The Reds trade of C Devin Mesoraco for RH SP Matt Harvey wasn’t the only move in the Reds organization the last few days. The following are a several additional notable moves the Reds made recently down on the farm.

  • 2B Dilson Herrera was recently promoted to the AAA Louisville Bats from the A+ Daytona Tortugas where he was hitting .298/.359/.429/.787 in 92 PA. He has been playing regularly at 2B and is off to .250/.333/.438/.771 start in 18 PA with the Bats.
  • OF Sebastian Elizalde was hitting .254/.312/.423/.734 at AAA Louisville when he was loaned by the Reds to the Sultanes de Monterrey of the Mexican League.
  • IF/OF Josh VanMeter joins the AAA Louisville club from AA Pensacola where he was hitting .284/.420/.421/.841 in 121 PA. The 23 year old versatile LH hitter can play LF/3B/2B/SS. VanMeter came to the Reds from the Padres in December of 2016 in exchange for Rule 5 selection Luis Torrens.
  • CF Gabriel Guerrero was hitting .296/.336/.469/.806 in 107 PA at AA Pensacola when he got the call up to the AAA Bats. He has a 2B and a BB in his first 8 PA with the Bats.
  • C Chris Okey was promoted to AA Pensacola from A+ Daytona where he was hitting .207/.281/.414/.695 in 32 PA since his return from the DL.
  • OF Daniel Sweet joins the AA Penacola team from A+ Daytona where he was hitting .284/.390/.386/.777 in 105 PA. The 23 year old switch hitter spent the 2017 season in Daytona as well where he hit .270/.372/.325/.697
  • CF Jose Siri was activated from the DL for the A+ Daytona Tortugas. The 22 year old RH hitter put up a .293/.341/.530/.871 line at A Dayton last season. He is just now returning from the thumb injury he suffered in spring training with the Reds.

Now let’s see what else is going on down on the farm.


AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats had a 11 – 18 record and in 4th out of 4 in the International League West.

International League hitters are hitting .249/.323/.376/.699.

  • IF/OF Brandon Dixon, .326/.368/.494/.863, has split most of his time in the field at 2B, LF, and 1B. The 26 year old utility man leads the club with 9 2B.
  • 2B/3B Nick Senzel, .271/.351/.459/.809, has yet to play again since leaving the Bats game on 05/03 with dizziness. The 23 year old has played 13 G at 2B and 8 G at 3B so far this year.
  • 1B/3B D.J. Peterson, .311/.350/.446/.796, is second on the team with 7 2B. The 26 year old has split time between 3B and 1B this season.
  • 1B/RF Steve Selsky, .218/.358/.364/.722, is off to a decent start at AAA. The 28 year old is back for his second stint with the Reds organization.

International League pitchers have a 3.71 ERA.

  • LH SP Cody Reed, 2.25 ERA, has thrown 12 IP allowing 8 H and 8 BB with 10 SO over 3 GS with the Bats this season. The 25 year old is still struggling with his control thus far.
  • LH SP Justin Nicolino, 4.00 ERA, has thrown 27 IP allowing 33 H and 10 BB with 21 SO. The 26 year old has allowed only 1 HR this season.
  • RH SP Bob Stephenson, 4.40 ERA, has tossed 30.2 IP allowing 23 H and 22 BB with 34 SO. The 25 year old is still struggling to throw strikes.
  • RH RP Tanner Rainey, 0.00 ERA, has tossed 10.2 IP allowing 3 H and 3 BB with 18 SO. The 25 year old is keeping his BB totals down and has recorded 2 SV.
  • LH RP Kyle Crockett, 2.45 ERA, has thrown 14.2 IP allowing 15 H and 4 BB with 12 SO. The 26 year old has been a good addition to the Bats bullpen.


AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos had a 13 – 20 record and are 5th out of 5 in the Southern League South

Southern League hitters are hitting .253/.332/.390/.721.

  • OF/1B Brian O’Grady, .255/.408/.527/.936, leads the club with 4 HR. The 26 year old LH hitter has 14 BB and 16 SO in 71 PA.
  • 2B Shed Long, .308/.383/.439/.823, is tied for 2nd on the team with 9 2B. The 22 year old LH hitter is also tied for the club lead with 5 SB.
  • OF/1B Nick Longhi, .284/.341/.392/.733, is tied for 3rd on the team with 14 RBI. The 22 year old has split time between LF an 1B for the Blue Wahoos.

Southern League pitchers have a 3.87 ERA.

  • RH SP Keury Mella, 1.89 ERA, has thrown 38 IP allowing 32 H and 8 BB with 34 SO. The 24 year old has been teams best starter by far this season.
  • RH SP Jesus Reyes, 4.78 ERA, has thrown 26.1 IP allowing 29 H and 5 BB with 27 SO. The 25 year old has only allowed 1 HR this season.
  • RH RP Robinson Leyer, 3.00 ERA, has tossed 15 IP allowing 11 H and 5 BB with 18 SO. The 25 year old has allowed 1 HR.
  • RH RP Alex Powers, 3.18 ERA, has tossed 11.1 IP allowing 8 H and 2 BB with 16 SO. The 26 year old has recorded 3 S.


