The Short Version: Cincinnati collects just three singles, and Tyler Mahle surrenders three long-balls as the Reds drop the final game of the series to the stupid Cubs.

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (25-19) 6 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (16-32) 1 3 1
W: Darvish (1-3) L: Mahle (3-6)
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The Good
–Ummm…Scott Schebler was 1-2 with a walk and a two-out RBI single in the bottom of the first inning. Let’s see…oh yeah, Joey Votto was 2-4. That’s pretty good.

–Tyler Mahle pitched six innings.

The Bad
–In those six innings, Tyler Mahle surrendered four runs on seven hits and two walks. He struck out six. Mahle’s bugaboo today was the home run; the Cubs hit three. Back-to-back homers by Chicago’s Kyle Schwarber and Javier Baez in the top of the second gave the stupid Cubs a 3-1 lead, and the ballgame was essentially over at that point.

Mahle now leads the National League in home runs allowed. Repeat to yourself: young pitchers are going to be inconsistent.

–The Reds collected a measly three hits today. In the three losses to the Cubs over the last three days, Cincinnati scored two runs on eight hits. That won’t get it done.

–Adam Duvall took home the Golden Sombrero today: 0-4, four strikeouts. He’s hitting .188/.291/.423 on the season; Duvall also has more plate appearances this year than any other Reds outfielder. (Not that any of the other outfielders are necessarily tearing it up.)

–Votto made a throwing error.

–Wandy Peralta isn’t fooling anyone this season.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Remember when the Reds swept the Dodgers in a four-game series in Los Angeles? Yeah, they’re 2-5 since then.

–We must really be obsessed with the Reds to continue following the team in these dark and dreary days. Has anyone checked the DSM-5 to see if this is an actual clinical problem?

–Matt Harvey will make his first GABP start (as a member of the home team) on Tuesday night against the Bucs.

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance today.

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  1. David

    Duvall has diabetes, right? Why was he playing a day game after a double header (he did play part of the first game, and the night game)? I mean, really? Hello?

    Dis is a bad baseball team. Berry bad.

    Homer will start at least one of the games against the Pirates, who have pretty good pitching. Yu Darvish, who has stunk it up this season, looked pretty good against the Cincinnati hackers.

    The Reds will be lucky to win one game against the Pirates.


  2. George

    Yep 40 wins this year is looking very real. Castellini must be very proud. If the Reds lose 120 games do they get an extra draft choice? 🙂

  3. Spaceman Red

    A few things:

    No excusing Duvall’s performance today. Sometimes he frankly looks lost at the plate. However, if you believe Baseball Reference’s formulas, he is still the most valuable outfielder on the team this year: almost a full win above replacement. He leads the team in home runs. Duvall’s saving graces are his defense and his ability to hit for power. As we’re aware, two of our outfielders do not hit for power at all. I have to think that Duvall’s batting average will improve but even if not, the statistics say he is not as bad as our eyes would have us believe.

    I am no doubt the minority here but I prefer seeing the Reds so obviously outclassed and bad this year. What I mean is that I prefer it to an average, .500 team that the front office convinces itself is close to contention. We all remember Jocketty’s ridiculous “reboot” comment and Price saying that he thought we were a potential playoff team when even casual fans knew that was nonsense. So I guess I am feeling like the ineptitude will rid ownership and management of their illusions and prompt real change. A top draft pick is also a nice thought.

    We still get to watch #19 play every day. Both of his singles today were hit very hard and could have been stretched by a faster player. Hopefully, it means his power numbers will increase as the summer heats up.

    • George

      “ineptitude will rid ownership and management of their illusions and prompt real change”.
      As long as current “family ownership” is in place they will only respond to outside media criticism that targets “big bob”as they don’t actually think anything is wrong.

  4. George

    Yep 40 wins is looking very real. Bob C. must be very proud. If the Reds lose 120 games, do they get an extra draft choice? 🙂

  5. Sliotar

    2 comments from the game thread that really tie into the state of the Reds:

    -Old-School writing that the Reds 4-17 vs the NL Central.

    This “re-build” is far from complete. The Reds can’t get past the Cubs at present, leaving only the possibility of ramping up spending for a one-shot, play-in game appearance.

