Bill Lack joined me this week to discuss the suddenly resurgent Cincinnati Reds, and dive into seven easy steps to ensure that the Reds are contenders in 2019. Is the Cincinnati front office listening?

Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and a friend of Redleg Nation.

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2 Responses

  1. KonyHawk ProSlaver

    Thanks, guys. This was a good listen at work today.

    The frustrating mistakes of the last couple years were giving innings to old, washed-up pitchers instead of our young guys that needed major-league evaluation.

    This year, it’s giving Billy Hamilton starts over Schebler and Winker and leaving studs like Senzel in the minors because “there’s no room”. Wherever I see a sub – .650 OPS (and in Peraza’s case, poor defense to go with it), there is room.

    • Chad Dotson

      Thanks! We share your frustration.