The Short Version: I wrote the headline to this recap before the game even started. That makes me sad.

Final R H E
Atlanta Braves (13-10) 5 13 0
Cincinnati Reds (5-19) 4 12 1
W: Winkler (1-0) L: Shackelford (0-1) S: Minter (1)
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The Good
–Nice outing by Brandon Finnegan, allowing just two earned runs on seven hits in five innings. He struck out four, walked one, and threw 77 pitches. I never felt like he was truly in command, but it was certainly a step forward for Finnegan, who came into the game with an ERA over 11. (It’s 8.03 now!)

–Interesting moment in the bottom of the fifth. Down 3-0, Jesse Winker led off with a walk (because that’s what Jesse Winker does). One out later, Joey Votto hit his second home run in as many days. Later, with two outs, Adam Duvall walked and Scott Schebler hammered a ball off the left-center field wall. Third base coach Billy Hatcher inexplicably sent Duvall home, and the throw beat Duvall to home plate by at least ten feet. Inning over.

Except it wasn’t! The Reds asked for a review, and somehow the catcher missed the tag as Duvall slid in. Tie game…and then Tucker Barnhart proceeded to double to give the Reds a 4-3 lead.

–Winker had two hits and a walk; he’s now hitting .311/.442/.361. Votto was 2-4 with a homer, a walk, a run scored, and two RBI.

–Schebler was 2-4 with a run scored and an RBI. Alex Blandino went 2-3 at the plate and made two nice plays at third base.

–Austin Brice pitched two shutout innings of relief, allowing just one hit.

The Bad
–Have you noticed that Scooter Gennett is not a good defensive player? He struck again tonight, very early in the game.

Ender Inciarte led off the game with a single for Atlanta, and he promptly stole second. Ozzie Albies bounced one to Scooter at second, and he threw it away. Amazingly, that was only Gennett’s third error of the season.

–In the bottom half of the first, the Reds collected consecutive singles from Winker, Jose Peraza, and Votto. Bases loaded, no outs!

Then Scooter popped one up to shallow center field, and Duvall hit into a double play. Rinse, repeat.

–In the top of the third, Votto had his own episode of horrible defense. He ranged way too far to his right to field a grounder that was moving directly toward Scooter (maybe he was nervous about letting Gennett field it), then he threw it a mile over Finnegan’s head.

Somehow that was scored a base hit. That may be the dumbest scoring decision ever.

–Kevin Shackelford made his season debut tonight, and it didn’t go well. He gave up three hits and a run in his first inning of work, surrendering Cincinnati’s 4-3 lead in the process.

In the next inning, the ninth, Shackelford hit a batter and surrendered a single before being replaced by Dylan Floro. One out later, a ball was hit at Cliff Pennington who was (a) in the game for some reason, and (b) unable to field the ball. Braves scored and took a 5-4 lead.

–There was almost no one at Great American Ball Park tonight, and from the sound of the crowd, they were almost all Atlanta fans. I fear this won’t get better at any point in 2018. Three straight 90+ loss seasons, a historically terrible start to the season, and plenty of reasons to believe the rebuild has stalled.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–I really thought the Reds were never going to lose another game. Not sure what to do with my life right now.

–Schebler murdered the baseball nearly every single time he hit. He’s really dialed in right now. I would love to see him remain healthy for the rest of the season. He’ll make everyone forget about Duvall.

–In the ninth inning, with the game tied, 1/3 of the Cincinnati lineup consisted of Cliff Pennington, Phil Gosselin, and Dylan Floro. You know, the Reds were never serious about being more competitive this season. They always planned for this to be another 90-loss season; they just couldn’t say it publicly. Otherwise, they would have acquired actual players for the bullpen and bench in the off-season (or given those spots to kids who have a chance to be on the next good Reds team) instead of sitting on their hands.

–We got a stark reminder that the Braves have been rebuilding for about the same length of time as the Reds. They had two young studs starting for them tonight. Both are younger than Nick Senzel.

They had three guys, when you include Dansby Swanson in that trio, starting tonight who are 24 or younger, and who were all ranked between #1 and #11 in Baseball America’s prospect rankings.

–If you see this in time, I’m going to be on the Reds post-game show on WLW at 10:30 tonight. Listen in!

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27 Responses

  1. Sliotar

    Whoa, whoa.

    What is this “planned 90-loss season” stuff?

    I came here to get a re-affirmation of Chad’s 81-81 record guarantee after the winning streak was broken in such dramatic fashion. (/sarc)

    Add in Gennett, Duvall and Hamilton being on the field and the vast majority of the position players in the 9th should not be around when (if?) there is the Next Good Reds Team.

    To paraphrase an often-used line in songs, “Big rebuild wheels, keep on turning.”

    • Chad Dotson

      I’ve lost faith. This should really frighten the Reds.

      • Sliotar

        That is a little scary, but here’s a way to make it positive:

        Create your own version of the classic @nihilist_arbys account.

        “The Reds are never going to win again. Buy a copy of The Big 50 and let the pages dry up your tears of remorse.”

  2. Scott Carter

    The sad thing is that both Duvall and Billy have more PA’s than Winker

    • big5ed

      Well, in fairness, Winker was out April 13-16, or 4 games, with an injured shoulder.

      But I don’t get Duvall’s playing, either.

  3. J

    What I find so weird about this is the fact that some of these managerial decisions make sense to literally NOBODY. For all our differences, literally NONE of us would make some of the bad decisions Riggleman made tonight. Pinch hitting BH against a left-handed pitcher in a crucial situation can’t possibly serve any legitimate purpose, can it? So, what exactly is going on here? I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I’m not ready to start accusing the Reds of deliberately throwing games, but when the manager seems to be going out of his way to minimize the chances of scoring insurance runs late in a game, I have to question what’s really going on.

