If you’re like me, you waste too much time thinking about the Cincinnati Reds. Also, you’re an Adam Dunn fan.

If that describes you, you’re going to love this:

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  1. cfd3000

    That was freakin’ awesome Chad! I do think about the Reds way too much, and I did and do love me some Adam from Milwaukee. Thanks for sharing.

  2. PhoenixPhil

    I have been thinking about this a lot recently, and this seems like as good an article to post it under as any. I don’t like home runs. I hate how they are called by some announcers. The ‘See. You. Later.’ gets under my skin. I like to see the ball in play. None of the outcomes of the walk, strikeout, home run (or HBP) involves the defense. I like to see doubles, triples and mostly inside-the-park home runs. I like when plays are close calls. I like to see balls bang off the walls. That’s where the excitement is for me.

    I propose (and I know it will never happen) the following changes. All walls be 450 feet from the plate all around the outfield, and 20 feet tall. To offset the scoring and have the fans closer to the field, very minimal foul territory. The mound height could also be lowered.

    All that being said. I did enjoy the Big Donkey.

    • bhrubin1

      I agree with this. I never liked the homerun. I’ve always felt like the more homeruns there are, the less strategic (tactical?) the game becomes. And the strategic problems in baseball are the reason I love it. I’m a huge boardgame nerd, and really don’t watch any other sport, but I watch at least some part of the Reds game almost every day.

      Rather than moving the fences (because that would impact the number of flyball outs by forcing outfielders to cover more ground), why not make a rule change that essentially treats fair balls hit out of the park the same as ground rule doubles? I would be in favor of that.

      This will never happen though. Fans like us are the exception. Instead, the DH is coming to the NL. When it does I will probably stop watching baseball.

      • PhoenixPhil

        I like the idea of home runs being ground rule doubles. Runners on base is where it’s at. And home runs wipe that out.

        I do wish TV broadcasts would show an aerial view of the diamond when the ball is in play. A quarter screen would do it. I want to see if a guy is trying to stretch a single to a double or a double into a triple.

        Don’t get me started on one-way players (designated hitter). 🙂

  3. carlw

    I was at the game Bruce hit 2 off of Kershaw. Last night before I left for basic training, also the last Reds win I saw in person.