High A Daytona Tortugas

The Tortugas had a 21 – 11 record and are 1st out of 6 in the Florida State League North.

Florida State League hitters are hitting .251/.322/.367/.689.

  • C Tyler Stephenson, .340/.446/.500/.946, has played 21 G at C and has appeared in 7 G as the teams DH. The 21 year old has 18 BB and 17 SO in 121 PA.
  • 3B Mitch Nay, .316/.375/.553/.928, leads the club with 5 HR, 10 2B, and 31 RBI. The 24 year old former 1st round draft pick is coming back strong from injuries that derailed his career.
  • OF Taylor Trammell, .290/.403/.520/.923, has played 18 G in CF and 10 G in LF. The 20 year old will most likely see less time in CF with Jose Siri joining the team.
  • 1B Ibandel Isabel, .315/.403/.500/.903, has 2 HR in 62 PA since being acquired by the Reds in the Ariel Hernandez trade with the Dodgers. The 23 year old has played 9 G at 1B and 6 G as the DH.
  • OF T.J. Friedl, .308/.436/.430/.866, leads the team with 22 BB. The 22 year old LH hitter has played 17 G in LF and 13 G in CF.

Florida State League pitchers have a 3.71 ERA.

  • RH SP Tony Santillan, 1.57 ERA, has thrown 34.1 IP allowing 30 H and 9 BB with 36 SO. The 21 year old has been very impressive at A+ so far this season.
  • LH SP Wennington Romero, 1.98 ERA, has tossed 36.1 IP allowing 26 H and 2 BB with 26 SO. The 20 year old is showing immaculate control and leads the starters with a 0.77 WHIP.
  • RH SP Ryan Olson, 2.06 ERA, has tossed 35 IP allowing 31 H and 9 BB with 36 SO. The 23 year old has nearly identical numbers as Tony Santillan.
  • RH RP Aaron Fossas, 0.00 ERA, has thrown 5 IP allowing 0 H and 2 BB with 4 SO. The 25 year old has recorded 2 S.
  • RH RP Ryan Hendrix, 1.72 ERA, has thrown 15.2 IP allowing 12 H and 10 BB with 23 SO. The 23 year old leads the bullpen with 23 SO.
  • RH RP Jesse Stallings, 1.93 ERA, has thrown 14 IP allowing 10 H and 2 BB with 11 SO. The 23 year old leads the bullpen with 3 S.


Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons had a 17 – 12 record and are 3rd out of 8 in the Midwest League Eastern

Midwest League hitters are hitting .251/.337/.377/.713.

  • C Hendrik Clementina, .397/.480/.794/1.274, leads the club with 6 HR. The 21 year old has played 10 G at C and 9 G at DH and is simply tearing the cover off the ball right now.
  • RF Michael Beltre, .353/.476/.529/1.006, is on fire at the plate right now. The 22 year old switch hitter has 16 BB and 17 SO in 85 PA.
  • OF Narciso Crook, .275/.350/.522/.872, has played 8 G in RF, 9 G in LF, and 5 G at DH. The 22 year old is second on the team with 9 2B.
  • IF John Sansone, .272/.359/.506/.865, has played 3B, 2B, 1B, and DH for the Dragons this season. The 24 year old is tied for 2nd on the team with 3 HR.
  • OF Stuart Fairchild, .294/.408/.431/.839, is tied for 2nd on the club with 9 SB. The 22 year old has played 13 G in CF, 10 G in LF, and 4 G in RF.
  • 1B Montrell Marshall, .235/.369/.424/.792, leads the club lead with 10 2B. The 22 year old has spent all of his time in the field at 1B.
  • SS/2B Jeter Downs, .284/.362/.414/.775, has played 16 G at 2B and 10 G at SS this season. The 19 year old middle infielder leads the team with 12 SB.

Midwest League pitchers have a 4.18 ERA.

  • LH SP Packy Naughton, 3.93 ERA, has thrown 34.1 IP allowing 35 H and 8 BB with 34 SO. The 22 year old had a 3.15 ERA in 12 GS at R Billings last year.
  • RH SP Hunter Greene, 13.97 ERA, has thrown 9.2 IP allowing 21 H and 10 BB with 18 SO. The 18 year old phenom has a ugly 3.21 WHIP.
  • RH RP John Ghyzel, 1.64 ERA, has tossed 11 IP allowing 8 H and 7 BB with 17 SO. The 22 year old has also recorded 6 S for the Dragons.
  • RH RP Cory Thompson, 1.65 ERA, has tossed 16.1 IP allowing 12 H and 2 BB with 16 SO. The 23 year old former middle infielder continues to pitch well in his quest to become a pitcher.
  • RH RP Ryan Nutof, 2.00 ERA, has tossed 18 IP allowing 12 H and 3 BB with 24 SO. The 22 year old has a 0.83 WHIP.


