, it would be folly to trade Senzel and Greene unless the return is a terrific, young and proven starter, and that is not a likely return.

    • MrRed

      Today’s young fans are tomorrow’s older fans. Stay the course and do the rebuild right. This team needs more than one stud starting pitcher so giving up Green or Senzel doesn’t make sense. And I want the Reds to keep the pipeline of young talent coming to replace older players as they become less effective and more expensive. That’s how they got into the mess they’ve been in the last 4 seasons.

      • DEN

        If you don’t have today’s young fans, which most MLB teams don’t, including the Reds then you won’t have a fan base later. IF you are not putting everything in on winning right now and not worrying about 3-5 years down the road your fan base will find other things to spend their money and time on, see the Cincinnati Soccer team as an example. The “idea” of building your team through the draft is out of date and not what today’s fans want. Use that “young” talent if you want to trade for viable present talent. Think where this team would be right now if we say had Cueto as our anchor pitcher, went out and got a strong No. 2 via trade and had Disco 3 and Tyler 4. I would take those 4 and our offense against any other team in the NL. Sports are changing, either wake up or get pushed aside.

      • MrRed

        So if most MLB teams don’t have young fans as you say, then why should the Reds be worried about that. Seriously, I think you’re over exaggerating your premise. Build a sustainable winner if you want to keep fans coming out to the games. Going for it now would be great. But they’re going to need more than one stud starter to make that happen. That being the case, I wouldn’t mortgage the future by trading off their best young prospects for one starter.

      • Matt Esberger

        Well I guess you are right it is not like building through the draft, player development, & being able to trade for missing pieces due to having deep farm systems had really worked for the Royals, Cubs, or the Astros. I mean seriously even the deep pocket Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers depend largely of home grown players (Beninteri, Betts, Devers, Judge, Severino, Betances, Bellinger, Seager, Pederson. Buehler, Kershaw). For example- Cubs deep farm system allowed them to acquire missing piece (Chapman) but because the Cubs were insanely deep with young talented infielder’s (Bryant, Russell, Baez, Happ) that allowed giving up on Torres to be more bearable. Indians run of 2016 doesn’t happen if not having deep farm system (acquiring Miller for Frazier, Sheffield) because Indians had Zimmer who is thought of as equal in potential to Frazier and were willing to part with Sheffield because of young deep rotation.

      • greenmtred

        The young fan base–the non-existent young fan base–probably has more trouble with the pace of baseball than it does with building for the future. If you do this right, you’re almost always competitive or better. Focusing on viable present talent at the expense of future talent–even suposing it works–gives one or two good years followed by a long drought as you try to assemble a good team from scratch without trade chips. Building through the draft certainly isn’t out of date, particularly for teams who can’t bid against the Yankees, Sox, Dodgers, etc.

  12. CI3J

    It’s really a shame to say, but the Reds simply HAVE to trade Scooter if they can. All the people saying “Put Scooter in LF” are overlooking just how terrible Winker is defensively. Winker can barely handle LF, and you want to put him in RF while putting Scooter in LF? If that came to pass, the Reds might have one of the worst OF defenses of all time (assuming Schebler plays CF).

    Winker HAS to play LF. Anywhere else in the OF and his defensive deficiencies become even more pronounced. Unless you want to try Scooter in CF, he has no place to play on this team.

    Trade Scooter for either a CF, RF, or SP, keep Winker in LF, and Schebler plays wherever the return for Scooter doesn’t play.

    Between Herrera, Senzel, India and (soon) Long, the Reds have plenty of options for middle infield. Time to trade assets to upgrade the places that need upgrading.

    • DEN

      Why not trade Winker? He screams DH, and until the NL wakes up and joins the rest of the world in how the game should be played, package him with some other players and get a ML Quality Starter. Keep Scooter as your all around multi tool player, ink him to say a 4-5 year deal for around 55-6o million dollars and be set for those years.

    • VaRedsFan

      Scooter is an All-Star 2B. He doesn’t need to play the OF. He just needs some time off, or off season rehab on the shoulder. Make Senzel an OF’er or trade him for the big pitcher we are looking for. Getting rid of Scooter will make this team worse for the next 2-3 years.

