The Short Version: Billy Hamilton had another of his Billy Days, Eugenio Suarez homers again, Joey Votto drives in two runs, and the Reds salvage a game of the series in Pittsburgh.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (26-45) 8 13 0
Pittsburgh Pirates (35-36) 6 11 0
W: DeSclafani (2-1) L: Musgrove (2-2) S: Iglesias (10)
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Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Full confession: I was at my son’s baseball tournament all day today, so I didn’t watch the game. I did listen to a few innings. Hey, it’s Father’s Day, gimme a break.

So here’s what I know:

–The Reds won.

–Billy Hamilton was 3 for 4 at the plate, collected two stolen bases, and scored three times. Oh, and he also did this:

And Billy said this:

“Oh my goodness, that’s the best part (is the hitting),” Hamilton said after boosting his average .197. “I ain’t worried about the catch. The catch is good, but I’m just worried about what I did at the plate. Especially for me, I’ve been struggling, man. Just to have one of these days, it gives you a bunch of confidence and clears your head a little bit.”

–It was Joey Votto’s 1500th big league game. He doubled twice, walked, and drove in two runs. Because he’s good.

–Eugenio Suarez homered for the second straight game, a two-run shot in the fourth inning. Scott Schebler homered, walked, scored two runs and drove in three. Jose Peraza was 2 for 5. Curt Casali was 2 for 4, and he’s still hitting .421/.476/.684.

–Anthony DeSclafani picked up his second win by allowing two runs — both solo homers — on three hits in five and two-third innings. He only threw 82 pitches, striking out four and walking just one. Someone who was watching will have to tell me why Reds manager Jim Riggleman removed him from the game, because that’s a pretty good line.

–Okay, that’s all I know. I’ll need you fine folks to help fill in the gaps.

26 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Still not sure what happened with Peraza getting caught in that run down after the Votto double. He just stood there waiting to be chased down and then was tagged out. Bizarre play. Hatcher was not happy about Peraza missing the stop sign.

  2. Indy Red Man

    Mostly questions with this team, but Schebler at leadoff might be an answer! I suggested they try Schebler at leadoff last year. He might become our Charlie Blackmon. His obp is over .400 for June and he gives them a shot to drive in some runs if guys get on at the bottom of the order.

    Nice to have Disco back! He doesn’t beat himself which is an issue with this pitching staff. As good as Garrett has been….he had 2 up and 2 down in the 7th but ended up nibbling and walking lefty Polanco who was hitting .200 coming into today. They scored twice and made it really scary. Disco throws strikes and makes opponents beat him! We badly need his leadership with this staff!

  3. Scott Gennett

    Hamilton had another great game today. He’s a game changer, either at the field or at the bases. If only he’d improve his OBP skills to at least .300 the team could live with it. Bullpen was not sharp today.

  4. Jim Walker

    A win is a win except what does it really matter with this team?

    I’m glad BHam had a good all around day; but, it doesn’t change my opinion that he is not a piece for the next good Reds team,

    On the other hand, Schebler is making things interesting in regard to his longer term status with the Reds. However if Votto and Gennett remain with the Reds, Having both Schebler and Winker also in the lineup might make it too LH at the plate even once Senzel is a fixture. But this could be one of those “good” problems as the old saying goes, Just another reason to get Senzel to Cincy and start dabbling with various mixes.

    • Jack

      Doesn’t really matter with Schebler. He hits lefties well.

    • Phil

      Schebler hit 136/200/284 in July of 2017 while playing through an injury. Good for a wRC+ of 20.
      In all other months since joining the Reds, in 2016, he has hit 264/334/487. Good for a wRC+ of 114. He is on pace for roughly 3 fWAR this season. The Reds have him under contract through the 2022 season.
      I don’t see why he isn’t considered a “core” player moving forward.

  5. Mason Red

    Billy Hamilton having some decent games means he may have some trade value. Buster Olney wrote an interesting article on on how BH could be a game changer for the right team as a situational player who could make an impact in close games. His future isn’t with this franchise which has a terminal case of “rebuild-itis”.

