Nick Senzel returned to the lineup for the Louisville Bats today. He was 0-4 in the game, but did hit a couple of balls hard and looked good in the field. I talked to him after the game.

On returning: “I was excited just getting in last night and knowing I was gonna be in the lineup. It was like Opening Night for me.”

Any rust? “I felt like there could have been some little timing issues, but I played a couple of games in Arizona. I was happy with my at-bats tonight.”

What is his vertigo experience like? “It comes and goes. It’s hard to explain. The side effects are real weird. You just don’t feel very good, something’s off. I knew it, probably waited a little too long to say something. You know, it’s the second time in nine months, ten months. I finally had to say something and get it taken care of. It’s tough because I knew it would set me back a little bit.”

Will it recur? “I feel a lot better this time because we did a number of tests. I did some therapy for it. I’m still doing therapy for it every day. I feel a lot better about where I’m at than last time. I think the plan in place this time [will] help it not come back in the future… The main goal was to get a treatment plan in place and how can we help this if it does come back in the future, because there’s no guarantees. It could, it could not.”

I would describe his tone to be optimistic and certainly happy to be back on the field. He also seemed clear in his feelings that they’ve done a better job figuring out how to control/treat it should it recur again, which is good to hear

3 Responses

  1. cfd3000

    This is good news, and great insider info Jason. Thank you!

  2. Bill Lack

    This still scares me to death….this franchise cannot afford for this to sidetrack this young man’s career. I wish him the best.