    • Jim Walker

      Winker doesn’t have to play LF. He could be packaged to the DH league for a good return and RF manned by Schebler until the talent at A+ and AA breaks on the scene by 2020-21. It is essentially a Yonder Alonso choice all over again.

      The Reds have a talent pool they haven’t had in a long time. Overall it appears to have a lot of flexibility and utility in how guys can be deployed. Don’t lock in on anyone. Don’t exclude any possibility. Keep the group that is the best all around group.

      • lwblogger2

        That’s how I was looking at it. I like Winker but maybe he’s the guy you put in a package in a Latos-esque deal a la the one the Reds pulled going into 2012. That said, maybe you keep him out in LF and you keep Scooter at 2B and deal with the Senzel issue when Senzel actually forces your hand. The Reds are in the position where they have good chips. They can work hard to try to find the best deal out there. Personally, I’d market Scooter harder than Winker but that is mostly because I’m thinking 2020 is more likely than 2019. Which is sad because I thought 2018 would be around .500 and 2019 would be the year. Even if the Reds are competitive in 2019, unless the Reds plan on extending Scooter, which I wouldn’t more than 3 years (2019-2022), he has no value to the Reds past 2019. Winker has value well beyond that.

      • Jim Walker

        Four years on Scooter is as deep as I would go too. I think he is still young enough that barring major injury he should have reasonable trade value in the last 2 years of such a deal, unless the Reds go really crazy on the money, should the youngsters be ready to push him clear out before the contract is up.

        Also a good point on making Senzel force action. He is 2 for 2 on the vertigo front over the last 2 seasons; and, now the finger thing. Some guys just turn out to be fragile in ways that haven’t been apparent. It is pretty apparent what he can when healthy. Can he consistently stay on the field is the question.

        Winker is doing on what he needs to do on the slugging side to have a shot at hanging in with the younger guys with all around deeper skill sets though. It is not a clear cut or easy call.

        Overall, they just shouldn’t lock in to a one way configuration when they have all the talent, depth and flexibility they seem to have coming.

      • Old-school

        I would trade Scooter for the right offer in the next 2 weeks to free up 2b for Senzel but more importantly get younger and free up dollars for pitching. If the right offer isnt there, I wouldn’t do anything.

        I don’t understand the urgency to pay scooter $30 million in 2020/21 …….NOW……when the reds control him now and in 2019 as well.

        The Senzel fear mongering amongst some reds fans is silly. Yeah…Nick esasky 3 decades had a problem…so what. Bronson Arroyo played his guitar too much. Brandon Finnegan fell off a boat . Senzel will be fine.

  13. Hotto4Votto

    It’s a shame that the Reds called up Herrera when they didn’t have to with no plans to get him playing time. You’d think that the DH would have been a great opportunity to get Scooter off the field but still have his bat in the lineup.

    Winning games is fun. I get why Riggs would want to. It should never come at the expense of development of young players in a rebuilding year. The interim shouldn’t be coaching for wins but for the future.

    • VaRedsFan

      There are still 2 DH games left for Dilson to play

    • greenmtred

      Dilson is, presumably, up for the duration of the season. That he hasn’t appeared in the first game with the DH doesn’t mean he won’t get playing time.

  14. Steelerfan

    I do not want to read too much into the 25th man on the roster, but I am afraid the Herrera situation suggests a bit of a disconnect between the front office and the manager. If you are not going to be able to find at bats for Herrera in an AL park with the DH, when are you going to be able to find them? And if the goal is to win now and you are not going to play him, why not leave him down and stick with Blandino or Dixon or someone else with options left?

    I am hoping there is an explanation that makes more sense, but I have not been able to find it.

    • DEN

      When was the last time did it appear that the Reds manager and front office were on the same page on the direction of the team? Lets also wonder who is in charge of this team? Is it the GM’s job to pick the 25 but the manager’s job to decide “who” gets played or when or does/should the GM have more say?

      • Matt WI

        Good comment on “when was the last time” !

