I can only hope that Reds have removed Jesse Winker from the outfield rotation in an attempt to showcase the other three OFs for some trade deadline moves. I would hope they would send him down to Louisville to continue to get playing time while they are doing so. It’s imperative that the Reds make some sound moves to advance the rebuild at the trade deadline. It’s high time that they show evidence of a solid rebuild plan and make the supporting moves necessary to clear the way for the players they have chosen to move forward with.

Now let’s see what is going on down on the farm.


AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats had a 16 – 33 record and in 4th out of 4 in the International League West.

International League hitters are hitting .249/.320/.383/.703.

  • IF/OF Rossell Herrera, .267/.323/.500/.823, is trying to find his stroke again now that he’s back in Louisville getting regular playing time again. The 25 year old utility man is tied for the club lead with 2 3B.
  • 2B/3B Nick Senzel, .258/.337/.438/.775, is 0 for 7 with a BB since his return from the DL. The 23 year old has played 2B in both games since he’s been back.
  • 3B/1B D. J. Peterson, .278/.312/.451/.763, is tied for the club lead with 14 RBI. The 26 year old also leads the team with 42 SO and has just 5 BB.
  • 2B Dilson Herrera ..270/.316/.419/.735, has 3 HR in just 79 PA with the Bats. The 24 year old has moved from 2B to 3B in the two games since Senzel has rejoined the team.

International League pitchers have a 3.81 ERA.

  • RH SP Bob Stephenson, 3.59 ERA, has tossed 47.2 IP allowing 34 H and 27 BB with 56 SO. The 25 year old leads the team with 56 SO and 27 BB.
  • LH SP Justin Nicolino, 4.13 ERA, has thrown 52.1 IP allowing 58 H and 14 BB with 30 SO. The 26 year old has allowed 10.0 H/9.
  • RH RP Kevin Quackenbush, 0.69 ERA, has tossed 13 IP allowing 8 H and 1 BB with 14 SO. The 29 year old has recorded 5 SV.
  • RH RP Tanner Rainey, 2.04 ERA, has tossed 17.2 IP allowing 6 H and 11 BB with 31 SO. The 25 year old has an amazing 15.8 SO/9 and a bad 5.6 BB/9.


AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos had a 21 – 31 record and are 5th out of 5 in the Southern League South

Southern League hitters are hitting .251/.331/.390/.721.

  • 2B Shed Long, .272/.346/.467/.813, leads the team with 3 3B. The 22 year old LH hitter is also 2nd on the club with 6 HR.
  • OF/1B Brian O’Grady, .225/.331/.412/.742 has 16 BB in 121 PA. The 26 year old LH hitter has played 2 G at 3B this year which he hasn’t played since he was there for 3 G in 2014.
  • CF C. J. McElroy, .278/.350/.389/.739, leads the team with 7 SB. The 25 year OF has played 17 G in CF, 8 G in LF, and 4 G in RF.
  • RF Aristides Aquino .240/.289/.434/.723, leads the team with 8 HR. The 24 year old slugger also leads the club with 10 2B.

Southern League pitchers have a 3.94 ERA.

  • RH SP Keury Mella, 2.94 ERA, has thrown 52 IP allowing 47 H and 12 BB with 50 SO. The 24 year old has a good 1.14 WHIP.
  • LH RP Juan Martinez, 1.69 ERA, has thrown 10.2 IP allowing 7 H and 6 BB with 8 SO. The 25 year has a bad 5.1 BB/9.
  • LH RP Victor Payano, 3.12 ERA, has thrown 17.1 IP allowing 9 H and 13 BB with 30 SO. The 25 year has a great 15.6 SO/9 and a bad 6.8 BB/9.
  • RH RP Robinson Leyer, 3.38 ERA, has tossed 24 IP allowing 20 H and 11 BB with 30 SO. The 25 year old has recorded 1 S.


High A Daytona Tortugas

The Tortugas had a 27 – 20 record and are 1st out of 6 in the Florida State League North.

Florida State League hitters are hitting .251/.323/.366/.689.

  • OF Taylor Trammell .299/.413/.487/.900, is tied for the team lead with 3 3B. The 20 year leads the club lead with 6 HR and 29 BB.
  • OF T.J. Friedl, .314/.421/.450/.870, leads the team with 8 SB. The 22 year old LH hitter is tied for the team lead with 3 3B.
  • C Tyler Stephenson, .288/.369/.442/.811, has played 35 G at C and has appeared in 7 G as the teams DH. The 21 year old is 2nd on the team with 10 2B.
  • 3B Mitch Nay, .280/.332/.452/.784, is tied for 2nd on the club lead with 5 HR. The 24 year old also leads the team with 12 2B, and 33 RBI.

Florida State League pitchers have a 3.74 ERA.

  • RH SP Tony Santillan, 2.44 ERA, has thrown 51.2 IP allowing 47 H and 12 BB with 44 SO. The 21 year old leads the club with 44 SO.
  • LH SP Wennington Romero, 2.73 ERA, has tossed 56 IP allowing 41 H and 8 BB with 35 SO. The 20 year old leads the starters with a 0.88 WHIP.
  • RH RP Ryan Hendrix, 1.66 ERA, has thrown 21.2 IP allowing 16 H and 13 BB with 32 SO. The 23 year has a very good 13.3 SO/9.
  • RH RP Jesse Stallings, 1.93 ERA, has thrown 14 IP allowing 10 H and 2 BB with 11 SO. The 23 year has 3 S.


Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons had a 26 – 24 record and are 4th out of 8 in the Midwest League Eastern

Midwest League hitters are hitting .250/.331/.374/.705.

