The Short Version: The Reds won and it’s really late.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (21-37) 7 8 0
San Diego Padres (25-34) 2 7 2
W: Mahle (4-6) L: Lockett (0-1) S: Lorenzen (1)
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The Good
–Jose Peraza was 3-4 with a double, a run scored and 3 RBI. Scooter Gennett homered — his tenth eleventh — and walked, scoring two runs. Joey Votto walked three times, because that’s what Joey Votto does.

–Tyler Mahle was inefficient again, throwing 102 pitches in five innings, but those were five shutout innings. Mahle gave up five runs hits and two walks, striking out five. Once the kid starts throwing strikes more regularly — as he did during his entire minor league career — he’s going to be dynamite.

–Michael Lorenzen pitched three dominant innings, throwing 29 pitches; 27 of them were strikes. Lorenzen then surprisingly returned to the mound for a fourth inning, and he picked up the save despite giving up two hits, a walk, and two runs with two outs in the ninth. Ultimately a nice outing for Lorenzen, thought it ended poorly, and I’m glad he’s back on the roster finally.

The Bad
–Nothing to see here.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Good win for the good guys. Second shutout of the season; both came on days when Mahle started.

–The Reds scored in the third inning when Billy Hamilton walked, stole second, and scored on two consecutive groundouts.

–In the fourth, Eugenio Suarez led off with a walk and Scott Schebler followed with a single. Jose Peraza then hit a two-run double to center field, giving the Reds a 3-0 lead. Peraza later scored on a Tucker Barnhart single.

–I’m actually in Atlanta, and I went to the Braves-Nationals game tonight (before returning to the hotel and watching the Reds game). Watching the Braves is disheartening. That’s an organization that really conducted their rebuilding process in a productive fashion.

Also, SunTrust Park is pretty nice. Though I prefer Great American Ball Park.

–Go Reds. Matt Harvey will go back to the mound for the Redlegs tomorrow night in Cincinnati.

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26 Responses

  1. Jreis

    I know Peraza is not a fan favorite in RL N but games like today gives me hope. I hope the reds keep him . Could be a good utility guy when the reds are good again.

  2. Davy13

    Nice win overall. Though here’s a bad: the pitcher (Mahle) with a double-advances to 3rd base on an error, but no he’s left stranded. By pitching Lorenzen 4 innings, is he being stretched to take a starter’s role? Hmm…

    • Ben

      Lorenzen’s pitch count stayed low every inning he threw. I think they just knew he could throw 45-50 pitches and he was able to get 4 innings out of it.

  3. Tbome

    It’s late, Chad. Mahle gave up 5 hits, not runs. And this was scooters 11th, not 10th. But I do agree with you on the braces and sun trust— I loved that stadium!

    • Chad Dotson

      Oops…you’re right. Thanks!

  4. Sliotar

    How Braves acquired some key position players:

    Albies – signed for $350,000 as international free agent
    Acuna – signed for $100,000 as international free agent
    Camargo – signed at 16 year old as international free agent
    Freeman – drafted by Atlanta in 2nd round
    Swanson, Inciarte – acquired by fleecing (former) Arizona management (Dave Stewart, Tony LaRussa) that famously disdained analytics as way of projecting players.

    (Pitching identification and development is light years ahead in terms of ye olde Redlegs).

    Some luck? Sure. But, there is nothing there than the Reds could not do…you know, if the lead owner would hire modern thinking, experienced MLB baseball execs, instead of hiring family of ownership or promoting from within.

    And, stopping the ridiculous practice of telling the lead columnist in town every few months how “desperate he is to win.” It’s become a parody. And, the facts do not back that up. At all.

    • Scotly50

      Have you watched the Braves???

      They are not a “stand at the plate and watch pitches go by kind of team”.

      They are not overly aggressive at the plate but early in the count with runners in scoring position; a different story. They have not struck out much, but that seems to be trending up of late.

      They are an exciting team because of the late game comebacks, but at some time that must end. If their pitching solidifies they are going to be good. I believe they are a wild-card team in the end.

  5. Mason Red

    It’s a welcomed surprise to check Redleg Nation in the morning and see that this team won a ballgame.

  6. jonrox

    “Mahle gave up five RUNS and two walks, striking out five”

    Should be hits, I reckon

    • big5ed

      Chad is apparently not a night owl, having also given the Reds credit for the “Second shutout of the season.”

      My approach was to watch the Galvis AB in the second, then wake up in the 7th and watch Galvis hit again, and then surrender until I could read the box score.

      • Chad Dotson

        Yeah, I was exhausted. I wrote that shutout line before the Padres scored two late runs. Sheesh. These west coast recaps are rough.

  7. Jeff Reed

    It’s encouraging that Lorenzen went four innings in relief which means the Reds could have another starting pitcher in the making. Also glad to see a favorable comment about GABP in contrast to Sun Trust.

  8. james garrett

    I am not sure about other teams but the Reds treat some guys this way and other guys that way which has to mess with their mind.Homer earned his demotion but others on this team play every day and are just terrible.Nobody is given the same treatment or opportunities to perform.Homer wasn’t helping and was blocking a younger player but of course we have others doing the same thing and well they are still doing it.On a positive note Mahle and Lorenzen were awesome.Hopefully Mahle and the rest of the youngsters can take the next step and go 6 or 7 as they mature but I would take what he did every time.

