The Reds dropped their third consecutive game with a 5-2 loss in Arizona. The Reds have now lost 10 of their last 14 games.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (19-37) 2 7 1
Arizona Diamondbacks (28-26) 5 4 1
W: Godley (5-4) L: Castillo (4-5) S: Boxberger (13)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Luis Castillo allowing a 2-run home run to Daniel Descalso with 2 outs in the 1st inning, giving the Diamondbacks a 2-1 lead. That play decreased the Reds chances of winning by 17.9% (from 57.2% to 39.3%).


Eugenio Suarez hit his 10th home run of the season. Suarez now has a 155 wRC+ on the season.

Joey Votto had a two hit night.

David Hernandez pitched two perfect innings in relief. He has a 2.50 ERA/2.56 FIP in 18.0 innings pitched in 2018.


Luis Castillo‘s recent run of solid stars was halted a bit tonight. He walked three batters tonight, the biggest being Jake Lamb right before he gave up a two out home run to Daniel Descalso. His final line certainly wasn’t awful, but the Reds are really wanting Castillo to take that ace role and run with it: 5.0 IP, 4 H, 1 HR, 4 ER, 3 BB, 6 K.

Scott Schebler and Adam Duvall both went 0 for 4. The four man outfield rotation has produced four below average hitters so far in 2018.

Up Next:

Reds at Diamondbacks
Wednesday, 3:40 PM
TV: FOX Sports Ohio
Sal Romano (5.89 ERA) vs Patrick Corbin (2.47 ERA)

24 Responses

  1. Joey

    This place is like a ghost town. They are playing so bad that even the die hards dont have anything to say. RIP 2018 Reds.

    • liptonian

      Doesn’t help when the game ends at 2 AM on the east coast

  2. Scott Gennett

    As losses continue to pile up (for sure the 100 losses mark will be surpassed), it’s both, frustrating and embarrassing, that FO does not make any decisions regarding the very low performance players, like Bailey, Romano, Peralta, Peraza, Duvall and Hamilton. Those players are really hurting the rest of the team and the fan base as well. I seriously doubt that, for example, Blandino would make it worse than Peraza or Winker worse than Duvall.

    • Ted

      And the reason for this ongoing debacle of a rebuild is because the front office screwed up most of the trades when they had good pieces that were valuable because they didn’t get anything in return…Chapman, Frasier, Cueto etc etc

  3. Alex

    Ha great question. Winker plays almost never after hitting his first home run. Reds FO is just embarrassing. Blandino didn’t hit until he got a consistent shot. I keep saying it, the reds front office didn’t want a rebuild and this isn’t one. Look at all of the players 28 years or older who play or pitch alot.

    This isn’t a rebuilding team, it’s a just a bad veteran team and it will continue to be. This front office hates young talent and never sought to acquire any. Don’t forget the year started with gosselin and Pennington. This front office hates numbers and young players and now the reds are just a sad last landing spot for old vets on their way out.

    • seanuc

      I don’t want to agree with you. But the evidence is compelling and I think you may be right. They don’t want a rebuild. The ownership/FO is a mess. No clear direction, no clear lines of authority, no “Reds Way.” Investment in the stadium experience and the community is a far more efficient way to maintain attendance than investing in the team itself, and it seems as though they made a business decision to go that route. But it can all still be salvaged if the right actions are taken in the draft, by the trade deadline, during free agency, and in choosing a manager. I have my doubts that this leadership group is capable of forming and executing a successful plan.

  4. Jack

    Remember when the Reds swept the Dodgers what seems months ago? That was the highlight of the year. It’s only downhill from there.

  5. Ethan L

    How many runs has this excuse of a rotation given up in the first inning? It seems to be our Achilles Heel.

  6. Mason Red

    I admire those here who still believe but it’s just time to admit that this “rebuild” is a complete and total failure. Unfortunately unless ownership gets serious and completely overhauls the front office this franchise is looking at years or maybe even decades of losing.

    • Mike Adams

      Hope you are wrong but it is looking like you are not wrong.

      What did Cubs’ fans used to say? “Wait ’til next year!”

      With the Reds it will be “Wait ’til the next rebuild!”
      The now Reds are the Cubs of old (I can’t believe it has come to this).

  7. SultanofSwaff

    No. One. Cares.

    No one cares that Bailey’s feelings were hurt because he was demoted.
    No one cares if Peraza gets benched.
    No one cares if our former all-star left fielder plays every day to see if he can ‘get going’.
    No one cares that smiling Billy Hamilton was bumped to 9th in the batting order.
    No one cares about service time issues, contracts, or roles that players are comfortable in.
    No one cares that their favorite veteran player is in the lineup when the team loses so often.
    No one cares that the team has a ‘good clubhouse’ when the team loses so often.

    The only thing the fans care about is seeing the organization be proactive on every front to accelerate the sorting process: in game analytics,prioritizing youth over veterans, aggressively promoting and PLAYING prospects.

    The front office has this over-inflated sense of importance about change, as if the natives will storm GABP with pitchforks.

    No. One. Cares.

    • james garrett

      Well put.This club has no plan at all.Its a circus of an organization and the laughing stock of baseball.Why on earth if we did indeed try to go out and get some players would anybody in his right mind want to play for the Reds?

