Crap kids, I am sorry for the hastiness and tardiness of this recap. But here are some game-related baseball thoughts. Anyhow, here is the box score and the win probability.

I am extremely and pleasantly surprised at how well Matt Harvey has pitched since the Reds got him and I look forward to him being lucratively flipped at the deadline if this continues. I did not think much of this trade when it happened, and I’ve been wrong so far.

Scooter was great tonight. He’s been great for a little bit now. He should still be traded. My twitter mentions are currently a tire fire because I said this, but it’s true. He’s 28 and already can’t play defense and, I mean, some of you were real unhappy with the last few years of the BP deal. A Scooter extension could make that look like a Caribbean vacation. He’s a solid player at his absolute peak and, yeah, exactly the player you trade because he’s incredibly unlikely to keep this up into his 30s.

The Reds are 14-14 in their last 28 games. That’s ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. They are 9-5 in their last 14. Even more ridiculous. Baseball is weird and, at this point, I’m gonna have a hard time being surprised by anything that happens this year.

The Reds play the Pirates again tomorrow. Another winning streak would be nice, huh?