The Short Version: The Cincinnati Reds have lost four in a row, and seven of their last nine. Including tonight’s contest against the Colorado Rockies. This is a dumpster fire.

Final R H E
Colorado Rockies (32-29) 6 8 1
Cincinnati Reds (21-41) 3 11 1
W: Gray (6-6) L: Romano (3-7) S: Davis (20)
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The Good
–Jesse Winker reached base three times from the leadoff spot, including a double. He also made a gorgeous diving catch in left field. For some reason, the Reds decided to bench him for a couple of days.

–Scooter Gennett had a double, a walk, a run scored, and 2 RBI. Joey Votto had two hits, including a double, and scored a run. Eugenio Suarez had two singles and a walk. Scott Schebler singled twice.

–Michael Lorenzen allowed just one hit and one walk in two shutout innings. He was throwing easy gas out there. Looked effortless.

–Raisel Iglesias pitched a perfect inning.

The Bad
–Sal Romano gave up five runs on six hits in five innings; one walk, six strikeouts.

–Billy Hamilton committed an error and misplayed another ball that directly led to a Rockies run. Plus he went 0-3 at the plate (though he did walk once) with two strikeouts. One of the worst games I’ve seen Billy play.

–The Cincinnati Reds left 13 runners on base.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The Reds are now 21-41. I’m starting to think they may not make the playoffs this year after all.

–The Rockies struck first, but the Reds tied the game in the bottom of the second inning. Scooter Gennett, on the anniversary of his 4-homer game (chapter 39 in The Big 50), led off with a walk. Eugenio Suarez followed with a single and, one out later, Jose Peraza singled Scooter home.

The next inning, Cincinnati grabbed the lead. Jesse Winker led off the inning with a double to deep center. He later advanced to third when Joey Votto singled, and Winker scored on a Scooter sac fly.

After Romano turned that 2-1 Reds lead into a 4-2 deficit, Votto and Scooter got back to work. In the bottom of the fifth, Votto doubled off the fence — nearly a homer — and Gennett collected a double of his own. 4-3 Rockies.

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21 Responses

  1. kmartin

    Thanks for the recap. I really appreciate the time and effort the writers of RLN are putting in despite the horrible season.

    • RedDawg2012

      Agreed, it has to be hard to write about the Reds when they so poorly almost on a daily basis. Thanks for all the content, I still enjoy reading it!

  2. Sliotar

    I like to click on the Win Expectancy link on nights like this.

    The Reds actually had a 65% WE at one point…in the 4th after CarGo flied out.

    Never felt like that while watching.

    • Jim Walker

      Even Iggy has been such an adventure at times this year that it has rarely felt like the Reds were going to win even when he successfully completed a close.

  3. Aaron Bradley

    Get rid of Billy yesterday and get a CF in return… THe Dodgers want Iglesias go get Pederson and a prospect, throw in Billy to get him out of here and save a few bucks. I don’t understand why this is so complicated.

    • George

      Let me quote a fellow poster;

      06/06/2018 at 10:28 pm

      Reds Caravan, January, 2017 –
      Bob Castellini tells fans “I hope Billy Hamilton is with us forever.”

      AARON;”I don’t understand why this is so complicated”.

      They aren’t running a baseball team, it is Bob’s “pet” player kennel.

      • Aaron Bradley

        I was hoping the dismal record had opened his eyes, but you may be right.

      • Gonzo Reds

        Scott S would have been better in center tonight. 😉 Seriously, keep Winker and Scott S out there and give another minor league OF a chance to see how they fit in, same as we were supposed to be doing last year with SP. What do we have to lose except lose and we already are doing that nightly! Would have rather had Yelich but that ship has sailed.

    • Jim Walker

      Except that he got lit as badly or worse than Sal did on Wednesday. Not exactly the kind of performance to use for a launching point of a call up. But unless RS regresses in his next several starts, I would not be surprised to see him up by or at the All Star break.

      • big5ed

        Yep. He’s given up 8 BBs and 7 ERs over 9.1 IP in his last 2 starts.He had to have known, going into last night, that he could earn a promotion with a good outing.

        Instead, he stepped on himself. He must not like money.

  4. Tom

    Fingers crossed that Matt Harvey continues to improve and is peaking at the trade deadline.

    Scooter is obviously doing his job to be the best trade bait alive. (Which really sucks because I personally love seeing his enthusiasm for being a Red)

    Sadly, our hopes are pinned to the trade returns these two guys will generate.

    • Alex

      If there is hope it is probably more attached to an Iglesias trade. Harvey is not going to return anything. What a bad defensive infielder riding career high waves of extremely high BAIP would return is anyone’s guess.

      You wouldn’t trade anything more for Harvey then the reds did and what good would that do? I’d presume the rockets that were being hit off Harvey in his first couple outings we’re the precursor to how he got rocked the last time and that will continue. He really doesn’t look much diff then Bailey honestly. Throws mid 90s no movement, no control, sometimes the slider works. IMO it’s just another of Castellini s “hope” moves. Let’s hope Duvall gets hot, let’s hope Harvey pitches better. At this point all I’m hoping for is that he finds a buyer lol

  5. Scotly50

    Thanks for the recaps. I stopped watching the reds a month ago and only read these.

  6. Scott Gennett

    I think it’s time for a demotion to Sally, it won’t help either having him battered up every five days. Just give the chance to somebody else, Garrett, Lorenzen or even Stephenson. Also, please, just sit Hamilton for good, it’s really embarrasing to see him striking out every single time.

  7. james garrett

    Eleven hits with 5 walks and only 3 runs because we only had 3 extra base hits(doubles)Can’t win at GABP with this kind of offense.Rockies had 4 doubles and a homer out of their 8 hits.No staff in the league would want to pitch in Cincy.To expect our guys to go 6 or 7 inning is wishful thinking and to expect them to hold any team with just an average offense to under 4 or 5 runs isn’t going to happen either.Got to out score the other team but last night for example we had 5 guys in the line up that have a total of 14 homers in Votto,Winker,Tucker,Peraza and Billy.The first two guys will warm up but the last 3 will never ever be a threat for the long ball.I tune in to mainly watch the young guys pitch and right now Sal is struggling so a few starts for somebody else would be great as Scott suggested.Long way to go but we must stay the course with the young pitchers and we also must starts playing some younger position players more in place of players we know about already.Nothing to gain by running out Billy and Peraza every day while other guys need a chance to see what they can do.You can also say the same thing about Duvall.

  8. Bill

    Maybe picking up a grounder or catching a easy fly ball is not wants, he only make spectacular catches. At least I don’t think he went back to the dugout smiling after the strikeouts.

  9. Still a Red

    Billy looked bad last night, and it could be the start of his disgruntlement (which would not be good for the team). Now, he has no real right to be disgruntled, given his offensive non-performance (he was just waving at pitches in his last strike out)…but Schebler is quite literally moving into his territory. While Riggleman leaves a lot to be desired, he does seem willing to do what he thinks he can to generate some offense, double switching to bring Blandino and at times Dixon, etc. Billy could be on his way out.

  10. gusnwally

    If Scooter wins the triple crown, just think what we might get in a trade.

  11. Scotly50

    Maybe it’s not the Manager. Maybe it is the talent.