    • Indy Red Man

      I’ve been talking about Billy to the Rockies on here since early last year. They lost 13-12 yesterday…surely he could’ve saved a run or two? Plus he hits well in Coors and loves to run in that huge outfield. At the same time…thats 2 wins in the last 6 games for the Reds that were almost 1 man shows by Billy. Nobody else can do what he does, but he just can’t do it often enough! If you substituted Senzel for Peraza then they could carry Billy batting 9th. He could get 350 atbats or so and also come in as pinch-runner and defensive replacement. In theory…if they ever had a good pitching staff and played more 4-3 and 3-2 type of games then he could become a big weapon off the bench. That theory would include Senzel or Suarez at SS though? I’d say Scooter to LF is more likely. Billy has to be the odd man out in that situation. Even if you go with the first scenario….are the Reds the kind of organization that can pay a guy $4.5 mil or whatever to bat 9th and pinch-run?

  6. David

    Billy hit weil today, for a change. Odd?
    I think when Billy has a good day offensively, it is more indicative of bad pitching overall from the opposition than the fact that Billy had a “good day”.
    So the Reds have a good day offensively because Billy hits, or because overall the opposition pitching wasn’t good. and so Billy got some hits too?

  7. roger garrett

    I thought yesterday that we need a win bad well because I want us to win.In reality the only thing that is really important this year is to find out who can or who can’t.I like the fact that the young guys still are getting the ball every 5th day but we also need to do that with Bob and Amir and Lorenzen in my opinion so I fear we won’t know as much as we need to know entering 2019.Same can be said with the position players because we continue to play guys who aren’t producing who have had 2 years or more and a bunch of at bats to get it done while others aren’t given the a chance at all.Its almost blasphemy for me to say we would be better off as a franchise to lose every game just to see if the front office would go all in on this rebuild and stop this I think we can I think we can mentality.Its also sad that we have two guys in Senzel and Herrera who are ready to play in the big leagues or at least be given a chance but they happen to play the same spot as Suarez and Scooter and nothing is being looked at to change that on a team that is destined to lose 100 games.This front office is just bizarre in how they think.Hard to believe in them when they give you nothing but crumbs to eat when there is a whole loaf that could be offered.Disco is a welcome addition right now because he can pitch,Barring a set back injury wise he will become what we thought he was.Billy with his one good game out of ten which always gives us hope because that’s all we have.

    • Nick Carrington

      Agreed that Stephenson, Garrett, and Lorenzen need extended looks this year. The Reds need more data on in house candidates before the offseason. Guessing only Stephenson gets starts though.

  8. SultanofSwaff

    Why Winker wasn’t in the lineup vs. a rhp is beyond me. Duvall stunk up the joint again. The Reds seriously need to consider a DFA. Free Jesse!

    Schebler’s OPS has quietly crept into the mid .800s. Wow!

    Call me crazy, but Iglesias scares me in close/late situations. Dude gets way too cute mixing his pitches. We need to trade him for a CF or a starting pitcher.

    All these off days are messing with Riggleman’s ability to find playing time for guys like Blandino and Dixon. On the bright side, that means the regulars are healthy.

    • big5ed

      Schebler’s OPS is .823. Bryce Harper’s is .834. Christian Yelich is at .847, although playing mostly in left field.

      With Robles and Soto, I think that Washington would be nuts to pay Harper $400 million, or anything close to it. I get that Harper is only 25, but he’s only had 2 of 7 seasons where he’s had an OPS of over .855, and in one of those he only played 111 games. $35+ million/year for Harper over the next 4 years, or 2-3 years of minimum salary, plus early arbitration, for Soto and Robles? Is that really a hard decision? I’d use the Harper budget for Scherzer, instead.

      • big5ed

        Statcast figures have Bryce Harper as the 48th fastest of 55 MLB rightfielders, topping out at 26.5 ft/sect, only a hair faster than Winker’s 26.4. Jay Bruce is slowest, at 25.4, putting him about mid-pack for catchers.

      • David

        So you’re saying he is not Mike Trout and might be a little over hyped?

  9. roger garrett

    Scott is going to be hard to get out of the lineup and lets hope Winker starts hitting with a little more power so he will be hard to get out of the lineup.The platoon should be Billy and Duvall period.