  8. Bill

    I’ve been a Reds fan for 70 years and this team, to me, is the biggest joke in all those years.

    • David

      Not quite that long, but I do sense a lack of urgency to become a winner again. The pattern repeats itself, and even us dense proles see that this is not a rebuild, this is running in place.
      DFA Homer, Duvall and Hamilton. That’s right, eat his contract, knuckleheads. Or teach him to throw a knuckleball. Something. DO SOMETHING!
      Call up Stephenson to replace Homer in the rotation.
      Put Schebler in CF unless something else happens. Put Winker in right.
      Put Scooter in Left, and bring up Dilson Herrera to play 2nd base. Give him 6 weeks to see if he can hit ML pitching. By then, we can see if Senzel’s vertigo issues are behind him. And bring up Senzel, and let him play LF/2nd base.

      Oh, and don’t ever count on Desclafani again.

  9. Jeff Reed

    The Reds have too many young possible starting pitchers with control issues. They’ve got to get the ball in the strike zone and go from there. This reflects on the front office and their selection process, and the minor league coaching of pitchers. Is Clay Carroll still around? He seemed to have success for quite a while in AAA as the pitching coach. I don’t think there’s been a real commitment to the rebuild. The attention given to the 2015 All Star game threw it off the track, and the return on players from the 2010-2013 winning years has not been good. It all starts from ownership/front office at the top.

  10. seanuc

    Cossack’s comment followed by Jeff Reed’s comment are both 100% accurate and explain so many problems. For position players, too much emphasis on speed and not enough emphasis on skills, like, I don’t know, actually hitting a baseball on some consistent basis with some semblance of authority. For pitchers, too much emphasis on velocity or “veteran-ness” and not enough on control. And with both, we seem incapable of teaching.

  11. Scott Carter

    Outfield Rotation a complete failure. Winker will probably start today since Arizona is starting a tough lefty. Set up for failure. Have to get these young guys familiar with failing.

    • james garrett

      I thought the same thing.This organization is just dumb.They don’t care about winning and it is so obvious.

  12. David

    All that stuff about cleaning house is NOT going to happen. Nothing WILL happen because of that.
    Sorry, but that’s the way Bob rolls. He is happy that his investment is growing in value, and his talk about winning is lip service meant to calm the restless natives.

    Sparky used to talk about “the natives were restless” in the Big Red Machine years, when they had a couple weeks or a month of mediocre, 0.500 win percentage ball.
    We would be happy for that now.

    • Mike Adams

      Sorry, David, I wouldn’t be happy with a 0.500 Reds team.

      That is how they got into this mess.

      Win. Win every draft. Win every trade. Win every game. Win every inning, every at bat, every pitch, every defensive play.

      It is impossible to do this but if one is not striving to do that all the time then a team will go down hill bit by bit, compromise by compromise. It may take years and it has for the Reds.

      It looks like it will take years to get better but everyone getting paid by the Reds, volunteering for the Reds, or owning the Reds need to have this mind set.

      The problem lies at the top of the organization and you hit the nail on the head in your second paragraph.

  13. SultanofSwaff

    Don’t forget that Blandino took 2 called strikes waiting for Billy to steal in the 7th, and then struck out swinging in an attempt to hit it to the right side thinking that Billy might be running. Again, nothing.

  14. CP

    These types of reactions demonstrate why the front office was so loathe to start the rebuild in the first place. Fans simply cannot handle losing this long. Reds fans aren’t special in this regard, you can go back and read some of the old articles about whether Astros fans would ever come back, blah blah blah.

    The rebuild is not dead. Things are still relatively on schedule, its just your expectations are out of whack. This rebuild is suffering greatly from yes, delaying the rebuilding.process in the first place But more importantly, they have been completely unable to develop their pitching prospects, and they also missed repeatedly on high draft picks from years 2011 through 2014. They have essentially written off Nick Travieso, Jeff Gelalich, and Nick Howard, and Stephenson, Winker, Ervin, Lorenzen, and Blandino have all yet to contribute, have underperformed, or are relative duds. The second round is even worse, nobody notable has been drafted since Billy Hamilton in 2009, Some of this is just proof at how fickle and difficult the MLB draft can be. I think many of us thought Stephenson and Winkers were locks to be solid MLB contributors. Neither looks like came up ready to perform at the MLB level. Seeing how these were all chosen before the rebuild officially began, I can’t really hold anyone responsible not named Walt Jocketty.

    The only thing keeping this organization from sinking into the abyss has been their trade prowess (where would this team be without Eugenio Suarez?) and some well timed waiver wire pickups, but they have again been plagued by their failure to develop young pitchers and bad injury luck.

    This is the hard part of the rebuild, now you have to wait and see if young kids develop.

  15. KG

    Just read where they’re putting the 4-man outfield rotation on hold and Winker is the odd man out. I’m absolutely astounded! The outfielder with the highest OBP (.354) must take a seat?!?! Is Winker’s defense that bad? Schebler’s OBP is .318, Duvall is a paltry .272 and Hamilton is sitting at .296. Shaking my head and quickly losing faith in a team I’ve followed since I was old enough to pickup a baseball glove.