    • Jim Walker

      It has to be a disconnect, doesn’t it?
      Getting in some fresh arms was an imperative a week ago. With Lorenzen limited to bench duty for a day and an off day following, Dixon drew the short straw to be sent down so they could bring in not just 1 but 2 fresh arms. Two days later, he couldn’t be brought back when they returned to a normal bench configuration because of the 10 day down rule.
      So, they brought up….. Herrera, who we all know can’t be optioned back down. Phil Ervin has been on quite an offensive run at AAA, was already on the 40 man and is optionable; but, instead they added Herrera to the 40 man and brought him up. To sit? Makes no sense at all. has to be a disconnect.

      • MrRed

        Unless the team sees Herrera as being expendable. Hence the move onto the 40 man and 25 man to fill the bench role the rest of the year and then either trade him this year or let him walk. I don’t agree with the strategy but it seems more and more plausible with how this has played out.

      • Jim Walker

        But if a man is tearing up AAA, it makes more sense to shop him from there than an MLB bench.

        Word is he hits and is better than an average defensive 2B; shaky arm at 3B. No other history of bench utility. If they want to increase his value they need to demonstrate that at MLB plus also show he has utility to play some 3B and corner OF (guess it is sort of assumed that any competent 2B can pick throws and an occasional grounder at 1B),

      • MrRed

        Very fair point, Green. And the have the ability to utilize the DH while playing in Cleveland. Rest Scooter in the field and have Dilson play. They passed on the opportunity last night. Let’s see how the next two nights go.

  15. Brady Herrmann

    Another solid win against good competition. It feels like the Reds have been in and had a chance to win every single game for at least the last month. They should be sitting at 43-48 right now had they not blown the two massive leads against the Chicago teams and the other game to the Cubs on Sunday (although that one was not as much as a given) which would have put them 7-8 games out in the WC and ~10 in the division.

  16. Indy Red Man

    Since June 17, Billy is hitting .382 (26-68) with 19 runs and 11 steals. I’d keep him for the rest of the season to see if this isn’t just a blip on the radar? Tough decisions ahead!! An outfield of Scooter (or Senzel) in LF, Schebler in CF, and Winker in RF would be pretty bad defensively?

    If Billy has turned a corner then can they afford Billy and Scooter while still trying to get some pitching help? They can always move them in the offseason. For now I would showcase Dilson as much as possible for a few weeks and move him along with Iggy and Harvey. I’d keep Duvall paired w/Winker too….defensive replacement and give him some time off vs tough lefties.

    • TomN

      An OF of Winker, Schebler and Scooter would be awful. Not an arm in the OF. I have been a Scheb fan since day 1, Winker has proven to me that he can be a hitting machine with some power and Scooter has been a great offensive machine, even with a banged up shoulder. But putting them in the OF together? No. I think we are going to have to live with BH until a real CFer replacement is available. Billy might be one of the best CFers defensively EVER. He makes a real difference out there, that I think the defensive stats just don’t capture.

      With Senzel coming up along with Trammell and India, hopefully sooner rather than later, management needs to focus on pitching. We still need a good SP and beefing up the BP (either with Rainey and others or through FA/trades). Disco and Mahle look to be keepers. Castillo – shaky half the time, but if he can recapture his 2017 magic, and then two others. I was hopeful of Romano but he still needs work and maybe another ‘out’ pitch. I hope BobSteve gets another long look this year.

      • MrRed

        BH is a great defensive CFer. But he is not the best ever. Hell, even in his own era Inciarte and Buxton are his equal or better. I love watching him patrol CF and it’s surely going to be a downgrade when he’s no longer on the team but his bat is so bad and he’s getting to expensive to provide value as a defensive/base running specialist.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      We all hope Hamilton has turned the corner. But in his podcast interview with Buster Olney last week, Dick Williams pointed out that Hamilton will go on hot streaks, and then will revert back to previous form. If Hamilton plays and hits every day the way he has the past week, he’s definitely a keeper and a building block. But past history indicates he probably will not continue to do so.

      • Indy Red Man

        Billy’s at a .315 obp. I think they can live with that. Winker is better in LF then RF. Duvall is almost a perfect defensive replacement/platoon with Winker. Schebler in RF although his weak arm doesn’t help. That makes Peraza the odd man out in my book although it was always Billy (actually both of them) until a few weeks ago. Check back in another 2 weeks:)

        Bottom line….we just get outhomered too badly at home with Peraza, Billy, and Tucker in the lineup and Senzel needs a place to play! People act like Suarez is now Jose Canseco’s size or something, but he could play a decent SS. Cozart had no wheels and he was good. Tulowitski, Jeter, Ripken, and ARod are all bigger guys then Eugenio and they got by ok.

