Bear with me, kids. The school year is coming to a close an my eyes are about to bleed from the grading. Fortunately, I have a thermos full of student tears to sustain me, but my brain is just about melted, so this might be a little brief and/or wacky.

By the time people read this, the Reds will either be 6-4 or 7-3 over their last 10 games. It hasn’t been a bad week to be a Reds fan. Cool. So, I did what I do and ran a poll to see what everyone thinks is gonna be up for the rest of the year

So, you folks seemed to think the Reds would most likely be okay but also have a strong chance of being bad. I understand. Comments indicated that people expect there to be some roster shuffling going on.

I tend to think they will be around .500 for the rest of the year, but there’s an outside chance they win 100 games (shhhh, I’m joking).

I thought it might be interesting – given that I am tired – to see what people are looking for from the Reds for the rest of the year. So here’s my challenge to you: What three (3) things do you want to see the Reds do BEFORE the end of the season? No worrying about the offseason yet. Just between now and the end of the year. What do you want to see happen? I’ll give my three to start us off.

  1. Call up Senzel. He’s getting better and should return to game action soon. The vertigo will either be a longterm issue or not, but when he can play, he should be playing for the Reds.
  2. Trade as many of the following players as possible: Scooter Gennett, Adam Duvall, Billy Hamilton, Homer Bailey, Matt Harvey. All of these players have issues that make them best used by the Reds to improve system depth and the quality of future teams. They are also all players who may find a place on contenders looking for that extra little something or trying to fill an injury gap.
  3. Promote aggressively. Taylor Trammell, Shed Long, Tyler Stephenson, various others. The future is now. Let’s see what you’ve got at the next level up.