Dear Nation,

Chad Dotson founded Redleg Nation in 2005. He did it to create an independent site for obsessive and civil discussion of the Cincinnati Reds. Thirteen years later, we’re proud to say RN is going strong: still independent, civil and definitely obsessive.

Once a year, we make a case for you to support the site, based on the value you receive from it. This is that time.

In calculating that value, think of the daily content the site offers: feature posts; previews and recaps for every game; minor league updates; spring training coverage; analysis of the club, manager and front office; Reds history; podcasts; and the occasional bit of humor.

Redleg Nation helps keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing world of professional baseball and the Cincinnati Reds.

For that, we ask your support, once a year.

Here, you’ll find no advertising. No pop-ups. No auto-video loads. No profanity. No personal attacks. Just the peaceful, unadulterated sound of people discussing the Reds. We don’t make a penny off the number of clicks, views or visitors. That’s a highly unusual internet practice these days. We limit the fundraising campaign to about one week. Those are our choices.

We make it easy to donate. You don’t have to fill out a membership form or join anything. You don’t have to go to a separate fundraising site. We use a simple PayPal account, but you don’t need one to donate, a credit card will do.

Click the yellow DONATE button in the sidebar. It takes a minute or less.

As in the past, we’ll recognize your contribution for a year. The supporter list has tiers based on contribution level, but any amount is welcome:

  • Home Run ($25)
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  • Hall of Fame ($150+)

The start of the baseball season is a time to renew our love of baseball and familiar bonds to the Reds. We hope Redleg Nation has become one of those connections for you. Thanks again, for reading and commenting.


Steve Mancuso

Managing Editor

19 Responses

  1. wizeman

    Thanks for everything. On the way.

  2. cfd3000

    Just tried to donate and it dumps me to a “Your donation was already completed” page. What’s up with that?

    On a related note, the Dotson / Garber Big 50 book came in the mail a couple of days ago. It’s terrific. Everyone at RLN should buy one and support our founding fathers.

    Thanks as always to Chad, Steve and all the contributors for making this such a great home for this and every Reds fan.

    • Chad Dotson

      Thank you so much. The Nation is going to take over the world, but we’re going to do it differently than anyone else on the interwebs (in a civil fashion, mostly). Thanks for being a part of it!

  3. Chad Dotson

    Thank YOU! You’re definitely part of the family, and no family agrees on everything. But we do share a common obsession. For better or for worse.

  4. John Majewski

    I love this site. Consistently thoughtful, civil, and humorous–I get the feeling that everybody who writes for “Redleg Nation” really loves doing so. I’m very pleased to support a site that shows what the internet should be, but rarely is.

    • Nick Carrington

      I can confirm that writing for the site is a true joy. Steve and Chad do a wonderful job of coordinating the whole thing, and the readers are smart and respectful.

      Thank you to everyone for the RLN support!

  5. TomatoTovotto

    Donation made, from New Zealand. Thanks to all the writers and administrators (and commenters) on this great website. Reading the major media outlets ravage the rebuild today was pretty depressing…

  6. Mike Adams

    First time donation just made.
    Thanks very much guys and gals for all your work on RLN.
    Win, lose or draw you make it more enjoyable!

  7. hokiebo

    Done! And thank you for the podcast as well. It’s great to have a source for all things Reds

  8. kmartin

    Despite a 3-15 record I thank everyone associated with Redleg Nation for making following the Reds enjoyable.

    • N Wade Baker

      Donation made! Thanks for the great site, read it daily.

  9. Jeff Reed

    A very professional, well run internet site. Congratulations to Chad, Steve, the writers and commentators. It keeps us all connected to our favorite team.

  10. True Creature

    I know it’s very early in the season. At one point should we begin anticipating—bracing ourselves as Reds fans for—the ignominy of perhaps a run at a historically terrible season?

    If these Reds limp into July at something near this level of abject futility, do they have a chance to challenge the 2003 Tigers and 1962 Mets?

  11. Larry holland

    I really enjoy your site. I live in Thailand now and your site is the main way I stay connected to my reds.
    Unfortunately my Amex wasn’t accepted, my only American credit card these days.

  12. tw3fla

    Living in Florida, your site is my link to civilization. I donated because of great writers, great info, and great CIVIL discussions. All of the writers at Redleg Nation should be recognized for trying to make sense of the dumpster fire that is our 2018 Reds.

  13. mark

    Thanks for all work! You do a great job!