The Short Version: Another strong start for Matt Harvey and continued outstanding play by Scooter Gennett lead the Reds to a 5-3 victory in Hot-lanta.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (33-46) 5 10 0
Atlanta Braves (45-33) 3 10 0
W: Harvey (3-5) L: Sanchez (3-2) S: Iglesias (14)
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The Good
–Reds win!

–Scooter Gennett singled twice, walked twice, and scored three runs.

–Another good start by Matt Harvey: 6.2 innings, 1 run allowed on 6 hits and 1 walk. 84 pitches. Can’t complain about that.

–Jesse Winker was 3 for 4 with 2 RBI tonight. Jose Peraza had a single, a triple, and scored a run. Scott Schebler had an RBI double and should be the starting center fielder.

The Bad
–Michael Lorenzen gave up a run on two hits in two-thirds of an inning. For some reason, Lorenzen was pitching tonight, rather than hitting.

–In the bottom of the eighth, Amir Garrett was hit by a batted ball on the left leg and was forced to leave the game. It was diagnosed as a left lower leg contusion. We’ll keep you posted.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Another winning streak!

–The Reds have won 7 of their last 8 games, and 11 of 14. They are 24-19 in the last six weeks. This is all good.

–The Redlegs have now compiled 83 consecutive wins when leading a game entering the ninth inning. That’s the longest streak in MLB. Thank you, (best closer in baseball) Raisel Iglesias.

–The Reds opened the scoring in the top of the fourth. Scooter drew a one-out walk, stole second, and advanced to third on Eugenio Suarez’ fly out. Winker’s single to center drove in the game’s first run.

–Hot-lanta tied it up in the bottom half, but the Reds grabbed the lead again in the fifth. Peraza led off with a triple and, one out later, scored on Schebler’s double.

The Reds extended the lead in the following inning on a Scooter double and an Adam Duvall RBI single.

–In the eighth, Cincinnati extended the lead to 4-1 by nearly repeating the sequence from the fourth inning. Scooter walked, advanced to second on a groundout, and scored on a Winker single.

–The Braves climbed to within a run in the eighth, but the Reds extended the lead in the top of the ninth thanks to — who else? — Scooter. With two outs, Tucker Barnhart and Joey Votto walked before Scooter singled to increase the lead to 5-3.

–Tomorrow, it’ll be Luis Castillo as the Reds attempt to take a series on the road against the NL East leaders.

–Winning is more fun than losing.

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25 Responses

  1. Indy Red Man

    Count me in with trying to make an effort to keep Harvey. He might be having the time of his life…who knows? He’s atleast as good as Disco if he could hang onto the slider he had tonite! If he does go….then maybe Oakland might be a surprise contender? They rallied back from 6-0 tonite. They’re the closest to Seattle for the 2nd wild card.

    Good game tonite though….smart baserunning from Scooter and key hitting from Winker and Peraza. I think I’m buying into Peraza a little bit. We wouldn’t have much athleticism if they deal Billy except for Peraza, Schebler, and Senzel. Station to station HR derby doesn’t work. Just bat Peraza 9th and he could fly under the radar until India is ready to go.

  2. Jeff Morris

    Hope we don’t start seeing the Bad Lorenzen, that we saw last year…from the second part of the year on….I know some folks want to trade Iglesis, but who comes into the 8 inning to hold the lead, and to get the Reds the 4 to 5 outs, when the reliever that the Reds put in the 8th inning, struggles like tonight, for example…

    • Laffy Daffy

      One thing about Lorenzen and his low era is that he doesn’t hold inherited runners so it doesn’t effect his era , but when he leaves inherited runners like he did agsinst the Cubs bases loaded Amir Garrett gets him out a jam. Garrett could have gave up those runs and would have blew up Lorenzens era. Last night the batter gets on a fluke single off Garrett’s leg and Lorenzen comes in a gives up two runs and one is credited to Garrett thus raising Garrett’s era to 2.60 and raising his to 1.77. Garrett has 15 non scoring inherited runners. Just think what those runs could do to someone’s era. Take pride in your pitching that’s how you win games

  3. KDJ

    How good was Lorenzen as a center fielder?

  4. George

    Good game. These are the types of games that this team needs to win. Not very flashy or dramatic just a workman like innings. Good pitching, major league fielding and defense, and hits when they count.
    These are the games that build a wining team. 🙂

    • roger garrett

      I agree 100% because when you grind out wins well it shows you that you can indeed grind out wins.

  5. kmartin

    Winker is third among MLB rookies in OBP. The two guys ahead of him have fewer than half his at bats.

  6. Davy13

    Nick, after thinking about it, it is not a bad idea to make a modest offer to Harvey. If he stays solid, then the team can use the savings to sign a “whale” (Pat Riley term for an elite FA) SS like Manny Machado. However, Harvey has not had a good season in 3 years so it may be better to trade him while his value is as high it can get to a contending team desperate for more veteran pitching help. I think I’d rather resign Scooter.

    I’m all for what the team can get with an Iglesias trade…

  7. Sabr Chris

    If we “fixed” his mechanics, then it might worth a go.

  8. Aaron Bradley

    Yea I am not buying this Harvey hype… he wants to get paid in the off season, that is his motivation… once he gets a contract I expect a regression… when players are hungry they play better. The same could be said for Scooter except I think he really enjoys being in Cincinnati… Harvey is just making the most of the situation in all likelihood. I think the money is better spent elsewhere, just not enough evidence that he can sustain this longterm.

