The Short Version: Reds lose. Again. But at least Brandon Dixon hit his first MLB homer. That was fun for him, one would imagine.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (25-45) 2 7 0
Pittsburgh Pirates (35-35) 6 10 1
W: Nova (4-5) L: Castillo (4-8)
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The Good
–Jesse Winker had two hits. Eugenio Suarez hit his 13th home run. Brandon Dixon hit his first major league home run in the top of the ninth. Dylan Floro pitched two scoreless innings.

–I saw Luis Castillo in the dugout during today’s game, and we need to acknowledge that he has great hair. Very underrated.

The Bad
–Austin Brice entered the game with a 3-1 deficit, and the Bucs were up 6-1 after Brice finished pouring gasoline on the fire.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–After the recent three-game winning streak, I thought the Reds had turned into the best team in the league. After dropping two in a row to Pittsburgh, it appears that I may have been wrong about that.

–Luis Castillo…I dunno. Five innings, three runs allowed on six hits and two walks, with just two strikeouts. I just don’t know what to say about him. This is not what I expected to see from Castillo this season.

–I was planning to drive the family up to Pittsburgh for today’s game (and maybe tomorrow’s), but my son’s baseball team decided to play in a tournament. They lost both games today, and the Reds lost too. No good options there. But at least we’d have seen RN author Nick Kirby if we had visited Pittsburgh.

–Anthony DeSclafani will try to salvage one game from this series tomorrow afternoon.

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28 Responses

  1. Jeff Reed

    A win tomorrow gives the Reds a winning road trip.

  2. Sliotar

    Fun fact of the day, courtesy of The Legend, Peter Gammons, writing at The Athletic….

    Entering this week, the team that hit more HRs in a game had a winning percentage this season of ….. .781.

    Today – Pirates 3 HRs, Ye Olde Redlegs 2 HRs (one in garbage time)

    Because he is cost-controlled for through 2021, I could see giving Duvall a shot in RF, Schebler in CF and Winker in LF to help the situation.

    But, we all know the challenges with writing Havoc out of the picture.

    This team can’t give up on Castillo, can call up Bob Steve, maybe Disco rights the ship in Pittsburgh tomorrow (pun intended).

    Let the pitching sort.

    But, this lineup desperately need some Long Ball added to it for next season and Senzel, great as projects, may not solve that part of the equation, either.

  3. Ernest Howerton

    It’s got to happen,I agree.For the record,Reds starters are leading all of baseball in 5 inning complete games

  4. Andy

    Sure, as long as he can stay in the bullpen.

  5. JR

    Love Barnhart but he shouldn’t be batting second. The Reds have a multitude of pitchers that can’t go longer than five innings. This is absolutely amazing.

  6. George

    Reds management is just driving the dagger deeper into the heart of the Reds fan base. As long as Billy is on the 40 man roster Bob C is telling all of the fans he doesn’t care. “Billy is a Red for life so get over your selves. It is my team, my money.”

  7. jazzmanbbfan

    I know it’s blasphemy to mention soccer on this site, but as I was driving down to the FCC soccer match, Marty and the Cowboy were talking to Bobby Nightingale and discussing why Senzel isn’t up. Essentially they were saying that he is a major leaguer now and there is no reason not to find a place for him. They were saying they would have had him playing LF and part of the issue is that the Reds don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by replacing them. To his credit, Marty pointed out that on a team that is going to lose 90+ games for the 5th straight year, hurting someone’s feelings is the last thing the Reds should worry about.

  8. redsfan06

    Duvall makes $645k/yr. He isn’t a free agent until 2022. He has very little value on the trade market unless it is part of a package with another player. He should be moved into his future position as the 4th OF and bat off the bench now and someone else (Gennett?) should get a tryout in the OF. Billy can be traded for a bag of baseballs or whatever else he can bring because he is not worth $5 million/yr. Call up Herrera and put him at 2nd to see how he does. Senzel can wait until September while we figure out what else we have.

  9. kmartin

    I have a colleague who is a huge Yankee fan. Before he season started I told him I thought Castillo was as good as Severino. Wow, do I look really stupid.

    • Indy Red Man

      Castillo has been the worst development of this whole season imo. Everything else has been somewhat predictable. A 3.12 era to 5.77. 17 Hrs in 78 ip this year. Last year he gave up 11 in 89 ip. I remember when he came up in Arizona and his stuff was so electric! He looked like the best of Edison Volquez except he was throwing harder at 98-99 mph. His change was starting in the strike zone and dropping 2 feet in the dirt. Everything just seems so ordinary about him now? Way too many grooved 94-95 mph fastballs and hanging change-ups. I think they should send him down and let him work on some things. He needs a 3rd pitch he has faith in! I still think he has a good future if he can keep the ball down.

      Why not subtract Castillo, Harvey, and Brice. Brice has never been any good? Never! Peralta is another one. He’s terrible! Done nothing but regress since early 2017.