      • Matt WI

        I agree 100%… we’ve seen this all before with Billy. He’s had strong months, made us all wonder, and then we see it go down all over again. It’s fun when it’s good, but we won’t be fooled again.

      • Indy Red Man

        Billy is on pace for 57 walks and his career high was last year with 44. He’s also on pace to have 89 fewer atbats then last year. I don’t know the answer? Schebler just scared me in Chicago and WInker always scares me. Every pitcher they have besides Lorenzen is a flyball pitcher too….seems like they need Billy.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes, one of the high points of DWs thoughts was that he isn’t expecting BH to suddenly become something he has shown little or no progress toward in 4-5 years.

        Then maybe that lit a fire under BH like something seemed to have done with Winker when he was publicly announced as odd man out.

    • MrRed

      I dunno. We’ve seen this from BH before. It’s a nice little run but it’s been brief. If the goal is to win as much as possible this year then sure, keep him. He has value as a defensive player and base runner. But he doesn’t really fit into the plans of a team that wants to contend going forward. Too expensive to keep on the roster if he hits like he always has. Probably very little in trade value whether you move him now or later.

      I’m beginning to think that Dilson has no place on this team going forward and the Reds have concluded the same. No options and no place to play. They’ll probably lose him if they can’t find a trade partner this year.

      • greenmtred

        I’m confused. Everybody says that Billy will cost too much money, considering what a bad hitter he is. Why, if he reverts to the doldrums, would he get so much money?

      • MrRed

        3rd year of arbitration. His salary will only go up from this year and he’s currently at $4.6MM. That’s up from $2.6MM just last year and he didn’t exactly acquit himself well with the bat then. If he’s at $6.5-7MM next year, it’s more than fair to question his utility to the team if they are ready to spend money to acquire players to help make a push to competing for a playoff berth. They’ll need his roster spot and salary to apply towards another player that can help the team more.

  17. WVRedlegs

    Dick Williams says the Reds will increase payroll in 2019. I’ll believe that when I see that. But then he puts it on the backs of the fans. They have to increase attendance in 2018 to afford any increase in payroll for 2019. At least he alludes to that. Dick Williams doesn’t understand the what comes first the chicken or the egg concept. Put a winning product on the field and the fans will attend. Not the other way. The trust between fans and Reds front office has been decidedly broken by the front office. The fans are, rightfully so, skittish on what the Reds front office is selling or shoveling. Many, many fans are expecting some meaningful moves here at the trade deadline. But it isn’t coming. Williams wants fans to come out in the second half, but the sad thing is he won’t give them reasons to come out. It is going to be a quiet trade deadline, and maybe Harvey gets traded in August. But he will have to go through waivers, and more than likely gets claimed. Standing pat is the Reds Way.
    Dick Williams, give the Reds fans a reason to come out to the ballpark. Giving the fans a chance to see a 4 time last place finisher in the NLC isn’t going to cut it. The ball is in Dick Williams court, not the fans court.
    Dick Williams is such a putz.

    • Hanawi

      They broke the trust by not admitting to the rebuild from the beginning. They tried to say that they were going to contend every year while trading away veterans, but then didn’t bother to find guys to replace them. They wanted major league ready talent in return instead of getting the best possible package, even if that put the rebuild farther out. If they had just said that they were going to break it down and start over, then fans would be more understanding.

      Having said that, I’m not sure Cincy fans are that great. The vast majority of the fan base values hometown guys, or scrappy guys, or the shiny tool. That’s why they keep Hamilton on, even though he isn’t a full-time major leaguer. It’s why they dumped Chapman, bc they thought the fans would turn on him for the domestic incident. It’s why they extended Phillips when they should have let him walk. And it is why Scooter scares me to death. I think they might throw a long-term deal at him bc he’s a fan favorite instead of trading him like they should.