    The notion that the Castellini’s (or Williams’, whoever really controls the spending) are going to reach in their pockets this winter for that feels far-fetched.

    -Tom Mitsoff’s comments on attending today game.

    Last season, I felt some of what Tom wrote about being in the ballpark. I did not purchase a ticket package for the first time in years, and don’t plan on being at GABP at all in 2018.

    There is a malaise in that park, and I think it extends even to now somewhat affecting Votto. There are guys playing who have never been on a competitive Reds team. Sad, but true.

  6. Jeff Reed

    A big crowd should be expected on Tuesday for Harvey’s Red’s debut against the Pirates.

  7. J

    I’m baffled by most of the things this organization does, but it’s really hard for me to believe they can’t figure out a way to trade Iglesias — perhaps as part of a package including either Duvall or Hamilton and/or Scooter — for an elite right-handed outfielder or someone’s top outfield prospect. Iglesias’s only real value to the Reds seems to be his potential trade value, so what’s the point in waiting? Trade him before his arm falls off or he’s accused of firing 8 shots in his garage. Why does this organization ALWAYS have to be SO SLOW to realize the obvious?

    • Jeff Reed

      This organization always has to be so slow because a Jim Bowden type GM is missing.unless the newly appointed Nick Krall steps up and takes the mantle. Too much satisfaction with what the Reds have has led us down this path of mediocrity.

    • TyGuy85

      Bingo! The Reds were not going to compete the last 3-4 years. Duvall has peak value and went to an ASG. He was not going to be part of the future Reds competitive team. I’d argue Hamilton had some value a year or two ago. Before that it was sitting on Chapman, Frazier, and Bruce until their values dropped. The Reds tend to hold onto players for way too long when it is blatantly obvious they are not a part of future plans. For me, Gennett and Iglesias are prime right now for getting a decent return. They have some value, go ahead and see what you can get. It will be telling to see what kind of (new, take action or old, overvalue, reboot) approach the Reds take during the trade deadline.

  8. Mason Red

    Rebuilding or tanking? My guess is the latter.

  9. GO REDS!

    I love Adam Duvall but that strikeout in the 1st inning was pathetic.He needs to be on the bench or in Louisville.

  10. kmartin

    Hamilton has 29 hits and 19 walks for a total of 48 which is less than his strikeout total of 50. Incredibly bad. By contrast, Peraza who is not a good hitter either, has 47 hits and five walks but only 25 strikeouts. Even Aaron Judge a strikeout king had more hits and walks in 2017 than strikeouts. The notion of Hamilton leading off with his numbers is sheer lunacy.

  11. Ernest

    Wake up is a great synopsis, not going to happen though

    Is there another organization that completely overvalues their existing players more than the Reds?

    The problem is, there are no replacements in the organization for Peraza, Duvall, and Hamilton.

    The Reds have 1 prospect and that player is not an OF. Winker is certainly not performing at this point either, a very significant negative WAR at this point.

  12. J

    If a reporter dared to ask why on earth one of the league’s worst hitters would be swinging at the first pitch after a four pitch walk to the pitcher, I assume Riggleman would say something along the lines of “in that situation, Billy probably feels like he’s going to get a pitch he can handle.” Whatever his exact wording, I bet it would include some version of “Billy feels like….”

    And that’s one of the big problems with this team. With the exception of Votto and maybe a small handful of others, they tend to do whatever they “feel like” doing instead of what they actually SHOULD be doing according to every known statistic, basic logic, game situation, etc. It’s as if they don’t really believe any of those stats can possibly apply to a specific situation. Sure, Duvall is a bad hitter, but why not have him hit fifth if you feel like it might work? Billy can’t hit, but if he feels like swinging at the first pitch after the pitcher has walked on four pitches, so be it. And if you feel like bunting in a situation where bunting decreases your chances of scoring, so be it. And if you feel like Gallardo should be able to pitch a scoreless inning or two, then by all means pitch him in two run game. And if you feel like you want to stay in the bullpen instead of starting, then go right ahead and stay in the bullpen. Hamilton reached base somehow, but if you feel like swinging at the first pitch, then why not? And if you feel like throwing a fastball down the middle on an 0-2 count might work out, then throw it. And on and on and on. These people don’t seem to realize they’re playing a game where strategy matters more than instinct. Of course skill matters more than strategy, but part of being a skilled player is doing the smart thing instead of what you happen to feel like doing.

