Things in RedsLand have been so crazy lately that it’s hard to formulate a poll. For instance, I put up a poll asking about the rotation and a few hours later, Homer was headed to the bullpen (the poll results strongly support this move). Anthony DeSclafani just made what will probably be his final rehab start in Louisville, which I posted about last night, but it looks like, very soon, the rotation will look something like this:

  1. Castillo
  2. Disco
  3. Mahle
  4. Harvey
  5. Romano

There’s also at least some noise that – with all the off days coming – Romano might head to Louisville to work on some things and then re-join the Reds rotation later. But, of course, there is also Robert Stephenson, who’s been awfully good in Louisville lately, so who knows?

It’s confusing.

And then there’s the lineup. Half of it seems pretty set. Votto, Suarez, Gennett, and Barnhart are pencilled in. Outfield and shortstop are less set-in-stone. I will now give some opinions.

Opinion 1: Gennett should still be traded. He’s a great sell-high candidate. But, if he isn’t traded, it’s time to look at a move to the outfield because defense matters and the Reds’ infield defense has been atrocious lately.

Opinion 2: Nick Senzel, once he settles in, is absolutely one of the four best hitters available and is shaping up to be a pretty good defensive second baseman, which is where he should start. Any ideas about moving him to the OF are ridiculous. Hs provides much more value at second, where he’s also going to be a much better defender than Scooter.

Opinion 3: Jesse Winker should play. Of the four outfielders, he’s the youngest, the one with a best chance to be good in the future, and the one with the best chance to be on the next good team. Run him out there every day forever and ever and ever until the season ends. The Reds, of course, are doing the exact opposite of this, which I do not understand at all.

Opinion 4; Defense matters. You can probably get away with a Blandino/Senzel middle infield. But a Blandino/Gennett combo is a mess. And no, don’t move Suarez. He’s excellent at third. Let’s not mess with a position where the Reds are actually getting good fielding.

Opinion 5: If it’s up to me, very soon, the starters go like this: Barnhart, Votto, Senzel, Suarez, Winker, Gennett (OF), Peraza (with plenty of time for Blandino). The other outfielders compete for playing time. I’d also let teams know that I am VERY actively shopping every outfielder not named Winker (that includes Gennett). Again, the Reds don’t seem to be doing this. Thus the evidence that I’m not in charge.

Opinion 6: Dilson Herrera shouldn’t be forgotten about. He’s back on track, finally and his shoulder is healthy. I’ve seen him throw from third and while they aren’t always the most accurate throws (he probably needs more practice there), they aren’t the throws you make with a bum shoulder. He’s only a year older than Senzel and seven months YOUNGER than Jesse Winker. He’s, at the very least, a good trade chip.

Those are my opinions. If things quiet down, we’ll do a poll again next week.