  10. David

    The Indians have Tyler Naquin at AAA in Columbus, and frankly I would rather have Tyler Naquin than Billy Hamilton. I don’t see Cleveland having any interest in Hamilton at all.
    Naquin is a better hitter, and just about as fast as Billy. And he can’t crack the Indians 25 man roster.

  11. Phil

    According to Fangraphs, the teams that currently have a 25% or better chance of making the playoffs (therefore who’d I consider as likely buyers at the trade deadline) are: Astros, Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, Mariners, Cubs, Nationals, Dodgers, Brewers, Cardinals, Braves and Diamondbacks.

    By most measures the Astros and Yankees have the best bullpens in either league and probably won’t pay enough for Iglesias. The Red Sox, Brewers, Cubs and Mariners also have top-10 bullpens and are unlikely to meet the Reds price.

    The Nationals, Dodgers, Diamondbacks and Braves have middle-of-the-pack bullpens and may look to improve their rosters in that area. If there is any chance of getting Robles from the Nationals I would jump on that. Would also strongly look at the pitching prospect depth of the Braves.

    The Cardinals and the Indians, though, have had 2 of the worst bullpens in the game and may be desperate enough to pay big for Iglesias.

  12. David

    Yeah, that’s about it. No plan for anything.
    Dilson should be up here soon. I think the Reds were waiting for the Billings season to start, and getting all the draftees signed. Then at the end of June, there may be some organizational moves. Players in motion at several levels.
    Waive Billy and Duvall. They will get nothing in a trade. If they are DFA’d, the Reds might get something in exchange for the team that signs them. If they are not signed, that is pretty indicative of their market value.

    Of course, the Reds management values them too highly. Time to move on.

    Bring up Dilson Herrera first. He has to be on the Reds 25 man roster after this season, or they lose him. He is out of options. Find out if he can play, and he might develop some value.
    Send Blandino down if you want to bring up Senzel. I like Alex, but he is nothing remarkable. he can come back later
    And lastly, bring up Gabrielle Guerrero to play some CF, which he did at AA ball. He appears to be able to hit.

    Move Gennett to left field for now, unless some trade for him pops up. Schebler in CF, Winker in right. So what if they are all left handed? If Herrera and Senzel are up here, that will start to balance the lineup.
    Dixon can play some left field too, and he is right handed. Let’s get this rebuild moving!!

  13. David

    Iglesias is a great guy, and a valuable pitcher, but he is, once again, over-rated by the fans and the organization. There may be a team out there who wants him, but unknown just how much they will give up. He’s good, but just not that good. The time to trade him was last winter, after he had a great year. This year he has not been quite as bullet proof.

    We will be disappointed with the haul if he’s traded, but that’s life.

    • da bear

      Iglesias is the Reds best pitcher easily – no contest.

      The Reds are underutilizing him, especially because the team falls behind early and doesn’t hit consistently. In that case he is best used early in games along a plan to play max innings for his arm whether that is 120 or 150 innings.

      It is only because the Reds don’t exploit all his potential they are better off trading him for pieces they are willing to use and max out to full usage.

  14. SultanofSwaff

    My issue is how much the Reds media hypes these plays. It added virtually nothing to the win probability added as there was no one on base, yet you would think it saved the game or something. Meanwhile, Votto clears the bases with his double and……………..nothing. You want to believe the organization doesn’t have the attention span of a laser pointer teasing a cat, yet here we are.

  15. Jack

    Lol you’re not getting thst high of a prospect for Billy.

  16. Still a Red

    Perhaps on average (MLB avg), Billy’s catch only increased win probability by 1%….but that’s based on MLB avg consideration. I get that that is a good baseline, but for the Reds, it might have in deed had a greater impact…given the Reds starters seemingly inability to get through 5 innings, its impact may have been greater.

    • Still a Red

      Just wondering, without doing the math myself, is, what are these win probability statistics for the Reds, given the Reds poor starting rotation. I am surprised that the Reds SP is not that below avg when it comes to the number of innings they pitch (sounds like about 1 out shy of avg.), so that’s probably not the right metric. Note the Reds are in the bottom third in various related situations…1st inning ERA, two outs runner in scoring position.