  13. AMWills10

    Why not call up Ervin and send down Duvall? Adam can learn how to hit a ball and it’ll give Ervin more Major League experience, only helping him if he plans to be a key in this rebuild. Duvall looked like he couldn’t hit a beach ball in his AB’s today.

    • AMWills10

      At least Ervin could come up and have an equal ability/talent and still have a learning curve for the future of our team.

  14. Jack

    So Thursdays game has a TBA for the starting pitcher. Now Disco pitched yesterday so that would line up for Thursday. I just hope they don’t put a Stephens or somebody who is never going to start. Let it be Disco or BobSteve or Garrett. But we know it won’t be Garrett.

    • DougEfresh

      I think I just read on mlbtraderumors that Disco is expected to make 2 more rehab starts. Makes sense. Why rush him back?

    • Jim Walker

      Got to believe it is just a happenstance that the Reds are showing Thursday as a TBA. Most likely they just haven’t announced it yet versus it being a true TBA because it would be the 5th day from Saturday and could be either Castillo or Romano on normal rest.

      The doubleheader Saturday really broke perfectly for them in terms of the rotation due to the off day on Thursday and again on Monday. Bailey and Castillo got an extra day before their last start; Harvey gets an extra day before his Tuesday start; and, assuming Castillo goes Thursday, Romano gets an extra day and Mahle stays right on schedule through this coming Saturday.

  15. Bill

    Wasn’t it Madden in Tampa who started batting the pitcher 8th. If so do all the new ideas start in Tampa?

  16. Gary Sweeney

    Its a shame that you have to have players on a 40 man roster to call them up. Right now would be the time to randomly call players from AA on up to play for a week in the majors to wet their appetite to see what could be in store for them. Send them back and see which ones work their tails off to hone skills necessary to get called back up. Also a great time to send guys down like Duvall, Hamilton, etc. Just to tick them off to let them know their time in baseball is getting smaller. Is it me or does Winkler even look too comfortable or even a little cocky at times. Dancing in the outfield in SF, giving umps stairdowns on called strikes, one handing flyballs in the manner he does. Just appears to me he thinks he has hit the jackpot. Remember, Bruce wnt back down early career if my memory serves me correctly.

    On a positive note, Billy has better smile. I want for a to have fun, but I do not want to see guys laughing while getting their tails kicked.

    I want to make trips down from outside Columbus, but after driving down for 25 years to watch the Bengals missing only 10 games from 1990 to 2015, not worth the time. I can change the channel and save gas, parking, etc.

  17. Jim Walker

    No denying Duvall had a brutal day Sunday but for the month of May through the end of action on Saturday, he had an OPS of .874 and wRC+ of 135 which was head and shoulders above any other Reds OF during that period. For Instance, Schebler .574/ 54; Winker .440/23; and Hamilton .736/102

  18. Scott Gennett

    I know some guys in this blog disagree, but I insist it doesn’t make sense to put a starting pitcher every five days that’ll be hammered in less than 5 innings with +90 pitches. That’s why there’re minor leagues.

  19. Scott Gennett

    The OF has been really bad and it won’t get better, as those four are not developing players. With the exception of Schebler, I don’t see other regulars but plenty of bench.

    • Jeff Reed

      Schebler, in my view, is an adequate outfielder, at best. The Reds desperately need a four or five tool centerfielder, and hopefully he can be acquired when Iglesias is traded. Without an all-around solid centerfielder the Reds are missing the core of the team.

  20. bouwills

    While it’s becoming likely the Reds will have 1 of their worst seasons ever in 2018, because of the hapless Royals, White Sox, Orioles, & Marlins; the Reds may draft no better in 2019 than they will later next month.

  21. Streamer88

    If the Marlins win more games than the Reds the entire organization should be fired.

    They sold off 10-12 WAR of talent.