      • Matt Esberger

        No the Reds traded Chapman because he was a pending FA that they wouldn’t be able to outbid other teams for and closers on a rebuilding teams tend to get dealt anyway. Problem is the incident scared off a potential Dodgers deal and maybe others we don’t know about plus nobody knew if or for how long he would be suspended. I do agree that there is a small contingent of Reds fans that would rather finish .500 with a roster full of Adam Rosales & Tracy Jones and are still ranting about the Brandon Phillips trade but I don’t really see that on RLN and mostly on Cincinnati Enquirer or facebook.

      • Bill

        You are correct, the Reds had a deal in place with the Dodgers to trade Chapman before he executed his garage wall by firing squad. They then traded him to the Yankees for nothing because they feared he would get a significant suspension, which never happened.

    • greenmtred

      Playing well, and they have been, should be a good enough reason for the average fan. We might not buy tickets because we don’t like the FO, but I doubt that that motivates many people. Actually, I’d go to a game in heartbeat if I didn’t have an 800-mile drive.

  18. sezwhom

    I think you’re being a little tough on Peraza. When the man is 3rd in the NL in singles with 73 and 10th in hits with 95, that’s not bad. He also has 17 SB which is tied for 3rd. I’ll take that.

  19. Alex

    Not sure the dilson thing represents a disconnect .I think it’s just dumb. Where did the front office think he was going to play? And why did they think the manager would play him? And really, why should the manager play him? He can’t really throw so he is limited on defense to 2nd. They obviously understood his roster situation (please let that be obvious to them). To me, they got lucky the first time in getting him thru waivers and then have just given that back. To accomplish what, taking a small amount of at bats from blandino?

  20. Shchi Cossack

    Well Riggleman goes all-in playing reserves tonight…Herrera hitting 2nd and playing 2B, Blandino hitting 8th and playing SS, Duvall sits and Scooter @ DH.

    • Indy Red Man

      Cool….Bauer is a tough one for Dilson though.

      Brewers are supposedly a serious player for Machado? That would be good for the Reds! They’d deal some good prospects and then he’d be off to Boston or LA next year.

      • Shchi Cossack

        As good as Machado is, he will still be just a 2+ month rental. Teams are wising up regarding overspending in prospects for rentals and overspending for expensive, long-term contracts for FA pitchers. The Orioles will get a nice return, but nothing like what they had hoped for in the Machado trade.

  21. Old-school

    Love the write ups and the opinions Jim, but I disagree on this one . Winker is a rookie who is coming on and is in the conversation for ROY. At 24, he is in the top 5/6 in obp at .398 in the NL. That’s incredible.
    His power is becoming a non issue and he’s comfortably over .800 OPS. I think he catches schebler in OPS and Suarez in OBP. Give him 2000 at bats and he could be a batting champion and perennial obp of .400. Also…the NL might be adopting the DH in 2021….that’s not that far off…. He then becomes an elite hitter with flexibilty at LF/1b and DH. It’s silly to play him in RF now.

    • Shchi Cossack

      The Old Cossack is right there with you Old-School. Winker may have real competition for a starting OF position down the road, but that situation is down the road. Winker has 5 1/2 months of performance at the MLB level for his entire career. Those 5 1/2 months have produced truly superior offensive results…

      OBP => .403/.313/.411/.278/.432/.548
      OPS => .937/.878/.811/.525/.944/1.279
      wRC+ => 146/130/123/049/157/243

      One bad month early in the season really clouded the perspective of how good winker has performed in his brief career. His performance in 2018 is now equating to his performance in 2017 and virtually no one gave winker credit for being able to repeat his 2017 performance.

      Right now, the only OF competition he has is with Schebler and until there are more than 2 OF on the MLB roster competing for 3 OF positions, that’s not a competition.

      Schebler (2018): .353 OBP/.826 OPS/122 wRC+
      Winker (2018): .398 OBP/.822 OPS/126 wRC+

      Winker’s skill set lends itself to more consistency than the hot & cold spells of a typical corner OF (i.e. Bruce, Duvall, etc.). In addition, Winker may be setting himself up for a near Vottoesque 2nd half with his performance in July! He’s just getting his career started, but he may 1-up Votto with a 1st place finish for ROY.