    • Matthew Habel

      Honestly I’ve never considered the tanking theory but maybe they have been trying to string a stretch of killer draft picks together this whole time. It would certainly explain a lot. Like a lot lot

      • Jim Walker

        MLB will never have a true relegation system like international football (soccer); but, there seems to be an imperative building to do something to stop or at least control tanking. Hopefully we will see some sort of carrot and stick system which rewards avoid the bottom five and punishes teams that finish in the bottom five.

        Just off the top of my head, how about moving the bottom five teams to the end of the 1st round of the draft and moving everybody else forward 5 spots in the 1st round with the matching financial adjustments in the signing $$$ allotments for the first round?

  4. Jim Walker

    Is anyone feeling that new sense of urgency just yet? If so, please fill me in on what they are being urgent about. Thanks.

  5. Jim Walker

    The Reds apparently played the last two nights with only one healthy catcher and now have a short turnaround Thursday. If Meso can’t go, maybe it is time to use that open 40 man spot to get another guy up before Barnhart gets worn down to a frazzle. #urgency

  6. GreatRedLegsFan

    Many conclusions can be made from this game, mainly the bullpen should be very solid when Lorenzen and Hernandez return from DL, the regular IF should be Suarez, Sensel and Blandino (no reason to delay it) and the regular OF should be Winker, Schebler and Ervin (Hamilton and Duvall are rally killers). A top of all, it’s evident that Riggleman is not the guy either.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Hopefully people already knew Riggleman wasn’t the guy but if not, it seems to be confirmed now.

  7. RedDawg2012

    I really wish Duvall would stop getting regular playing time. I also think he’d be a great bat to have on the bench.

  8. scotly50

    Inciarte is the real deal in center. Freeman is clutch: 17 RBI already. Two twenty year olds in the line-up. The are developing a contender.

    Glad Votto is finally hitting with some pop again. Duvall and Hamilton need replaced if this team is going to make a decent showing this year. Bring up Senzel and Williams.

  9. cfd3000

    This was a rough one. Finnegan did not pitch well, but was just enough short of awful that he’ll get more starts. Boo. Bases loaded no outs in the first, then no runs. Boo. Some awful defense on the right side of the infield. Boo. And then the Riggleman decision making began. Hamilton instead of Ervin? Boo. Hamilton is for pinch RUNNING not pinch hitting. Shackelford to start the 9th? Boo. Full Gosslington? Boo. And maybe it wasn’t obvious before yesterday’s game but it should be now – Gennett ahead of Schebler = Boo. Duvall instead of Schebler, or even Ervin or Hamilton = Boo. No backup catcher = double Boo. When Winker and Votto are on base six times with no outs or one out, and only score on Votto’s home run that’s just bad. Please let Bailey and the Reds win today so this series is a winning one and not a .500 washout!

      • big5ed

        Votto’s, too. Grounders to his right are Sirens to Votto; he can’t resist them no matter how hard he tries, and never has been able to. I bet if you asked Brandon Phillips about it, he would burst out laughing.

  10. Matt B.

    There have been multiple rebuilds over the last few years the Reds should be taking notes of. Unfortunately, all it has done is demonstrate the ineptness of BC, WJ, the scouts, and the front office in general. It’s too early to tell if DW is WJ 2.0.

    Having a young daughter, I love what BC et all have done as far as upgrading GABP and keeping it family friendly and affordable. Having said that, none of that means anything when the Reds stink so bad you don’t want to spend money to go sit through them getting shellacked.

  11. Mason Red

    Isn’t this the 4th season of the “rebuild”? Shouldn’t this team be progressing instead of regressing? Would the record be a lot better without the injuries? So many questions but apparently lots and lots of time.

    • Matt Esberger

      Houston lost 111 games in year 4 of their rebuild.

  12. Jeff Reed

    It was apparent to all aware Reds fans during the offseason that the owner/front office was not ready to make significant trades or spend money to prepare and strengthen the Reds for the 2018 season. So here we are.

  13. sezwhom

    You forgot Blandino as part of the “Good”. He’s been hitting lately. Yeah, Pennington should be DA. We won’t miss him. Atlanta has the making of becoming a good team.

  14. big5ed

    I’ve questioned both Peraza and Votto lately, and even Blandino, but my particular reverse magic has worked, as they are all now hitting.

    I wish the reverse magic would work with Gennett’s fielding/throwing. He is bad’s bad. Finnegan wasn’t helped by the defense. Gennett’s error caused an unearned run and some unnecessary pitches, and the misplay by Votto on the ball to his right should have been an out, and it led to Finnegan’s having to throw extra pitches.

    They probably could have gotten an extra inning out of Finnegan, but for the awful defense and extra pitches. If Finnegan had gone 6 innings, some of the questionable Riggleman decisions would not have come up, as he was clearly trying to get through the game with the 3 relievers he had available.

  15. SultanofSwaff

    38% ground balls for Finnegan in his last full season as a starter, just 34% this year. Sorry, it just won’t work 3 times thru a lineup at GABP. That said, he has 3 pitches. Makes too much sense to use him in the bullpen as the long man.

    Scooter is bad at infield defense. Offensively, he was worth ~2.5 last year. He should be starting somewhere that his defense doesn’t hurt you. Duvall should be a platoon player. Makes too much sense that they share LF and hand over 2B to Senzel, with Blandino as your utility IF.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Ahhh, what am I saying. Peraza’s no walk/no pop approach will never allow him to OPS over .700. His defense according to the metrics is average. Senzel would be my SS (anyone who watched spring training saw him make every type of play….at WORST he’s average like Peraza), Blandino my 2B.