14 Responses

  1. David

    Hunter Greene, number 1 draft choice in 2017, appears to be REALLY setting the league on fire (eyeroll). See, this is it. We see talented young guys drafted, and expect them to march through the minors and arrive on schedule with the Reds. This year may be a big bust for Hunter. It may take a few years for it all to click. Or it never will.

    It does appear that Tony Santillian is really good. Maybe a couple of years away. 2020?
    Keury Mella is another pitcher where the light just seems to have clicked on. He was just mediocre before. Would the Reds promote him from AA to the majors, like they did with Luis Castillo later this season? Does Mella’s stuff translate well to the Majors?

    If the Reds moved Duvall, it appears that Brandon Dixon could step in and do what he is doing as a right handed hitter; infield/outfield /power.

    Dilson coming up to AAA from A+ Ball (playing where there was warm weather, because of his shoulder recovery) should be something to consider for the Majors later this season if his shoulder is now strong.
    How close is Guerrero to the Majors as a CF? 2019? Would he make Billy expendable, as he appears to be a true Center fielder? Does he move past Phil Ervin on the depth chart?

    • Gonzo Reds

      And to think Greene could be doing this in the Marlin’s system while Yelich played CF for us rather than the division rival Brewers, we’ll be regretting this for years to come!

    • Big56dog

      Don’t know about the rest of you, but an 18 Yo who can K 18 batters in less than 30 outs he has recorded sounds like someone you develope

    • Michael E

      I agree with Greenmtred, this post is beyond silly. Give it two years and 20 years old and lets see how things are shaking out.

      I usually prefere college arms that may be just one or two minor league seasons away from MLB success, but many of those have busted for us as well, so as long as they’re drafting high upside talent like Greene, I am fine with it. Arguably, Mackenzine Gore had more upside, but Greene, Gore, Wright, all would have been great picks at #2.

      There should be no opinions on Greene till sprint of 2020.

  2. jeffversion1

    Please God, do not let Nick Senzel become Nick Esasky. Please.

    • Bill Lack

      Louisville put him on the DL with vertigo. This is not good.

  3. cfd3000

    Very impressive numbers from Mella, Santillan and especially Romero. If even one of them can eventually translate those results to Cincinnati that would be huge. Weird numbers from Hunter Greene. Two strikeouts an inning, but a WHIP over 3? What’s going on there? And how did Okey move up instead of Stephenson? Just the age difference? Or maturity behind the plate? Thanks as always for these updates Tom.

  4. Jim Walker

    Don’t know if word about Ervin made it here or not but on Twitter or elsewhere I saw a blurb that he was on the minor league DL with a jammed finger.

    There are several guys at AAA reaching decision points. Reed is on his last option year. So is Stephenson. Jumping Mahle and Castillo past those two, while justified, has nonetheless rated quite a gap back to the next “wave”; so the team really needs to decide whether or not Reed and Stephenson fit into their plans and if so, where and how.

    • David

      Too many bodies in there. I look for Reed or Stephenson to either get promoted or traded, as their options are just about gone.
      Getting Harvey really muddies the water for Stephenson, in particular. I think he should have been promoted and Finnegan sent down to AAA. Now, Harvey is in the mix as a starter. Who knows how many starts he will soak up before they decide this was another mistake?

  5. JB WV

    Shed Long is moving past Herrera as the next prospect in line for the 2b job. Santillan, Mella are passing Reed, Stephenson. Greene just started in the pros and hasn’t really pitched much period. There’s a reason he was picked 2nd in the draft. He’s 18. Most kids are getting ready for their graduation beach trip.

  6. Jim Walker

    Saw something yesterday on Twitter from somebody I considered reliable (sorry, but I forget just who) that said the training and medical staff thought they were “close to a solution” with Senzel’s problem. Then the lineup posted; he wasn’t in it; and, it was announced he was on the Dl.
    Go figure how someone can be close to a solution where vertigo is involved. Those little parts in your ear which control balance either work right or they don’t, Correct? Meds can stabilize (my wife had a one off bout several years ago) but how can you know you are close to a solution? Any docs or trainers who can explain this?

  7. Streamer88

    Yeah I’m glad Hunter Greene has a 14 ERA. Those anointed few will face hardship eventually, and that hardship humbles them and shows them the path. They either grow and adapt or they don’t. I’d rather that happen in rookie and A ball than in spring training 2 years from now or never. Look at Stephenson. Guy never figured it out.

    • David

      This baseball thing is a lot harder than it looks. I don’t think that Stephenson is a big failure, but he may be close to his ceiling. Or not. We have to find out by getting him some more starts in the ML. Or Harvey, who is a mess. Good move, Reds.
      Greene is 18 years old. Next year, he might be dynamite, and rocket up the minor league ladder. I am not upset, but you can’t count on Minor league development like it is on some kind of clockwork schedule.

    • Michael E

      Yes, nothing wrong with keeping a kid with tons of publicity grounded. Greene seems quite grounded anyway, confident but not arrogant.

      Most likely, or at least I hope, that Greene is working on pitch(es) other than the fastball. Hope he gets a good slider/curve/sinker and a changeup to go with a blazing fastball. A cutter or 2-seemer would be good as well if he can’t get the feel for a slider or curve.