  • C Hendrik Clementina, .321/.398/.652/1.050, leads the club with 9 HR. The 21 year old has played 23 G at C and 10 G at DH.
  • OF Narciso Crook, .263/.337/.525/.862, has played 10 G in LF and 9 G in RF for the Dragons this season. The 22 year old is 3rd on the team with 10 2B.
  • RF Michael Beltre .317/.420/.437/.857, leads the club with 25 BB. The 22 year old switch hitter has 25 BB and 33 SO in 171 PA.
  • OF Stuart Fairchild, .291/.385/.446/.831, is tied for 2nd on the club with 22 BB. The 22 year old is 2nd on the club with 14 SB.
  • 2B/SS Jeter Downs, .264/.341/.431/.772, has played 29 G at 2B and 16 G at SS this season. The 19 year old middle infielder is 3rd on the team with 13 SB and is 2nd on the team with 6 HR.

Midwest League pitchers have a 4.00 ERA.

  • RH SP Andrew Jordan, 1.13 ERA in 3 GS, has thrown 16 IP allowing 12 H and 4 BB with 14 SO. The 20 year old has a good 1.00 WHIP.
  • RH SP Hunter Greene, 7.18 ERA, has thrown 26.1 IP allowing 37 H and 14 BB with 36 SO. The 18 year old phenom has a 12.3 SO/9.
  • RH RP Cory Thompson, 1.44 ERA, has tossed 25 IP allowing 22 H and 3 BB with 23 SO. The 23 year old has 3 S.
  • RH RP John Ghyzel, 1.50 ERA, has tossed 18 IP allowing 12 H and 11 BB with 26 SO. The 22 year old has also recorded 10 S for the Dragons.
  • RH RP Ryan Nutof, 1.88 ERA, has tossed 28.2 IP allowing 28 H and 12 BB with 41 SO. The 22 year old has a 12.9 SO/9.


11 Responses

  1. David

    Interesting that the Reds High minors (AAA and AA) are such lousy teams. There is not much in the top drawer to help the big club, besides Dilson Herrera, Nick Senzel , Stephenson and Rainey at AAA.
    And at AA, just Keury Mella and Shed Long.
    For all the people expecting the High A outfield to march up the the Majors in a couple of years, I give you Aristides Aquino, who was so highly regarded two years ago at High A. He had a lousy year at AA in 2017, and is just a little better this year.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It makes some sense to perhaps try Herrera in the OF. Don’t know whether his chronically injured shoulder will allow him to make the necessary throws. But if he can cover ground and play an adequate defense in a corner outfield spot, he has a track record of being able to hit. Assuming that Senzel recovers fully from vertigo and eventually assumes the second base position in the bigs, Herrera really has no clear pathway to helping the big-league Reds.

      • Gary Davis

        He might be best suited for first base – where Votto is.

      • David

        Play him at the ML level and then find a trade partner, if he proves healthy. He’s young and will have salary control for years to come. Everybody has a scouting report on Dilson Herrera. Just show the world his shoulder is now OK.

    • eric3287

      The difference between Aquino, in my mind, and Friedl and Trammell in A+ is that Friedl and Trammell are showing much better control over the strike zone than Aquino showed. Aquino’s BB% only once briefly exceeded 7%. He was always going to go only as far as his power and ability to make contact would take him. Aquino is a good comp with Billy Hamilton actually. They both have 1 offensive “tool” so to speak that they excel out that always looks better in the lower levels of MiLB. Right now he’s basically the AA version of Adam Duvall. Trammell and Friedl both have the strike zone control that projects to look more like Suarez than Duvall.

      • David

        That is true, as far as it goes. Not trying to disagree, but it is not always a straight path from highly regarded prospects at A and High A to the ML.
        The transition from High A to AA is pretty big, as is AA to AAA. You just don’t know until they actually do it.

  2. Mark Lang

    So, the cupboard is bare. This is a rebuild that, after 4 years, hasn’t even started.

  3. eric3287

    These updates are good reminders of just how bad the Reds front office has failed in their “rebuild” attempt. It’s why the Reds absolutely need to trade Iglesias this year and why I would make a phone call to the other 29 GMs and get feelers for what they would be willing to part with for Suarez. The Reds are 11th in position player WAR and 11th in wRC+ and that is with Scooter playing over his head and Votto and Suarez putting up All-Star numbers. The organization is so devoid of any talent above A+ it should be embarrassed.
    The team’s top MLB prospect has been benched because of a bad week. It’s two top AAA prospects play the same position as each other and as Scooter/Suarez. Their top AA prospect plays the same position as Senzel and Herrera play in AAA and as Scooter plays in the big leagues. Absent 2-4 big splashes in free agency (and by big I mean Machado/Harper type position player and two legitimate #1 or #2 starters) there is no way out of this rut for the Reds other than to clean house and re-rebuild, hopefully the right way the second time.

  4. Redgoggles

    I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, the fact that our high minors was not ready to replenish the aging/traded stars of our last winning team lays at the feet of Walt Jocketty. The fact that he remains – despite sacrificing the manager – is both disappointing and reflective of ownership’s willingness to accept mediocrity. As a fan, it makes it difficult to know how much to hope/blame Williams for the ability to turn duplicate asset pools (2nd basemen, 4th-5th starters, 4th OFs) for upgrades elsewhere (quality SS/OF/frontline starters) without thinking Jocketty is still influencing the decisions when he is to blame for the mess we are in. Frustrating! I’ve not been to a single game this year, and have watched much less because they fired Price without first firing Jocketty. I wonder if Williams was allowed to at least upgrade the fax machines in the front office for this coming trade deadline?

  5. Jack

    Walt Jocketty calls the Cardinals every night and let’s them know he has ruined the Reds for years. A few pitchers on the team’s above with high walk rates. Wonderful.