    • Scott Carter

      I have no problem with Bailey being demoted, he pitched his way into it. Unfortunately we are going to have a Harvey situation that the Mets had. The Reds need to take their medicine an release him. I thought he might do well in the role, but not with this attitude.

      • Jeff Reed

        If the acerbic Mr. Bailey continues his negativity, then he should be released and the Reds should move on. He’s a veteran and such attitude should not be tolerated on a rebuilding team.

  9. Nick Carrington

    Riggleman said they haven’t talked about Lorenzen starting. He was just really efficient through 3 with only 29 pitches.

  10. Streamer88

    Homers comments are what any veteran would be thinking in this situation. But that veteran would not let those thoughts become printed words unless there was an absolutely weak / feeble front office/ locker room.

    I love Homer. But if this team wants to get the ship sailing again this comment needs to generate swift internal reprimand or a personnel action.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Random thoughts on this one. Mahle looked pretty good. The ump had a weird strike zone….accurate on the fastballs, but was giving quite a bit outside on the breaking ball and Mahle was good enough to take advantage several times. I like Mahle alot but throwing 60% high fastballs in gabp is like buying 2 cartons of cigarettes to help you run a marathon. You might want to put together a different gameplan? Thats going to be 2 HRs allowed minimum on most nights.

    Winker didn’t look too great. The Reds really need him to be a player….more so then Peraza imo. They can work around Peraza if he doesn’t pan out but the Reds outfield is bare. Billy and Duvall are what they are. I hold out some hope Schebler can break out at some point? I’d put him in the 2 hole vs righties. It seems like his spray chart might be better then in the past. Alot of oppo hits so they can’t put the 2nd baseman in short RF to get him out like last year. Its just pitch selection with him and not chasing.

    Lorenzen and Garrett. If they’re pen guys then so be it, but this team lacks for starting pitching. If you don’t have starting pitching then you’ll never have anything? Atleast give Lorenzen and Stephenson a shot? Bailey is out. Romano should follow. I can see them going with Disco and Stephenson. When someone falters or gets hurt then give Lorenzen a shot. They’ll probably want to limit Mahle’s innings at some point anyway. I get the feeling he may get beat up when he’s back to GABP regularly with his diet of 60% high fastballs.

    Lefty tonite for SD….Duvall/Schebler/Dixon would be my outfield left to right. The Reds could follow what Maddon does…..plays about 4 regulars and platoons everyone else and demands some positional flexibility.

  12. JB WV

    I’m hoping that Homer will connect with some of the bp vets, Hughes and Hernandez, and after his initial frustration of being sent to the pen embrace the move as something that could extend his career. Welsh mentioned developing another pitch while he’s down there, like that wicked slider Hughes uses. As I said, hoping. Homer’s always been a fair weather interview.

    • KDJ

      Homer does not need to extend his career. In his prime he was a hot and cold pitcher who pitched two no-hitters on good days. Because of that, he got paid 100M and then never really produced again. Yes, injuries robbed him (and the Reds and Reds fans) of his best years, but it looks like the injuries and surgeries have been too much to overcome.

  13. J

    My take on Mahle is that part of his inefficiency is, ironically, caused by his very good control. What a lot of Reds pitchers do, as we’ve seen time and time and time again, is inevitably throw something right down the middle — even when they don’t have to. (An 0-2 pitch, 1-2 pitch, etc.) For better or worse, Mahle seems to be determined to throw almost every pitch, regardless of the count unless maybe it’s 3-0, either just barely in the strike zone or just barely out of it. Hitters are taking a lot of them, obviously, because they’re hard pitches to hit. If he ever starts getting the benefit of the doubt from umpires (which he definitely hasn’t been getting in most of his starts), I think he’ll consistently pitch 7 innings. But right now he’ll throw a 1-2 pitch and a 2-2 right on the edge of the zone, they both get called balls, and suddenly he’s in yet another 3-2 count. He looks like an outstanding pitcher to me, but the umps haven’t quite caught on yet.

    • da bear

      Dead on. Matches everything I’ve seen too.

    • da bear

      Absolutely agree with this. Castillo and Mahle are the basis for Reds returning to competitiveness. Get rid of Homer now that the bullpen appears rock solid 1 thru 7/8, hope for Romano to develop an out pitch, and either DeSclafani stays healthy or Finnegan, Stevenson, Lorenzen or Garrett fill out the rotation until reds acquire or develop another solid starter to become relevant again.

  14. Jack

    As I recall Mike Mussina wasn’t to happy either with his demotion to the bullpen. He was quite upset and there was major tension. After a few days he did settle down and worked on his mechanics. Is Bailey ticked off? Yes. Who wouldn’t be. If you’re a competitor then you should be pissed. I would be irate if he just came out and said that he was good with it. I think I’m more irritated with Amir Garrett saying he is fine be a bullpen guy. Garrett should of said he wants to be a starter. Period. Now that he has found success as a reliever , what’s the chance he is moved to a starter? See Lorenzen for the answer.

  15. james garrett

    I am not sure how all of this happened and we probably won’t ever find out.Homer earned his demotion to the pen but now he goes to the DL.Probably gives them some time to agree on something I guess but we shall see what we will see.

  16. Chad Dotson

    Good grief! Can you tell I was fighting sleep as I was writing this recap?