    • Tom

      I don’t know that Scooter improves to this level last season and now this season simply because of a contract. Something has changed. It might he his approach. He might be relaxed in cincy. But, whatever it is, I think he’s part of the core. If he’ll take a 4 year deal, I’d do it.

      Harvey is tempting but I think it comes down to this – will he yield more value on the trade block or more in a modest 2 year deal.

    • Adam M. Singhoff

      Using your logic that he’s only pitching well because he is in a contract year, can you please explain why he pitched the way he did to start the season?

      • Aaron Bradley

        Change of scenery, less media scrutiny, positive vibes.. no real expectations, low pressure with a team buried in the standings…

  9. Scott Gennett

    Position changes shall be underway, I think it’s the best option to clear this out: move Scooter to LF, Winker to RF and Schebler to CF. Then Senzel can take over 2B next season while keeping Suarez at 3B and Peraza at SS. Scooter and Winker should be allowed this season to work it out. No need to trade Iglesias just yet, but Hamilton. Duvall shall be kept as 4th OF & PH.

  10. sezwhom

    Won’t get any flak from me. My thoughts exactly. Harvey’s been a joy to watch plus anchors the staff now that Bailey is gone. Find a way to keep him. He’s getting better with each start. You can see the ace in him.

  11. Mason Red

    Keep Harvey,Scooter and Iggy. I’m not saying Harvey will be a 20 game winner but I do think he can be an reliable starter to this young staff plus adding some veteran leadership. Scooter is simply a great hitter and Iggy is one of the best relievers in the game. Every successful team has reliable starting pitchers,great hitters and lock down closers. Why trade them especially for prospects that you hope will turn out to be reliable starters,great hitters or a shut down closer?

    • Mason Red

      In that case the Reds will always be in a rebuild. I don’t want this franchise to always use small market thinking. Pay players to stay if they fit the long term and that includes free agents. This franchise should want to be like the Cardinals and so should the fans. I don’t expect to be like the Yankees,Red Sox or Cubs when it comes to payroll but doing things like the Cards is possible.

  12. roger garrett

    Well said Bill and 100% correct.The opposing pitcher will find the guys that aren’t hitting because guys slump and they look for match ups they can win but when you start guys that just can’t hit or never get on base or have no power well its a built in advantage every day for the other team.The pitcher has to bat as well.I haven’t given up on Peraza but two years worth of data and he still won’t take a walk and slaps at the ball says a lot.

  13. David

    The team will get better with internal improvements.
    I am not sold on keeping Harvey, even if he pitches well from now until the end of July. Stephenson is “ready” and Keury Mella is not that far away.
    I think the Reds should keep Scooter and move him to LF. Bring up Dilson Herrera and let him play 2nd the rest of the year, and see if he can develop any trade value; he has to be on the 25 man roster for 2019. Senzel plays 2nd next year. Jonathon India is, I think, the SS of the future.
    Trammel will emerge as the CF of the future. I am not so sold on Siri and Friedl as future outfileders in the ML.
    In the meantime, I would like to see Gabriel Guerrero play in the bigs as a CF.

  14. Bill Lack

    And yet Winker is still fighting Duvall for playing time..

  15. MG 2

    Amed Rosario: Former #1 overall prospect in baseball, 72 WRC+
    Jose Peraza: Not former #1 overall prospect in baseball, 75 WRC+

    Peraza is a few months older and probably a little bit worse with the glove. If moving forward, they manage to get Senzel and Scooter in the lineup together and get Schebler some regular ABs in center and maybe replace Billy with a more serviceable hitting CF…then it’s OK to have Peraza batting 8th with a 70-90 WRC+. Remember, he just turned 24.

    He’s got a lot of time before he gets to his prime, and by the time he does, we’ll have Jeter Downs waiting in the wings.

  16. Jeff Reed

    After the turmoil in New York, Harvey is being stabilized in Cincinnati with the help of pitching coach Danny Darwin. If Harvey wants to stay and his agent agrees, then a 2-3 year extension would be good for the Reds and give the starting pitching staff an anchor it has not had since Cueto left.

  17. lost11found

    CJ posed the question above about trade or extend on Harvey and Scooter.

    On Scooter, I lean trade simply because we have depth at that position with Herrea now and Senzel later. If you can move him to fill or shore up a weaker area of the team, it could be helpful.

    On Harvey, I am more at 50-50 since, since who takes his place. Bailey may be done (sadly), Finnigan has been moved to the pen in AAA, Reed is still having issues. Stephenson or Garrett might be good options is the former can show control and the second health. That all being said, if the reds get good offers for Harvey from a desparate team, then trade him. No one bites, a short term extention (2 yrs) would not be detrimental in the long run even if he regresses. He woudl only be 30 at the end of it and could still take home a big free agent deal if the next couple were pretty good.

  18. Redgoggles

    No team is going to give him anything more than a 2 year deal, and at that most likely incentive laden. He may decide to take a one year extension to build value for a bigger, long term deal after another whole season (2019.) I would like to see the Reds approach him for that time-frame, even at a higher cost. With dependable, effective starting pitching this is a playoff team next year. And, there is no quality SP depth to speak of. Just potential, and with many of them it is aging out from potential to bust.

    I wish I didn’t like Scooter as much as I do, but they probably need to trade either he or Winker (LF), Duvall or Hamilton for SP’s. Scooter makes the most sense to trade – D, cost, position – but it has to net quality, or no deal! Stock up on quality SP’s…..I think the O and bullpen is good enough for playoffs right now.

  19. roger garrett

    Listen to the man.We can discuss it to death but the same guys will produce the same results.Changes have to be made by concentrating on positions of need and do you have strengths you can deal from.