You may have heard that Chris Garber and I wrote a book called “The Big 50: The Men and Moments that made the Cincinnati Reds.” It’s really good. You need to trust me on that point.

Wanna hang out with us? Chris and I will be meeting Reds fans and signing copies of The Big 50 prior to the Reds-Brewers game on Saturday (tomorrow), June 30. (Game starts at 4:10). We’ll be set up in the “Reds Threads Exhibit Gallery” at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum presented by Dinsmore.

The event is free with admission to the Reds Hall of Fame. Copies of the book will be available for sale in the museum gift shop.

I really hope to see a bunch of you on Saturday. Be sure to mention Redleg Nation. That has been my favorite thing about these book signings, all the readers who wanna talk about RN with us. I love it.

Hope to see all of you this weekend! (And let me know if you’ll be at the game on Saturday or Sunday. I’d love to say hello.)

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  1. lost11found

    Would love to be there but alas too far to go, especially with family in town for the 4th.

    Have the book and sent one to my dad for Father’s day. Two thumbs up.

    Really enjoying it. I just finished the larkin story and it really put me in the nostalgia machine. That was the first time my friends and I debate what Reds players to play (larkin vs stillwell) rather than just listen to them play.

    I almost enjoy the footnotes and red box notes and tangets more than the stories themselves.. almost. My fav so far is probably the 1940 reds section.