      Add Stephenson and Lorenzen to the rotation. Why not promote Jose Lopez or Keury Mella for Brice. They could be the long man and get a spot start at some point. Romano has never been particularly good in the minors either? One good start in KC means nothing. He’d be wise to look at some apartments in Louisville if I had any say. I get that you want to give young guys an extended shot and they need to play to succeed and they need to have some success to gain confidence. This is true, but they also need to play the best players and penalize/reward for performance! Why are they so in love with Romano and Peraza anyway? They were barely mediocre in the minors?

      Shake things up! Call Senzel up immediately! If they moved Scooter in LF then they could get Senzel and Herrera in the lineup! That could be a scary lineup and give this organization some much needed hope going into next season!

      • Streamer88

        If Castillo was going to be a sure thing he wouldn’t have been traded so easily to us.

        I suspect we have reached a breaking point in his development. He either commits to his craft, doubles down and focuses on the last bit of polish he needs to excel, or he doesn’t. Clearly his last team didn’t think he’d commit. And the Reds did. Too bad we don’t have a Mazzone or Duncan to mentor him.

      • Jeff Reed

        INDY: Your last paragraph makes too much sense.

  10. Jim Walker

    Conversation between DW, Nick Krall and “advisor” WJ:
    NK: We have to find a place for Senzel
    DW: 2b
    WJ: We got Scooter for that
    DW: 3b?
    WJ: Eugenio for that
    DW: ss?
    WJ: Jose for that
    DW: LF?
    WJ: We got Jesse & Adam for that. Maybe this Senzel guy could be a starting pitcher by next year?

  11. Darrin

    If you wanna keep Scooter you have to see if he can play in the outfield, BHam and Duvall have no place starting. Senzel apparently can’t play short and Suarez is too good at third to move him. With this season in the toilet, there’s no reason no to not let Peraza have the whole year, if he can be an above average SS while hitting 280ish, steal 30 bags and score 80-90 runs at age 24 he’ll be worth a longer look. In my professional bartender opinion anyway, lol.

    • Jeff Reed

      There seems to be zero hints from the organization that Scooter will get some time in the outfield in this lost season.

  12. Mason Red

    Don’t fret Reds fans. The trade deadline looms so the FO will soon be working on trades to rebuild the rebuild. Good times!

    • Jeff Reed

      I wish I had more confidence in our current front office and executive leadership.

  13. George

    Reds ownership will probably trade Senzel to a contending team for a sub .500 starter and call it a win for the future.

  14. Jack

    Just makes me sick how this organization is so incredibly lost. Can’t find a place for Senzel to play! Look at the,Yankees. They brought up a kid in Torres and he is ripping the ball everywhere. Drury the guy who was suppose to start can’t get out of the minors because of this kid and Andujar. Think if the Reds front office was in charge of thst organization. As soon as Drury was healthy they would have demoted the kid. No room for you young man. We will see you in 4 years. 2021 people!

    • George

      “if the Reds front office was in charge of that organization” the New York media (local and national) would be torching them 24-7. In Cincy the local media wants to talk about soccer. The national media only mentions the Reds score.

      • Jack

        Oh the media would crush those idiots here in N.Y.. I’m not sure what organization is worse the Reds or the Mets. Two Front Office’s that have no business in baseball.

      • George

        The Yanks need the Mets to be the Mets. Whatever the Mets do seems to always make the Yanks look like champs.

  15. Jeff Reed

    It’s obvious to me that Finnegan, as a starter, will never keep the Reds in the game beyond the fifth inning at best.

  16. Jack

    Problem with the Reds is they have 42 (sarcasm)starting pitchers. They need to put their big boy pants on and tell the top 5 that they are the starting pitchers for the Reds . The rest of them they need to tell them if you want to be a starter it will be in AAA or AA. If you want to stay in the Majors you will be in the bullpen. After 10 to 15 starts and you haven’t showed us anything then somebody else gets the shot. Period. Harvey, Bailey and Romano need to learn a new pitch. 2 people because of injuries and one because he is young. They need to not take it as a demotion to AAA but an opportunity to extend their careers and fine tune their craft. Romano has decent stuff. He just needs a punch out pitch. Same with Bailey and Harvey. Injuries have taken their punch out pitch. They need to adjust.

    • George

      Great points about a “put away pitch”. I also think that pitch selection called by the catcher needs to be addressed. There was a time when a certain Reds catcher would stroll out to the mound and “explain” that he was the boss and that the pitcher better throw what he signaled for period. Two World Series later proved him right.

    • bouwills

      I disagree. The Reds don’t have enough starting pitchers (pitching prospects). Of course we could keep the best 5 right now in the rotation, & then spend about $300 -350 MM this offseason to purchase the 2 sp that we’d still need. But the Reds do not have the resources to use that strategy. Reds need to trade for more sp prospects. They do not yet have enough to establish a competitive rotation @ the ML level.

      • Jack

        I think the last thing this organization needs is to trade for more prospects. They can’t even coach the prospects They got. They need to trade or sign for a major league quality starter.