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I’m gonna go back to pounding my head on the desk now.

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  1. Grev

    Kinda like the extra team control silver lining

    • Sliotar

      Good call.

      There are a couple of making lemonade out of lemons outcomes from this. That’s one of them.

      Also, there will now be a real sweet spot coming in 2021 and beyond, when the next wave of prospects joins Senzel early in his control time.

      Getting Senzel blooded at 2B and a true upgrade in CF next season is more important than the trade return, but I get the feel that the Reds front office is like Neal Huntington of the Pirates, optically trying to win every trade. Sometimes makes it tough to simply move players that need to be moved.

  2. Jack

    Sad news for the young man. Pencil him in as a starter on the big club next year and continue the sorting this year. It would have been nice to see him on the big club this year but the year is a lost anyway. I think once the trade deadline passes the team will have a more understanding of what they need and where they are going.

  3. Nathan

    Time to see now what we have in Dilson and Shed!

  4. Eddiek957

    Blandino doesn’t look bad the few times he gets to play. The team has been playing better and showing hope for the near future. With Senzel looking ready to be a contributor next year could be what many of us were hoping this season

  5. Kap

    Louisville is like the black hole for reds prospects….

    In all seriousness, give Herrera a tryout. Either he floats or sinks. If he does well, then the reds may have to choose between him and senzel for 2nd base going forward.

    Calm down everyone, it’s a hand injury. Big woop. The sky isn’t falling. If it was because of vertigo, then grab an umbrella

  6. Den

    It’s time to get Scooter signed to a 4-5 year deal and stop worrying about what might be. Scooter is a proven dependable major league talent while Senzel is a might be but better odds never will be.

  7. George

    I haven’t seen any comments on Homer. He has been in the dugout during games. He is scheduled for a rehab start today. No mention of the knee since his last attempt. Was the knee issue connected to a brain issue??? 🙂

  8. Sweendog

    Not only figuring out what you have in Blandino and Herrera, why not Dixon. Sometimes bad things become blessings in disguise. Sometimes you get caught up in finding an answer when it may have been right before your eyes to begin with. Its like hanging around a girl who is your friend while you are looking for your future wife and low and behold the right girl for you is your friend you have been confiding in. Not trying to get philosophical, but there have been a ton of players get their shot just by being in the right place at the right time. Reds fans are seeing that in Scooter. I know it is anecdotal to pull out names like Gehrig and low draft picks like Piazza, but it happens and sometimes you just have to let things play out. As Marty has said, if you leave a guy long enough, you figure out why he isn’t a starter. But you have to try.

    Also, trading Suarez would be nuts based on what’s he is getting paid and his production and I bet barring injuries, he is just hitting the tip of the iceberg with his talent. I am 55 and saw Perez in his prime, but I would be interested in someone’s opinion who saw Tony in his earliest years and notice any similarities since he played third base.

    • Sweendog

      Doggie then became a very good first basemen and after he was washed up, he continued to drive in 90 runs a year until the mid 80’s. I say washed up tongue in cheek. The comparison I draw is that there are similarities even down to off-field. Family man, great locker room guy, etc. My point, if the Reds do turn things around and have some great successes, my gut tells me Suarez will be a key part of it.

  9. Sweendog

    One other thing, no knew Tom Brady could play until Drew Bledsoe got hurt. Bledsoe was considered upper echelon of QBs in the league at the time of the injury. Bottom line, you cannot measure heart.

  10. Indy Red Man

    It should be Senzel out for now & Dilson in. Trade Billy and move Scooter to LF. Peraza bats 9th and can get on for the big boys. Get it done already or they gave away Bruce for nothing?

  11. Bill

    Hope this isn’t a Disco situation one incident after another happens.

  12. TyGuy85

    To me, this does not change the Reds plans at all. The Reds are not competing this year and are in serious need of stable starting pitching. Senzel will be on the next competitive team. Some current players are not going to be on that team and are boasting likely the most value they’re going to have. Trade those players to teams trying to compete this year for talented pieces (hopefully starting pitching or CF) and hope that the team puts it together in 2019 or 2020.

  13. Jim Walker

    Glad he could/ should be ready for the fall league. Seems to me that would be a great time to have a look at him in OF. If there does turn out to be any residual fallout from this injury, OF could well be his long term destination since it would require much less gripping of the ball and throwing with purpose.

    Now they need to get Herrera up and getting reps at 2B ASAP

    • lost11found

      AFL was my thought for Senzel’s rehab as well. Half SS/Half LF might be a good way to go. If the hand has any lingering issue there, pull him off the rosters and get any needed follow ups before ST.

  14. roger garrett

    I doubt if we would have seen him this year anyway other then to go get coffee and doughnuts because well that seems to be what we do with young position players.Agree we still need to look at Herrera and Dixon at second and lets move Scooter right now to the highest bidder preferably for a young centerfielder.

  15. wizeman

    we wont see senzel until june of next year because we will go thru the same hand wringing about team control we did this year.